Helping Our Veteren's
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Black Female, White Male, Military,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A lonely vet excites a sexually frustrated woman who gives in....

15 Oct 09

Nichelle was a confident good looking woman in her forties. Who was taking a break from the dating scene. Nichelle lived in a quiet condominium complex where all walks of life lived. Nichelle was going on six years at this complex. She was very friendly and knew just about everyone.

The condo down stairs and to the right was vacant. While sunning out on her deck, a moving truck pulled up. Nichelle peaked out of one eye as the workers filled the condo. She couldn't make out who her new neighbor would be. The workers did there job and everyone left. She still didn't know who her new neighbor was.

A few days went by and the mystery was still not solved. During this time Nichelle had other concerns, being out of the dating scene left her horny. She was masturbating two and sometime three times a day. She enjoyed her self relief, but, what she wouldn't give for a hard long cock. Nichelle was taking out the trash when she noticed the older white man sitting in a wheel chair. He was out side the once abandon condo.

He smiled; "I'm Robert", as he waved when he saw her looking.

"I'm Nichelle", as she smiled and waved back.

Her heart went out to him when she saw his prosthetic leg. After taking out the trash something compelled her to go over and offer her help. Letting him know if he needed any help to call her, she wrote down her number. He thanked her and she went on about her way.

A few days later she came out her door to see him struggling with a few bags of groceries. Nichelle quickly went to his aid it was awkward as she tried to help and him being in a wheel. She reached down in his lap to get the bags.

Her hands mistakenly touched his cock, Nichelle quickly withdrew her hands.

"I'm so, sorry", she told him.

"Not a problem", he told her as he handed her the bags.

Nichelle's face glowed red as she took the bags into the condo.

"There you go Robert", she told him as she looked for a quick escape. Robert tried to let her know all was well. But, she was gone before he could assure her.

Nichelle got back to her place, her heart racing along with her mind. She never touched a white mans cock before, let a lone a cripple. She also couldn't believe how large he was.

Her brain was flooded with all kinds of crazy thoughts. Her nipples were hard and her clit thumped. She couldn't remember a time that she was ever this horny.

She pulled down her pants and panty's to make sure. Her panties were damp and her pussy was dripping wet. Her wetness made her even hornier as she began to play in it.

Her juices were warm and silky, allowing her fingers to glide over her drenched, soft pussy lips. Her clit was wet, swollen and very aroused. Just as quickly her fingers became soaked as she encircled her love button.

Her thoughts and her heart went back to the disable vet. She felt so sorry for him, his disability and the ease of how he became excited with just a touch. She didn't know how he got put in that wheel chair. But, in her experience a man that excited that easily. Usually wasn't getting any or he has a problem.

She thought because of his condition he wasn't getting a whole lot. She wouldn't even be giving this a second thought if she hadn't felt his long thick rod. The touch of his stiff penis set off a host of suppressed erotic desire.

It was sad that his life was reduced to this because he wanted to serve his country. Her sorrow turned into lust as her fingers quickened there pace. Her desire boiled as she thought about his big long cock. Filling her tight wet pussy, she could imagine his throbbing, not often touch dick, hard, so, very hard dick fucking her pussy.

Her deep desire boiled over and landed her into ecstasy. Her heart pounded as three fingers stroked her sugar wall. While her thumb pressed upon her clit. Moving, stroking and massaging it to the left, than right. Up, than down, this with one hand as the other hand twist and pinched one of her erect nipples.

After a few moments of bliss, Nichelle caught her breathe. She had three feelings, one of satisfaction, the second was relief and the third was curiosity. Hoping the third would lead to more of the first two, she thought to her self.

After a few days Nichelle went to Robert's condo to apologize for leaving so abruptly. She knocked at the door and heard him making his way to the door.

"Hey, Nichelle", Robert said once he got the door opened.

"Hey, Robert, I just stopped by to tell you I'm sorry for the way I jetted the other day" she explained.

"No problem", he told her.

"You want to come in for a second", he asked? Nichelle didn't know why she accepted as the door closed behind her.

She couldn't even look him in the face as her eye's wondered every where. Her heart went out to him every time she saw him push the wheels to his wheel chair. She felt compelled to do something for him as he looked her in her eyes.

"How did you get hurt", she finally asked?"If you don't mind me asking", she quickly added.

"No, no, not much to tell, I was order to charge a well protected enemy camp. There was gun fire and bombs going off all around me, was the last thing I remembered. The next thing I knew I was in a hospital with part of my leg missing," he explained.

Nichelle's heart fluttered and she almost cried.

Robert saw this and told her, "it wasn't that bad. They fitted me with this fake leg and I'm going on with life".

Nichelle's watery eyes began to dry up and she gave him a shy smile.

