The Mom's Teaching Club
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Group Sex,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jake stumbles across Ron hypnotizing his Mom. He sets her free from Ron only to have her become his teacher.


I can remember the night well. It was Friday night in May and I was headed home late. The guys and I had started the night on Main Street scouting girls. The ones we were interested in wouldn't give us the time of day. And the ones who were interested in us, we really did not want to hang out with. Such was the life of a horny teenager.

Me, I was still a virgin, but not for lack of trying. Up until recently I had had bad acne that despite applying ointment and other so-called cures had only gotten worse. Finally, a new drug for the time came out and cleared away my zits. The only problem was that they first got worse before they got better. In retrospect, I figured that what it did was to make you have all the zits you were ever going to have, only in a three-month period. Even when they had all cleared away, it took time for people, especially teens, to forget. Needless to say, this seriously put a crimp in my love life.

I did have a lot of girls who were my friends though. It seems having three older sisters had taught me how to listen to women and how to behave around them. Too bad it didn't teach me how to get them. My sisters always consoled me saying that when I grew older, I would have the right ingredients to connect with the ladies, "a willing ear".

After several failed attempts at trying to get some girls interested in us, we decided to give up for the night, buy some beer and sit out on the back roads shooting the breeze. There was always a group of local teenagers hanging out in that place (dead end dirt road where we had fires), so we headed out there. Soon enough, there was a dozen or so hanging out by a fire. It didn't take long until I was feeling good and time sure flew by. So much for my 11 o'clock curfew, I thought.

Mom had gotten a little uptight about the household rules lately. With my dad having passed away a few years ago and all my sisters out of the house now (Tammy, the youngest one had left for college that fall), Mom felt she had better keep an eye on me. She felt I needed more of a fatherly influence in my life. Maybe that was the reason why she had started dating back in February.

One of my friends dropped me off a few houses away from mine. I figured I'd better sneak in. That way, even if I got nailed for being late in the morning, I would at least have gotten rid of my beer breathe.

Shit, Ron's car was in the driveway. That means Mom was up. Ron had been dating my mom for a month, but I thought he was a creep. I didn't know what she saw in him. I will say one thing about him dating Mom though; it sure had helped with her appearance.

Please, don't get me wrong, Mom has always had a great body. At 5'9" tall, with long legs and sexy curves, she would get many a man's attention. The "D" she carries and the sweet grabble buns sure helped her. Yes, I had taken a peek at her bra in the laundry to check her size but just recently. By the way, she also has a very pretty face but I am a teenage boy and it is nowhere near the top of the checklist.

I had never noticed how hot she was until Ron started dating her though. One of the reasons I checked out her bras was I could not believe she would ever wear something like that. Mom had always been a 'slacks with flats' woman, and her lingerie consisted of plain white underwear that could be bought on sale in any Wal-Mart.

This last month she had gone from slacks to ankle-length skirts to knee-high skirts. I believe I even had seen her in a mini-skirt earlier tonight. And her shirts had gone from loose fitting and full cover to low necklines which were so short enough you could catch glimpses of her belly button. Growing up, I had never seen her belly button, or at least I couldn't remember such an event. Even her swimsuits had always been one-piece conservative ones.

Our house was a raised ranch and it looked like Ron and Mom were in the lower level with the lights turned down. I didn't want to know what they were doing. I used a sawhorse from our backyard to reach the upper bathroom window and eased it open slowly. I was able to crawl through the window annd onto the floor in spite of my condition. I must have been sobering up already I guessed. I made it a point to try and remind myself to put away the sawhorse in the morning.

As I eased into the hallway on the way to my bedroom, I could hear Ron talking calmly to my mother. "You enjoy sucking on cocks, don't you Judy? ... More and more it is no longer something you put up with but desire to do ... Even crave. After all, since you have decided to suck my cock, you might as well enjoy the taste and the experience."

What the hell was going on? I couldn't help myself but sneak over to the bottom of the staircase and peered around the corner. There was Mom, in a low cut red bra, matching thong panties and garter belt and hoses, with the blankest look on her face I had ever seen. Ron was standing directly in front of her with his back to me.

"Every time you hear, 'Anna Wanna Banana' your craving will increase ... You will not ask to suck on a cock until given permission. Then you will relish it." Ron continued. "Now, let's go over you triggers once again. Each time we repeat them they will become more ingrained in you."

Mom started, "I love dressing sexy."

"When I hear 'sexy, sexy, sexy' I will unconsciously expose myself. The more times it is said in a half-hour interval, I will expose a little more of myself.

"When I hear 'Anna Wanna Banana', my craving for sperm will increase. I will not ask to suck on a cock until given permission, but then I will relish it.

"When I hear 'invis, invis, invis ' I will cease to acknowledge that there is anyone else in the room with me, though my subconscious will keep me from colliding with them. When I hear 'vis, vis, vis, ' after a count of ten, I will see normally again.

"When I hear 'sweet, sweet dreams' I will have erotic dreams about Ron. I will masturbate to dreams of Ron and me doing sexual acts I would not be comfortable with when awake. As I dream of them, I will become less uptight about them and more turned on by these sexual acts. As I masturbate, I will continue to rise higher in my levels of sexual excitement but will stop short of going over the edge. I will sleep without the covers on and I will forget to turn off the lights. Unless someone calls my name, I will not awaken.

"When I hear 'Julia Juicy Judy' I will get horny. Anything that reminds me of a cock will get me more and more horny. This will continue until I can frig myself off. One finger not be enough, two fingers will not be enough. I will slide a second finger in. The more fingers, the greater the joy."

