Serving the State
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, MaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Snuff,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The future is not a pretty place, in this future a man learns the trade of execution as entertainment. Borrows a lot from C.H. Makato's "The Executions"

Quite a while ago I read a story called. "The Executions." By C.H. Makato. In it she created a world where everything was being run by a Caligula like leader. Where people could be arrested and tried for crimes against the state and some were put to death sexually in an arena.

It was an interesting story and grabbed my attention and I wondered what it would be like to be the person handling the execution. What sort of training would they have to be, what sort of people?

So I got bored and figured I would write up a story in that world. So C.H. I hope you don't mind but I'm here to take a whirl.

The prison was a massive stone edifice adjacent the cities arena. The blocks had been brought here after the third revolution and assembled by political slaves. They gave up their lives to make this testament to the power of the state, and for the entertainment of the masses and their betters. While all the cities had games arena this one of the few where executions of s sexual nature were performed.

Like any son of a prominent family I had joined the military right out of school, and then after serving my term I had been asked to join the ministry of the interior. Civil obedience branch. For the last two years I had served in the prisons keeping an eye on criminals of all types. Some got sent out to the colonies, where they could serve our lord building the new worlds for his enjoyment. Others had shorter sentences for smaller crimes.

Here though they kept the thought criminals. Keepers of old ideas, dangerous notions. Concepts that had brought down humanity twice before. "If the common man is to live he must serve a strong hand." Our lords father had said a century ago.

I was a finger in that strong hand now. Transferred here to be one of the dark hoods. The men and women in the arena. Entertaining the masses and reminding them of the price of disloyalty.

I walked to the guards entrance. The wizened old man behind the window just asked. "Name?"

"Thomas Gabriel. Here to see the warden." The man checked my name on a list, then looked up.

"Okay Captain Gabriel I need to see your id please."

I held up the card and he looked it over thoroughly. There had never been an escape or a successful attempt to break prisoners out of here. Security was scrupulous. Once you came here as a prisoner you didn't leave till you were a corpse.

The old man nodded and hit a button. A gate opened and I was let in. The next door didn't open till the previous one had closed. Inside two guards were waiting for me. One was female, red haired. Not fat per se but plump in a way that made you want to feel her curves on your skin. Her face was more handsome than beautiful. She stood in her uniform of black fatigues combat boots and sunglasses.

Her partner was a man who stood easily around six foot six and looked like he was made of a brick wall colored in flesh.

"Sir, if you would come this way please." She asked. I followed them both and was led to the wardens office on the top tower.

We walked past a secretary who looked up and hit a button letting us in. Inside was the prisons chief officer. Warden Camille Perry. A tall blonde Valkyrie of a woman. She was on the large side of an athletic build and wore her light blonde hair in business like long straight cut. She looked me over appraisingly.

"You can go." She said.

Both guards saluted in the prescribed manner then walked out of the office.

"Good afternoon Captain Gabriel and Welcome to district prison number one. Or as we like to call it. "Hell's waiting room." " She pointed to a chair and I took a seat.

"We need a new hooded man." She said without preamble. "We have several but the job wears men thin over time. Our most recent one resigned last week. His last day will be in two weeks."

She looked me over. "you are a candidate for the job, but you will have to prove yourself capable physically and mentally for this task."

"Of course mam." I said nodding. "I will do my best."

"Of course all officers of your sort always do your best. So we have arranged a simple test for you to enter." She smiled and handed me several folders. "These three are discards. Their crimes are fit for arena punishment but as we both know not every waste of life here dies in the arena."

I nodded as I looked over the folders three different women all thought criminals.

"So to see if you are worth training as a hooded man your task is to go to the discard area fuck and kill all three in three hours."

"Yes mam." I said automatically.

"You will not pass to training unless all three of them have been penetrated vaginally or anally by you. And if any of them is alive three hours after your arrive you will wash out."

"I understand."

"Good The guards outside will lead you to the area. And will handle any requests you have."

I stood up to my obvious dismissal. "Thank you for the opportunity." I said.

"You are quite welcome, and remember being a hooded man means giving a show. I will be watching."

I nodded and smiled I could feel the wolf tension of the kill coming to me.

As you would expect I had killed before. In combat on the colonies, and serving the state in the prisons. Hanging the condemned, shooting them, Garotting some. I was surprised this test would be so easy.