"That's better," he told her. Robert seen this look before and he knew if he pushed Nichelle just right he could get him some chocolate pussy. He had used his injury before on the nurses at the hospital. They fucked him good and regular; sympathy pussy was all the pussy he ever got.

So, he decided to tell her about how the nurses gave him sponge baths." Can I tell you how the nurses gave me my sponge baths," he started off. Nichelle was in a very giving mood, she would do whatever he asked.

"Sure," she told him.

"It's a little naughty," he warned.

Nichelle thought for a moment, just what I wanted as her sorrow turned to lust again. She played it shyly thou, as to not seem too eager for this disable vet with a huge cock.

Robert started his tale with how pretty all the nurses were. His first sponge bath was given by a young perky candy stripper. She was a volunteer, a sweet little Vietnamese girl. Who was studying to become a nurse.

She had the perkiest up turned tits I ever saw with long flowing dark hair. She was so eager to please as soon as the male nurses lowered me into the water she went to work. Bending over to wash me gave me a perfect look at her gorgeous breast.

Her nipple tapped together as she worked. This aroused me and my pole came right up out of the water. Nichelle had to shift at the sound of that. That was a very nice sight, she thought to her self.

Robert continued his story, telling her how the girl pretended not to see his erection. She kept right on working as if the throbbing cock would just go away. I was so hard it hurt as I watched her young firm tits sway. The deeper my lust grew for this sweet young girl.

Robert noticed the hotter he talked the more Nichelle stirred. Robert was making him self hard as he talked about the young nurse titties. He told her when the nurse had to wash him down there she dropped the sponge.

Her soft little delicate hands grasped hold of my hard cock caused me to sigh in delight. She stroked my dick slow at first then she picked up the pace. The water and soap provided a wonderful lubricant as she massaged my penis.

Reaching down into the tub her breast were out again, nipples erect and begging to be sucked. They were inches from my mouth as she jacked my throbbing cock. Hesitantly I pushed the nearest nipple in my mouth. She moaned and it was one of the most erotic moans I ever heard.

Her nipple was sweet and so erect that I bit down on it softly. Her body shuttered and jerked making her yank on my cock fast and furious. I sucked deeply on her nipple and shot my spunk straight into the air.

It went about three feet and plopped right down into the tub. She held my cock until it started to soften and I had to turn loose of her firm nipple. She put her nice tittties away and straightened her

uniform. She said something in her langue, smiled and walked away.

Nichelle looked over to see he was so hard a tent formed in his pants. Her clit began to throb and her panties became wet. She wanted that big cock in her pussy and she didn't want to wait any longer.

Before he could say another word, Nichelle dropped to her knee's in front of his wheel. There eye's locked as she found his fly and unzipped it. Nichelle's eyes grew wide.

When she freed is cock from his pants, she licked her lips and grabbed the base of it. His penis throbbed in her soft hand. The long dick swayed in the air as Nichelle moved the head of it to her lips.

Robert gasped as she slipped the head of his dick past her soft lips. Nichelle was surprised by the pre-cum that came out so quickly and how good it tasted. Her hand pumped his shaft and he mouth slid to meet it.

Robert gripped the handles of his wheel chair, as Nichelle sucked his cock. He began to growl low while the pleasure caused his loins to boil. Then he heard a slurping sound coming from Nichelle soft sucking lips.

His man juice satisfying her need to have cumm dance on her pallet, the jumping of his dick in her mouth, caught her off guard.

As his cock threatened to go down her hot good throat, she relaxed her jaw and his cock slipped into her throat. The pleasure caused Robert to shake and jerk.

It was a sensation Robert never experienced, as Nichelle massaged his cock with her hot mouth. She swirled her tongue around his cock and his balls tighten. The tip of her tongue tried to probe his one eye.

This sent chills through Robert, chills no other woman ever made him feel. His balls began to boil as she applied more suction, more movement of her tongue. He erupted in her throat.

Ounce after ounce of jism poured down Nichelle throat, she gulped it all down. Robert was breathless, his head spinning and his heart raced. It was the first time any woman had sucked him dry.

Nichelle couldn't believe how much man juice he had, her belly was full and for some reason it turned her on even more. She slid his still hard penis out of her throat and mouth. She stroked it a few times before she returned to her feet.

Robert was still panting while she stood before him, his taste on her tongue. Nichelle's nipples ached, her clit throbbed and her panties were drenched. She stripped off all her clothes and allowed Robert to see what he was about to get.

Her lips were full and soft, her breast melon size with long

erect nipples. Her waist small with lovely round hips, her legs shapely and easy on the eyes. Her pussy had a thin strip of hair, with phat pussy lips that parted for her wet swollen clit.