"When I hear 'sleepy, sleepy Judy' I will enter into this wonderful peaceful place and I will listen and obey what I hear. I will only remember this place when I am here and I will have no conscious thought of ever having been here. I will obey the trigger phrases though I will not consciously hear them," she finishes.

Ron spoke one more time, "Even when I am not here, every time before you go to sleep and you are alone in your room, I want you to repeat them to yourself. You will not remember any of this when you awake. Even when the trigger words are spoken, you will not remember the person who had spoken them to you. Now get dressed."

That broke the spell over me but, as I got ready to charge out there, I realized that he could just put her back under his spell and make her not believe me. I needed time to think of a better plan. It looked like Ron was done for the night anyways. I snuck back upstairs and crawled into bed. Shortly after, I heard Ron leave.

I heard the stairs creek as Mom came up the stairs. (She obviously hadn't memorized the squeaky treads). She came up to my bedroom door and peaked in. By then, I had already formulated a plan.


"Jake, are you awake? And when did you get home young ma?..."

"Sleepy, sleepy Judy," I hoped he hadn't made it so the trigger would only work for him. Instantly, to my relief, her eyes glazed over.

"Can you hear me, Judy?" I wasn't sure if she would respond to the name 'Mom'.


"Think of Ron. No longer will any trigger words work on you ... unless you hear them from me instead," I decided to add. I originally thought I should erase all the trigger words, but having this sexy thirty eight year-old woman standing there in a tight swoop cut shirt and black mini skirt made me renege on my earlier thoughts. Plus, I might need to make sure Ron would not regain control, I reasoned.

"As a matter of fact, from now on you will see Ron for what he is, a sleazy good for nothing sad excuse for a man. You will no longer talk to Ron except to tell him you are done with him. You will not be able to hear any of the trigger phrases he utters and you will resist any attempt he might make to hypnotize you again. Do you understand?"


"Oh, Judy, you will not remember coming in here tonight but go straight to bed. It will not occur to you that I was late tonight. And you will give up on the idea of dating for a month or so to say the least." I needed to make sure she was over this ordeal before she went out with anyone again.

At that moment, I actually resisted inserting things like 'give me free reign', but I still wanted to have a parent around to help me. After all, she was my mother and I loved her.

She left and went to bed. I had a restless night; I kept seeing Mom in her lingerie. She was one hot woman indeed.

By the time I woke up in the morning, the idea of not using this to my advantage had gone out the window. I started wondering how far this could go. I understood you can't make a person do what they morally object to, but I wondered if you could talk them into it. I spent most of the day thinking about how to proceed about this and what I did not want to change.

"By supper, Ron had called twice and Mom had told him that they were going to break it off. The last thing I thought I heard him say over the phone was "sleepy, sleepy Judy". Mom did not react as if she had heard it. I am not sure if Ron ever figured what had happened, but he must have decided to invest his time in another woman, because it was the last we heard of him.

After supper, I asked Mom if we could talk. "Could we sit on the couch?" I asked. She quickly dropped everything, not because she was hypnotized but because her teenage son had actually asked to have a talk with her.

"Sleepy, sleepy Judy," I began.

Again her eyes glazed over and she entered a trance.

"Judy, do you love me, your son?" I asked

"Very much," she replied

"Why did you start dating again?"

"I thought you might need a man in the house who you could talk with."

"Would I talk about sex with this man?"


"Would it be alright if I talked to you about sex?"

"Yes, but it would be awkward."

"If it did not have to be awkward, would you like to?"


"From now on, it will not be awkward to talk to Jake about sex."

"It is no longer awkward to talk to Jake about sex," she repeated.

"Do you think Jake is a virgin?" I asked.


"How does that make you feel?"

"I wish he had a girlfriend," she replied.

"You know, there are classes for math, classes for driving ... But there is no real class for sex education with a hands-on approach."

"It is not something you can teach in a classroom."

"Needs to be taught in the streets?" I queried.

"No, that's probably something which should be taught at home."

"You were a teacher before us kids were born, weren't you?"


"Then, maybe you could teach Jake? As a matter of fact, the more you think about it the more reasonable it seems."

"How?" she questioned.

"Do you think he has a real good understanding of a woman's body? Do you think the immature bodies of girls his age will really prepare him for a grown woman? Maybe you could 'accidentally' allow him to see you in revealing clothes? As a matter of fact, that is what you will do. You will continue to wear sexy lingerie and you will 'accidentally' leave the bathroom door open from time to time. You will know that he goes out sometimes when you are dressing, but you will not close the shades, making believe no one can see you. During those occasions, you will think that it is a good time to do some dance exercising in your underwear. You will wear skimpy bathing suits when only Jake is home or if his friends are there with him," I added as an afterthought. "It will cease to feel wrong when you do this. It will begin to feel right; after all, you are his sex education teacher. Do you understand?"

"Yes..." she replied tentatively.

"Repeat what I said in regard to teaching Jake."

She repeated what I said, word for word.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes..." she replied more at ease.

I had her repeat it three more times. By the end, she sounded confident about her decision.

"It would make sense that you would enjoy teaching," I told her. "It would even be good for Jake to see a woman's body experiencing pleasure. So I tell you what, you will feel aroused when exposing yourself to Jake. The more you do it, the more at ease with it you will be and the more aroused it will make you."

Again I had her repeat it back to me.

"Finally," I concluded, "when you hear 'sweet, sweet dreams' you will think of Jake and not Ron. As a matter of fact, all the triggers that focused on Ron will now be focused on Jake. All you will remember about this time is having a conversation with Jake about his sex life and how he told you he was a virgin. Jake told you how he is not sure how he would even behave with a woman in bed. You will feel an overwhelming empathy with him and the desire to teach him more about sex and how to please a woman. Now, awaken." She blinked at me, drew me to her in a hug and told me how much she loved me.

