Safe Passage
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Amputee, Military,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Summer is drawing to a close. April was a late arrival on the island but she was determined to have fun even if her best friend Lucy was unable to join her. There was always a chance of finding Romance and Adventure without her.

April looked off into the distance watching the small fishing boats and the compact cruisers for the tourist trade move slowly in both directions along the shoreline outside the buoys that marked safe passage. This was her second day on the island and she was beginning to think she was silly for taking the long ferry ride in search of romance and excitement.

This week marked the final week of the high season. It was a time when vacationers were planning their return home to boredom and drudgery. The price for the full week was a bargain but everywhere she looked she saw the year round residents closing up the lucrative shops and restaurants in spurts of energy. In a sense, she knew she had made a mistake when her best friend Lucy had begged off because she needed to get ready for her first semester at Brown University. Lucy always went everywhere with her and was the one who generally managed to get them hooked up with guys looking for female companionship. Not that she was shy or anything, it was just that Lucy had a way with her that let boys know she was "available" and the assumption was that her friend was also.

She had her bikini on underneath her short skirt but it was more for show than any actual intention to jump into the water from the dock or to make use of the pool that was included in the price of the weekly rate. April dug out the pack of cigarettes that Lucy had given her on their last adventure to the racetrack hoping to find some gambling males with lots of winning tickets and an urge to find a female to impress. That had been a bit of a bust because it had started to rain right after the third race and everyone was crammed inside the clubhouse and the lower grandstand watching the races on the little televisions on almost every wall. Fortunately, one of the older men who paid out the winning tickets let them come back into his barricaded office and allowed them to watch him counting out the money and checking the tickets to make sure they were real and not counterfeit.

April was aghast to see Lucy on the floor down between the man's knees doing what comes naturally while he counted out oodles of cash to happy winners. They probably wondered why the normally sour-faced oldster had such a silly smile on his face but would never have guessed it was all due to Lucy's hyperactive tongue. When he reached out to play with one of her fully clothed boobs, April wanted to laugh at his greedy naughtiness but it actually felt so good that she just acted like nothing was going on and let him have his way without comment. Her sense of being bad was heightened by merely looking at her best friend on her knees right next to her.

It certainly didn't look like she was going to get any action here on the island without Lucy to pave the way for her. If only she had some of Lucy's assertiveness in seeking situations that opened up endless opportunities to be bad. Still, she had no complaint because the breakfast this morning was absolutely super and the weather couldn't be any better.

She lit up a cigarette and pretended like she knew exactly what she was doing and was desperate for a drag on the much-maligned innocent white stick.

"Excuse me; miss, might I trouble you for a smoke?"

She looked across the dock at the pile of clothing and saw it was actually a human being curled up in a ball like a turtle inside a shell. The hoodie all but hid the bearded face and the deep suntan that defied description. She offered him the pack safe in the knowledge that with all the fishermen and the tourists on the dock there was little chance the man was dangerous.

April watched the man take a cigarette and place it between his lips and then pull another out and stick it behind his ear. It looked like something he did all the time when he bummed a cigarette. Not that she cared because she hated the things anyway. The guy didn't look like a bum; he looked more like one of the fishermen and was probably out of work.

She passed him the lighter that she had gotten from her brother who bought it the base PX and didn't like it because it was too bulky to carry out in the field. He looked at it and saw the insignia and gave it back to her without comment.

"Do you always help yourself to a second cigarette?"

April regretted the question as soon as it passed her lips. She was dreadfully afraid it would annoy the man because it sounded so condescending. She was surprised when he just laughed and answered,

"It's a force of habit. I keep trying to tell myself that I have quit smoking but when I get near the stuff I just have to have one and when there is one I know there must be two."

He took a long drag on Lucy's cancer pill and April saw the look of sheer bliss pass over his face like he had just had sex. She was not too clear on the sex angle because to date she had only managed to follow Lucy on the mouth front and some interesting hand action she had explored on her own, but she was a virgin both fore and astern with only rides on her teddy bear to give her some idea of what to expect.

She hoped it didn't show on her face or anything because she was incredibly sensitive about it like it was a mark of shame rather than pride. At twenty, she felt she was long past the "breaking in" phase of sexual relations and that if things went on this way she might be erotically crippled for life.

The disheveled young man moved closer and sat next to her on the wood deck. She was perched on the edge of the mooring post and was certain the strange man could see all the way up her skirt to the pink bikini underneath. She wondered if he thought he was looking at her actual panties and not a bathing suit.

"My name is April and I am in that Bed and Breakfast right there on the corner. I guess the season is ending so fast that most of the vacationers are thinking more about getting home than having a good time."

He laughed and pushed back the hoodie so she could see his bearded face. His hair was sun-bleached and his tan was so heavy that he looked like a foreign sort but she could see the lighter skin under his collar.

