The Office
Chapter 1

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Desc: Lesbian Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Young Intern Never Expected to be...

First day at my new job as an intern with the top ad agency and the excitement has me horny. I have been this way all my life, when ever I get excited my pussy gets wet and I want to be fucked

My name is Page Grant I stand feet eight inches tall long black hair. I proudly boast thirty eight D cup small waist sexy hips and a bubble ass. I am what the old folk call red bone; I get my share when I want it. I'm in my first year of collage and I consider it such a blessing to be working for this agency.

I haven't spoken or met with any one since the interview. All kind of questions are running through my mind. Will my boss be male or female? Will they like me? Do they hang out after work? The more I questioned my self the wetter I got.

Finally a woman named Regina came up and introduced her self and asked me to follow her. She told me I was about to meet the boss and lead me down a long hall with a big door at the end.

Regina opened the door and instructed me to go in as she closed the door behind me. There he stood the man, six foot two dark wavy hair broad shoulders and a flat stomach. His suit tailor made and enhanced his masculinity.

I just stood there and marveled at his good looks as I contemplated his cock size. This is all I need I thought to my self, my pussy was already wet and now it quivered with lust. They say a woman knows in the first five minutes if she will fuck a man. It's only been two minutes and if this man asked me to drop my panties I would.

My thought was broken when he asked me to come closer. I stood right in front of his large desk praying he wouldn't smell the cream in my soaked panties. I watched as he flipped through some papers before raising and offering his hand.

"Good morning, I am Miles Taylor the CEO you will be working directly for me as Regina's assistant, he explained. I run a tight ship even though we like to have some fun around here. Learn quickly and if this is what you aspirer to do you will become a part of this company. Do you have any questions for me," he asked?

My mind was reeling as his words of power ran over my erect nipples. I really wanted to ask how big his dick was and would he fuck me? But, all I could come up with was, "thank you for this opportunity and I will make you proud, sir."

"Very well Ms. Grant, welcome aboard," he offered.

"Thank you again, I replied" as I turned and walked back to the big door.

"By the way Ms. Grant, that's a lovely scent you have on," he called out.

My mind went into over drive after that comment. I didn't ware any perfume or scented hair spray. They say you should not ware scents on your first day so that you don't offend any one. That just left the cream in my panties. Wow, he could smell my nectar and it's good to him! This made my clit jump as I just turned and smiled, I was really horny at this point. On top of all that I know he was looking at my tight ass. I made it through the large door with out dropping down to the floor and fingering my hungry twat.

Regina met me on the other side of the door she looked at me and announced, "He made your panties wet didn't he," she said knowingly.

I just stood there with a surprised look on my face as nectar ran down my inner thigh. I was so horny I didn't know what to say or do. That's when Regina put her hand up my skirt and knew she was right.

I have never been felt up by a woman before, but, I was so on fire any one could have access to my hot wet pussy. Her fingers pulled my wet panties to the side and began to caress my swollen clit.

"My, my, he really has you worked up. Your pussy is wetter than mine and that's hard to do," she explained. As her skillful fingers massage my clit and finger fuck my pussy. Her touch was like silk as her fingers ran over my clit and slipped in and out of my wet hole. It wasn't long before my knees buckled and I orgasm all over her fingers.

"Well, that didn't take long," she omitted. Then she did something that got me going again. She looked me in my eyes as she sucked my pussy juices of her fingers. My clit was quivering all over again. Then she directed me to the ladies room. Which was down another hall my head was spinning as I entered the restroom. I quickly went into a stall put an ass gasket down pulled off my wet panties and took a seat.

What just happened I questioned my self? I was very excited, turned on by my boss. He smelt and like my aroma then his personal assistant my supervisor just fingered me to a climax. Wow, this is some kind of job. It took me about fifteen minutes before my clit stop jumping and I was ready to return.

Regina was waiting for me at her desk. "Is everything alright," she inquired? "Just fine," I told her. That's when she took me around a corner and showed me my desk. It was a nice dark wood desk with a very comfortable chair behind it.