As we walked to the discard area I looked over the folders. Taking in everything I needed to know about these people as we did. All three had been sentenced here for seditious thoughts. Two of them had been high school together and they'd been disciplined here for getting into fights. The third was a former kindergarden teacher. I'd handle her last.

"Bring this one to me." I said to one guard. "Take the other one to the disposal room and put her in the swing." I said to the other. They both nodded and set to their tasks.

As I read the folders deeper I waited for my instructions to be filled out. The red head guard dragged subject number one. A blonde haired slightly over weight woman to the swing by her hair. It was a nylon harness she'd sit in with her arms and legs strapped to it unable to move.

Every prisoner knew the swing, from having seen it in public executions before. Some people were garrotted on it, others choked or stabbed but once you were in it the chances of you leaving it under your own power ranged from slim to none.

I admired the guards skill at putting the woman into the swing efficiently. First she struck the woman in her abdomen with her truncheon causing her to double over then shoved her into it. As the woman tried to recover she took advantage of her weakened state and strapped her extremities into it.

As that happened the guard brought in subject two. She had been an administrator for a hospital. She was a short slight woman. Her small breasts now sagging a bit, She walked toward with her head bowed as every prisoner learned here.

"Hello Colleen." I said in a friendly voice.

She kept her head down. "How may I serve the state sir?" She asked. She was learning her lessons well too bad she didn't learn them before she came here.

"Turn your head and look into the room." I said.

She did and saw the blonde woman now fighting her restraints. I could see a curl of a smile.

"Do you know her?" I asked. She nodded shyly. "You don't like her?"

"No sir."

"Why not?"

"She was a mean girl at my school years ago and she never really stopped being one."

"Good, well then you'll be happy to know that I am going to have you discard her for the state."

She looked up, then back down. "Uh how sir?"

"Simple. I am going to go in and take her. As I do I want you to come in and use this." I help out a piece of rubber about 8 inches long and six inches wide. "Put it over her nose and mouth and pull hard till she cant breathe."

She nodded and took the rubber sheet.

I was aroused beyond words at all this. Rarely does one get a chance to use someone for their own enjoyment with no need to worry about consequences. Today I'd do it three times.

I nodded to a guard who opened the door to the discard room. I walked in and quickly took off my pants. My cock hard and ready I just hoped I would last a while. This was something to savor.

All the prisoners here had been taken numerous times. Many people paid for the opportunity to use them however they saw fit. Looking at her, her legs open breasts exposed I could see her fear.

"Please. Don't." She said as I came forward running a hand up her thigh, noting the time on the clock.

"Don't what?" I asked as I felt her nipples rock hard in a fear arousal then running my hand down her tummy.

"Don't kill me like this." She said. My hand felt her sex, she was damp, moist, ready.

"How should I kill you." I asked stepping between her knees and adjusting the swing up higher.

My cock now level with her drooling vagina.

She was crying now. "Take me outside, shoot me, let me see the sun." She said in a warbling whimper. That turned into a high pitched wail as I slid into her. She was trapped as I took her and knew it. Such an odd moment to be taking part in someones final moments like this.

There was no need for subtlety here. I drove into her hard and deep grinding into her. Looking up I saw subject number two in the corner of the room looking on as her former tormentor was fucked brutally in front of her. Her eyes came up and she smiled. That's when I nodded to her.

She came up behind subject one lifted the small rubber sheet and put it over her face as instructed then pulled down hard completing the seal. Then held it in place as her screams turned from scared to panicked then into violent grunts.

Subject ones eyes were still visible and they screamed at me pleaded to let her breathe to let her go.

Meanwhile I drove deep in to her reaching under her to slide a finger into her ass. Now her legs were kicking desperately and she was shaking. Then he struggles got weaker and weaker. The rubber around her mouth and nose pulled deep into the cavities by her bodies attempts to to get any air into her.

Soon her eyes went glassy. I looked down at Subject two. "Keep it on her till I say other wise."

I was buried root deep in her. As I felt her pulse in her neck I could feel it in my cock. Thudding slower and slower until it stopped. Her muscles went slacker still and I had her keep it on for a minute more.

"Okay you can let go now." I said and slid from the dead subject ahead of me. My cock still hard from such a thrilling moment. Subject two did as she was told and stood up.

"Did I do well?" She asked.

"Yes you did, did you enjoy that?" I asked.

"Yes I did."

