Schoolgirl Thighs - My Downfall
Chapter 1- Tricked

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, School, FemaleDom, Orgy, First, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1- Tricked - Our hero is a successful twenty-seven-year-old teacher. Big, strong, fit and clever, he has it all. Looks too. So just the one little weakness really.

God! She was wearing a hockey skirt to class! A short, unpleated wrapover in dark blue. It was exposing virtually her entire thigh.

Sandra Philips, sexy queen bee of Year 10, walked slowly past my desk, pretending to ignore me. But she knew. Oh yes.

She had her little gang watching me as they followed. Watching to see if my eyes tracked those thighs as they traversed my classroom. And my eyes did.

The gang would report back to Sandra. I could just imagine their mocking description of me later, giggling together at my pathetic inability to resist those thighs. Sniggering at how I'd so obviously tried not to watch, but failed. Head down as though to look at my tablet, but eyes on the thighs, giving me away.

They're the most perfect thighs anywhere, quite possibly. I should know: I'm an expert. I watch not only hockey but also tennis, volleyball and athletics. From the sideline when I can, or a grandstand, with my binoculars, or whatever opportunity I can find. I've accidentally become quite a reasonable tennis player just from needing an excuse for hanging round the tennis courts.

As Sandra sat down I replayed her thighs in my mind: the hamstrings, curving deliciously out then in again. Semitencinosus; Biceps femoris; Adductor magnus. How I would love to feel them!

The quadriceps, a moving pageant of shapes: Rectus femoris; Sartorius; Vastus lateralis; down to the Vastus medialis.

Quite large, and all so toned and defined. Hockey is so good for thighs of course, with all the different types of running: accelerating, slowing down, sprinting, turning, endurance ... And now here they were with their consequent magic allure. Strong, but soft; wrapped in that gorgeous fine, tanned skin.

How they'd feel if only I could massage them! The texture, resilience, pliability. How my fingertips would sense the potent perfection, if they could stroke along those miraculous curves and subtle blended shapes!

And how her pussy would feel: the pussy promised by those thighs had to be paradise itself...

I was brought back to the present by the rising noise in the room. I was losing control of the class, letting them sit there with nothing to do but chatter, already looking forward to the end of the school day in an hour's time. I'd better start the lesson: the reign of King Henry the Second.

I managed to get through the lesson by hardly looking at Sandra's side of the class, resisting the teasing knees, which were brazenly apart to flash her panties. No doubt the brightest white panties her mum's washing liquid could achieve (with added miracle brightener by the look of it).

The gang were getting bolder, trying out their newly developed sexy-girl power on me. Making innocent-seeming little plays, testing the reaction, then upping the ante a notch for the next time. Finding me out.

At the end of the class I sat back while the students filed out, shielding myself from the departing thighs by pretending to read my tablet again. But I sensed some girls coming up to me. I made an effort and looked up: Sandra's thighs were not departing, they were on my right.

I looked left, and there were Jill Ashton and Melanie Brown; the rest of the gang. Pretty girls, brunettes like Sandra, in quite short skirts too; with thighs that are rather more slender, but nicely shaped as well, in their own individual way.

I was now alone with them.

"That was an interesting lesson, Dr Richards," said Jill. She had a little smile on her sweet young face, telling me she was being insincere. She's about five foot four, and clever. Slim, and lean of course: Sandra would never have anyone overweight in her gang. Or anyone ordinary-looking. Melanie is the same immaculate type, an inch or so taller than Jill.

These three are the core, then there are various friends and hangers-on, hoping to join or at least be associated with the elite. Hoping to meet the standard, but so far there are just these three.

"Very interesting," Sandra was crowding me a little. She's quite a big girl, maybe five-seven or -eight, with broad shoulders. An athlete, strong and well-coordinated, with a lot of physical confidence. Old in her year, she's sixteen already and I suppose that's given her confidence too. Not super clever, but bright enough. Was she touching her thigh on my arm? I didn't dare look.

Melanie sat impertinently on the edge of my desk, half facing me and trying not to grin. Her skirt was even higher like that of course. Her thighs did look good with being spread out on the desk...

