Daddy Issues
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Fiction, Black Female, Black Male, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Getting old isn't as bad as it seems when every girl want their daddy

5 Sept 2013

My name is Kiel, I'm a senior well into my sixties. I stand five feet nine inches tall, my shoulders are and chest looks like I'm in my forties. But, this pot belly gives me away along with the gray hair and balding top. I live a senior citizens home that my kids put me in about a year ago after my wife went home. The place is nice with a lot of old birds to flirt with. I even do a few of the ones that still get wet.

The kids come to visit every Sunday after church dragging the grand's with them. We talk until the grand kids start to get on my nerves. So, most of the time I'm alone and it's hard. I really miss my wife and sometimes I wish I would have gone first. I found things to do like fishing, reading, writing erotic stories and even a little gardening.

My passion was my stories, I was told I could write the panties wet with my erotic details. That's when one of my stories became real for me. One of the old birds I mentioned that couldn't get wet had a daughter with daddy issues. Marcy was the youngest of six girls, I met them all except her. She was finishing up her last year of college.

One day I was in the court yard when a very beautiful young girl asked if I knew where Ms. Jackson might be. The words got caught in my throat as I drank in her beauty. She stood about five feet ten inches tall; legs that went on for ever it seemed like. Hips with lovely round curves the flattest of tummy and breast as firm as honey dew melons. Her neck is long and her high cheek bones set off her sexy full lips. Her smile is shy yet very inviting and she has the loveliest sandy brown hair I ever seen.

For some reason our eyes locked, but, before I could think of something clever to say I heard old lady Jackson bark, "Get away from him! That's the community pervert I have been warning you about!" I just smile and said, "There she is over there." Marcy just smile and walked over to her mother.

That's when I heard, "Mother, you can be so rude!" Her mother said, "Let's just go in side!" I guess Marcy felt me looking at her sweet sexy ass as she turned and just smiled very knowingly. For awhile I couldn't get her long legs and shy smile off my mind. But, soon realized she didn't want anything to do with this old man.

Little did I know her mother was making me very interesting to her youngest daughter. She tried to paint me in the worst light not knowing it was having the reverse effect on her daughter. Her mother told her how I try to feel on all the pretty women help and fuck all the old foolish women in our community. How she caught me peaking in the ladies room while one of the administrators where getting undressed.

But, she left out the story how she got butt naked, slipped into my room and begged me to fuck her. I remember the event quite clear. I had just came from the garden dirt and sweaty. I remember all I wanted to do was take a shower. I turned on the light in my room and didn't notice her in my bed. She watched me undress and didn't make a sound till she saw my balls and cock hanging.

That's when she gasped and I looked around and saw her in my bed. Smiling and drooling for some cock. I must admit old lady Jackson looks well preserved for her age. Every one could tell where her daughters got their long legs and good looks. I smiled and walked over to the bed.

With out warning she grabbed my cock and placed it between her soft big lips. Then she sucked my cock like no one has ever sucked my cock before or since. I couldn't believe how hard old lady Jackson had me. Twice I had to stop myself from coming as she swirled the head of my cock with her skilled tongue. We both were hot and could hardly wait for my cock to be in that pussy. Her pussy lips felt soft as I ran the shaft of my cock over them. There was only one thing missing, the old girl couldn't get wet any longer. There's nothing more that I hate than a dry fuck, but, I was to horny to stop!

So, I did what they do in the porn movies, I spat on my cock and sank into that tight pussy. Old lady Jackson was so turned on she came as soon as my tight nut sack slapped against her ass cheeks. Her dry pussy quivered all around my throbbing cock. The spit only lasted three or four thrust and I had to stop fucking her to spit on my cock for a second time.

Then I began to drill that hot old pussy long and deep. I could tell it had been awhile since some one had fucked her tight pussy. She was nearing another orgasm when I stopped. "Pleas, please don't stop fucking me. Your dick feels so good and you have such a large cock," she told me. "I want to fuck that tight pussy of your. Spit on my cock so I can continue beating up your tight pussy," I demanded!

She kept my cock wet as I pulled her legs up and pounded her pussy. "Please be gentle," she pleaded! But, I was on a mission, funny thing thou. The harder and rougher I got the more she came. By the time I shot my cum into her pussy she had cum at least five times.