This is your space, make it yours for the rest of the day and we will get to work tomorrow. It was only ten in the morning, but, I could use some time to get settle. I sat in the nice chair and looked through all the drawers. Then I made a list of things I was going to bring from home and go to the store for.

I took a moment to think about my desk and look over its surface. So, smooth and not giving the perfect place to have my legs spread and a long hard penis pumping my pussy. I can't believe I'm there again as my pussy quivered.

I quickly gather my things and head to the store. The walk didn't help as I picked out a desk lamp. I walked through the office supply store and had just about everything on my list, when my mind flashed back to my sexy boss. My pussy went into over drive right there in the store.

I was trying to get this pink pencil sharpener from the top self when a deep voice asked, "can I get that for you."

I turned around and there stood this fine looking young sales rep. He had a blade head that had a clean shine to it. His name tag said Craig and he stood six feet with brood shoulder. His full sexy lips were the icing on the cake. I was so horny I looked right at his crotch as he tried to assist me. The lust of the morning took hold of me and before I knew it I was massaging his crotch.

His eyes grew along with his very nice size dick. I told him to take me to the back room. I could see the fight behind his eyes, but, his cock won out as he pulled me to the back. We went through big swinging doors past a fork lift then behind some large boxes.

Before I could do any thing he lifts my skirt and put me on top of a stack of boxes. He pushed my wet panties to the side and buried his hot tongue into my soaked pussy. I had to bite my tongue in order not to scream.

He attacked my clit with his massaging active tongue and I pulled his head into my juicy pussy. As quite as I could I moaned out, "Suck my wet pussy! Yes, yes suck my hungry pussy," I demanded him. My pussy burned with excitement as his tongue encircled my swollen jumping clit.

Craig sucked my pussy noisily as his tongue alternated between my jumping clit and quivering pussy hole. I slightly rotated my hips timing it with his active tongue which was driving me towards climax. My mind was reeling with thoughts of pleasure as he sucked my hot pussy. The smacking sounds were driving me wild.

Just as I thought it couldn't get any better Craig shoved his two middle fingers into my tight hole. First my mind exploded then my heart went into over drive as my nipples and clit exploded. My juices splashed as he lapped up all my nectar.

I went tense with his face buried in my wet pussy. His tongue stayed active driving me wild. But, the sensation was slowly subsiding as I began to relax my hold. I heard Craig take a deep breathe as he mumble, "I'm not done yet!"

The look on his face was of frustration as he opened his fly to stroke his fat throbbing cock. It couldn't be any longer than six inches long, but, it was at least four inches in diameter. I never seen a cock so fat and my pussy lips quivered to be stretch that wide.

I moved to get down off the boxes to fuck that fat cock. But, as I turn around to get off the boxes, Craig forced my ass cheeks open and shoved his tongue up my ass. I squeal out in sheer delight as the unexpected sensation banged my clit and nipples.

My body never experienced such a pleasure as my ass hole puckered around his hot tongue. I had always heard that there can be a g-spot right inside the brown eye. I never thought I had one, but, the way this man had me squealing I have one and a sensitive one. Craig sucked my ass with the same vigor or more than the way he sucked my pussy.

Before I knew what I was saying I was encouraging him to suck my ass. "Yes, yes suck my ass with that hot tongue! Mmmm ... that is a sweet tongue up my ass! You're going to make me cum," I told him!

Cum ran down the inside of my thigh as he lapped up my juices and rimmed my ass hole. He was really jacking his cock when he slipped his sweet tongue from my orgasmic ass.

His hand was really pumping his fat dick by the time I climb off the boxes and stepped out my panties. I could see he was about to blow. I guess he was too turned on to wait for me. He really gets off on sucking ass, but, there was no way he was going to get off with out me.

I grabbed the base of his cock just as his nut sack tightened up. I opened my mouth wide to get his fat penis in. I then sucked deeply and massaged his wide cock with my hot tongue. He groaned out under his breathe as he ejaculated down my throat.