I realised with a sinking feeling that this was a challenge. Quite a blatant challenge, since they didn't say anything more; not justifying their presence. Betting that I wouldn't be able to bring myself to do or say anything that might cause their thighs to move away.

Christ! How they could be so brazen about it? So aggressive, at only fifteen and sixteen.

Jill's right hand went to the hem of her skirt. The skirt wasn't quite as short as the others', but it looked as though she had a plan to compensate for that: she lifted the front of it, right up, revealing her panties; pink panties which seemed a little on the small side for everyday wear. She moved her feet apart and pointed to the top of her delectable right thigh, on the inside: there was a big purplish bruise.

"I bruised my thigh, Dr Richards," she said almost in a whisper, the intimate tone out of place, "do you think I should get it looked at?"

I made a colossal effort. But failed. Her thigh is slender; nicely shaped; lean. Lithe, you might call it. The thigh of a slender girl who does plenty of sports. The bruise was quite big, right up on her iliopsoas, near the gusset of her girlie pink panties.

"Is it tender?" I had to ask, leaning towards it. I was so weak.

However had she been hit there? Why hadn't she said what had happened?

I peered at it, feeling nervous but drawn irresistibly closer and closer to the gorgeous area of fine, soft skin with its tantalising proximity to ... it was makeup!! Powder and some waxy looking substance.

Shit! The little trickster. What should I do?

I'd bust her! I'd smear it and utterly expose the trick! Too fast for her to move I reached out a finger and rubbed it across.

There! It had smeared just as I'd suspected. I took a breath to convict her of her deceit. I had a good mind to give her a detention.

"Oh SIR!!" Sandra gasped, "You TOUCHED her!"

In a millisecond I realised I'd been had. I snatched my finger away, but too late.

"Right by her genitals!" Melanie joined in, "that's SO inappropriate!"

"Dr Richards," Jill cemented my doom, "you really did touch me right, you know, 'down there'. Teachers aren't supposed to do that, are they?"

"Now Jill," I tried to extricate myself, "you know that's makeup and you put it on to trick me. That's very naughty too."

I realised I'd admitted being naughty myself. I was so flustered I couldn't think straight at all, surrounded as I was by schoolgirl thighs; penned in between the wall, the desk, and three sets of exposed thighs. And caught touching an underage pupil right between her legs.

Jill was still holding her skirt up and her legs open; gratuitously I thought. But it wasn't for nothing: Sandra and Melanie had produced their phones and were taking photos of me with Jill standing there right next to me, holding her skirt up, revealing the smeared 'bruise' next to the gusset of her panties while I stared at it.

I heard the camera sounds sealing my fate. The idea of grabbing the phones flitted through my mind, to be dismissed with the thought of being accused of assault.

I felt a hand on my right shoulder. "It's OK Dr Richards," Sandra's voice was silky smooth. "We won't tell anyone. We wouldn't want you to be in all that trouble and sacked and in all the papers, and Jill's photo showing where it was you inappropriately touched her..."

My mind reeled at that all too credible nightmare. I HAD touched one of my pupils right next to her pussy, and the smeared makeup was even there to prove it. Jill is only fifteen. These days it would mean limitless destruction of my whole life; the Sex Offenders' Register loomed over the jobless decades to come, not to mention prison.

"We just want a bit of an extra lesson, that's all," Melanie was swinging her legs slightly. Waving them in front of me, it felt like. Her calves are beautiful.

"What sort of extra lesson?" I asked. It was an admission of defeat.

"Just a bit of a biology lesson," Jill was now stroking a finger teasingly over her 'bruise'.

"There's a bit of a gap in our education you see, just at the moment," Sandra was teasing too.

There was a pause. Jill put her hand on my left shoulder. It was controlling; with Sandra's controlling hand on the other.

I felt ridiculous leaving the hands there - I'm a reasonably well-built six foot one, and fit. I could probably pick all the girls up together! And I'm twenty-seven with two degrees and a PhD, and for two weeks now an Assistant Head of Department! But I stayed passive.