Robert rolled right at Nichelle, putting his face right in her juicy pussy. Nichelle squealed as Robert ran his tongue over her clit. He found her spot and went to work, pulling at her hips in order to keep his hot tongue in her sweet pussy.

Standing, Nichelle tried to spread her legs as far as she could. Her hands were on Robert's head and when he went away from her spot. She used his head to get him back on point.

His tongue was hot and active as he sucked her pussy. Nichelle hadn't been licked like this in quite some time. Sensation traveled through out her body, ending at her erect nipples. They popped like pop corned.

Her body became a fire as his tongue massages her clit and stroked her soft pussy lips. Nichell began to moan a sensual moan that made Robert's cock jump. Her pussy became drenched and soaked his face.

She put a foot on one of the handles of his wheel chair, giving him more access to her hot pussy. Her clit throbbed in his mouth as her hips fucked his face. She locked her hands behind his head and grinded her pussy onto his face.

Her breathe caught in her throat, her body shook as she ooohed and ahhhed from the bliss she was experienced. This went on until Nichelle took a deep breathe and moaned a growl of ecstasy. She pushed his face deep into her pussy and exploded on his face.

Nichelle knee's buckled and her heart raced as her orgasm overwhelmed her. She couldn't believe Robert sucked her pussy so well. She looked down still over come with lust to see he was throbbing hard.

He smiled to see the look on her face, he leaned back to invite her onto his chariot. With out a word Nichelle finished stripping and mounted Robert's wheel chair.

She put her legs on his shoulders as she study her self with her hands on his handles. Her dripping pussy was inches above Robert's rock hard cock. She looked deep into his wanting eyes while she lowered her self onto his wavering prick.

The first attempt was unsuccessful as he stabbed her in her butt cheek. The second was a little closer as his prick tried to enter her anus, finally Robert grasped his cock. He guided his dick into Nichelle's juicy pussy.

They both squeal from the pleasure and the eroticism. With the head of his quivering penis past her parted pussy lips, Nichelle began to lower her wet sucking pussy down onto his long hardness. Inch by inch Nichelle's pussy cause his cock to disappear.

She enjoyed the way his thick cock filled her love canal and she almost came when she felt his tight nut sack on her ass. His cock throbbed and the motion thrilled her hot pussy. She couldn't move as the bliss was almost too much for her to bear.

Robert never felt a pussy so good in his life, Nichelle was hot, passionate, wet and tight. He could feel the silky walls of her pussy massage his cock. This ignited his dick to jump and throb, her wetness allowed his cock to slide around in her tight love canal.

Her warm juices ran down his shaft and over his tight balls. He watched the pleasure in Nichelle's face when she let out a sensual sound. She closed her eyes as she began to lift and lower herself up and down on his cock.

Robert held his ground and positioned his hips in a upward position. He watched as his prick appeared and disappeared in and out of her wet pussy. His cock looked like it was coated in silk when the light hit it.

Nichelle loved the way his throbbing cock banged against the walls of her pussy. She knew if she wanted to fully enjoy his dick she had to bounce up and down on it. Grabbing the handles once again, she got into position.

Lifting her self up, she slide up his shaft, his hard dick felt good. So, good, that when only the head of his penis was in her pussy muscles flexed. Squeezing the tip of his cock like a ball, Robert groaned and heaved. The sensation was amazing, Nichelle looked at the pleasure she was causing in Roberts face.

She relaxed and slid down his prick, when she felt his tight nut sack again, a soft moan escaped her lips. Up she went again her legs dangling over his shoulders, her pussy muscles flexing and Robert moaning.

Back down she slid to hear her self moan and to enjoy the sensation once again. She could do this all day she thought, as she slid up and down his cock. Moaning a erotic intense moan, her whole body was into this fuck. Her body was preparing for a mind blowing orgasm.

As she eased up and down on his pole, her trance was broken. When Robert latched onto her erect nipples, pinching and twisting them between his fore finger and thumb. The pain mixed with the pleasure heightened her arousal and sent her on another climax.

The pain made her see white as the pleasure made her see stars. Her body was being ravage with endless pain and bliss. The new sensation was driving her wild, she picked up the pace. Nichelle was slamming her buttocks down on his pole.

Robert groaned like he was nearing eruptions, he did all he could not to give into Nichelle's wet, hot pussy. All he could do was arch his back and tweak her nipples. Keeping his cock pointing upward and deep in Nichelle's milking pussy.

Nichelle marveled at the size and its hardness. The last guy who got in between her thighs was kind of limp and his penis wasn't as long. It felt so good to have a long hard cock in her hungry pussy.

The sensation was overwhelming to her, her body had not responded like this in quite some time. Her clit throbbed and her juices soaked his pole like warm oil.

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