What...White Boy!!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Reluctant, Fiction, Orgy, Black Female, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman out of control becomes Queen B.....

Tracy was dying for some dick! She just lost her boyfriend and he didn't even give her a break up fuck. To make matters worst she lost the love of her life to a white woman. "The bastard," she thought out loud!! She could feel the moistness around her pussy lips and clit. Tracy had masturbated three times already, but, it just wasn't satisfying her on an emotional level. She needed a cock to fuck her pussy deep; she needed to feel a set of balls slapping her ass cheeks. To have her legs wrapped the back of a set of thighs, to have her nipple sucked and lightly bitten. "I just want to be fucked," she spoke out loud!!

After pleasing her self two more times, Tracy finally decide to get up and shower. The water was warm and she felt refreshed as she got dressed. She couldn't help but admirer her sexy nude chocolate body when she passed her full length mirror. She caressed her hips, traced the out line of her succulent long nipples. She turned at her small waist and looked over her shoulder at her shapely smooth ass, she then parted her comely legs, bent slightly at the waist and looked back at her fat pussy.

Tracy began to turn her self on as she touched and gazed over her body. How could he leave this total package? Along with an abundant open minded sex drive. As Tracy thought about how she fucked him, sucked his cock and drained his nuts. She thought how she gave him her virgin ass, he's a damm fool, she told her self. Fuck him, I will find some one else to give this fine chocolate pussy to.

She figures she should go for a walk to level her head and get some fresh air. Tracy was in a provocative mood and she dressed accordingly. Tight skimpy shorts, a low cut halter top, but, the most erotic part of her outfit to her was that she didn't have on any panty's as she walked down the street.

There was some loud commotion up ahead as she looked up the street. Tracy could see that there was a party going on as she approached. She noticed it was a bunch of college students and she wanted no part of that. She crossed the street and while she was crossing a few guys called out to her. "Hey, hot chocolate, how about coming and warming us up," one yelled at her?? "I would, but, you know you white boys have small dicks, she yelled back!!

Tracy got a few blocks further down the street when a young college girl came up upon her quickly. She was a couple of inches shorter than Tracy, blonde hair, pouty lips, very large breast, small waist and round hips. "They sent me after you," she said breathlessly. "For what," Tracy questioned? "They figured I could convince you to come back and party with us. Have a drink and maybe earn some money," she offered. "Money, what does money have to do with this," Tracy inquired?? "Well. You see, I am pledging there sister frat, so, I have to do this for free. But, if you come back with me they will give you a thousand bucks to provide a little entertainment, she enticed.

Tracy began to wash over the invite in her mind. She was horny and a thousand bucks could go a long ways on her bills. She had been with a little dick white boy before and all thou he didn't satisfy her with his stick, he sure could please her with his tongue. Her clit throbbed when she recalled the sensation. She looked at the white college girl and smiled. "A thousand dollars," she asked once again?? "Yes, a thousand bucks, as she smiled back.

"I need the money up front," she told her. The girl reached into her pocket and pulled out a bundle of cash. She peeled Tracy off ten crisp one hundred dollar bills. "The happier these guys are, the more of this will become yours," she told Tracy as she folded the rest and put it back in her pocket. "What's your name, Tracy asked?"I am Sue, and you are"? I am Black diamond," Tracy told her. As they walked back to the party, Sue gave Black Diamond also know as Tracy the run down on things.

These guys love to drink and have there cocks sucked. When there waiting to get hard again they love to suck pussy. Tracy squealed at the sound of that, another thing they love is to be dominated. It's about fifteen of them, including you there are five women. "Are they all little dick men," Tracy asked? "Not at all, there are some real studs in there," Sue assured her as they walked in. There was a loud cat call as Tracy and Sue entered the party.

Tracy quickly surveyed the situation and didn't see any danger. There was a group of guys around a red hair girl on her knee's giving a guy with what look to have been a seven inch dick. In a corner there was a dark haired girl ride a guys cock reverse cow girl, his cocked looked to be about nine inches. Tracy knew he was going to get some of her chocolate pussy. She was becoming moist as she continued her survey.

Tracy walked into the next room where she had to stop as her clit jumped. There was a token light skin brother with a twelve inch cock fucking the shit out of this one chick. She was whimpering from pain and pleasure as he pumped his long dong in and out of her pussy. Tracy went from moist to very wet instantly. It was as if the long deep strokes were going up in her.