"We want to see a penis, Dr Richards, that's all." Sandra's voice was soothing in tone ... fake? Or did she mean it in that friendly way?

"It's not easy for girls our age, you see," it was Melanie's turn to twist the screw, "to learn about that bit of biology without compromising our, er, modesty. You see what we mean don't you? Boys would insist on seeing our tits, or more even, in exchange for us seeing their cocks, but for you, well our thighs are enough aren't they? We can see..."

I shuffled in my chair, suddenly aware of my expanding cock struggling for room in my briefs. The girls were staring at it. The contact had set it off, coming on top of the three pairs of fit schoolgirl thighs all on show and all within touching distance.

"And is that all you want, to look at it?" I clutched at that straw.

"Just a look," affirmed Jill, "and a quick description of the parts, obviously, as it's a biology lesson."

They were all smiling at me. I had to trust them: these days it only needed a hint of inappropriate touching for a teacher's career, and their whole life, to be in tatters. Not to say two of them are underage, and with my 'position of trust' it would mean years in prison, I was pretty sure.

They were confident I was going to do it. They knew once I'd touched Jill I was theirs. Three of them saying the same thing, with the photos ... I had no chance of getting out of it. I could say it was a setup till I was blue in the face but teachers aren't supposed to be victims.

Teen girls are victims, and that's how the story would play, if it got out. My size was against me too: 'Hulking Brute Abuses Little Schoolgirl' was the nightmare headline ricocheting around in my skull.

That was probably why they'd used the smallest of them, even. And if they needed to they could make a real bruise there...

"Alright, close the door then," I capitulated. Jill ran lightly on her fit legs and closed it. There was no lock but it wasn't likely to be opened by anyone at this time of day.

I stood up. "Round here," said Sandra, indicating the front of the desk; it was rather close to an order, but I let it go. I was desperate for them to clear off and leave me alone, thighs or not. The feeling of being in their not altogether benign control was scary. They could have asked it as a favour, after all, without making it blackmail and such a power thing.

They gathered round me and closed in on my crotch. I was still a bit hard. Melanie undid my belt, Jill undid my trouser catch, and Sandra slowly opened my zip. The vibrations from the zip made me fully hard.

They were such a team, doing it all so fast. I could just imagine them planning all this, laughing about what they were going to do to me.

Sandra tugged on my trousers and they fell down to my ankles. I felt weak. But I just stood there.

She crouched down, so nearly revealing her panties, her quads looking more amazing than ever, and pulled the waistband of my briefs away so that Melanie could reach in and help my cockhead flip over the top.

It boinged out, zinging manically at her touch. Jill rolled the tails of my shirt up, leaving me completely exposed.

"Mmmm" pronounced Sandra at my nearly eight inches by one point seven, "Not bad. I think you need your feet a bit further apart." She nudged my feet to pull off my shoes, followed by my trousers and briefs. Now I was in my shirt and socks, feeling ridiculous, but with my cock still hard and sticking out. Well I supposed flaccid would have been even worse.

The girls clustered round, giggling and victorious.

"Ooh, so that's the cockhead," said Melanie, pointing.

"And that's the shaft, all veiny," Jill was pointing, getting her fingertip rather close. "It's pretty thick."

"And these are the balls, all hairy!" Sandra laughed and almost cupped them. I jumped, but didn't try to stop her. Her hand was only just tickling the hairs.

"So does it do anything if I touch it?" Melanie did! Her fingertip was on my cockhead. It was an escalation, but only a small one. If that would satisfy them, so they'd leave, I didn't want to make an issue of it.

"Oooh, what does it feel like?" Jill wanted to know. Before I could do anything her finger was on it too. Then I felt Sandra's hand tighten around my balls. Not hard, but sensuously.

Jill's delicate hand enclosed my shaft; then Sandra's squeezing became rhythmical, and Melanie had more fingers on me. The sensation was overwhelming. Already some precum was leaking out, lubricating Melanie's feminine little fingers, so they were now sliding electrifyingly up and down my cockhead.

It was all happening so fast.