As we laid there recovering, she told me, "she had never came so much in her life. I would like you to fuck me like that as often as you can," she demanded! I just laid back and smiled thinking to my self that I would love to fuck that tight pussy. I drifted off to sleep and when I woke up she was gone.

Then it hit me, my cock was on fire with little cuts and aberrations. I could barely touch it, that's why I hate dry pussy. Older people heal a lot slower so, it took me awhile to get my cock ready for action. The last pussy I wanted to fuck was old lady Jackson and of course she took offense to me not wanting to do her. From that day to now I'm everything under the sun except a child of God.

Now that brings us to date, old lady Jackson hating and sexy young daughter with daddy issues. The daddy issues I didn't find out about until to much later. But, I did know she was a little interested in me. I made it known with my eyes if she gives me half a chance I would be all over that.

A few visits and we would flirt when ever old lady Jackson gave us a chance. I suspect she knew we were having eyes for one another, because, she worked so very hard to through salt in the game. Marcy is so very special, always picking up my meds, picking up things for me from the store and of course always interested in my well being.

One warm day she was visiting with her mother in the court yard. They were under the shade tree sipping on cold ice tea. I put a blanket out on the lawn and as I looked over I could see old lady Jackson giving me the evil stare. I thought she would make her daughter pack up and leave, but. I guess it was to warm for that. I settled on the lawn and soaked up some rays.

I was just getting comfortable when I felt some one staring at me. I figured it was the old lady, but, I looked over any way. Old lady Jackson had dozed off and Marcy was staring at me with a sexy smile and her thighs spread open. She was allowing me a wonderful view of her sheer white panties.

My cock got hard and began to throbed. From what I could see Marcy has a fat juicy looking pussy, just the way I like them. As I stated before her legs are long and her thighs sexy, inviting in fact. I had to roll onto my belly to hide my stiffening penis. She teased me at times opening and closing her legs. I could see she was wet as the sheer white material got dark when it became wet.

Marcy's eyes became wide as she watched me slip my hand under me and inside my pants. She squirmed in her chair as she witnessed me humping my hand. She tweaked her nipples through her top as I stared at her panties. I could see her red painted lips part as the pleasure flowed from her erect nipples. I wanted her so bad I though I was going to put a hole in the lawn.

I was just about ready to cum, I got my cock into a good position and I stroke it in plain view. Looking at Marcy wet fat pussy was getting me there. Any minute now as I thought to my self, I imagined having my cock in Marcy's fat wet pussy.

At that moment old lady Jackson woke from her nap and Marcy had to close up shop. I started to jack my cock any way, but, I wanted Marcy's attention. It took awhile for my cock to go down as Marcy help her mother back inside. But, some how she got out of her panties and left them by the patio door. I wasted no time in gathering them up. I looked around then took a deep whiff of her erotic smelling pussy.

My cock sprang back to attention as her aroma filled my nostrils. Dam, I'm horny I thought as I felt the wetness of her treasure. I couldn't help, but, to lick the inside of her sheer white panties.

I savored the taste and found it to be delightful. Now my cock was throbbing as I went back to my room and fist fucked my self three times. Once with her panties on my face and twice with her panties on my cock, her panties were full of my man juice.

I didn't know I had drifted off to sleep when I heard a knock at my door. Forcing my self to answer the door I was surprised to see Marcy through the peep hole. I opened the door and there she stood with that sexy smile and that hot body. She didn't even say hi. She told me, "You look like and remind me so much of my father." I just smiled and like a little girl she asked, "For her panties back?"

As I turned to go get the panties, I asked, "How do you know I have your panties?" Because, she explained, "I saw you sniffing them right before you left with them. It turned me on so much to see you do that. Just like the first time I caught my father sniffing my panties." I was about to question her last statement when she cut me off. "I only have a moment before my mother comes looking for me. Get a quick feel and give me my panties," she urged.

