David's Life - Book I: I Dreamed of Djini and So Much More
Chapter 1: Djini I Tell You Not To Touch That?

Copyright© 2014 by Diederik Rask

Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: Djini I Tell You Not To Touch That? - David , begins to dream dreams based on the various types of stories he's been reading for years now on SOL. Stories of genies, the Master PC program, and them damned aliens who like to drag unsuspecting men off to new worlds for the entertainment of other aliens. Now, if only they had stayed dreams. Maybe, it's a dream come true. Let's see what dreams may become.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Magic   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   Humor   Science Fiction   Extra Sensory Perception   DoOver   Paranormal   Genie   Slow  

David and his partner, Merideth, liked to get out and go see what they could find in a local warehouse turned needful things shopping local. They weren't truly needful things, however; though, the name fits well enough.

One fickel-fated weekend they headed there, went looking around, and David found himself drawn to various things, just like every other time they went there. This day was no different, that is, until he went to pick up an old looking (he was sure it was a replica) brass railroad lamp. You know, the kind used by the conductor in the caboose of that bygone era of trains, to signal the engineers up front. Merideth, jokingly, told him not to touch it and especially not to rub it. They both laughed, he'd told her about his crazy dreams of late, after all. Still, he was drawn to it like a moth to fire and ended up purchasing it. This did not thrill Merideth, as she did not like adding to the "clutter" at home. Still, she liked it when he was happy and let it go and smiled at the smile he was showing the world has he swung his newly acquired lamp by his side, as she thought to herself, "he'll never really grow up; and I'm fine with that."

At home, he just couldn't seem to put it down. So, while she went to make them a snack, he grabbed a soft buffing cloth and started to buff and shine the lamp. He wasn't paying attention to anything else as he sang "Creep" to himself, (the song had gotten stuck in his head earlier during the drive), while he obsessed with making the lamp seem to glow with its own light. It was the crash of glasses that brought him back to join the rest of the world.

The crash was followed by an upset exclamation of frustration tinged with anger. Merideth had been bringing their snack out to where he was when she saw the stranger in their home. Not only a stranger, but a woman in what looked like a traditional belly dancing outfit that hinted at what lay beneath.

"Who the hell are you, and why are you in my home? David, who is she," Meri asked, a more than a little irritated and anxious.

David looked at the woman, she winked and nodded to the lamp. He looked at the lamp, back at her, the lamp, and back again. Then, looking at her he pantomimed buffing the lamp and she nodded with a bright smile.

"Hon, remember you told me not to touch the lamp, especially to not rub it?"

"Yes, but what ... No! No, no, no. I don't believe it. I refuse to believe it. There are no such things as genies! Is this one of your messed up ideas of a joke?"

"I kind of wish it were, but it is no joke," and, hearing those words she went wobbly in the knees.

It was his fast reflexes and speed that allowed him to get to her and catch her before she could hit the floor and get cut on the broken glasses.

Once he got Mari on the couch, he turned to the woman and asked the obvious, "are you Djinn?"

"Yes, Master. I am."

"I have some questions for you."

"I know. Ask them, Master."

"What name should I call you by?"

"What name would you call me, Master?"

"I think I'll call you 'Nekita' after a friend from years past. We were both fond of her."

"Thank you, Master. I shall treasure it."

"Okay, are you able to grant wishes? If so, what kind of wishes? What limits are there on the wishes? How many wishes? Will my wishes be granted based on intent and desires of mine, or will they be twisted as they so often are in the tales I've read? What guarantee do I have that you will not twist them and harm me, if you say you won't?"

"You've thought about this, a lot. Well, Master, let me answer your questions, and possibly more. I am yours until you dismiss me, or you lie to me when I ask you a question."

"Define lie, for me."

"The intentional telling of falsehoods to me, not a mistaken memory. 'White lies' do not count as they are part of the grease that smooths the wheels and gears of society."

"Okay. I can handle that. Go on, then, please."

"I can grant you one wish a day, for as long as I am in your service. You cannot wish harm upon another. Nor can any wish knowingly bring harm to another. I cannot give you Godlike powers, but I can grant you some magics. Though these magics are simple, they are quite useful. I will not twist your wishes, but instead grant them as you intend them to be fulfilled, if I am capable of fulfilling the wish. As to the other, you'll have to trust me, Master. I will tell you that I would rather die than twist a good master's wishes."

"So, as long as you consider me to be a good master, I can trust you."

"Yes, Master."

"Very well."

While they were having their conversation, Mari had come back to and listened. She was still a bit shaken. "So, you're a djini? An honest to goodness, djini?"

"Yes, Meri. I am."

"Alrighty then. I think I'll just go lay down. I'm not very hungry now. David, I am going to be one very pissed of woman if the 'Greenies' come along and take us to another world; especially if it is some place without running water and indoor plumbing." And, with that she headed off to her room to nap.

David and Nekita spoke at length. He did not know what he wanted to wish for, at the moment. So, instead, they talked about the world and its problems and if he could use his wishes to help bring peace to various regions. In the end, he could affect a small number of people, but not do any real good that way. He also explained to Nekita what Meri had meant about the Greenies and how it all had to do with recent dreams, as well as, the dreams themselves.

At his request Nekita danced for him. Her body seemed to move bonelessly. Her heavy high breasts swayed enticingly. Her hips swayed hypnotically. Her belly pulsed and writhed sensually. Her every movement ramped up his desire. Suddenly, she was straddling him and kissing him in response to his desire for her. Their lips broke as waves of pleasure against one another, tongues dueling. Each was raising the others' desire higher and higher until David growled at her that he had to have her, picked her up and took her to his room. When he put her down and was about to start undressing her, Nekita stopped him.

"David, is she okay with this? Won't she be jealous, hurt, or worse?"

"She and I have discussed this many times. We've agreed to have an open relationship. I've been given permission, with the condition that I don't bring home anything that gives and keeps on giving – meaning diseases."

"There is truth in your words, Master. Might you have a wish in mind that could help her?"

"Right now, the only thing I can think of is for her to be accepting and happy of what we three now have together."

"Is that your wish, Master?"

"Yes, it is."

"It is done."

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