A Day in Another Time and Place

Russia's legendary Don Cossacks have always been known as masters of waging war.

For centuries, the Don Cossacks helped Russia protect its borders and expand its territory all the way to the Far East.

The Cossack army fought in almost all the wars waged by the Russian Empire. After the revolution of 1917, a third of the Don Cossacks around half a million people were killed or deported by the Bolsheviks, mostly in the Ukraine.

Asked what their nationality is they reply Cossack. However, they speak Russian, and say they would risk their lives for Russia. That is until after 1917 then 1928 when Stalin started to murder millions of Ukrainians and Cossacks and enslaved two million more to Siberia, all with the blessing of Churchill and Roosevelt. A campaign much like the one suffered by the Jews, but not spoken much of.

Don Cossacks are credited with playing a significant part in repelling Napoleon's Invasion of Russia. Don Cossacks successfully fought in the number of battles with the 'Grande Armée'. Don Cossacks successfully covered the retreat of the Russian Army to Moscow. The Don Cossacks distinguished themselves in all the subsequent campaigns, and took part in the capture of Paris.

Napoleon is credited with declaring, "Cossacks are the finest light troops among all that exist. If I had them in my army, I would go through all the world with them." For Heavy and Medium Calvary, the French used the Poles.

The Don Cossacks were the largest of the main Cossack families, providing much of the Cossacks available for military service.

Cast of Main Characters:

- Victor Mikel Feodor Illinova, eventually becoming Aide to the 13th, Don Cossack Regiment

- Countess Ileana Marie Pechanga, Colonel, 13th Don Cossack Regimental Commander, illegitimate daughter of the Tsar.

- Serge Von Hohenstaufen, Master of the Sword, 13th Don Cossack Regiment

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