I quickly put my hand up her skirt and marveled at her soft wetness. I surprised her when I slipped two fingers up into her wet hot pussy. Her pussy walls clamped down on my two probing fingers as she came all over them. Just like her mother I thought. She really couldn't enjoy the pleasure as she rushed to get back to her mother. That's just how she left me with two wet fingers covered with her sweet smelling and tasting nectar. "I'll come spend some real time with you soon," she promised as she put on her cum filled panties. "Wow, you came a lot in my panties, you naughty old man," she teased as she slipped on her very wet panty's!

I jacked my cock to that, night after night waiting for Marcy to delivery on her promise. She would do pop ins, a feel here, a panty shot there and a finger fuck occasionally, but, I never got a chance to get into her flesh. One thing I know is she knows how to keep a man on edge.

Can you believe a month went by with her teasing me? So, I decided to fuck one of the old ladies that I fuck from time to time. Grace had been at me for a minute, she's a very hot Asian lady that looks good and fucks well for her age.

I lit a bunch of citrus scented candles, so, many there is no need for lights, but, I do use a red bubble to set the mood. Then I use rose peddles to make the path from the door to the bath room to the bedroom. I put a bottle of white wine on ice next to the tub as I run a bath of scented bath beads and bubbles. I turn back the silk sheets and sprinkle baby powder to give that extra smooth feeling. All is set as the door bell rings.

Her eyes light up just like the first time I done this as she squealed with excitement. Just by the look in her eyes I could tell she was about to fuck the hell out of me. We quickly stripped our clothes off and eased our bodies into the very warm water. I poured us a glass of will and we took a moment to relax. The bath beads made the water feel like silk and the bubbles refreshed the skin.

It didn't take Grace long to unwind as I felt her tiny feet massaging my dick. She is quite skilled with her feet by evidence of my hard cock. Once I was good and hard she took a deep breathe went under water and began to suck my dick. This woman always curled my toes when she sucked my cock. I just don't know how she can hold her breathe and suck dick that well.

Once she came up for air she was ready to go to the bed room, she down the rest of her wine and toweled off. By the time I caught up she was laid back on the bed spread eagle lightly caressing her clit. Grace is truly a Milf I thought to my self as I positioned my self between her thighs. With the tip of my tongue I began to follow her tracing finger. Her taste is light and her clit sensitive as I heard her gasp in pleasure. I was just about to make a meal out of Grace when the door bell rang.

I ignored it the first and continued to lick Grace's pussy. She moaned and the door bell rang again, I could see this was starting to annoy Grace so I slipped in a finger. Her pussy was very wet and ready, ring, ring went the door bell once again." Please go and answer that, I will keep her hot and wet for you," she told me as she began to finger fuck her pussy.

I got to the door and looked out the peep hole, dam, it's Marcy I thought to my self. I guess she knew I was there because she wouldn't stop ringing that dam bell. I finally unlocked and opened the door. My mouth dropped wide open as she opened her long coat to reveal her sexy naked body. My cock began to throb and wave at her as she turned around bent at the waist. She gave me a good look at that fat pussy from the back. "Think about that daddy as you fuck that stank," she told me as she closed up shop to leave.

Dam, her for that as I sank my ridged cock into Grace's tight hot wet pussy. All I could think about was Marcy as I fucked the hell out of Grace. Grace begged me to stop after her sixth orgasm. "I just can't keep up with you tonight. What ever got into you I love it! That was the best fuck I ever had," she offered, panting and still trying to catch her breath.

I felt guilty, because, although Grace has some good pussy. I was fucking Marcy in my head and Grace was none the wiser. All I could think of was that sexy brown body of Marcy. The way her melon ripe breast turned up at the nipples, made just for sucking. Her very small waist, that flared out at her sexy hips. My cock was getting hard just thinking about it. Her very round and shapely ass cheeks would make any man beg. Then there's this fat pussy. That has a sweet, which parts of her sweet pussy lips.

Grace was getting dressed, while these thoughts ran through my head. My cock was hard and throbbing, while she slid her panties. I grabbed her from behind pushed her parents to side and rub my cock his shaft along her fat pussy lips. For some reason she became wet and my cock slipped right into her wet pussy.

Holding her by the waist, I slam my cock in and out, in and out. Her breasts and nipples jumped with every thrust. I was like a madman, pumping her pussy. The wetness was running down the inside of her thigh. That's when she told me, panting, 'I can't believe you're doing me again. This pussy must be good to you tonight, ' as the fuck slaps rang out. Only if she knew that I was thinking about fucking Marcy.

