Mind the Time

Here comes an excellent candidate, Leander said.

!, ... She... just snorted.

Why not? he asked.

The rest crowded around to hear ... Her... explanation.

The 'excellent candidate' walked right through the group, stepping on several sets of toes and passing through Leander.

For all he looks like a prime suspect, he has no respect for the Gods, ... She... said, rustling ... Her... , toga? Dress? Uniform?

Since they were all dressed alike ... a white one piece pullover with a pleated skirt ... male, female and the odd Whatever ... the word uniform seemed to fit. They were, after all, the scientists of the ... hmmm ... parked on the dark side of the accompanying airless orb ... the term uniform seemed most appropriate.

This had been going on all day, the Gods ... apprentice, junior, probationer, and ... Ancient of Days... and the odd Whatever ... had been suggesting this one or that one ... even one whose aura was so strong he MUST have, at the very least, felt them. But no ... he was much more interested in the females of his species sunning themselves in scandalous attire ... if attire it could be called. There was so little covered that covered wasn't an appropriate or descriptive term.

This is an institute of higher learning? ... She... said. What do they teach? Sex? And since the Gods had invented sex ... and everything else ... the rest chuckled.

I think they are practicing, said the most junior of the junior apprentices.

What? scoffed Leander.

Preparations for the preservation of the species, said the odd Whatever. Gods or no Gods, sometimes the newly promoted forgot themselves. Leander, there is no reason to pick on the newly come. She's more right than she knows.

The most junior of the junior apprentices said, This is the display before the dance.

Dance? Oh. The mating. One does tend to forget, ... She... said. ... She... blushed.

Leander, determined to reinstate his superiority, looked over ... Her... shoulder, Well, here comes one who lost before she started.

The lost before she started, was a pitiful specimen of the species observed. Dressed all in flowing black; a black beaded belt giving a semblance of shape to an obviously slender form; the matching black beaded belt bag swinging in front of her treasure. Her hair, black as night, drew attention to her black nails, lips and startling green eyes. She was wending her way between the nearly naked; she was very careful to watch her footing.

Last fall ... before the warm days were gone ... she had trod on a blanket, upsetting a glass of ... something, it certainly wasn't tea ... Long Island, maybe ... and been soundly castigated for her misstep. It was only when the reviler had realized her top was still on her blanket and the boys were taking pictures that she squawked and covered.

So, the lost before she started was being so careful not to step on anyone, that she bumped the odd Whatever and apologized, "Excuse me, My Lady."

Whatever the odd Whatever called eyebrows receded to his/her/whatever ... hairline... This one, she/he/whatever said to the group.

"This one what?" asked the lost before she started.

You heard him/her/whatever? asked ... She... .

"Yes, My Lady," and the lost before she started curtsied.

... She... asked, You see ... Me... ?

"Certainly, you're a little fuzzy around the edges, but, yes, I see you."

What are you called, child? ... She... asked.

"Wendy, My Lady."

... She... turned to the rest and the odd Whatever, Are we in agreement?


No! said sour grapes Leander.

The ayes have it. Leander, return to the ... hmmm ... We... will speak later, ... She... said, and Leander was not.

More was said, but the deed was done. A gift was bestowed.

There is a saying, "Φοβού τους Δαναούς και δώρα φέροντες Φοβού τους Δαναούς και δώρα φέροντες Fovoú tous Danaoús kai dó̱ra férontes" (Beware Greeks bearing gifts) How much more should one be wary of Greek Gods and their gift ... especially if one doesn't know what the gift is?.

Wendy awoke in her dorm room, "Fuck! What was in that punch? I need a pee."

The flowing gown and purse were hung in her closet. The black lace up boots that added inches to her height were in there too. Donning her fluffy robe, she retrieved the bathroom basket from her closet. It had soap, shampoo, brush, loofa, lotion and pumice. She repaired to the dorm shower. And cleansed herself.

A much different looking very young lady unlocked her dorm room door, kicked it shut with a tiny foot, shrugged off the robe and applied lotions and potions. Free of the washable black she brushed out her unruly deep red hair, applied a little blush and dressed in jeans, teeshirt and Berks. She walked out of her dorm as her room mate came waltzing in. Wendy hadn't seen her since Friday after class.

"I'm IN! I move into the House Wednesday. I'll be out of your hair," she said. 'And you'll be out of mine, Miss Priss! Princess, indeed, ' she scoffed.

Wendy went to class, she was a very good student.

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