Avril Must Do as She Is Told
Chapter 1: Caught in a Security Sweep

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Caught in a Security Sweep - A 36 year-old housewife and mother of two teenagers is mistakenly caught in a government-sponsored security sweep and her darkest, naughtiest sex fantasies become real as the security agent in charge of her file is bored and wants to play mind-fuck games on this would-be submissive lady.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   BiSexual   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Swinging   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Water Sports  

Avril Piéger was in the checkout line at Walmart gazing at the newspaper headlines while thinking what she'd make for supper for her family that night. The thirty-six year old housewife, mother of two teenagers and stalwart community volunteer was so preoccupied with her domestic thoughts that she didn't realize it was her turn in line and the check-out girl was getting impatient.

"That's $74.93, ma'am," mumbled the girl behind the counter, " Credit or Debit?"

"VISA' answered Avril as she slipped her card into the pay slot. The hand-held payment transfer device took a few seconds and the screen did not ask for her PIN. Instead it read "Payment Denied".

"What?" cried Avril as she gave a small shake of her head and her brow furrowed. She tried twice with the same result and muttered something about bank errors. But she reached into her wallet and got her Debit Card out and used that with the exact same result. This was getting very embarrassing.

Eventually she had to leave the line to put back half her purchases as she didn't have enough cash on her to cover all her stuff. Leaving Walmart she marched right over to a branch of her bank which was in the mall. Her bank also handled her credit card and she was going to give a royal roasting to someone there, even if it was just a senior teller. She knew she was way under here VISA limit and had at least a grand in her joint chequing account. Even that fool of a gambling husband of hers couldn't have blown that much in one morning.

As it turned out, after explaining her dilemma to the teller who stared with widening eyes at the computer screen behind the counter, Avril was asked to wait by reception while the bank manager was called over to handle the situation.

"At last!' Avril thought. " I'll demand an apology, of course, but I think a $50 nuisance rebate would be in order. I've never been so embarrassed; Credit and Debit bank error! I might even go to the press and make a stink."

But her smug attitude died in seconds as she entered the manager's office and saw the grim, not at all apologetic look on his face. She took the seat which he ungraciously offered and rather quietly asked what the problem was ... Computer glitch?

In response, the manager curtly replied, " All your accounts are frozen, Ms Piéger. We have a directive from head office pertaining all your and your husband's accounts, GICs and car and mortgage loans. You will be receiving information shortly ... not from the bank. But a government agency will be in touch this afternoon."

"I ... I don't understand ... The government? What has my money, my credit all this have to do with some government agency? Is it the tax department? We always do our taxes with H & R Block and always on time." Avril was sputtering by now and her face was getting flush.

"I'm sorry, Ms Piéger," he replied, although he didn't sound in the least bit sorry. " I can say no more. You will be hearing from the authorities; that is the message on your file. Access to your accounts is frozen but, of course, your loan payments are still due at the end of the month and penalties will apply. So, if I may give you some friendly advice, get this sorted out ASAP because a freeze notice like this usually means all financial institutions have been alerted and you won't find any bank willing, or even legally allowed, to loan you any money until it's cleared. Thank you, and good day."

Avril walked out the bank barely able to hold back her tears. She drove home in a daze. In the car she tried calling her husband at work. Her i-phone was dead; she tried switching to text, then e-mail. No signal. As soon as she got home she tried the land line. It too was dead. She was about to try her lap top when her cell phone buzzed: Incoming call – source unknown.

"Well, at least the cell's working again," she muttered as she answered the call.

A woman's voice sweetly intoned. " Is this Avril Piéger?"

"Yes, who is this?" Avril replied

"My code name is i-Bad, but you can call me Mistress Bad, if you prefer."


"Ms Piéger, I am Level 3 agency investigator and I'm in charge of your file so, if you know what's good for you, you will shut up for five minutes and listen to what I have to say. Are you listening?"

"Go on," whispered a perplexed Avril.

"My agency coordinates with security scanners around the world to root out terrorist threats and you, Ms Piéger, have been detected, investigated and filed." Agent i-Bad waited for that to sink in.

"What agency is that?" Avril was beginning to suspect this was some kind of hacker scam and she was ready to hang up and dial 911. In fact she tried to disconnect, but her i-phone was frozen on her current call.

