Trapped With a Nerd
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, High Fantasy, Revenge, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A guy finds out what a nerd can really do!

We have all seen them or at one point in our lives have been one. They are at the library, gym, office, school and super market. Maybe I have notice them because in many ways I'm like them to a point. Any way, I have particularly notice the female of this social order. You know the one around the office that doesn't know how to dress, keeps to her self, never gets the office joke, never ware's make up and if you don't bump into her time after time you wouldn't know she was there.

One day I was about my duties around the office when I had to meet a guy down in the lobby for a consultation. I hit the button and a few moments later the doors of the elevator opened and there she stood. Nerd from the twelfth floor is how we labeled them. With her pink cow neck sweater, checkered grey skirt that went well below her knees, no makeup, thick black rimed glasses, and short cut dirty blonde hair. If it wasn't for her skirt and very bad perfume, I couldn't tell if she was a woman.

I got on without greeting her and pushed the button two or three times as to say, hurry up and get me to the lobby. The elevator was in motion when the fire alarm went off and the elevator shut down. Great, I thought as the alarm rung and I looked for away out. The alarm soon stopped and the little red phone rung, the nerd picked it up, " I see, ok, ok; no, two of us, ok, yes, were fine, ok, ok," were her responses then she hung up the phone.

A few moments went by and I finally asked, "Well? Excuse me, are you speaking to me?" In my head I yelled, hell yes, were the only two in here, idiot. With much restraint and in a calm voice I asked, "what did they say?"

"They told me the building was on fire, it's out now, was there any smoke in here and it will be two to three hours before they could get us out. They asked if we were all right and they were working as fast as they could to get us out," she informed me. "Thank you," I told her as I went off in my head.

Until finally, I burst into, dam, just dam, dam. The Nerd looked at me and reminded me," I should to stay calm in situations like this." As much as I wanted to tell her to shut the fuck up, I couldn't she was right. I took some deep breaths, calmed my self and went to a corner and slid to the floor. The Nerd did the same in the opposite corner.

We sat like this for about forty minutes not saying a word when she finally introduced her self as Megan. "I'm Josh," I told her as I offered her my hand. When she shook it I felt an instant connection and I admired the softness of her hand. For some reason I became horny and couldn't think of any thing except for getting my cock suck and then plugging deep into some wet pussy. Maybe this is how I respond in this situation.

I laid my head back and indulged my self in a fantasy with Karla from two cubical over from mine. Her sexy body, large breast, nice legs and taught ass. Karla and I fucked a few times, the sex was extremely hot and passionate. She could suck a good dick and the titty fuck with those soft firm melons was out of this world. Karla's pussy stays wet and her pussy juice is nectar from above, I would suck that kitty for hours. Causing her to scream out my name time and time again.

By this time my cock was throbbing and making a tent out of my pants. I was in my own world when I heard Megan ask, "What are you thinking about?" The first time I barely heard her, but, the second time she raised her voice, that time I heard her loud and clear. Never thinking she was looking at my long, jumping prick.

"Oh, nothing you would be interested in," I told her never lifting my head to make eye contact. "Don't be so sure, she pushed back with a hint of eroticism. So, I decided to shock the Nerd, I mean Megan. In not so lewd of a way I told her, "I was imagining my hard long pole between to large soft melons as I slid it from the head of the pole to its twin round base.

I could hear how my words made her breathe get caught in her throat. I was expecting her to ask me not to speak like that, but, all I heard was an anxious sigh. "I heard about you," she finally broke her silence. I'll play along I told my self, still not looking her way. "What did you hear," I asked in irritating tone?

"Well I heard you have a very large cock and you're the best at sucking cunt," she said with anticipation! That made my dick jump, but, I played it cool not knowing her focus was the tent in my pants. "What would you call big and how would a person qualify as a good pussy licker," I teased her. Wanting to see how far Megan would take this conversation.

"Uum," she hesitates as she swallowed slowly indicating she was on edge. "The length has to be over nine inches and the width of a fifty cent piece. The head of the penis has to be large to force open my tight pussy lips and make way for that long thick shaft. I love a big penis head, they turn me on, I love to suck on that fat dick head and slide my jaw back real quick to make that popping sound" she panted!

