It's a Brave New World
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Group Sex,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jason wakes up one Saturday morning in his dorm room to find his whole world changed. It's a world where he suddenly has a very sexy new roommate. A world where his very body will be desired by many for both the pleasurable and the painful. And Jason will learn with his few meager possessions he can change everything.

I woke up and opened my eyes ... and immediately regretted it. My vision swam as my unfocused eyes stared up at the ceiling. A sharp pain grew just behind my eyes until it spread into a dull thudding in my entire head.

“Ughhh...” I moaned out.

After a few moments, my spinning vision cleared and the relentless drum beating in my skull dropped away to a faint ringing in the ears. I pushed myself to a half sitting position and realized I was on the floor. My bed was right next to me.

I scolded myself, “Damn, way too much to drink last night.” I didn’t even remember making my way back to the dorm last night. I’d been out partying last night at one of those stupid frat parties, hitting on Becky Walsworth. Well, trying and failing, to hit on the blonde-haired Becky.

Pulling myself up off the floor, I managed to drop unceremoniously into my bed. And that was where the first odd thing of the day happened. Lying in bed, I noticed it wasn’t my bed. On my bed, I had an old blue-green comforter that dad had given me when I went away to college. Now spread across the mattress was a pale peach blanket. Strange...

Looking around, I began to realize I wasn’t in my dorm. I had the last room on the 2nd floor Anderson Hall. The building was designed to have 24 dorm rooms to a floor. The university, ever budget conscious, had managed to slip one extra room into the floor layout. At less than a third the space of a regular dorm room, I paid full price for my little suite. But then again I got the place all to myself and that was all right with me.

As I examined the room, I was struck by a very odd feeling. It was both my room and not. The same old crack in the wall, the same small window looking out to the tall maple trees and the parking lot beyond. But my laptop was missing from the small desk on the other side of the room. Replacing it was a set of books and papers. In the one corner atop the antique dresser sat an old tube TV, one of those ones with the long metal rabbit ears projecting from the top of the box.

I blinked a few times ... nope nothing changed.

“Okay...” I breathed out and got off the bed. Clearly, I couldn’t be in my room. As far as I knew the other floors in the hall had the same layout as mine. So it was reasonable to assume last night in a drunken stupor I managed to get myself into the wrong room on the wrong floor.

Odd that I hadn’t bothered the room’s current resident when I must have barged in here and passed out. A quick examination led me to believe that current resident was a woman. Some very feminine underwear lay in a small heap on the floor. Looking down at the black lace panties, I decided it would be a good idea to get out of here before the owner showed up.

I turned to leave when the door to the room opened. I stopped short as the figure entering the room froze in the doorway like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming semi-truck. I assumed as the woman stood wearing nothing but a dark blue bathrobe, she was going to either yell or run for help at my invasion of her room. Instead, she just stood there and blinked at me a few times.

“Ummm,” I began as I tried to shift my mind into gear and failed badly. It wasn’t easy as the bathrobe wasn’t hiding her body very well. Her long red hair was still wet from a recent shower. It was combed out and lay cascading down her back. Her skin was pale with a scattering of freckles on the bridge of her nose, with wide green eyes on her narrow face. I could easily see the swell of her breasts against the thin fabric and the length of the robe didn’t even go halfway to her knees. My eyes linger way too long on her slender white legs. She was gorgeous.

In a faint and nervous voice, she asked, “Did Cindy send you?”

She didn’t wait for me to answer. Not that I had any idea who the hell Cindy was. As fast as I could snap my fingers, she was through the door, closed it and covered the distance in the tiny space of the room.

“I don’t normally do this,” she said while trying to manage a small smile. “But this month it’s been really bad. I have a paper due and I can’t even focus for a minute.”

“Ummm ... I’m sorry?” I managed to say as she reduced the space between us to a few inches. I could smell her now. A fragrant scent of bath soaps and shampoos but also something else, something almost spicy filled my senses.

In a low husky voice, she whispered, “I’ve been so wet ... I used the shower head to get myself off twice, but it hasn’t helped a bit.”

What small part of my brain functioning properly told me something very odd was going on and I should try to get some sort of explanation. But good-looking redheads who show up and talk about being so horny they can’t think straight had a great deal of my blood supply heading south. What I did manage to say was this -- “What can I do?”

“This,” she said with a faint grin as she undid the thin rope holding her robe on. She shrugged her shoulders and the bathrobe pooled onto the floor.

I looked her over and decided my previous estimate of her being pretty was an understatement. She was gorgeous and very naked. Her breasts were not necessarily large, a decent C cup, but they were firm and didn’t sag at all. Her small pink nipples stood erect. My gaze lowered across her flat stomach and then to the small patch of red curls between her legs.

“Are you just going to stare?” she asked with a huff.

“I’m Jason,” I said in the way of an introduction, which I realized was pretty stupid at this point.