It didn't take long for her pussy to clamp down on my cock. Her voice reached a high pitch as she came all over my dick. Her body shuddered tensed up and then went limp. But, I kept pounding my dick into her. Then I thought about how Marcy bent at the waist and show me her fat pussy from behind. I grasped Graces waist firmly and thrust my cock deep. My cock throbbed and my nut sack got tight. As I felt my body tensed up, I am coming, I am coming as the man juice flowed from my body and flood her pussy.

Grace slowly washed up all over again, and sleeplessly put back our clothes. It took all she had to get to her car. She started to engine rolled down the window and thanked me for the best fuck of her life. I shook my head as she drove off knowing. It wasn't her that I fucked, but the thought of Marcy.

A few days later, Grace called me and thanked me again for a wonderful night. She told me she had to tell all her friends about how I wore her pussy out. She said when she can walk again. She wanted me to fuck her like that again, and she didn't mind sharing, because a couple of her friends want to talk to me too. I just laugh with her and told her we could discuss it at another time. Knowing in my heart that all I want to do was fuck Marcy.

The next evening I saw Marcy and her mother in the dining hall. She had on another little skirt showing plenty of leg. Once I was served, she maneuvered around and showed me her yellow panties. I've tried to ignore her, but it seemed like those panties were calling me. It took all I had put I got up and turn my back to her and finish my meal.

I was expecting a knock on my door later that evening, but, no Marcy. I wonder if I offended her by turning my back. I smiled to myself, thinking this was a small victory. Letting her know, she did not have me wrapped around her little finger.

I didn't see Marcy around for a while. I guess it was the other daughters turn to check on their mother. Although none of them gave me the time of day. I still wouldn't mind fucking one or two of them. There was a eerie change around the community even old lady Jackson seemed to be nicer to me.

Life at the senior community seemed to slow down. No action for me anywhere, I know it is just a dry spell and waited for my next opportunity. It took a while, but, it was internship time again. That's when one of the local hospitals sends a group of girls studying for there nursing degree. They get signed off on patient care handing out meds and giving shots correctly.

We appreciate the extra care and attention and most of the interns are really nice. Carla a very nice looking Latina girl took a liking to me, a little thing about five three a hundred pounds with the loveliest long jet black hair. Her breast the size of apples a small waist and a nice round ass, she has hazel eyes and a cute smile.

I just flirted with her and teased her for a few days until she became comfortable with me. All the while old lady Jackson was back to giving me the evil eye. Carla was great, always making sure my place was clean, I had the right meds and smiling when I flirted with her.

It became physical one day when she walked in on me taking a piss. It was planed of course by me. I know I had her when she said, "Ay Papyi, you have a nice size ding dong as she tried to look away. She went about cleaning while I finished up and washed my hands.

"Sorry," I half hearted apologizes as my cock throbbed in my pants. Secretly I wish she would get turned on and suck my cock. But, my tactic had no effect on her. While she was giving me my shot, I asked her why my dick didn't turn her on, she began to tell me about how she grew up in a house with her father an uncle and three brothers.

Her and her sisters saw dick all the time they used to giggle about it. So, to answer my question it takes a little more than seeing a nice long cock to turn her on. Her sisters and Carla had a game where they would sit on either their father or uncle's lap to see if they could make them hard. She remembered back, how that really turned her on. Sometimes, her dad would get really hard and other times he would push her off his lap.

The times that she made him hard she remembered it made her feel like a princess. Just to have his attention even if it was in the wrong way. She didn't even consider it wrong until her mother caught her and told her she shouldn't teased her father like that. But, she didn't care, it was the only way to get his attention.

She remembered as she got older, how good it felt to have his attention and have their special time. She soon learned she was dry fucking her papyi. Sometimes she would make him come, and other times he would tell her not tonight. She was very torn between allowing this to continue or putting a stop to it. It all stopped when one of her sisters became pregnant by their uncle.

She never knew they were going all the way, to her it was all just a game. Looking back she now knew some games shouldn't be played no matter how good they feel. But, it still doesn't stop her from thinking back to how good she made her father feel. At times, she has to finger fuck her wet pussy and come to those memories.