I couldn't believe how the words of this nerd were turning me on. My cock was really hard, throbbing with anticipation when I heard the wet sound. The sound of a very wet pussy either being licked, probed, finger fucked or just plain old' fucked. Then that scent, the scent of a woman that is, romantically, erotically and blissfully turned on, teased my nostrils. All of a sudden it hit me; Megan is playing with her pussy.

My head sprang forward and my eyes popped opened to one of the most erotic scene I had ever witnessed. Right before my eyes this unattractive nerd transformed into this erotic sexy hot women. She let her long black hair down out her bun. Her nipples were very erect and standing proudly upon her breast. Her knees were pulled up and I had a lovely view of her fat, wet, hot pussy.

My cock was in rage and had to fuck this nerd's wet pussy. Megan could see the desire in my eyes and the hardness of my cock. It swayed with anticipation as my eyes drank in her titillation, I wanted to pounce on her, but, I was froze with excitement, desire and lust. Her body cried out to me, fuck me, and fuck me with your big hard dick.

Watching her play with her pussy turned me on more than any porn flick I ever saw and the wet noises were a sweet melody to my ears. Megan used her two middle fingers to probe and fuck what looked to be a tight pussy hole. Occasionally using her thumb to tease and please her swollen clit, I watched as she rubbed her clit left than right. She circles the tip of her clit slow soft and tender as the pleasure flowed through her erotic anatomy.

My cock was throbbing; pre-cum was seeping out the tip of my dick. For the first time in my life I wanted to fuck a nerd. Her eyes opened and her focus went to my pulsating penis, I watched as she slowly licked her lips in anticipation. Her fingers slipped out her pussy and she placed them in her mouth. When I heard the mmmmmm sound I almost shot my load into the air. I had to tightly hold the base of my dick in order not to shoot my man juice into the air.

Megan sucked and cleaned her fingers, she then crawled on all four over to my awaiting cock. With out a word her tongue slipped from between her lips on to the head of my cock. That first touch was electrifying as she polished the head of my cock with her soft, wet, hungry tongue. She knew I was holding the base of my cock in order not to cumm; she replaced my hand with hers. So, I could relax and enjoy her skills.

Megan was in full control and then she looked up at me with deep lust from behind her big doll eyes. It was as if she could see straight at my lustful soul and read all my erotic desires. I thought, swirl my cock with your tongue and I didn't say it out loud. Next thing I knew, Megan was swirling my cock with her tongue. Then I thought lightly rake my shaft with your teeth, the next thing I knew she was doing it.

I was thinking bathe my balls with your hot tongue, her lips left my cock. Her tongue found my nut sack and Megan licked my balls like no other one has. Her willingness was so refreshing and intoxicating, I just have to say, nerds suck a good dick. My shaft was next and she curled my toes with her skills, I had to pull her off my cock because I wanted my first nut to be in her wet pussy.

She moaned and wined a bit, letting me know she was into my cock. I never had a woman that loved to give head like Megan. We stared into each others eyes as my very hard dick throbbed and bounced. I needed a second to because Megan is a wonderful cock sucker.

Once I broke the gaze I thought how I would love for her to lay back and open her legs to me. Allowing me to have my way with her. I could finger fuck her wet pussy, push my long hard cock into her wet cunt or push my face into her wetness. With out me saying a word, Megan laid back against the wall of the elevator. Her thighs parted and she smiles as if to say, have your way with me.

I slowly finished stripping all me clothes as I ran my eyes over her entire frame. Her long hair, her kissable neck, her lovely eyes, her soft lips, her large breast, her flat stomach and her juicy, phat pussy. Again she read my mind and rolled over to give me a look at her round hips and bubble ass. Her pussy looked even sweeter from the back.

I didn't know what to lick or kiss first as I moved in for my treat. I ran my finger tips from her fore head to her lips, allowing her to suck the two middle ones. Then I ran along her neck, which caused her to moan and quiver. I then found each nipple, caressed and pinched them both. I ran them over her flat tummy; I could feel the pleasure jumping there.