Craig's jism was tart and salty just the way I like my man juice. We panted and tried to fix our clothing best we could. My pussy was still hungry as I watched him put his fat sausage away. Things became awkward as we both went for the exit. He gave me his number as he went back to work.

I was some what pleased when I got home, but, my pussy was still hungry. I really wanted to fuck his little fat sausage I thought to my self as I pulled out my huge black vibrator. I fucked my self to three orgasms before I drifted off to sleep.

I got to the office early so I could set up my desk and work area. I wore a short skirt and a tight blouse with white nylons. My hair was in a bun and I was ready for work. When Regina walked in I stood by my desk with note pad and pen in hand.

She just smiled and told me to relax and go get a cup of coffee. I did as instructed, I took a deep breathe relaxed got some coffee and had a seat in the break room. My mind finally relaxed and began to wonder. I thought back to Craig's little fat cock.

My pussy started to become moist and tingle as I sipped my coffee. My clit began to jump and I was on my way to being horny. I looked down and told my pussy to stop it and when I looked up and there was Mr. Taylor.

"Stop what," he questioned?

I just smiled and bid him a good morning as I watched him make his own coffee. I made note of how much sugar he used and how much cream he put in. But, what I wasn't paying attention to was him looking up my skirt.

When I caught on to what he was looking at, I automatically closed my thighs. He blushed and tried to strike up some small talk. What I noticed was a bulge in his pants. This man got hard looking between my shapely thighs. As the thoughts took hold of her mind Page's clit quivered. A lust came over her that made her panties damp. It was too early to have her panties this wet.

This was the second morning in a row that my new job has me horny and ready to fuck. I looked left than right down the long hall ways. I pushed my chair with me in it as far as I could go. I spread my legs and began to massage my clit through my knickers.

Dam, here I am at my new job playing with my wet pussy under my desk. Just being a hot little freak and my fingers are really working my throbbing clit. The pleasure caused me to close my eyes as I edged closer and closer to climax.

I was almost there when I felt eyes staring at me. I opened my eyes to see to men looking at me as they wave the air towards there noses, like they were enjoying an erotic sensual aroma coming from me. I tried to act normal but I could see the lust in there eyes.

It was too late to pretend I wasn't doing any thing, so, I slid my chair back from my desk. Letting them see my skirt hiked up and my fingers massaging my panties. There eyes became wide as saucers as they leaned in to get a better look.

Just as I pulled my panty to the side so I could really put on a show. Regina peak her head around the corner. She quickly surmised what was going on. That's when she yelled out, "early lunch! For everyone, please be back at one." Allowing the two guys I would come to know as Reggie, Mike and my self to find a private place to take our little party.

Mike was the office accountant, short and stocky. Reddish brown hair medium built and high yellow skin, His Poin Dexter glasses give him character. Reggie is the strong silent type, barrel chest chiseled arms dark skin and a bald head. He is average height and is one of the account managers.

We quickly found a abandon office, slipped in and closed the blinds. Mike was first to whip out his big cock. It was at least eight inches long and thick, my mouth water to ride and suck his big cock.

Reggie grabbed my soft ass and massaged it as he lifted up my skirt. I bent over to caress and stroke Mike's dick. It wasn't long before I had Mike groaning from my soft caress. His eyes rolled back in his head when I put my hot mouth around his cock.

Reggie found his way into my wet panties; my knee's buckled when he found my swollen clit. His wide fingers massaged my clit so good until I was about ready to cum. Then he shoved two fingers in my hole and I creamed his fingers.

My suction on Mike's dick became intense as I caressed his nut sack. Reggie's fingers were being shoved in and out, in and out of my hungry pussy. I could hear my self making slurping sound as the party was warming up.

I could tell Mike was ready to shoot his load as his nut sack got tight in my hand. The quivering of his balls and cock got my clit to throb and my juices really following. As I watched Reggie pulls out his nice size cock.

He ripped my panties down and pulled my ass cheeks apart and shoved his dick into my creamy pussy. The sensation ran through my body and my heart raced as I orgasm all over his thick cock. My pussy walls quivered and massaged all on his shaft.