"I've been working the fishing boats this summer but they are cutting back because the restaurants are starting to close and they don't need the catch here on the island. Pretty soon, most of the boats will head back to Martha's Vineyard to catch the all-year round weekenders. I'm probably going to head back down to Florida to work the boats down there during the winter. You ever have been to Florida?"

April shook her head in the negative and asked,

"Why don't you settle in one spot and stay there for a while?"

He smiled and she liked the way it sort of lit up his face.

"That's a good question, April. I guess it is because I got wandering feet. It is hard for me to stay rooted in the same place too long. By the way, my name is Danny Donovan and I am pleased to make your acquaintance."

He stretched out his legs and she saw for the first time that he had a prosthetic attachment from the knee down on one of his legs. She quickly looked away completely confused as to how to address the situation. She wasn't sure if she should just ignore it entirely and act like it was not a big deal at all or should she express her sympathies and ask how it happened. April was still struggling with that when he slapped it with his cigarette free hand and announced,

"Guess you noticed I'm missing part of the anatomy here, Alice. It was a Great White Shark on the Outer Banks that got that leg when I wasn't looking."

She wasn't certain if Danny was pulling her leg or if he was being serious. It certainly wasn't the time to question his truthfulness, so she just remarked that it fit so well that it was difficult to tell he was missing a leg.

They both stood up and walked back to the main street. She noticed that Danny was able to walk without any indication that he was minus one of his legs and she figured he had gotten some real good therapy when it was replaced.

Not knowing what his financial situation was, she told him that she got free meals at the Bed and Breakfast and the owner had told her that she could even have a guest for the evening meals if she so desired.

He looked at her to make sure she was in earnest and accepted gracefully without any sign of hurt feelings. They walked up to the house and he told her he would be cleaning up in the downstairs bathroom which was for all guests and residents. She went back up to her room and freshened up leaving her bikini in place because it felt so comfortable and she liked the fact the splash of pink was visible whenever she sat down or bent over. Since it was a bathing suit, it almost felt like an unfair tease because it gave the impression of being undies.

The meal was just as good the one she had the evening before and the fish was done to perfection. They chatted about meaningless subjects avoiding mention of missing legs and lack of employment. After seconds on the entrée, Danny loosened up and admitted that the story about the Great White Shark was just his "bit of fun" to see her reaction.

"I lost this baby just outside of Fallujah when I stepped on an IED at a crossroad. Knocked me right out so I never knew what hit me. They did a good job and fitted me up with a world-class piece of machinery."

April could tell he was being completely honest for a change and asked him where he was staying on the island.

"I have to tell the truth, little lady, I had been sleeping on the boats but most of them have pulled out of harbor by now and I have my ditty bag stashed over in the barber shop next to the post office. I will find an overturned dinghy in case we get any rain tonight."

It seemed totally unfair to her and she whispered in his ear that he should follow her up the stairs when the others were out on the back porch to watch the fireworks. They were having a small firework display each night this week as an inducement to have the vacationers stay until the end of the season.

They crept up the staircase like a pair of burglars getting ready to crack a safe.

Safely inside her door, she breathed a sigh of relief because she normally would never do anything so unconventional. If only Lucy could see her now she would be proud at the change in her attitude.

"Danny, you can wear my pajama bottom. The top is enough for me because I still have my bikini bottom."

He laughed and admitted he had thought it was her panties and not part of her bathing suit.

"The swimming is terrible on this side of the island. You have to go up to the cove on the other side where the water is nice and clean and the water is real shallow for a long way out away from the shore. It is a lot safer there because there is almost no current at all. I will take you tomorrow since there is no hurry for me to head back to the mainland."

They got into the bed after Danny promised her there would be no fooling around because they would both probably be kicked out if anyone heard them doing anything. She had to admit her heart was beating real fast because in the back of her mind she had a picture of waking up with Danny and her all wrapped up together doing some of the stuff she had seen Lucy doing with the guys she let inside her bedroom on a Saturday night.

The sounds of laughter from downstairs wafted up to their silent bedroom and they each drifted off to sleep with their own private thoughts.

April was a bit disappointed because it seemed like an ideal time to lose her dratted cherry but she was afraid of being found out as a girl with little or no morals and that was enough to make her resolute that nothing would happen behind the closed bedroom door.

Danny closed his eyes and inhaled the scent of the young girl. She was a real winner and he wondered why she would want to hang out with him when he had not much to offer a young girl with a future. She was certainly a change from the people who seemed to always want something with nothing to give in return.

Just before April dropped off to sleep, he whispered in her ear,

"Be sure to wear that outfit tomorrow because we are going to have that secret cove all to ourselves. I will show you how good a one-legged ex-marine can swim when he is chasing a girl in a pink bikini."

She giggled and the sandman wrapped her up in his strong arms and lowered her down into the comforting warmth of a deep, deep sleep.

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