A guy that had been watching her since she walked in reached inside her halter top and released her firm round melons. Her nipples were already erected as they bounced free. Remembering what Sue told her, Tracy went into bitch mode. How dare you touch Black Diamond with out my permission! A hush fell over the party as all eyes focused on Tracy.

"Listen up and listen well, no one touches Black Diamond with out kissing her feet first," she shouted loud and forcefully. She wasn't sure how the college students would react as she looked around the room. Just when she was about to make a dash for the door, about five guys and two girls got on their knee's. They crawled over to kiss her feet.

Tracy began to blush, her breathe became shallow and her body serge. She was having a power rush and the sensation was almost as pleasing as a climax. With every kiss her confidence grew, she urge them on telling them that Black Diamond was pleased with the worship. She then realized the power was making her horny.

Her nipples were very hard and erect; her pussy was moist, very moist. Her clit blossomed and began to throb as she traced the outer diameter of her exposed nipples. This sensation was very new to her as she watched the people watching her. She loved absolute power as the next order was formulating in her mind.

"Alright, my loyal white subjects, I want all the pricks in the sound of my voice to form a line right here," as she tapped her foot to where she wanted the line. Every male in the room hopped to her command, Tracy couldn't believe how she was barking out orders, let alone these college kids doing everything she command.

"Dicks out, and you better be hard. This is a cock inspection, if you don't pass, well lets just say, you would want to pass," Tracy warned. She didn't know what she would do if a cock didn't meet her standards, just wing it like she has the whole time she started, Tracy smiled to her self. 'Ladies behind me," she instructed as she came to the first cock.

First she looked, then she cupped is balls and finally she stroked his shaft. He had a seven inch cock, small diameter and his nut sack was average. "Hmmm," she hissed as she moved to the next dick. She came to the next cock, it was a lot thicker than the first one although the same length. His nut sack was a lot bigger as well, but, he was only semi hard. Again, she hummed and went to the next cock.

All the while Tracy was creaming her panties as she caressed and touched all the white cocks. Then she thought back to the one white guy she dated. All these young cocks were bigger and longer than his, but, I wonder if they can suck pussy better than he did. That white boy sure could suck pussy, couldn't fuck at all, but, he did make up for it with his hot active tongue.

Tracy's thoughts were interrupted when she came to the guy she first saw when she walked in. Her clit throbbed at the sight of this enormous dick. The dick moved up and down as if it was waving at her, Tracy gasped when she held his heavy balls in her hand. The head of his cock poked her in the thigh as she stroked the shaft. Tracy felt a bolt of pleasure travel from the tip of her clit and pulsate at the tips of her nipples. Her panties were soak and wet, she wanted to be fucked good and hard. This guy had the tool and she could hardly wait.

She continued the inspection and there were some very nice cocks there too, but, she kept looking back at that one cock that was still waving at her. The second to the last guy had a very nice dick as well, looked to be nine inches or so, thick and he had a large nut sack. Tracy fondled his large balls then stroked his long shaft.

This guy grabbed her shoulder and shot his load all over her belly and thighs. Stream after stream of his hot man juice coated a good area of her thighs. He dropped to his knees and begged for her forgiveness. But, Tracy didn't know how to respond. Then it came to her," pull off my shorts and eat my pussy, you poor excuse for a man," she said in a discussing way.

All the while she enjoyed being splashed with a good dose of cum. The guy wasted little time stripping off her shorts and putting his face into her juicy pussy. Her knees buckled as his tongue found her inflamed clit. Tracy let out a deep, mind gripping hiss as his tongue encircled her love button. She wanted to bark out an order to stop, but, this white boy was rocking her world.

The whole room watched as Black Diamond eyes rolled in the back of her head from the pleasure of a hot active tongue. That wasn't all either he reached up with one hand and tweaked one of her erect nipples. A bolt of pleasure shot to the tip of her clit, Black Diamond had to do every thing she could not to cream his face just yet. Another guy got a sofa chair and slides it up behind Tracy. Just in time as she slid back into the chair, draping her legs over each arm to give her servant all the access he need to suck her pussy well.

With his free hand he slid two long fingers into Tracy's pussy, her hungry pussy collapsed around the fingers as he massage her love button with his wide agile tongue. Sue walked over, she started pinching and teasing Tracy's free nipple. Black Diamond was on her way to a powerful orgasm. She couldn't believe having this many people watching her get her pussy suck would heighten her arousal.