I know he didn't want to cum so fast, but, my pussy walls left him no choice. I could feel his hard cock ejaculating deep into my hot pussy. The hot jism sparked another climax that caused my pussy muscle to milk his nut sack dry.

About the same time my suction enticed Mike to explode his cum into my warm throat. I thought that would be the end of him, but, he grabbed the back of my head. He thrust his cock in and out, in and out of my unsuspecting mouth. I never had my throat fucked like that before.

Reggie's dick slipped out of her creamy wet pussy. This gave her the option to pull her mouth off of Mikes thrusting cock. I grabbed the base of his rock hard dick and guided to my hungry. He went right to work, driving that sweet hard meat in and out of my tight pussy.

He pumped my pussy harder than he fucked my mouth. His ravage manner made my clit jump ass my pussy clamped around his thick thrusting shaft. With every pound his nut sack slapped my clit which heighten the erotic sensation that exploded at my erect nipples.

I came so much I lost count of the orgasms that rocked my hot body. This was the best lunch time fuck I have ever had. My pussy loved that cock that was fucking it so well. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better. Mike slapped my tender ass cheeks.

I squeezed my pussy walls around his sweet meat. As I squealed out in sheer delight, the erotic sound and my clutching pussy caused him to shoot his cum deep into my hungry cunt.

Part II

I couldn't wait to go to work the next day. I would have never guessed coming to work here would satisfy my sexual hunger. I wonder whom I would fuck to day as I arrived at my desk.

I even dressed sleazy to attract any one that might want to test these inviting thighs. I wore a knee high skirt with a slit that just stopped short of my panties. Which are sheer and thong style allowing my tender ass cheeks to hang out. I wore a sheer blouse with a camisole underneath easy access to my firm soft melons.

My thought was interrupted by Mike telling me how he enjoyed my hot mouth and sweet pussy as he walked past my desk. His comment made my clit throb and it wasn't nine yet.

I settled down a bit when I saw Regina slip into the bosses' office. That was odd, she didn't even speak, must be an emergency situation. I didn't think much of it until I got a buzz from Regina asking me to come into the bosses' office.

At first I was totally embarrassed remember what I wore to work. I am going to look like the biggest slut ever as I gather my note pad and pen. The hall way to his office seemed way to short as I knocked lightly on the door. I tried to pull my skirt down and wished I dressed more professional.

I opened the door when I was instructed; I dropped my note pad and pen. Immediately my nipples became erect and my clit jumped from the sight before me. I didn't know what to do except close the door.

The boss and Regina were naked; he sat on the edge of the desk with his huge cock pointing upward. Regina had both hands around the base of his big dick. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap.

The whole scene really turned me on as my nipples ached for attention. I couldn't believe how large Mr. Taylor's cock is. Long and powerful just him when he's perched behind his desk. His nut sack full, tight and begging for relief as Regina sucked his penis. This man is too fine and I can't wait to ride that big long cock.

With out any instruction I stripped off all my clothes. Through half open eyes Miles raised an eye brawl as he looked over my sexy body. My firm round breast with long nipples, smooth naked skin, small waist, shapely hips and a fat ass is what his eyes feasted on.

I will be remised if don't describe Regina's hot body. Long flowing reddish brown hair, full dick sucking lips, breast the size of summer melons, nipples like brown tumbles, a slim waste with sexy hips, legs that would drive any man wild and a cute bubble sexy butt.

I would have never thought she would suck the bosses cock. But, there she was with half his dick down her throat, enticing him to climax as she caressed his tight nut sack.

I slowly began to peel off my clothes as I watched the hottest blow job I had ever seen. My clit throbbed and the moistness turned to flowing nectar down the inside of my thighs. My nipples are a blazed and my lust was overwhelming.

I dropped to my knees and moved between his legs. Regina moved her hand I my mouth quickly replaced it. His groan became more intense as I massaged his balls in my mouth. The taste was sweet with a hint of musk.