"I am glad we had this conversation," she told me after holding me close to her for a few minutes. "We need to do this more often." Slowly, she pulled away from me while still clutching my head in her arms. This had the effect of lowering my head onto her soft breast. As if she finally realized what she had been doing, Mom jerked away from me with some excuse about needing to get something from the kitchen.

I followed her without being noticed. Once in the kitchen, I could hear her faintly talking to herself. "I really love Jake. I sure wish he had a girlfriend. You would think a strong-built man like Jake would have his pick of girls. I would think he is sexy ... if I was his age, that is. I really need to teach him more about girls. Ummm..."

May was a wonderful month. It was a full moon night all month, the Judy moon that is. About a week after I had my talk with Mom, I slipped them out the back door when I saw Mom go in her room.

When Dad had died, she could not bear to sleep in the same bedroom. With Tammy still in the first floor front bedroom and me in the upstairs back bedroom, she took the first floor back bedroom. This was great for 'peeping Jake'. I remember when it was Caitlin's room, my oldest sister. I was out one night when she was changing. I realized she did not know her window blinds were virtually transparent. Even shut you could see right through them, but the light from indoors reflecting off the glass kept her from seeing me. Tonight, Mom "forgot" to close the mini-blinds. It was her way of giving me a better view of her body. Class was on.

She walked up to her bureau, which she had conveniently moved to be next to the rear window and started taking her shirt off. Even though I had seen her naked in recent days through half opened doors, it still took my breath away to see those big tits pop out with only a skimpy powder blue lacy bra covering them.


I can't believe I am doing this, I hope he can't see me blush through the shades. I slipped out of the black mini I was wearing and straightened out the garter belt. I hoped he appreciated the powder blue thong and hose, because the thong sure was climbing up my ass. Now for a little exercise, it is amazing how turned on it makes me feel displaying my wares to my son ... I am his teacher, I reminded myself.


As Mom started her aerobics, her tits bounced all over the place. Occasionally, a nipple would poke out before she would hide it again. I could see the damp spot between her legs and I realized it was more than sweat; she was getting excited having me watching her. Half-way through it, she turned around, giving me a wonderful view of her ass with the powder blue thong separating her cheeks. I especially loved the leg stretches. I got within five feet of the window, as close as you could get without being seen. After about twenty minutes of exercising she stopped and reached for her robe.

"I better hurry in," I thought as I raced for the back door and onto the couch where I had been sitting before she left. I just managed to get seated when she came out of her bedroom.

"Are you watching a good show?" she asked me as I tried to catch my breath on the couch.

"A great show," I answered, not sure what was even on. Man, she looked hot in that kimono and it had actually been a great show I had been watching.

"Well, I will be going to bed now," she said as she headed back into her bedroom and shut off the lights.

She did not leave the blinds open every night. This seemed like it was done on purpose and that she wanted me to think it was by accident. Plus, for me, it would take some of the fun out of it if she just let me look anytime. Maybe later on, but right now, I enjoyed the game.

Whether there was a nightly show or not, my friends, Jim, Tim and Roger and me did enjoy Mom's new bathing suits. We had a pool in the backyard where she would sunbathe and she placed herself in the perfect position to give us the best view from my room. The skimpy top covered only a quarter of her breasts and the bikini bottoms had a habit of crawling up her ass. The dark green suit against her tanned flesh looked so appealing.

As the month went on, I couldn't help but try some of her trigger phrases. One night she had one of her girlfriends, Jen, over. I whispered to her while Jen was in the bathroom, "Julia, Juicy Judy." When Jen came back to the table I offered her some carrots.

"That would be great," she replied.

I sat back and watched them talk. Luckily for Mom, Jen could talk up a storm and she did not have to reply much, which was good because I could see Mom losing her concentration as she watched Jen dip her carrots in dip and eat them in front of her. I decided to add to the fun by pulling out a corn dog and heating it up.

I stayed in the line of sight of Mom and took my time eating the corn dog. She was just squirming in her seat. Mom, all of a sudden, remembered an errand she had to run right away. "I am sorry Jen; we will have to finish this conversation later. I just remembered I have to get to the cleaner before it closes and I believe it closes at four today."

"What cleaner closes at four?" Jen protested. But Mom was not dissuaded as she ushered her out the door.

As soon as Jen was gone, she made a beeline to her bedroom.

"Invis, invis, invis," I told her as she got close. I managed to beat her into the room as she shut the door behind her.

In seconds flat she had her dress hiked up and her pink thong shoved down enough to get her fingers into her pussy. She couldn't get the thong beyond the pink garters but it went down far enough to give her free access to her cunt. Her panties were soaked with her own juice. She shoved one, two, and finally three fingers up her pussy as she tried to fill the void. Her other hand started to caress her tits through her shirt. In no time flat, her moaning and the gyration of her hips showed me she was going over the top. I watched her thrashing as she tried to shove her fingers deeper into her pussy. Her breath came in gasps as she made one last thrust and let out a sigh. There she was, almost passed out in joy, cum dripping down her thighs and a damp spot on her bed. She was too exhausted even to remove her fingers from her pussy.

I snuck out but left her door open about two inches. I went back to the family room and positioned myself on the couch for a direct view of her hand shoved inside her pussy. I picked up a magazine and waited. Soon, I could see her move her hand away as she sat up. I quickly looked at the magazine and shuffled it loud enough for her to hear me. I could feel her eyes upon me as she realized that, from that vantage point, I must have had quite a show. She straightened up her dress and walked to the bathroom.