But she smiled warmly and pressed her nude form to my body. Whatever questions I had about what the hell was going on were quickly tossed to the back of my mind. “Nice to meet you, Jason, I’m Abby. If you don’t mind, please screw my brains out.”

I needed no encouragement. I reached out and wrapped my arms around Abby’s waist. I felt the swell of her tits press against my chest as she, in turn, wrapped her arms around my neck. Sliding my hands down her backside and then squeezed her ass rewarded me with a soft moan. She began to kiss and lick my jaw and then on to my neck.

My clothes were becoming quite a bother for poor Abby and soon she started tugging on my shirt. Letting go of her long enough to give her some space to work on my clothes resulted in them nearly being ripped off. Pulling her back to me, I felt her warm and soft breasts were against my bare chest. Her little nipples had grown even stiffer and she began rubbing her body back and forth against my body. Those nipples of hers became even harder, and she let out an even deeper moan.

Somehow we managed to get back to her bed. She laid down on the twin mattress and ran her hands down her tummy, past those delightful little red curls and began to stroke her pussy. She hadn’t been exaggerating when she said she was wet. Her pussy lips were red and swollen. With honeyed juices already coating her sex.

As I worked to pull off my jeans, I leaned down and hovered over her very wet cunt. I had never been great at eating a woman out. Most of my experiences ordinarily left me with a sore neck and my date reasonably pleasured. But I could usually tell they were hoping for more. I wasn’t sure where anyone learned how to eat pussy other than watching porn or just a lot of experience. But I sure the hell wasn’t going to waste this opportunity.

As soon as I bent forward and my breath tickled those moist red curls sitting above her wet little slit, she let out a warm sigh and said, “Oh, you do that? Thank God ... Suck me...”

I dove in, quite literally head first. That spicy aroma I had smelled before was centered on Abby’s lovely pink pussy. I began to lick and suck on those puffy lips of her vagina. She tasted different from any woman I had been with and I licked every point on her sweet hole in the hunt for that spicy taste.

For my labors, Abby moaned and bucked in the bed. I felt her hands on the top of my head and she pushed me in towards her center. As I licked and sucked away, I reached up with my right hand and began to caress her thigh, working towards her pussy. When I reached her hole, I pressed the tip of my index finger into her. I got no farther than half an inch into that hot little tightness when this beautiful stranger started to orgasm.

And holy hell did she cum. Her whole body went rigid as steel, but it lasted only a second as her legs began to shake and then her whole body started to quake. Thrashing back and forth in the bed she let out a long hoarse moan and then let out a string of whimpers and gasps as her climax rocked her.

She nearly knocked me off the bed with her shaking, but I held on until her body began to calm. Abby’s eyes were tightly shut as I looked up from her still quivering body to her face. Her pale skin had gone a dark red color to match her hair. Letting out a pent-up breath she finally exhaled slowly and her original color started to returned. Opening her eyes, she revealed green emeralds full of lust and desire as she looked me up and down. I was down to just my briefs. She smiled at the tent pole in my underwear and beckoned me forward with a single finger curling towards her.

I knew I should ask about condoms or birth control, but I was so far past any of those practical concerns that I just yanked the last of my clothing off and pulled myself on top of her. We twisted and shifted in bed until she found a point where she was comfortable. Then I could lay between those smooth pale white legs, my dick rock hard as it pressed on the soft skin of her inside thigh. I balanced on my hands as I gazed down at Abby and a crooked smile grew on her rosy lips. “I should have done this sooner if I knew you were available.”

As much as I wanted to say something suave and charming all I really managed was an awkward, “You’re welcome.”

But Abby didn’t mind at all. She only gave me a heartwarming smile and spread her legs enough to let me press forward. I lowered myself into her slowly. My dick pressed into her soft wet tunnel and we both let out a groan of satisfaction. She was tight, but not extremely. It was obvious she wasn’t a virgin, as I slowly sank into her until I was into the hilt. It felt glorious. Every little move Abby made sent tremors through her pussy to my stiff cock.

I made few gentle strokes in and out and I thought I was going to cum right then and there. Abby’s face was right under mine, her eyes half closed and her lips parted as she softly whimpered. I really had no idea what type of relationship this woman wanted from this very strange booty call. But this was undoubtedly some of the best sex I had ever had. I leaned in and kissed those red lips of hers. Her mouth opened, partly in surprise, partly in desire. For a few seconds, she roughly kissed me back, our tongues twirling around each other. I pushed into her deeply and her body began to tremble.

But suddenly Abby was pushing back against me with her hands. She twisted away from our shared kiss with a frustrated groan. “No...” she cried “You’ll make me Bond ... I can’t...” I froze, not understanding what had happened or her words. Abby looked back up at me and tried to smile. “Can’t we just fuck? Please ... just fuck me. I don’t need all the head games if you push me to Bond with you.”