Down, down into her moist, soft, wet valley. Her fat pussy lips parted for my fingers allowing me to caress her swollen clit. It was erect, soft and silky from her warm nectar. Megan moaned aloud as I lightly massage her clit between my thumb and fore finger. Her body tremble from the pleasure as her juices flowed. Wetting my fingers even more as my lips found her nipple.

Megan's moans became even more intense as I pleased her. Her erotic sounds made me even more aroused and when my cock thumped her thigh. She lay hold of it and slowly stroked the hard flesh, drawing deep moans from me. The sounds were like a lustful melody that grew with our pleasure Megan was, so, wet, so, sinfully wet. Covering my fingers with her sweet nectar, I pulled my fingers from her oscillating pussy. I placed them in my mouth; the taste was sweet and delighted my tongue. Megan tingled at the sight, it seem to excite her even more. I need more of her delicious nectar as the taste dissipated in my mouth.

Her eyes widen when I parted her thighs and sank my face into her plush kitty kat. My tongue went wild in the folds of her wet pussy lips. Up and down her slit as Megan oooohed and moaned. I shoved my tongue in and out, in and out of her hot hole. "You're driving me wild," she panted as the pleasure took hold of her sole.

I rolled my tongue as I shoved it in her hot hole to heighten the sensation. I was rewarded with hot, sweet nectar along with lustful deep pleasing sounds of pleasure. From the way she sounded, my tongue was rocking her world. I never had a women spread her legs like that before allowing my tongue all access to suck her pussy. That's when I went after her soft, fat clit.

The first touch of my tongue to her clit and her body bolted with excitement. Her thighs quivered as I slowly circled her clit with the tip of my tongue and when I gave it a full slow lick with my wide tongue. She let out a moan that let me know the pleasure was overwhelming her. I then closed my lips around her erect flesh, Megan squealed with delight as I lightly sucked on her clit. I then swirled it with my tongue, Megan began to shake again. I could tell she was nearing a powerful climax, that's when I decided to slide my two middle fingers into her very wet tight pussy.

Megan's hungry pussy sucked my two fingers in as I massaged her throbbing clit with my hot tongue. As I slowly pumped her kitty with my fingers, driving her, pushing her to a soul satisfying orgasm. To my surprise she began to lift her hips up to meet my wide tongue and thrusting fingers. I couldn't believe she was face fucking me. Her moans were intense, her pussy was wet, hot and quivering.

Her sweet nectar ran between her soft ass cheeks coating her very tight ass hole. Which, I pushed my thumb into, first there was a squeal, then a few deep breathes as she became accustom to the new sensation. I slowly pumped the tight orifice as her butt puckered around my thumb. Megan began to chant, but, I couldn't make out what she was saying. When all of a sudden she yelled, "I'm cummmmmmmmming ... oooh goodness ... I'm cummmmmmmming!!!!

My fingers, thumb and chin was flooded with her hot cum! I tried to lap up that sweet nectar, but, it came on the scene like a rushing river. I gulped and swallowed, but, a lot of her sweetness dribbled off my chin. We both had to catch our breathe and while I did I caught the aroma of her erotic scent.

My cock reminds me he wanted his turn at that wet, hot, gaping pussy. She got a glimpse of my raging hard and she moaned out a lustful moan. I grabbed her legs while roughly pulling her to me. I caught her behind the knee's and pushed them towards her head. My dick had a straight shot for her quivering, hot hole.

There was no easing, no wetting the tip of my cock, no slapping the shaft of my cock on her clit, just a raw manly thrust into her wet, hungry pussy. The crash of our bodies caused me to grunt as she squealed and massage my cock with her sweet pussy. I didn't move for several moments, neither did Megan as my cock throbbed deep inside of her and her velvet walls pulsated around my dick.

The pleasure gripped me as my penis throbbed in her sweet cunt, I did all I could not to cumm in her wetness. Breath is what I told myself as the urge tempted me to let go of my man juice deep in her pussy. Not yet, not yet I panted as her pussy massage my cock and my jewels felt good against her soft ass cheeks. I finally pulled my jumping cock from her tight hole as she humped the air, begging me to put my hard dick back in her super wet pussy.