"Excellent." It seemed odd to compliment a condemned person for their first murder but such is life.

"Now what are you going to do to me?" She asked. Looking up.

"I'm afraid you won't leave here alive." I said.

"I figured as much but thank you for that, she was such a mean spirited soul."

"You're quite welcome." I said. She dropped the piece of rubber on the floor. "Now turn around and bend over."

She did so meekly grabbing a ledge by the two way window. "When it happens it will be much quicker then hers." I said and kicked her feet a little wider. Sliding into her amazingly aroused sex.

"Thank you." She said.

It was so odd, strangely intimate. I had given her a chance to kill someone she hated. Now I was slamming my cock hard into her, actually trying to make it good for her as I took her in her last ride. She shook and moaned under me making the best of a final moment then shuddered and came hard. Her vagina rippling and shaking under me as I as she felt her pleasure.

I slid from her and pulled her back. I put one arm under neck and the other over that arm and tugged violently. The bones in her neck cracked and she went limp. Her body not sure of what to do trembling in spasms of neurological shock as it tried to connect to a brain that couldn't feel it's shell anymore.

I lifted her up and set her gently on one of the gurneys set aside for the task.

I recovered my pants and hit the bell for house keeping to come take the bodies away.

The two guards were outside waiting for me. "What about the third one?" The red headed lady asked.

"Bring her in here and tie her to the post. Legs open." I said. She nodded and walked off.

A minute later she walked into the discard area with subject three. She had long black hair that some curl to it. A set of breasts that would have over filled any hand, and a very pretty face. Such a shame she wasn't very bright. The girl kept repeating jokes about our lord and sadly someone she had turned down passed word of it to the censorial police.

And now she was here.

The red head chained her hands to the post then kicked her legs wide and chained each one to the floor. Her sex was now exposed. The girl was standing there motionless. I walked in and again dispensed with my pants and under wear looking around the room I saw a few items that could be useful.

I took a length of wire attached to two handles and walked to her.

"Am I a discard?" She asked.

"Yes, you are." Looking at her had my cock hard and ready. She was pretty, open, and never leaving here. I hadn't cum in either of the two others and right now my need was almost over whelming everything.

I walked to her and slide myself into her. I was surprised to find her wet and aroused.

"I hoped to make it to the arena." She said.

That was unexpected. "Why?"

"All those girls and boys even as they died they looked like they enjoyed it so much." I decided not to mention the cocktail of drugs they were administered before going in. It increased arousal and lowered inhibition. A nun would fuck a company of Marines once she was given that stuff.

"Would it help you to know you're being watched." I asked as I thrust into her and wrapped the cable around her neck.

"We are?" She asked.

"Yes, the guards and the warden." I replied leaning down to suck a nipple as I moved and ground in her. "You're my audition."

"For what?" She asked getting into this now.

"To be a hooded man." The garotte was in place and I was beyond ready for release.

Her hips worked back at me. "So if you give a good show you'll be in the arena" She moaned and fucked back harder.

"Yes I will."

She looked up with a glint of a smile in her eyes. "Good. Let's give them a show." She bucked at me hard fucking me in earnest as I slammed into her.

I could feel my orgasm approaching. As it did I took the handles of the garotte and yanked hard.

Her neck straightened and she tried to grasp but the thick steel cable cut off her wind. Then deeper still closing her arteries to her brain. I slammed hard into her and shot my seed into her as she faded out. A trace of a smile on her face. She didn't die in the arena but she did help someone to get there.

I stayed in her, noting that odd feeling of her heart slowing through her body. Holding the handles tight not giving her a chance to revive at all. She had earned a clean death.

I waited a minute after her heart stopped beating to let the handles loose and to slide from her. I retrieved my clothes and wand walked back outside hitting the housekeeping button again.

As I walked out both guards were again waiting. "The warden will see you now." The red head said and escorted me back to her office.

As I walked in she looked me over. "Not bad with an hour to spare." She took a seat and offered me one. "We have two types of washouts here. The ones who can't fuck and kill, and the ones who like it too much and take far too much time. You give the show we tell you to give."

"I understand mam."

"Your training will begin tomorrow. Report to the office of the lead executioner at 9 pm."


I stood up and prepared to walk out. "Be aware that this job has a lot of benefits, and some hazards, you'll learn as you go along."

"Thank you mam."

I was one step closer to the arena.

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