"I think Jake has seen me masturbating. I can't believe I did that. I don't know what got over me. I must be beat red right now. I better go wash myself off," I thought.

"He is looking me right in the eye. Is that a slight grin I see on his face? It must have turned him on; I think I see a delicious bulge in his pants. It is turning me on just thinking about it. I better settle for a cold shower and a clean thong..."


A few days later, as I was headed to bed, I whispered, "Sweet, sweet dreams ... invis, invis, invis" to Mom and then I headed towards her room. A little while later she came into the bedroom, stripped down to her thong. I never got tired of looking at those squeezable jugs.

She pulled out a pale blue sheer teddy to wear to bed, climbed into it and was almost instantly asleep. At first, there was only an occasional groan and then her left had reached up and started massaging her breasts. Finally, her right hand found its way to her crotch, where she shoved her thong aside and inserted two fingers into her already moist pussy. I pulled out a camera and snapped a few picture of her for my records. I knew the action had only begun. Within ten minutes, she had three fingers of her right hand inserted into her pussy and working on a forth one, frantically trying to get off. Her left hand began pulling at her nipples, which were fully erect. I could tell she was close, and then she stopped just short of an orgasm. She kept moaning. After a few minutes she started to calm down. Then her fingers began their work yet again. This cycle continued through the night. Halfway through the night I pulled myself away to get some shut eye. When I looked in on her a few hours later, she was still at it, her whole body covered in sweat.

After about a month of this, I decided it was about time to push the envelope. We had just finished supper and I was helping to clear the table.

"Mom we need to have another heart-to-heart conversation," I told her. "I still haven't found a date."

"Sure honey, I love having heart-to-heart conversations with you."

"Sleepy, sleepy Judy..." As soon as she was under I began. "You need to upgrade your teaching of Jake. He needs to be able to see how to give women pleasure. He needs to see you give yourself pleasure."

"But he is my s..."

"You are his teacher," I interrupted.

"I am his teacher..." she repeated.

"It gives you pleasure to show him."


"It gives you immense sexual pleasure to teach him."

"Immmmennnse..." she groaned.

"Do you have any vibrators?" I asked.

"Never..." she replies.

"You need to get some so that he can see where to put his cock and how to give a woman pleasure with it.


"But," I interrupt, "Speaking of which, what is the one thing you never consider doing with Jake?"

"I could never fuck him!"


"It is wrong for a mother and son..."


"If they were to have a child..." she began.

"That is the main taboo, correct? A child! What if you had sex in a way that could not conceive a child?"

"How?" she asked. "Even with contraceptives, there is always the chance."

"Is there a way a virgin can please a man without breaking her hymen?"

"Yes..." she answers kind of questionably.

"Yes," I reinforce. "She could use her hands."


"She could use oral sex."


"She could squeeze his cock between her tits."


"Are there any other openings she could use?"


"What other opening?" I asked.

"Her ass," she said tentatively. You could tell she had a hard time talking about it.

"Is there anything wrong with using that hole?" I asked.

"It is gross and it would hurt."

"If it was not gross to her, if the hole was stretched, and if she got pleasure from it, would it be a good solution?"

"I guess so," she mumbled.

"Yes, it would be ok," I told her.

"Yes, it would be."

"From now on, when you go to sleep, dream of ways you could show Jake how to make love using other parts of your body beside you pussy. Think of ways to make those options more pleasurable. Nothing in your body would gross Jake out, so it should not gross you out. Keep some lubricant near your bed and stretch those parts of your body that need to be stretched for your comfort and pleasure. Use the dildo and vibrators to imitate his cock. The newer the love-making idea is to you the more pleasure it will give you. They are only fantasies and, as his teacher, you will need to stretch your imagination."

"Pleasure ... fantasies ... stretch my imagination."

I used the regular closing statements like, "you had a wonderful conversation with your son about sex. Not too detailed, but you talked to him about what a women might like, how to dress. You will not consciously remember the details, but you will retain the command subconsciously. You love feeling this peace to talk to your son like this. You love being his teacher. Now, awaken."


I loved having these conversations with my son. I was so glad I could help him learn more about the opposite sex. I knew I shouldn't, but it got me wet just talking about it with him. Well, it shouldn't have been a chore after all.

I needed to show him more about how to make love. Where did that thought come from? I hope he didn't notice my blush.

"Ah, Jake, I have to go clean my bedroom." I told him in a husky voice. As I closed the door to my room, my hands pulled up my skirt and thrust down my panties. It was hard to believe the crotch of my panties was already completely soaked and my juice was flowing down my thighs. What had become of me? A few months ago I barely ever had the urge, let alone that intensity. Well, it at least made my lesson for Jake easier.

My left hand was working hungrily on my pussy, one, two, three, four, and now most of my hand was up my pussy. My right hand was under my shirt, pulling on my erect nipples. "None of this is enough. I need something more than my hand to fill the void in my pussy," I thought as my eyes spotted my hair brush on the bed stand. "That handle might make a good substitute prick."

By then, my pussy was aching to explode and reason had left my mind. I grabbed the brush, lay back on my bed and started pumping away with the handle jammed in my pussy. That prick feels so good. "AHHH! ... AHHHH! ... AHHHHH! ... AHHHHHH!" Over the edge I went.

Wow! I woke up with the bristles of my brush tickling my pussy, and I realizee with shock what I had just done. But it felt so good. I noticed for the first time that, in my haste, I had not even lowered the blinds, let alone closed them. I wondered if Jake ... Well, Jake needed to know how to please a woman. He could think of the brush as his cock, but in some other woman's pussy, not his mother's. Absent-mindedly, I found myself sucking on the brush handle while thinking about Jake's cock.