The cool air allowed me to regain my composure as I looked down into Megan's gaping hot hole and swollen clit. I still had a hold of the back of her knees as I thrust forward, back into her tight awaiting pussy. The pleasure returned instantly as I pushed past her sweet pussy lips and sank into her wetness. She ooohed and pulled her knees even higher to allow me deeper into her treasure.

I felt my nut sack slap her ass cheeks as my dick pulsated in her hot pussy. Who knew that a nerd's pussy could feel so good! I began to fuck that pussy long, deep and hard as her moans worked me into a sexual frenzy. With each thrust I watched her tits and nipples jump as her erotic moans caused me to pound that ass. Pound, pound, pound I was hitting that ass, like no other women before.

This amazed and excited me because all of the women before Megan always stopped me when I started to pound their pussy. But, Megan met my every thrust and her pussy tried to suck my nut sack in as well. She delighted her self with my long hard cock as I fucked her pussy well.

I pounded her sweet pussy to the left, then the right and when I circled my hips. Megan exploded for a second time, yelling out how good my cock felt, as she begged me to fuck her harder. That's when I reached for a nipple and pinched it very hard; this intensified her climax just before she went limp.

Her body quivered every few seconds, mini orgasms' as she laid there helpless and at my mercy. I always wanted to fuck a woman standing up and since Megan was willing to do any thing. I figured, why not as I looked upon her lovely, shaking body. I got to my feet with my very hard penis swaying in the air. I grabbed hold of her orgasmic and picked her up.

I put her back against the elevator door; the door was cool and kind of brought her out of her sexual stupor. She placed her arms around my neck to steady her self as I grabbed the back of her thighs. Lifting her off the floor, using the wall as a brace her for entry. This put her perky nipples right at my mouth, I smiled to my self as I saw our reflection in the elevator polished door. Megan locked he legs around my waist, the tip of my cock teased her wet sensitive clit, drawing intense sighs. Before I sunk my cock into her tight hot pussy, she looked me right in my eyes. "Your cock is fucking huge, and I want you to know if this is a one time thing. Or we make it a fuck thing, I will be happy I was stuck in here with you", she told me, as she closed in anticipation of my cock parting her sweet pussy lips.

Her words made my heart race, pussy with no strings attached, no woman offered that. This nerd was turning me on in ways I've never experienced before. This made my cock throb and and thump her clit. The pleasure made her shiver and jump while my cock slapped her lush pussy lips. I must admit, the sensation was overwhelming me as well.

My cock was at full rage as I dropped her down on my long, hard and throbbing cock. Megan squealed and I grunted as her tight pussy bottomed out on my thrusting cock. It took a minute before we got the right angle and shifted our weight to accommodate me fuckin g her up against the elevator wall.

I could feel her tight punany quivering around my long, hard shaft. My cock slowly eased out then I rammed it back in, slowly out and rammed back in hard! Megan was at my mercy while I pumped my dick in and out of her dripping wet. She put her nipple in my mouth because my hands were full. I sucked on her long nipple deep and hard, giving Megan another sensation.

The quivering of her hot pussy became more intense and I swore her throbbing nipple was on the same beat as her clutching pussy. Both were driving me closer and closer to climax. I began to lightly bite on her erect nipple drawing more focused moans. The pleasure must of been good because she offered me her other nipple.

I wanted to be even deeper in Megan's sweet pussy, so, I hooked my hands behind her knee's again. I pushed them up on to my shoulders, this put Megan into a awkward position. Her pussy was at the right angle and when I sank deeper into her pussy she hissed out in pleasure, letting me know she had no worries about being fucked like this. I felt my balls trying to slip into her hot pussy.

Dam, I grunted as the skin around my nut sack became wet and slippery. This was a new sensation for me, most women I fuck would never let me this deep into the pussy. I was in cock paradise as I slowly moved my dick in and out of her wet pussy. My nuts were tight and my cock was throbbing as I fucked deep into her pussy.

I let her get accustom to be being in her so deep and then I slowly began to stroke her tight pussy. Her moans became extreme as her erratic moans told me no one has ever been so deep in her pussy, as my nut sack met the soft cheeks of her tight ass. I could feel her clinch and relax them as the pleasure moved her.

