Third Time's the Charm

Armed with the paperwork from the deceased David and Grace Austins' attorney, the newlywed David and Grace Anderson spoke to a Dunedin solicitor noted for straight up honest dealings ... if you have money miracles can happen.

The Andersons were soon in possession of the AD-2Q trainers, the Beech 18 with the P-38 tricycle gear, the multi colored, multi national SNJ, the K5 and the home on Leith across from the University of Otago. The home on Leith was a revelation: Fred Te Wherowhero knew them for who they really were when he approached them to run them off.

"Private property," he said. Then he said, "Oh, it's you. Welcome back."

The solicitor, expecting trouble, had the paperwork in hand.

"No need, Mr. Banning, Fred knows us."

"But ... you've never met."

Fred said, "Oh ... not in this life."

And that was all it took, Maori Know things ... the Brits used to know but are into science now. New Zealanders and Australians have become used to it ... some even believe. Mr. Banning was a science guy.

"Here's the paperwork, you're in possession now." He walked back to the foot gate and left.

Fred and David slapped backs. Hineraukatouri, his wife, and Grace did whatever women do ... headed for the kitchen and started cooking. Hineahuone, now 18 and spectacular, ran in to meet them. The now Ten year old Hekeheke, and quite the little lady ... when she wasn't pestering her brothers, 16 year old Bert and 14 year old Ernie ... still smiled shyly from behind Fred. The boys ... were boys ... and out doing teenage boy things.

"Fred, we're going back to the States ... what can we do for you?"

"The school wants the property ... we wish to go home." He presented David with the document.


Grace looked up from her cooking, "Yes David?"

He simply handed her the document.

"Good Lord, David."

"Amazing ... four times our entire investment," said Grace.

"Exactly what we asked for four years ago. It must be worth more. Fred?"

"Yes ... about 2 million."

"So ... selling this for £1.5 is a bad deal?"

Fred said, "The pound has devalued ... instead of $2.80 it's $1.40. Very bad deal."

The £300,000 they had invested in renovations would have cost £600,000 today. They needed to collect £2.4 million.

"Counteroffer, David. £3.2 million ... tomorrow ... cash in hand. Ten thousand a day increase ... or we give it to Fred ... they'll never get it then."

"You can't give it to me."

"Why not?"

"I want to take my family and go home."

"I don't want to go," Hineahuone, the 18 year old beauty said.

"What do you want to do, marry a Pākehā?" The disdain he held for European New Zealanders was noticeable.

"No, I want to go with them," as she pointed at Grace and David.

"What will you do with them?" Fred asked, "Spread your legs and disgrace us?"

"I want to go to school in America."

We like her, thought the cats. You should take her with us. She hears us.

The dusky beauty ruffled fur and itched that spot by the tail that all cats love.

"We're going to sail," said Grace.

"Good," said Hineahuone. "Pâpâ, I have my passport ... and a foreign student visa for the US ... Professor Marples says I can school in Canada ... free."

"You were going anyway?"


"Go, then.

"Will you take me?" Hineahuone asked Grace.


"Don't look at me," David said. "I'm a husband ... she says you can go ... you can go."

Grace beamed.

Hineraukatouri said, "See ... wasn't so bad was it?"

Fred looked at his wife, "You knew?"

"Certainly ... she is my daughter."

David and Grace said, like the twins they used to be, "The school Chancellor ... we need to speak."

The Chancellor was in ... he looked at the offer document and called for the school solicitor.

"That is not what I told you to offer. That property is worth £4 million. That's what we will pay. You were hired by the last Chancellor?" asked the Chancellor.

"Yes," said the solicitor.

"I believe you have been influenced by his grasping greedy ways. Perhaps you should seek other employment. Yes?"

"Two checks please," Grace said.


"Yes, one; £2.4 million ... make it out to Hineahuone Te Wherowhero ... the balance made out to Fred Te Wherowhero. David ... don't look at me like that. We certainly don't need it ... they will."

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