I blurted out, "I will be your papyi, and you can sit on my lap anytime." With a tear and a smile she thanked me, for not judging her and understanding her relationship with her father. Carla finished her duties, and left without saying another word. I figure I blew my chance of getting into her panties.

The next day she showed up without her scrubs. She wore a very pretty summer dress. It revealed more of her hot little body. Her breasts were a little bigger than I thought. She wore no brawl and her nipples are long and thick. She greeted me differently. Instead of Mr. Kiel, she called me Papyi.

She went about her duties sashaying around in her summer dress, until I sat down. Carla looked at me with an innocence of a little girl. "Papyi, can I sit on your lap, please?" It took me a bit to figure out we were role-playing. I nodded my head yes and she walked over. She sat in my lap and got her pussy right on my cock. It took a little adjusting, but I could feel her pussy lips on my shaft.

Carla began to wiggle around, moving her ass and shifting her hips. Her fat pussy felt good on my cock. The more she wiggled and moved, the more I felt her pussy lips part. Then she began to rock back and forth, she must've gotten my cock in position and aliened with her swollen clit.

Her fat pussy felt hot as she wiggled around on my lap, but there was too much material between my cock and her fat pussy. She raised the hem of her summer dress and sat back down on my cock. That felt a little better, but I want it to be flesh on flesh. So, I pulled down my pants and my boxers.

When Carla seen my cock out and her panties were the only material between my cock and her hot wet pussy. She said, "Ahh Poppy you're such a dirty old man, I hope Mama doesn't catch us, because if she does you and I will be in trouble."

Minus the material the sensation was ten times better as Carla worked her pussy, along my shaft. It felt so good to have a fat wet pussy teasing my cock. Carla's panties were soaking wet, along with the heat from her pussy was driving me crazy.

I reached down and pulled her panties to one side, but Carla stopped saying, "Poppy, we can not do this, because I don't want you to put a baby in me and Mama would kill us."

In a calm and even tone, "trust Poppy, I will not put baby in you. I just want to make his favorite princess feel real good, with that; she sat down on my cock. The head of my cock parted her soft, wet pussy lips, the pleasure was so great. We both began to tremble Carla was so wet I slid right in. There was no movement by either one of us once. My nut sack rested against her soft ass cheeks. I could feel her pussy walls around my cock. Just as she could feel my cock throbbing deep in her pussy, this lasted for several minutes as the pleasure took us by surprise

Carla began to slide up my cock, inch by inch until only the head of my cock was in her. Then she slammed her pussy back down, causing her nipples to jump. She did this a few more times before grabbed her ways and began thrusting upward, meeting her downward motion.

Soon, that slapping sound filled the room every time our bodies met Carla gasped as she picked up the pace. I began to grunt, Carla's moans were as a hummingbird. That's when I reached up and tweaked both her long nipples. The sensation pushed her over the edge as she began speaking in Spanish, her pussy clamped down on my cock. I grunted and thrust up as hard as I could driveing my cock deeper into her tight pussy.

"Ahh Poppy you're fucking my pussy so well with your large cock!" Hearing those words made my hips go into overdrive, and I beat that pussy until I shot my load. With one final thrust I emptied my come deep in her hungry pussy.

For a moment Carla was just limp on my dick. I was still pumping, come into her hot wet pussy. She felt ounce after ounce of my come shoot, deep inside her only to ooze back into my lap, the back of her thighs and my lap were a mess.

After catching her breath, she told me, "I haven't, come that much since I used to tease my real father. This was the best role-playing she had ever done!" Her body was still quivering with pleasure as she spoke, my cock began to soften. And finally slip from her drenched pussy Carla went to wash up. She had to remove her dress and when I saw her total naked my cock was hard again. I went into the bathroom bent her over the sink be. As I rammed my cock back up into her drenched pussy. "Ahh Poppy, your strong today. Your going to fuck your little princess some more? You're such a dirty old man with a big cock in your daughter's pussy!"

Her words drove me wild as I rammed my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy. I watched as her nipples swayed back and forth with every thrust her pussy felt so good, while I slammed my cock in and out of it. Her moans, just added to my pleasure. I shot my load for the second time as her pussy walls massaged my dick.