The pleasure was mounting as Black Diamond grasped the white boy by his head and pulled his face deeper into her plush pussy lips. "Suck my creamy wet pussy, white boy, yes, yes, suck this chocolate pussy," Tracy encouraged!! At the same time Sue and the white guy pinched Black Diamonds nipples as he sucked deeply on her pulsating clit. That sent Tracy over the edge; she creamed that white boy's face with a flood of her warm sweet juices. He lapped as fast as he could but, the flood was too much for him. So, another guy pushed him out the way and cleaned up every drop.

Tracy shook and stretched to bring her self down from the powerful climax, but, she was still hungry for some dick. The guy whom just sucked her pussy was standing before her stroking his cock. "Please Black Diamond; let your servant put his cock in your chocolate pussy. He wasn't the one Tracy was hungry for, she looked around. The brother she wanted was fucking another girl and from the looks of it, he was beating her pussy up well.

"Please, Black Diamond," he begged to get her attention. The pleading was having an effect on her, in fact it was turning her on. Here was this white man begging to fuck her black diamond, this was very new to her.

"You may service me, from the back," she granted his plea. Tracy stood up, turned around, bent at the waist as she spread her sexy thighs that were still slick from having her pussy sucked. The guy stopped stroking his cock and guided to the opening of her tight pussy.

Tracy felt the pressure of his cock head pushing past her wet pussy lips. It had been awhile since she had a prick in her tight hot pussy. She enveloped his protruding cock with her sugary soft pussy lips. The sensation made her cream as his little cock went just beyond her pussy lips.

Tracy liked them bigger, but, her pussy needed a cock any cock to fuck her hungry pussy. Tracy began to move a little and her pussy was becoming extremely wet. Her new servant, this unaware white boy began to quiver as her sweet pussy walls massaged his little cock.

With out warning her servant began to fuck her wet pussy with all he had. The fast stabs and his nut sack slapping at her enflamed clit sparked the beginning of a climax. She bent deeper at the waist allowing his cock to sink deeper into her diamond.

Now his quivers became more intense, they turned to trembling as he shoved his cock in and out, in and out. His thighs slapped her soft round firm ass. While his tight very full nut sack thrilled her fat clit.

Tracy knew it wouldn't belong before his tight nut sack would boil over and she would feel his little dick spew hot cum all over her pussy walls and if he could hold out just a little longer she would cum all over his little penis.

"This is the best pussy I ever fucked, he blurted out. Doing what he could to take his mind off coming. "This pussy is stroking my cock and I can't hold back much longer as some of the others gathered around to see what he was yelling about.

"I know, I know why she calls her pussy black diamond, cause this pussy feels very expensive," he proclaimed. His thrusting and babbling pushed Tracy over the edge.

Her pussy clamped down on his cock and she erupted. The pleasure shot to the tip of her nipples and thumped as she came all over his cock. Her servant grabbed her waist thrust as deep as he could and shot his cum deep into her hot clamping pussy.

His cock pumped and pumped ounce after ounce into her hungry pussy, Tracy thought he would never stop coming. His sperm ran down her inner thigh as he kept fucking and coming in her drenched diamond.

Her servant trembled as his thrust became fewer and fewer. Tracy could feel the slowing of cum as her pussy walls quivered around his cock. The sensation of hot cum and a shrinking penis made Tracy crave more cock.

That's when her eyes found a big black long cock waving at her half cocked. Her pussy twinge as her lust grew to have all, that long dick in her. Tracy laid back and opened her thighs wide, her pussy lips glistened from the fucking she just received.

Everyone in the room knew what she wanted as her focus was unwavering. His cock became ridged as he took steps towards Tracy's hot wet pussy. As the desire grew so did Tracy's clit until it was fully bloomed and parted her pussy lips.

That clit was calling, yearning for that big black cock that was making its way towards it. Tracy could feel that long thick shaft parting and caressing the walls of her hungry pussy, just as she licked her lips in anticipation.

The huge cock was inches from her quivering clit. Tracy gasped when the large dick head rose and tapped her clit. This happened two three four times. With each tap her gasp became moans and her pussy became drenched.

This brother has wonderful dick control as he caused his penis to tease Tracy's clit. It was driving her wild as the bliss made her cream and her clit throb. She knew he was worth the wait as her hunger grew.