"What am I doing?" I thought to myself. "Well, it wouldn't be like he was in my pussy. It is only a fantasy. What other fantasies could I dream about?" With that happy thought, I drifted off to sleep, with the end of the brush back in my mouth. I had never known I tasted so good. Just a little sperm mixed in would make a perfect mixed drink.


What a show! It was all I could do not to run in there and help Mom. As it turned out, it was a little sticky and wet getting out of my pants that night. I did not think she would take to the suggestions so quickly; she must have been getting more relaxed about the "teaching" business. I couldn't wait to see if the suggestion about anal sex would take hold...

Within a week, Mom had bought two dildos and a vibrator dildo. One dildo was about seven inches long and one inch in diameter. The vibrator dildo looked slightly longer and thicker. The second dildo caught my interest because it was slightly shorter and about three quarters of an inch in diameter. I could tell they heightened her sexual drive. The once a week show I had been getting turned into every three days and her gentler orgasms turned into hip-bucking thrashes.

When she first started, she was more tentative with the new toys. She would suck on one, imitating a blowjob, then set it aside and mount the vibrator in her pussy for a ride. After a while, she really started getting into it. She would be sucking on one dildo, sliding the second vibrator in and out of her pussy. It didn't take her long until she was deep-throating the one in her mouth. About the same time she started deep-throating the dildo, I noticed a jar of KY jelly appear in the room...


I still couldn't believe I had actually bought the KY jelly. I remember the start of the idea regarding anal sex. I had never considered it before a few weeks ago, but I was trying to come up with more ways of fantasizing about Jake without the traditional vaginal intercourse. At first, the idea scared me but, as I dreamed about it, it actually started to excite me. After all, I needed to prepare him for any type of woman he might encounter.

So there I was, with a greased index finger at the edge of my asshole, lying on the bed with my ass up in the air. Of course, I had closed the shades tonight. I was not ready for Jake to see me with my finger up my ass yet. "Ohh," I gasped as it entered. "Not so bad ... just a little discomforting. Let's try to get it past the knuckle," I told myself. If I was ever going to get any enjoyment from this, I would need to do my stretches.

Actually, this was starting to get me excited. "Oh yes, stretch that ass ... One index finger up there let's try the middle finger now. This is getting better; I can feel the dildo in my pussy. Wow, what a turn on, I bet a man would really get turned on if I could massage his dick with my asshole. I can't believe this could feel so good. I can't believe it; I am actually going to have an orgasm from fingering my asshole. Yess..." I groaned as my body shuddered. "Look at the pool of cum on my sheets. What have I ... become? Obviously, I am becoming the best teacher!"

A week later, on a Friday, in the later part of June, she allowed Jake to see her use her three new toys at once.

I couldn't believe how good that felt. The vibrator in my pussy was taken me straight to the top. And the dildo in my mouth made me think of Jake's cock. Yes, it felt so good. I never thought I could deep-throat before but, with a little practice, I didn't even gag. I could just imagine myself sucking his cock, licking his balls with my tongue. I knew it would drive him wild. He would just explode into my mouth and I would lick every single drop up. I couldn't believe how turned on I was getting. And to think Jake could see his mother creaming over him with a vibrator in her pussy and a dildo shoved down her mouth.

"You'd better be taking good notes Jake, because I might pass out here from all this attention," I joked to myself.

"No time like the present to see if I can go for three. I have been doing my stretches all week. Let me just dip my fingers in my cunt and get good and lubricated, then I can stretch the nether hole before inserting little pink dildo," I thought

"Let me stick my ass up in the air so Jake can get a good view. Keep my legs apart to allow free access to the vibrator. This is not easy when you are feeling so good. Oh yah, shove that finger in. Man, I can feel the vibrator going in my pussy. I just need to hold on a little longer and get this dildo shoved up there. Ohh, this dildo sure feels big, but ohh, it sure feels good. Why ... I ... never... , I can feel my pussy just throbbing ... I can't ... AHHHHHHHHHHHH ... AHHHHHHHH ... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I started cumming.

"It ... is ... like ... one continuous orgasmmmmm. I have ... to ... stop ... before ... I ... pass ... out ... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!..." It was all I could think about to prevent myself from losing consciousness.

Ohh, wow! That was awesome. What a way to wake up with the vibrator just bussing my pussy. What time was it? I had been out for two hours! With two of my three holes filled, no less. I was glad I had the sense to spit out the dildo in my mouth before I passed out. I couldn't believe it. I was climbing for another orgasm. I needed to get this one out before ... Maybe just a little twist back there ... first... "OhhhHHHHH, YESSSS!!!", I screamed.

"Now I better stop." I felt so empty pulling them out, but I needed to get some sleep before tomorrow. "Maybe just one lick the vibrator off ... Uggh!" I couldn't believe I just thought of that, what had gotten into me? Of course, I was just being a good teacher. I thought I'd just go to sleep with that cuddled between my breasts. I knew I should have cleaned this off, but the heavenly smell of sex was so good. Just thinking of Jake's cock between my breasts ... Nice thoughts to go to sleep with...

What would Jake think of his 'prudish' now? She blushed and smiled at the same time.

"Jake's birthday is coming up; I should give him something special for his birthday. He is becoming such a man. I would like to get him something to go along with the teaching I have been giving him. Maybe... ," she pondered.