We cleaned up and thank each other for a wonderful afternoon. Carla wanted to know if it would be okay for her to keep seeing me after her rotation was done? I told her it was alright with me. Our role-playing would be greatly welcomed; she smiled as she left my place.

Later that evening in the dining hall I saw Marcy and her mother in a heated discussion. The way they both looked at me when I walked up let me know the discussion had to be about me. I didn't care. I just got my world rocked as I found my table.

Carla was just finishing up her shift. When she walked over and thanked me for wonderful afternoon once again. I looked over at Marcy and old Lady Jackson as both of them just shook their heads. It didn't bother me. Marcy wasn't fucking me and I didn't want to fuck old Lady Jackson.

Carla must've told one of her intern friends about the afternoon we had which got back to old Lady Jackson. Who in turn informed Marcy of my afternoon activities. I was sure to get a visit from Marcy tonight.

Sure enough about four hours later there was a knock at my door. I looked out to see Marcy in tears, I opened the door and Marcy flew into a tantrum. "Your just like my father, can't keep your dick in your pants either! I was going to give you some pussy, just as I had planed to give some to my real father, but he up and died on me."

"I knew it was wrong to plan to fuck my father, maybe that's why he died! So, he wouldn't have to tell his baby girl he couldn't fuck her. I loved him and my lustful thoughts killed him!" Marcy screamed than flung herself onto the bed as she sobbed.

Her tears seemed to subside as my shock began to ware off, I was speechless. I sat next to her on the bed and just rubbed her back to console her. Some time pasted when I finally assured her, "Jesus didn't call her father home for her sins. Some times God calls people home because He needs them more than we do." Marcy took her face out of the bed and looked straight into mines.

"You look and sound just like my father, I love and miss him so much," her breath kept getting caught in her throat. It took all she had to hold back the tears as she continued staring into my eyes. "Can you make me a promise," she asked? "If I can," I explained. "Can you be here for me, me and only me? Will you tell me the truth always, even if it hurts my feelings? One last thing, she continued. Can I call you daddy as you fuck me with that big dick of yours?" With a big smile on my face, "I told her it would be my pleasure," as I kissed them soft lips of hers.

My cock rose immediately as our lips messed together. She broke our kiss and she went into character. "Daddy, are you getting fresh with me your hot sexy daughter," she lead me in. "Right now I don't see a daughter, I see a sexy young woman with a body I want to do all types of things to," I played along. She squealed at the thought and placed her hand on my cock. Her eyes got big and I watched her nipples become erect.

"My daddy is nice and ready, may I see your penis," she asked shyly? I went to take out my dick when she stopped me. "Let me do that for you daddy," she insisted! She unloosened my pants and helped me slip them off. Marcy slipped her soft hands inside my boxers and fished out my hard throbbing cock. She stared at it for a minute as if she had never seen a cock before.

"Daddy you have a large dick," forcing it out like she's not suppose to say the word dick. Then she began to lick her lips like she was about to devourer my jumping cock. Her eyes reflected an innocence's I was seeing for the first. Then in her little girl voice she asked me what I wanted her to do? "Grab the base of my cock, I told her. That's a good daughter, as she wrapped her soft hand around my cock. Her hand tremble as my cock throbbed in her hand.

"Like this daddy, it feels good in my hand. Am I suppose to put my mouth on it daddy," Marcy asked me? "Is that what you want to do," I asked her. She shook her head yes as I watched her red paint lips part. She looked my throbbing dick into her warm mouth as I gasped. She never looked away as her hot mouth went up and down on my really hard penis. Her suction is amazing as she sucked the fore skin over the top of my dick head. The sensation caused my toe's to curl as I grunted trying not to come.

Marcy smacked her lips as my cock slipped from her hot wet mouth. "I'm I doing it right daddy," she asked in a shy voice. Yes, baby girl," was all I could muster as my balls ached to explode. "Daddy I never knew your cock taste so good. Can I suck it a while longer, mommy will be here soon, she reminded me?" "Yes, suck daddies cock until mommy comes home. Don't let her catch my little angle being a naughty girl," I told her

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