"It's the National Security and Purity Police and please don't try to disconnect again or I will be forced to take further measures." The agent's voice was stern. " Actually, the group I work for is a private company out-sourced by the NSPP. But the point is I have all the power and authority of the state behind me and you, Avril, are completely powerless."

"Your money is safe for now but you and your family have no access to it. Your communications systems are under my control. And please stop biting your nails. It's a filthy habit." i-Bad had made her point and more.

"Who the hell are you? And what do you mean Purity Police? And ... and ... and ... OMG! How did you know I was biting my nails just now?" Avril felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

"Cameras, stupid. We had them installed in your house seven days ago. That was right after I got permission to go to code Orange on you. Right now I have your file in open but inactive mode. That means I'm monitoring and evaluating your cooperation. Officially, you are a potential enemy of the state with pre-trial status..."

"This sounds like some kind of sick joke. But it's NOT FUNNY."

"I'm not laughing ... not yet, anyway," said the agent." But you, Ms Piéger, had better take this very seriously."

"Are you really with or contracted by the government? CIA, NSA or FBI? I never heard of the whatever you said you're from ... Security/Purity bullshit. What is it I'm supposed to have done anyway?"

Avril was afraid, angry and feeling out of control and yet somehow guilty before she even knew why she should feel that way.

"Okay," sighed the voice on the other end of the line, a voice which Avril thought sounded somewhat familiar but which she could not place. It was sort of like that of a young woman.

"On February 3rd of last year you made out a cheque to the ISIS Foundation. That alone," continued the agent, "would be enough for the government to charge you with aiding and abetting a terrorist organization, complicity to commit genocide and at least 1,490 counts of first degree murder. Have you anything to say, Ms Piéger?"

Avril was dumbfounded, but then she began to grin, then chuckle and then roar with laughter as she screamed into the phone, " You bone-headed, bureaucratic bitch! You paper-pushing pillock! The ISIS Foundation is a registered charity working to enable poor, underprivileged people get better Wifi connections. The foundation stands for International Systems - Internet Solutions. They're not that crazy gang of murdering zealots in the Middle-East; the group I gave money to are the Good Guys."

i-Bad listened patiently and smiled and when Avril had finished her tirade the agent replied, " Yes, I know all that. As soon as the computer grid spewed out the details of your capture ( your information capture, that is ) I did a quick Google search and knew right away this was yet another Cloud-cluster mismatch, a metadata mind-melt. I know perfectly well that you're innocent ... well, not innocent exactly ... but, you know what I mean, not guilty of a crime ... at least not a terrorist one."

"Then why the hell have my bank accounts and smart cards and communication systems been hijacked?" Avril was shouting and sounding more angry than confused now. At least this dumb-ass agent admitted she, Avril, had done nothing wrong.

"I said I know you're not a terrorist. That doesn't mean the agency I work for knows it. You see, sweetie, we are grossly underfunded and have the communications of billions of people with their phones, computers and social networking to surveillance, investigate, track down, file and, as in your case, disempower. It's very tedious work, by the way, for the tens of thousands of low level investigators like me. So the agency puts the onus of analysis on to each level of operations down the line starting with my code-level. If I'm still investigating a file and keeping it active, no one else at higher levels knows. It's all computerized to save money."

This sounded crazy to Avril but eerily familiar. People of no-fly lists and men mistakenly placed on sex-offenders lists were kept there indefinitely even when the authorities or a court had found they'd done no wrong and were totally innocent.

"In other words, I and I alone say what happens to your file. Now I could shut the file and send in a non-action report to headquarters All your bank accounts would be unfrozen and we could just move on and leave you alone..." Agent i-Bad paused for effect. ". That would be easy for me to do. But where would the fun in that be?"

"But I'm innocent. I haven't done anything bad!" screamed Avril.

"Innocent? Not quite," said i-Bad. "I've been monitoring your communications ... all your chats and e-mails, every keystroke you've made and not just you, your entire family including your father-in-law. And what I've found is most interesting. I thought it might make my job more fun if I played with your head a bit, you know, to play with your naughty fantasies."

"NO! I don't know. Which fantasies?" said Avril not knowing but fearing the worst."