Regina and I worked his cock and nut sack like we done him together before. He did all he could not to shot his load down Regina's hot throat. I could feel the throbbing of his large cock down through his balls.

I looked over at Regina and she was finger fucking her own wet pussy as she sucked the boss's penis. She used her two middle fingers to pump her self to orgasm after orgasm. The sight was freaking hot as I was reminded my pussy was being neglected.

I was just about to stroke my swollen clit when I felt Miles whole body tense up. The first wave of pleasure pumped so much cum into Regina's throat made her gag. The second wave splashed on to her unsuspecting cheek. It was so much and so thick it dribbled down on me.

This man wasn't done yet as he grabbed his cock and took dead aim at me. He splashed me with a powerful stream of hot man juice. The sensation against my skin was amazing as I had never been done like that before.

He collapsed on the desk as Regina and I cleaned our selves with our fingers. His cumm is very manly and I found my self wanting more as my pussy begged for some cock or a hot tongue.

That's when Regina pushed me on my back and spread my inviting thighs. I watched as she lowered her head and her hot tongue introduced it's self to my quivering clit. I never had a woman's touch of my pussy and I almost passed out from the bliss.

Her lips were incredibly soft and she knew just were to lick as my juices flowed. I was about to rub my nipples when I felt her soft finger tips on my erect flesh. The bliss was out of this world as Regina drove me to climax.

Her lips flowed back and fourth over my swollen clit as her hot tongue teased and pleased the same flesh. My love button throbbed jumped and twitched. The suction along with the tip of her tongue slowly encircling my clit drove me into a wanton state of mind. My pussy has been sucked before, but, never with such attention to my every erotic desire. In more simple terms Regina knew how to rock my world.

I lost all control and pulled her face into my hungry pussy. This caused her tongue to be shoved deep into my hot quivering hole. I exploded as she wiggled her tongue all in my pussy. I splashed her face with a powerful high pitched moan.

It took me a minute to regain my thoughts and when I returned I saw Regina's wet fat pussy being lowered onto my mouth. Miles sat on the desk stroking his cock as the girl on girl action became hotter.

I had never sucked a pussy before although I enjoyed the taste of my own pussy. Her smell was very erotic as she began to suck my clit again. My first sixty nine with a woman and I was enjoying the action. Her taste was a little sweeter than my own and boy was she wet.

My tongue went wild on her soft clit as her nectar filled my mouth. I grabbed her firm as and grounded my mouth into her gushing pussy. She moaned through my pussy causing the clit to vibrate. We sucked slobbered and moaned driving each other to orgasm. Out of nowhere I shoved my two middle fingers into her tight pussy sending her over the edge. In return she shoved a finger in my ass and I came harder than before.

Our squeals rang out as our climax's peaked. My face was soaked with pussy juice and I loved it. The panting was deep as we turned our focus to Miles. We motioned him to join us on the floor. He wasted no time as he lay back with his large cock sticking straight up. I can't wait to fuck that big dick.

Part III

I was all over that large cock and husky balls. I couldn't fit my hand around the base of his monster as I guided it to my dripping pussy. My clit throbbed as the head of his dick slipped into my soft pussy lips. I moved his penis up and down my slit coating it for entry.

The sensation started as soon as I began to descend down on his big cock. My thighs shook as his cock forced its way into my wet tight pussy hole. His cock had a bend in it while my hole loosened up to allow him in my velvet depths.

I twisted my hips and the invading head of his cock popped into my hot pussy. I came instantly as his cock began to fill my hungry pussy, giving me pure intense pleasure as I came all over the head of his thick cock.

I heard Miles grunting doing his earnest not to cum in my massaging pussy. His face was all twisted up as he bit down on his bottom lip. This made my climax last even longer knowing he was fighting not to cum in my good pussy.

Regina eased her wet pussy over his mouth and gasped when his tongue went to work on her sensitive pussy. I watched her eyes roll back in her head as the pleasure followed through her body. Her nipples has a jump to them as she slowly rocked back and fourth on his avid mouth.