"I know! I can get him a stripper to show up for his birthday! Let him have a few buddies over to share his excitement with. I'll have to probably be gone when the stripper shows up. Make it look like a gift from an anonymous friend so, if word got out, nobody, including me, would get in trouble for it," she concluded

"I have to find just the right stripper for this party. I can't just have anyone stripping for my son. She has to be a hot ticket. Plenty tit-flesh on her. After all, he is used to seeing my breasts. Too bad he is my son, or I could do a good job. Put all those dance classes to use at last. I can imagine the outfit now. Start off with a policewoman's outfit, to give them a little scare. It will have knee-high black boots, spike heels instead of the standard trooper boots, with the trousers or knickers tucked in. I would have to see if I could get or make a set of knickers where the crotch would snap out and would become a kind of skirt. The outfit would have a standard police hat and shirt to make it look official and a pair of white gloves to add a little later in the dance." I was growing to love the idea more and more.

"Underneath the uniform, the outfit would consist of a black and purple corset with a half bra to allow the nipples to be seen. A separate garter belt would allow the corset to be removed and still keep the garters on. A black lace tear-away thong panties to tease the boys with would be great. On second thought, the trousers can be loose fitting so they can slide over the boots and underneath them could be a black beaded skirt. This would add some sound and glitter to the dance."

Now that I got that all figured out, I was still stuck on where to find the right stripper for my boy.


It only took her a little encouragement to get her to think of hiring a stripper for my party. She still had yet to realize who the stripper would be. I was taking one step at a time with this.

I already knew whom I would invite. Jim, Tom and Roger were my best friends. We had hung out together since 6th grade. Their luck with women wasn't any better than mine. And if any of them leaked out that there had been a stripper at my party, most people would think they had dreamed it up.

Now to get Mom made up in such a way that the boys would not recognize her as my Mom would be tricky. Well, at least so that they were not sure. Maybe I would let them stumble upon it at a later date.


I just filled out the stripper card for Jake. It had a lewd poem I wrote in it (I never knew I had it in me) and was signed, "A Good Friend."

I tried everywhere to find a stripper for Jake's party. None of them would strip for boys his age. Didn't they realize they are really men coming of age?

If it was just Jake and there was a way that he would not recognize me, I would have done it myself. After all, I was his teacher and no one else was as well-endowed as me to teach him. It would have been fun. It turned me on just thinking about it. I couldn't believe I would even think about it, let alone be turned on by the idea of stripping for ... I am a good teacher. "If I could change my hair..." I thought as I stared at myself in the mirror. "Maybe a bushy blonde wig would do it. Some tanning solution to make my complexion darker than it already is. I can apply some heavy makeup to hide behind. Have to bleach my pussy so it looks as blond as my hair ... Hmm, hmm, kind of funny thinking of doing that ... Of course I'll have to color it back to its natural color so Jake doesn't notice. I could pull it off," I thought Of course, there were the other boys. I had never thought I would be stripping for anyone, let alone a bunch of teenage boys ... I couldn't believe it. Here I was, at work, getting wet just thinking about it. I got to get to the bathroom and clean myself ... Oh my god, I had soaked through my skirt and there was a wet spot on my chair. And that heavenly smell of sex was so strong it was ... I had to get to the bathroom for some relief. I hoped no one noticed. At least I was wearing a dark skirt and the bathroom was close enough.


The boys and I are having a great time at my party. I was showing them a digital camera my mother had given me as a present. Neither they nor my mother knew how much use we would get out of that. Mom had also gotten me two six packs of beer for my birthday, which were hidden in the closet. This was her pretext for leaving us boys alone. She had talked with the other boys' parents about it and they agreed to it as long as the boys were not allowed to leave the house. However, in order to cover herself, we could not tell anyone and she was to leave the house for a few hours while we put down a few. At least that was her excuse and that was what I told the boys.

"Have to go boys," she told us as she headed out the door. "Remember, no one is to leave, and don't invite anyone over while I am gone."

"We will behave," I told her.

There was a twinkle in her eye and a I could sense little nervousness as she left.

"Let's break out the beer, munchies and cards," Tom said as soon as she was out the driveway.

"Let the party begin," hooted Jim.

"Yeah," we all agreed.

We pulled out the cards, beverages, and snacks and started our poker game. I pulled out four cigars and handed them to the boys.

"What is a card game without some cigars," I said. "Courtesy of my sister, Sammy."

"What about the smell?" Roger asked nervously.

I pulled out a can of air freshener and showed them. "I think Mom will still guess we smoked a few cigars but I don't think she will say anything with it being my birthday. We'll leave the windows open and I'll get a fan going to suck the smoke out." I got up and went upstairs to fetch the fan and came back down with it and a video camera. "Look what I found in the closet," lifting up the camera for everyone to see. Maybe we will take some videos of the party."

"Is there a tape in it?" asked Jim.

"No, but I think Mom bought a six pack of tapes a year ago (really, it had been me about a week ago) and put them in the entertainment center. We have only ever used one of tapes that I can remember." I said as I dug out the five tapes where I had placed them. "Remember the zany He-man videos we used to make when we were kids?"

"Yeah," said Jim. "Turning it upside down and standing on our heads, making believe we were holding the world in our hands," he laughed.

"Or that video where we tried to dress up as biker dudes and rode our BMX bikes around," laughed Roger as he helped me fasten the camera to the tripod.

"What are we tonight?" asked Tim.

"I thought we could just film a little of us playing poker and add it to our collection if there are any funny sections." I focused the camera on the table.

By now, half an hour had gone by and I figured Mom could show up any time. It was difficult not to get a hard on just thinking of the time ahead.

I 'accidentally' spilled some chips and went to get the shortened broom out the closet to clean up the mess. While I was up I got a new container of creamy chip dip. I had just sat down when there was a knock at the door.

"Who could that be," asked Jim.

We all ditched the beer in case it was someone who might turn us in for drinking. By the third knock we had put out the cigars and were spraying air freshener around like there was no tomorrow.