The pussy got wetter and wetter as I throbbed so deep in her love canal. I started to pull out and Megan begged me to hold still. "I'm almost there," she told me! Her pussy began to tremble and since her clit was in full view, I watched the meaty flesh shake. There was a moment of tenseness, then a flood of fresh cream and finally a gasp for air as she screamed, "I'm Cummmmmmmming"!!

Her pussy grabbed my penis and the foreskin of my balls as the bliss to her away. I never had my cock stroked by a pussy like that before. The wetness was like wet silk as her pussy clutched and re-clutched my prick. The sensation was awesome as my cock throbbed and an eruption formed in my nut sack. I did all I could to fight back the urge.

Once Megan recovered she told me she wanted more, "more dick, more of your big fucking cock," she demanded. I eased her off the wall with my dick still throbbing, deep in her sweet twat. She was out of breathe and I was still fighting the urge not to cumm in her tight treasure. I slipped my penis out and we both watched it jump with our mixture of pre-cumm and her nectar.

She made that face of need, but, before she could say a word, I spun her around and thrust my cock right back in her back door. I grunted and she moaned aloud, I began to fuck her fast, long and deep. My heavy testicles slapped her soft ass checks, as I pumped her pussy as she yelled out, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me good with that big cock."

The more she moaned the more I pounded; it felt good pounding a pussy that wanted to be fucked. In fact, Megan pushed her tender ass back into my thrust, good goodness I was enjoying this fuck. Finally a woman who just doesn't sit there and let me do all the work.

Just me thinking about it sent my hips into over drive and Megan took it like a champion. She was so wet that her ass hole glistened at me, I fucked her pussy while even naughtier thoughts ran through my mind. As I grunted, I thought what would she do if I shoved my thumb into her what look to be a virgin ass.

When she said, "dam, this cock is good, yes, yes; fuck this pussy like you never fucked a pussy before"!! My cock throbbed, I pushed my dick deep and I sank my thumb in her tight ass. Megan squealed, shook, jerked, spammed and yelled out in pure euphoria. Her body did things I'd never seen before.

All I could do was continue to fuck her pussy and virgin ass ... ooh ... ooh, was all she could muster as I fucked her the way I wanted to fuck her. The pleasure took her places that her pussy and ass told me all about as her two holes clutched my cock and thumb. This was new to me as well, all the other women I fucked has never allowed anything like this.

It was a little awkward at first, pumping my cock then my thumb. But, after a little practice I got into a grove and Megan was in a natural bliss. Tossing her head from side to side as I fucked and thumbed her, she became super wet and her juices aided my thumb slipping in and out of her tight ass.

I'm not sure which sensation was turning me on more, my hard thick cock fucking her pussy deep and punishing, or the fact, that this cute hottie would let me thumb fuck her sexy ass. Like I mentioned before, none of the so called hip chicks would ever let me do this. All this caused my balls to tighten up, stir and what to shoot deep in her pussy. But, I had to hold back so I could hear Megan cumm one more time.

I guess she sensed the same and repositioned her self on my cock. My heart raced and my dick throbbed when she got into her position. I sank another inch into her wet, tight depth, some how Megan using me as a floor and did the splits on me. This allowed me straight access to her vise like pussy as it clamped down on my cock. All I could see was her shapely leg, sweet ass and swollen clit.

I slowly began to push my prick in and out, in and out. I struggled not to cumm, this position along with her flexing her pussy muscles was pushing me, no, driving me closer and closer to the big O. I did all I could to fight off her sweet pussy attack and when she started to moan. I just felt it was unfair, I have never been in this situation before, the ultimate male, whoop that pussy, never let the pussy whoop you, is how I live.

But, this nerd, a woman I looked down on was fucking me like no woman before. Cock just throbbing as her velvet vise gripped and released my prick.

I know I am strong, can't cumm until she does, I told my self. That's when my nuts slapped and caressed her ass hole. Megan shuttered and gasped very erotically. Finally, an erotic weakness I could exploit as I maneuvered my balls over her wet, tight ass hole.

Another powerful moan and her body trembling as her pussy grasped my throbbing cock. It became a battle of erotic sounds as we stroked, caressed and fucked one another. Finally I massaged her ass hole with my thumb; Megan jumped and locked her pussy at the base of my cock.

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