Her moans became intense as where mine as I slid down his delicious dick. Regina mumbled, "That's my spot, that's my spot," as her nipples went from jumping to a full bounce. I never seen a woman fuck a mouth the way she fucked his.

At that moment Miles thick long cock bottom out my tight pussy. The pleasure bolted to my erect nipples and as the bliss overwhelmed my erotic soul. I felt his big cock throb against my sweet walls and it drove me wild. The sensation made my clit jump as I exploded in ecstasy.

I finally returned to my senses to hear Regina say, "no, not there, no not my ass hole! That's going to make me squirt!" Her moans hit every octave as he tongue fucked her sensitive ass. I watched his jaws move and lock as his tongue entered then exit her brown eye. She made a gurgling sound as I watched her body tense up and splashed Miles face.

It was the most erotic thing I had ever witnessed. My nipples and clit throbbed with excitement. I was watching live porn and riding a sweet dick at the same time. That throbbed against my accepting hungry walls. The fire of passion burned to climax as my pussy squeezed his cock to explode.

Once again my mind reeled with sweet bliss as my hungry pussy creamed his big thick cock. The sensation just drove me to a deeper and more desirous hungry. The craving of his cock grew like the yearning of his balls to explode. My hips worked left than right, back and fourth as his cock filled my pussy.

That's when I felt the soft lips of Regina upon my nipples, a sensation that caused me to grind my pussy all the way down onto his nuts. Miles groaned as he thrust up ward with his hips, driving his cock even deeper into my starving cunt.

His cock reached depths in me that no man had ever came close to. The width of Miles strong cock stretching my hole to pleasure beyond compare as the lips of another woman on my breast. My pussy, my clit, my breast burned with hot desire.

No one lingered as Miles sucked Regina to another squirting climax. I couldn't get enough of Miles thrusting dick that continued to fuck my pussy well.

Regina began kissing her way down my body and each kiss made my anticipation grow as to where her kisses would end. Miles kept that sweet cock pumping my pussy into total bliss. The throbbing penis was driving me to another mind blowing orgasm.

Most times I could only cum one good time, but, with Miles delicious big cock I felt like I could cum over and over again. At that moment he thrust up, deep and to the left to find my unknown g-spot.

My body shuttered, my pussy quivered, my clit throbbed and double clutched his pulsating dick. That was the first round on the second round of shuttering, quivering, clutching and pulsating. Miles shot a load of cum that flooded my ravenous pussy.

His man juice was a study hot stream of sweet rapture. His grunts and groans added to this eroticism. I'm not sure what Miles was doing to Regina, but, I could tell she was having another energetic orgasm as well.

The next sounds that were heard were heavy panting. Everyone was coming down from epic climaxes. I felt jism ooze past my pussy lips as the throbbing of Miles cock was subsiding. Now that I could focus again I watched as Regina's hips slowed from grinding his mouth.

The activity of Miles cock came to an end when it slipped from my still hungry cunt. My pussy lips massaged his cock until the last inch slipped past them. Still trying to catch my breath I rolled off of Miles onto the floor.

There I lay on my back with my legs spread open as I played with my wet pussy. I used our mixtures of bodily fluids to tease and please my erect clit. The feeling was a nice substitute of the intense pleasure I was feeling a few moments ago.

Mile was still recovering from the massive orgasm. But, Regina was watching me with lust in her eyes. I hadn't noticed at first as I encircled the tip of my clit with the tips of my fingers. I knew my pussy was gaped open from having that monster cock in it.

Cum was still seeping from my opening down into my tight ass hole. I knew my pussy glistened from the wetness and how sexy that looked. That's when I noticed Regina licking her lips and tweaking her erect nipples.

When our eyes locked she slowly got up and came over to me. With out breaking our gaze she replaced my hand with her own. Her touch was so soft on my now throbbing clit that my juices began to run.

She then slipped a finger in my hot wet pussy than a second. I guess it's true what they say. That you haven't been finger fuck until you have been finger fuck by a woman and Regina was rocking my world.

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