Even though I was pretty sure of whom it was, my anticipation made me somewhat shaky, giving me the appearance of being afraid we would get caught.

When I opened the door to a woman state trooper, the boys just about pissed their pants. "I heard there was a party going on," she said. Even knowing she was my Mom, who I have lived with all my life and recently seen naked with vibrators and dildos sticking out and in her, I was hard pressed to recognize her. She had the complexion of a Latino with a bleach job. The overdone makeup job did well to disguise her facial features. The outfit, though not quite what our officers wore around here, was perfect except for the spiked boots. I did not think any of the boys noticed them with all the adrenaline running through their brains.

"Can I help you, officer?" I stammered.

"Is Jake Summers here?" she asked scanning the room. Her voice was slightly higher than normal. She was using the story-telling voice she used when I was a kid. She would not realize that until later.

"That would be me," I said, enjoying the game and trying to keep from laughing at the expressions of Jim, Tim and Roger.

"I have a report here of a birthday party in progress where there might be some unlawful conduct going on," she continued as she entered and closed the door.

"No, officer. Nothing unlawful going on here." I backed up, giving her room until she was closer to the center of the room and near the table.

"We will have to see about that," she stated as she headed to the stereo, ejected the CD and put in one of her own. As the heavy beat of the music started, she turned around with a sultry look on her face and tossed me her cap. Inside was a card which I took out as she walked toward me, swinging her hair and swaying her hips.

Standing about a foot from me and licking her lips seductively, she commanded me to, "read the card, out loud."

"Anal Anna Wanna banana. Luscious Lucy likes to lick up the leftover juicy."

"UMMMmmm," she groaned. I looked up to see a look of pure lust on her face. I continued with the card, "Here is a stripper to welcome you to manhood. From a friend." I had helped her to come up with the idea of the card and even helped phrase it so the right words were in it without triggering her as she wrote them.

"Which one of you is responsible for this?" I started to ask my friends. They all shook their heads. However, I could tell they were starting to relax and look forward to the show.

Mom danced seductively to the music. Even though I had seen her doing aerobics in the nude, she never practiced her dance in front of me, so I would supposedly never know it was her. This was fine for me since it made the dance more of a present for me. My dick stood at attention, straining the crotch of my pants.

She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, flashing us the black-laced bra beneath. She then took it off and twirled the shirt over her head, throwing it at Roger. He grinned foolishly back at her, never taking his eyes off her tits straining to escape their tight confine. She giggled her tits enthusiastically, throwing us a kiss as she did.

Swinging around in one fluid move, she spread her legs, bent over, and grabbed her thighs. Looking at us from between her legs, she started massaging her inner thighs and licking her lips. She unsnapped the legs of her knickers, continuing to dance. With a wink, her thumbs slid into the waist band of the knickers and began to pull them down, letting the globes of her ass poke out from her pants with the beaded skirt underneath parted around them. She teased us like she was going to stop before letting the knickers fall to the floor. Then, spinning, her bead skirt began to flow outward from her hips, giving us the glimpse of the black thong and matching garter belt below. Pulling the top cup of her bra, her nipple popped out for all to see.

As she reached her front to unclasp her bra, ) I asked her, "Are you Luscious Lucy?"

"Ummm!" a groan came as she closed her eyes and peeled off the bra. She swung the bra over my head and drew me close for a passionate kiss.


She left me for a second to draw the other boys out of their seat to the front, French kissing each one of them. Squeezing her tits, her nipples standing straight out, she jiggled her tits, rubbing them in our faces.

"Does Anal Anna Wannah Banana?" I asked.

"Arghhhh!" she groaned. I could see her eyes glaze over, recording but not processing what was happening around her. She grabbed her thong from the section parting her ass and pulled it as tight as she can. It parted her swollen pussy lips as she pulled it back and forth, finally tearing it completely off.


Ahhh, I needed something to fill my ass with. I couldn't get too carried away with ... It was all I could think about. My fingers just didn't do it. There was a broom right there, just about the right height. Now I needed some lube. Ohhh, yess!!! A couple sips through the slopping wet pussy and that cream dip will help. One gallop of that on the handle and ... yesss ... it was finding a new home. A little dance, a little sweeping and a ... lot ... of ... cumming ... Ahhh.

What was that flash? Oh, Jake was reading the card again.

Something about banana?

There was that flash again. I needed some manly seed to drink. Where could I get some? I needed it so bad.

"Pull it out," I could hear myself whispering to Jake. My God, I couldn't have actually said that. Oh no! He was pulling it out and...

Flash. "You heard Anna Banana, whip it out," said Jake as he proceeded to pull his cock out of his pants. "I don't want to be standing here like this all by myself." I could not take my eyes off of Jake's cock. I was almost drooling to get my mouth on it. The other guys must have seen the look on my face because they quickly pulled out their cocks. I had never seen so many cocks at the same time. Flash.

"Ahhh... ," I cried as an orgasm went over me, just looking at those cocks waiting to be juiced. The boys were staring at my crotch ... I couldn't believe it. Look at the juice flowing from my pussy, I noted. I had a handful I just scraped off my thighs and it smelled so sexy. I bet Jake would have liked a taste of this nectar. I let it drip off my fingers into his waiting mouth. "Yes, Jakie, drink you mamma's cum as she get ready to drink..." I thought. I couldn't believe I was doing that. Flash. What was wrong... ? Oh, look at those cocks. All of them needing attention. Oomph! Scrumptious. "Watch Jakie, and learn as I swallow your cock and tickle your balls with my tongue. Not too fast, now. Let Momma enjoy this. I can tell you're getting close. Can't let the birthday boy loose it too soon." I was out of myself with arousal.