Tracy couldn't take it any longer she shoved her hips forward causing her pussy lips to part and envelop his fat cock head. He shivered; she jumped as the pleasure took them both by surprise.

The moment was overwhelming as it froze them both in time, panting just begun as he pushed his cock deeper into her black diamond.

Her tight pussy lips gave way to his wide long cock as her wetness eased the way into her fitted love canal. Tracy looked at the face of the man that was filling her pussy. She could see the pleasure that was making his penis throb against her wet pussy walls.

This was driving Tracy wild as her clit jumped like a beat of a drum. This was the fuck she had been craving; this was the cock she needed in her cunt as she creamed his thick shaft.

He was struggling not to blow his load into her sweet black diamond. He grabbed her hips and slammed the rest of his ten inch cock into her hot pussy. The clash of skin rivaled another sensation as there bodies became one.

Trying not to spill his cum into her sweet massaging pussy, he reached up latched hold of erect nipple and pinched then twisted. The sensation gripped Tracy with fear then a rush of pleasure. Her heart pounded and her pussy clutched his hard cock.

This drew grunts and deep pants from him still fighting not to cum in Tracy's good pussy. His thrust became fast and furious as he fucked her pussy with purpose. Balls heavy with loads of cum slapped at her soft ass cheeks.

The force of his thrust made Tracy's breast sway and jiggle as her fucked her deep and hard. The pleasure was mounting as thrust after thrust ran deep into lust.

Just as Tracy was reaching her pentacle he pulled his cock from her sopping pussy. Just as Tracy was about to protest, he swung her around slapped her on the ass. He parted her legs and re-entered her pussy from the back.

Tracy gasped from the depth his cock reached in her pussy. She loved the feel of his long dick as her pussy walls massaged his shaft. She felt her hair being pulled back as his balls slapped her ass.

His heavy nuts kept slapping an erogenous zone of Tracy's. The slapping was driving her wild with lust as her pussy kept creaming and clutching his cock. Causing grunts from the man that was fucking her pussy well.

That's when she felt a slap on her tender ass. She squealed from the pain and creamed from the pleasure as his cock rammed in and out, in and out of her hungry pussy. The second slap made her clit jump and her nipples explode.

Tracy was euphoric as he fucked her pussy long and deep. His dick throbbed against her pussy walls letting her know her pussy was driving him crazy which gave her a sense of deep pleasure.

That's when she felt him probing around her ass hole. He coated his thumb in her wetness getting ready to insert it into her tight ass. A fear and a thrill loomed deep in Tracy bosom as his long cock plowed her canal.

Without any warning Tracy's ass was violated by his large thumb. Causing Tracy to inhale and explode with a powerful orgasm. The insertion made her cry out in sheer pain and pleasure. He pumped her pussy and her ass hole in unison thumb, cock, thumb then cock.

Tracy's pussy doubled clutched his cock and her ass puckered around his thumb. Her nectar dripped from his very wet nut sack as his balls slapped her ass cheeks.

Her pussy felt so good on his dick that he lost control. His hips whipped forward and back at an awesome pace. No one ever fucked Tracy's tight hole at a pace like that before. It was driving her wild along with the wiggling thumb that fucked her ass.

She loved how his hard cock plunged deep into her tight pussy. His heavy balls slapped her swollen clit sending bliss through her entire body. Tracy really loves the feeling of balls slapping her sensitive clit.

The pounding of her clit was all it took to send her pussy into convulsions. She could feel her pussy massaging every inch of his shaft. Her warm nectar was coating every thrust.

His moans rung out as his nut sack tightened along with the throbbing of his cock against the sweet walls of her hot pussy. He thrust hard as his nuts exploded. Splashing all her inside with his hot thick man juice.

Tracy felt the eruption deep in her pussy as his balls slapped her clit. This push her over the edge as she hit a high pitched erotic yell that quivered her clit and thumped her nipples. She pushed down on that cock as hard as she could as the climax overwhelmed her soul. Tracy felt something different as her body tremble from the pleasure. A feeling of an added orgasm shook her heart as she squirted for the first time, It was exhilarating, mind blowing and left her limp on his shrinking cock.

Tracy couldn't move as her body was having mini orgasms. Her heart pounded and her mind raced. Even the shrinking cock that was leaving her pussy felt good. Tracy was in a state of euphoria as her pussy enjoyed the last seconds of the best cock that ever fucked her pussy.

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