"Well, there's lots to choose from, aren't there?" laughed i-Bad, " but I was thinking of your favourite, you know, the one where you're trapped and helpless, blackmailed by a stranger you never meet but whose voice you dread and whose orders you MUST obey or else face total humiliation and ruin. You know, the fantasy you confided to an on-line erotic writer the other day."

It's true, Avril had confessed that very fantasy a few times on chat sites and it individual authors of stories involving submission, stripping, humiliation and even erotic hypnotism. Twenty years ago, when she was a senior in high school, she experienced her first such erotic stirrings during a game of Truth or Dare. She had confided to her best friend, Maria, that she often masturbated at night while imagining herself being made to strip in public and perform other, more sexually humiliating things. The girls had filched a mickey of vodka from Maria's mum at a sleep over ... Well, in vino veritas and in Absolute Vodka, absolute truth. That was the truth then and now, but her only daring had ever been make-believe lies on line.

"Actually," continued the agent, " if I wanted to, I could bring evidence forward to put you and a few of your family in jail for a very long time. But that isn't what I want."

"What do you want?' Avril was whimpering now.

"As I said, I'm bored in this job and I want to spice things up a bit" i-Bad's voice sounded cheerful and at the same time sinister. "From your computer history I know that your husband gambles, you are deeply into a submissive fantasy and..."

"Submissive? Oh, that's ridiculous." Avril objected out loud, but in the dark silence of her mind she knew it to be true.

i-Bad cut Avril's protestations off with a curt, "Oh, don't deny it, sweetie, you have visited and posted on many Stripping and Humiliation sites, on kinky chatrooms and Dom/sub hypnosis sites. Also I know some things about your children that would shock you."

"Again, you bloody bitch, what do you want from me?" Avril's hysteria rose once more but it was fear more than anger now that drove her.

"I need you to do as you're told and, from what I've learned about you and your naughtiest fantasies, that's what you want too."

"What do you mean?" the fear and uncertainly sounded clear in Avril's voice; the anger turned to helplessness.

"I've read your chats, checked out your web visits and comments on ENF sites, recorded your late night naked strolls in your backyard. Yes, we have cameras there too, cameras with audio in every room in your house too, by the way. But most damning, Avril, I have your public AND private Truth or Dare and NIP chat logs."

Avril was abashed, astounded and frantically trying to remember all the humiliating things she'd said ( lied about, actually ) to dare buddies on line. She had claimed to have accepted and carried out some really outrageous dares involving nudity in public. But it was all a pretense, just white-lies, and she needed the agent to understand that.

"Those were just playing with ideas, naughty thoughts and dreams, that's all." Avril argued as she desperately tried to save her reputation in vain. Only she and agent i-Bad knew these things about her fantasies and Avril assumed only she knew the shameful truth: that, although she had only pretended to do the dares, she really wanted to do them.

"Uh, huh." Said the smug voice on the other end of the line.

"No, really! It was just a little fun. Not that I'd ever really wanted to do that stuff." That didn't even sound sincere to Avril who flushed even deeper when i-Bad told her that her file now included 38 pages from Avril's 'secret' diary.

"In that diary you give a far different story, my dear. So now I am going to enjoy finding out how much of your confessed ENF and sub desire is fiction and how much is fact."

"It's all fiction, Please believe me."

"Again, where would be the fun in that?" chuckled agent i-Bad. " Please remember, I have the power to ruin your life forever, bankrupt your family, destroy your husband's career, shame all your children, put you in prison for a very long time."

"My kids? What could you possibly have on them? They are so innocent." Joe and Avril were the proud parents of two teenagers. Their 17 year old son, Dominic is a soccer player with his high school team. He seems to be only interested in sports. Elizabeth, who would be celebrating her 16th birthday in a few days, is shy and has few friends, but those few are very close.

"I know more about them than you do," boasted i-Bad. " I had three weeks to access all their communications and, of course, tape everything that goes on in your house. But let's leave your children's part in my fun aside for the moment."

"For the last time, ' cried Avril " what do you want of me? Just say it. I'll do anything you say."

"Bingo! The magic ENF words. Of course you will, stupid. If you were a man, I'd have you by the balls. As it is, I've got your tits in a wringer and your panties in a twist. Oh, speaking of panties, no wearing them from now on. You have to show off your soon-to-be bald pussy mound as often as possible, especially to your son."

"Uhh. I don't shave down there, I just trim." Avril was once again somewhere between angry and frightened and absolutely embarrassed.