"Oh Jimmy, I never knew what you hid in those shorts. Yummy Jimmy, let me slurp that rod of yours. Slowly suck your cock into my throat." Flash. "I am going to ... Ahhh! Cream again. Oh, that threw you over the edge didn't it little Jimmy ... AHHHH! That taste, yes ... Ahhh."

I gave Jake's cock one suck as I went over to Roger. Flash. "Let's see if you can take it any longer than Jim ... Ahhh, let me suck it all down Roger. Let me empty ... Ahhh, you out" I concluded.

I let myself tease Jake you a little. "Only Timmy to go. You like when I grab you, ah Timmy. Lick that head all the way around. Good thing you don't know who is blowing your mind, Timmy, or you would have lost it already. I've seen the way you look at me in those swimsuits I bought this summer, all you boys. Slowly lick up your rod and, swallow. You are in. Let the teacher show you how it is done. Let me tease your balls with my tongue and hands while you build up ... AHHH! Keep pumping it out Timmy. I need it all ... AHHHH! I can get." Flash.

Oh Jakie, I was not done with you yet. I had to taste that cock of his. Umm, I saved the best for last.

"Uargh! Jakie, what are you doing grabbing my head? AHHHHH! Fuck Momma's mouth Jakie ... AHHHHHHHH! Fuck it hard. Yes, Jakie, give it to me, give it to me. What a sensation to feel you balls slapping against ... AHHHHHH ... AHHHHHH ... AHHHHHHH, my face. AHHHHH ... Why are you pulling out? Yes ... AHHHHH ... Feel that jism spurt onto my face. I need to catch all I can in my mouth." Flash. "What a tasty treat you are. AHHHH ... I must lick that cock clean." I felt more alive than even in my life.

Oh my God, what had I done? I needed to get out of here. My knees were so weak, it was a wonder I didn't pass out and, surely, a month ago, I would have. I needed to get some clothes on, slip those trousers on, button up that shirt. Flash. Shit, was that a camera Roger was holding? That was what those flashes were. I'd have to worry about that later. Was that our video camera there? And the light was on! From that angle they would have gotten the whole thing. I got to get out of there.


The look on Mom's face, I didn't know someone could blush that red. She must have just snapped out of the lust-induced trance.

Mom stopped just before the door with her arms full of clothes and her shirt half buttoned up. She turned around and grabbed the thong panties from her pile, reached under her skirt and wiped off all the juice the panties could absorb. Then she walked over to me and pushed them gently into my mouth. She kissed me on the forehead and whispered, in her own but raspy voice, "Happy birthday and thanks for the best orgasm of my life."

Mom had improvised quite a bit from the suggestion I had given her. I had hoped that she might go for all of us once she saw the dicks and she did. I wasn't sure if she would use the broom handle like that or not. I had not given her any suggestions about her cum. The whole routine was beyond my wildest imagination.

We talked about it every time we got together for months. We swore ourselves to secrecy, lest someone get in trouble. We added the tape to our collection and made may blow ups of the pictures.

Mom came home about an hour later. I could tell, though I don't think the boys noticed that she was a little wobbly.

"Well, I'll go to my room so you boys can have some privacy, '" she said hoarsely. She came over and kissed me good night, "I hope this was your best birthday ever." I could still smell sex on her as she went off to her bedroom.

After Mom went to bed, we burnt the midnight oil checking out and editing the pictures form the evening festivities. With the video software we had gotten with the PC, we were able to get a few more stills. We talked about selling some of the pictures on the web. Since not even them recognized Mom, I figured it would be safe; maybe even add some pictures from earlier episodes, where Mom's face was not clearly seen.

Even though we stayed up half the night and slept most of the morning, we still were up before Mom. I think it had been quite a dancing workout for her, let alone the multiple orgasms. She still looked gorgeous wearing her skimpy robe as she made us breakfast in the morning.

After breakfast I asked her, "Have seen that new PS2 game I had bought with my birthday money?"

"Yes Jake, it is in the car in the store bag."

"We'll go get it."

As we came into the garage, I pointed out the bike helmet my sister Tammy had bought me for a present. As they checked it out I quickly made a beeline to the car and grabbed my shopping bag, which was a little fuller than it should have been. I looked inside and, sure enough, there was a blonde wig and a leather-studded dog collar inside with a tag reading "Anna Banana", just as I had suggested she accidentally did. I pulled out my game, spilled the rest of the contents on the driver seat and headed for the house door, picking up my buds along the way.

"It was an awesome party last night," I started the conversation.

"That was great," agreed Roger.

"Mom doesn't realize the half of what she gave us, but I think we should really thank her for her part," I continued.

"Yeah, your Mom has turned out to be one cool chick," agreed Tim.

"One HOT chick," corrected Jim and they did not even realize she was the stripper.

Just as we reached the door, Mom popped out. She was beat red and gave me an anxious look. Jim could not help but notice Mom's ample cleavage showing through her short robe. It must have come loose in her rush to get out. Mom closed up the robe as Jim's face turned red.

"Thanks for the party, Mrs. M," said Tim, trying to cover for his friend's embarrassment.

"Yeah," agreed Roger with enthusiasm.

"You're a great mom," said Jim.

"Thanks for all you did," I told her, kissing her on the cheek as I quietly thanked her, "Anna thanks for the gift," in her ear. Again she turned many more shades of red as we walked into the house. I slurred "Anna" enough that I was quite sure that the boys probably heard "And" instead and Mom would not be quite sure. She blushed even several more shades of red as we walked by her to get into the house. She continued to her car and, as I peeked out the window, I could see her stuff the wig and collar under her robe. This was going to be the best summer ever.

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