The small voice in the back of my head that said all this was all really damn weird jumped to the front of the line. That gorgeous redheads just didn’t pop into existence and want to have sex with me. It was some rule of the universe and I was going to get into a lot of trouble if I broke it. That voice warred with the larger part of me who wanted to continue on with dear Abby. The logical and smarter part of my brain won out and I resolved to ask Abby what she meant -- after we were done.

“I’m sorry,” I said apologetically. “I just got carried away.”

Abby took my apology well as she brought her legs up and wrapped them around my back. This new position allowed me to press up against her pubic bone as I push again into her. After several deep thrusts we were both moaning with passion, my earlier blunder forgotten.

I balanced with my hands on the bed and Abby met my strokes with thrusts of her own. We were both quickly reaching the point of no return. I wasn’t some highly skilled lover, but I managed to get a steady rhythm of pressing on the hood of her clit with my body as I drove in and out of her. I could feel her body tighten each time I stroked the top of her vagina.

I must have hit the sweet spot just right because Abby began to stiffen and let out the same hoarse moan when she last came. I held there and began to make tight thrusts in and out of her, all the while relentless stimulating the taut little tip of her clit. In four short strokes, she started cumming. I kept at it and I could feel the interior of her pussy tightening around my cock.

“Ohhh ... Ohhhh ... Ohhhh...” gasped out Abby as her orgasm took over.

I found I was completely unable to stop myself. I kept thrusting as deep as I could and Abby just kept on cumming. One orgasm led to another and she was wildly thrashing about on the bed, I along for the ride.

“MMMMMmmmm ... Ahhhhhh ... Sooo Good!” cried out Abby as her third orgasm sprang from her last.

It was impossible for me to keep this up. The incredible pulsing pleasure riding through her pussy dragged me over and I unloaded a gush of cum deep within her. I let out a long cry of my own and Abby shuddered her way to her fourth climax. We both rocked back and forth in the narrow little bed as we both continued to cum.

Finally, the spasms of pleasure began to fade away and we collapsed into a heap on the bed. Slowly we went from panting gasps to deep even breaths. We laid there in her bed for a while, just breathing in and out. Some sense of the rest of the world began to intrude and I pulled myself from the post-orgasmic haze. We were both lying in a pool of our shared perspiration and other ... juices.

“Mmm,” purred Abby as she pulled the pale peach blanket around us. “That was really nice.”

I let out an exhale and said as smoothly as it was possible when you were soaked with sweat and naked, “I try. You were fantastic.”

Abby’s grin was cordial. “Flattery might get you back into my pants again, Jason.” But then she looked away and said in a flat voice. “But I don’t like to Bond with someone I just met, okay?” She looked back to me with a measured look on her face.

“Umm, Bond? Bonding?” I asked hesitantly. Still very confused by what she meant or why my kissing her would cause such a thing to happen.

Abby just blew out a breath and then pulled back the blanket. I was treated to her very nice looking backside as she got out of bed. She walked over to the dusty old dresser and pulled some clothes out. I watched her the entire time, enjoying the view of both her back with her tight ass and her lovely front. She gave me a cheeky pose as she began to dress. I sighed and reached for my clothes as well. It seemed she didn’t want to talk about whatever “Bonding” meant.

“Look,” she said earnestly as she pulled on her bra and covered her lovely breasts. “Jason, you seem nice. So ... I mean I’m not looking for anything serious. If you want to pretend we both didn’t nearly Bond together back on the bed, then that’s okay.”

Abby had misinterpreted my question as a denial of the event and I grew even more confused. She didn’t have an accent, so I didn’t think she was a foreigner with some strange taboo about kissing. Maybe she was from some hick town where fucking your brains out was ok but kissing was a big no-no. Hell, did she think I was proposing or something?

I supposed she was right; this peculiar hook up wasn’t mine to criticize. Abby had initiated this little sex session and if she didn’t want me to kiss her then, that was all fine by me. “Yeah, look, it’s okay,” I said as I stood up and began looking for my shoes.

I found them under her bed and pulled them on. Abby was now fully dressed in jeans and a somewhat frumpy old sweater. She appraised me again and said sincerely, “I need to get this paper finished. But when I’m done you should stop by. We can ... talk.” Her look implied that we would do a lot more than just talk. Even after all the strangeness I couldn’t help but smile at this red-haired beauty.

She led me to the door and after a moment of hesitation, she kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks,” she said as she opened the door. “I can finally think straight.”

“Uhh ... right,” I replied as the earlier strangeness came right on back. I walked out the door and she promptly closed it. I stood there feeling a growing unease. Everything since I had woken up today just seemed ... off. And I didn’t just mean the fantastic sex with Abby.

Turning around, I noticed the door to Abby’s dorm room was labeled 225. I quickly looked around, down the hallway and then back. This was Anderson Hall. This was the second floor. Room 225 was my room.

“What the hell is going on!?”

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