"I've already booked you a Sexy Salon appointment for 3 p.m. I'll text you the address in a minute. You're going full Rio with total removal of all body hair. One second... ( pause for half a minute ) There! Your bank accounts and all communications are now clear and back to normal. But I will freeze them the minute you disobey my instructions. And remember, I am always watching and listening. Off you go now."

Avril was crying as she hung up. Her face was red and, strangely, her pussy was moist.

Total Rio waxing and epilation and presto change-o, Avril was smooth as silk and sexy as sin. Her credit card worked, her withdrawal from the ATM went without a hitch and her i-phone was buzzing again. This time it wasn't the secret agent bitch, but her husband Joe who said he'd been trying to call her several times this afternoon but his damned cell had conked out. He tried calling from an office phone but couldn't get through to her cell or their home phone.

"Welcome to my world," she replied ironically. " I've had the same problem and my plastic went south for a couple of hours too. And ... uhh, at Walmart there were a few people at the check-out with similar problems, so I guess it was some systems error." Avril was desperately trying to make everything seem normal. " It happens all the time, the clerk told me ... something to do with sunspots, I think." Avril was quick witted and that morning she had heard about some super solar flare die to disrupt communication devises for the next few days.

Before Joe could respond, she switched to her second line, " Just a sec, I've got a call holding on call-waiting ... Be right back."

"Hello?" Avril asked in trepidation noticing the screen showed incoming call - no ID.

On the other end of the line i-Bad was chuckling and plotting Avril's first amusing challenge. " Nice save! Telling Joe you had the same problem and making him think it's a computer glitch. I can see you're good at lying."

"I only partly lied and you know it; and I was desperate. I could hardly tell him the truth." Avril answered.

"Yes, sweetie, but lying to your husband is naughty and naughty girls deserved to be spanked, don't they? Get back on the line with Joe and confess to him that you overspent your household budget today and are really sorry and that he should give you a good hard spanking when he gets home tonight. Tell him you would appreciate the lesson in discipline. Oh, and make sure he knows your spanking is to be on the bare."

"My god! I can't tell him that!"

"You have no choice, remember? And besides, it's not like you haven't let him spank you before ... you know, ' to get his man juices flowing' I'm quoting your cyber diary. Or were you lying about that too?"

Avril wasn't lying about the spanking fore-play, but it didn't happen that often. Was there nothing this agent didn't know?

i-Bad interrupted Avril's thoughts, " Now tell him you've been naughty and need a spanking tonight and then get back to me. I'll stay on the line but remember, I can monitor your other cell line too."

So Avril switched to the other line and explained how she saw an item at the store she just couldn't resist and went $50 over the monthly budget. Joe was only mildly sore but Avril insisted she needed to learn fiscal discipline and proceeded to ham it up talking in a little-girl voice she pleaded, " I awfwee sawie, Daddy. I ben a baaad widdle girl, pweeze don't spank me too hard." Whenever she engaged in this kind of fore-play role-play. Avril tried to mimic the bad acting of nubile, bubble-headed bleach blondes she watched on Spank-Kinkcum.com.

Joe recognized her ploy immediately. She had pulled off that kind of baby-talk when she wanted to give in to his desire for role playing sex. Bad girl gets spanked by daddy was one of his favourites, but usually she only submitted to that on his birthday, their anniversary or Father's Day.

"Okay, bad girl," he said going along with the game. " How do you want it this time? On the bed or over my knee?"

"Da-da knows best ... however switch way you want to pank me ... but it has to be on my bare bumbum, cuz I ben soooo naughty." Avril figured if she kept up this game, Joe would find it exciting enough that he wouldn't care if it made no sense. And she was right.

She ended her role-play conversation with her husband and switched to the other line. Agent i-Bad was in stitches. " I read about your role-play with men on line, but even I didn't know you carried it into real life with such panache. Good for you! What a slut!"

"Thanks, I guess" sighed Avril.

"Better get a move on, sweetie. Your salon appointment is in an hour. I want you pussy mound nice and smooth when Da-da Joe pulls your skirt up. It'll be a pleasant surprise, I'm sure, when he finds out you're not only going commando, but also hairless and horny. " Then she rang off after letting Avril know she'd be texting her tonight with Avril's first real challenge.

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