The blood was rushing through my head, the feelings were building, out of control, up and up, my cock taking over my being. In a minute I heard myself groaning. I'd been aroused for too long, with their thighs, and now the feeling built to bursting; it was irresistible ... I was cumming, spurting my desperate release in spasm after spasm. Jill and Melanie moved quickly to let my sperm spurt onto the floor between them.

I came and came, lurching and groaning while the girlie hands milked me dry.

As I came back down to earth they were all giggling.

"Wow, Dr Richards," Sandra smirked, "you certainly didn't last long!" The others joined in the mockery as we all looked down at the puddle of my cum on the floor, with a couple of long trails from the first frantic spurts.

"Gosh that's quite a lot!" sniggered Melanie.

"We'll have to remember, if ever there's a fire," laughed Jill.

"Thanks for the lesson Sir, see you tomorrow," mocked Sandra. The girls were grinning as they walked off, enjoying the game they'd made of me. It was all a huge joke.

So much for the 'biology lesson' and 'just having a look' at a cock. The whole thing, hockey skirt and all the rest, the fake bruise, had all been planned so they could watch a man cum, and I had fallen neatly into their trap.


The next day, to my surprise and relief, the gang were hiding their thighs within jeans and trousers. Not even skin tight. They weren't in my last class either.

At five o'clock however, when most people had gone home, they came into my office - without knocking. Though looking at their cocky faces I suspected that would be the least of my problems. They looked gorgeous as always, but their manner was a bit evil.

"Hello Dr Richards," Sandra smiled, "or can we call you Justin now?" Her face is a bit Slavic, with high cheekbones. The top of her nose is broad and her grey eyes are on the small side but magnetically attractive. It's a strong face, and she knows how sexy it is.

"Dr Richards." I'd regained some courage since yesterday.

"We were thinking about another lesson," Melanie was looking me up and down with a put-on lecherous smile. Her hazel-eyed face is scarcely less appealing. It's slightly freckled and her mouth turns up at the ends.

"Somewhere private," grinned slender little Jill with her delicate features and wide-set striking blue eyes. As usual they were a unit.

"Well there isn't anywhere."

"Of course there's somewhere," Sandra came right up to me and ran a confident hand up the inside of my leg, "you don't want us to do you here do you?"

"You're not going to do me anywhere," I growled. She was daring me to give her a push.

"Now Justin," she smirked, "don't go all macho on us okay? We only have to post one little photo somewhere, or have Jill do one tearful interview with us as witnesses, and your life is extinct. We know that, and we know you know that. So don't fight us. You touched her, end of."

My courage melted away under her conviction. No-one would believe me, and even if they did they'd think I hadn't really needed to touch her. No teacher in his right mind would touch a fifteen-year-old pupil two inches from her pussy.

Sandra wasn't finished either: "You like perving girls and now it's put you in this position. We're ready and it's time. Those Deirdre Russell bitches are boasting about getting laid and so we have to. That's how it is. And we're not going to be some lads' hero stories either so it's you. You're hot and we chose you."

Deirdre Russell is the leader of the only gang that can rival Sandra's. They're a rough lot with poor grades but there are more of them. Deidre is big and had once challenged Sandra by shoving her, and Sandra had humiliated her with some kind of judo trip or something, so ever since it's been war.

Sandra wasn't going to tolerate Dierdre's gang boasting they knew more about sex than her own gang. It was that simple. Enter Dr Justin Richards. Romantic it wasn't. And evidently they were planning to 'go all the way', illegal or not.

"Up to you," she ramped up the pressure, "someone might come in, or they might not. Anyway you've let us 'perform a sexual act' on you already."

Melanie grinned and undid a button on her blouse, revealing a naughty amount of illegal teen breast. Melanie is a good C. She undid another one, bringing her bra into view.

"I think we should just get on with it," Jill pulled her blouse out of her jeans and began undoing it from the bottom. Her slim, flat tummy started to appear.

"Alright," I panicked. Only moral authority could have saved the day, and after being wanked off by them I didn't have any.

I'd have bet it was Jill who'd plotted it like this. She was smiling at me, in her beguiling way; no doubt chalking up another win.

"So where?" Sandra was making that my problem. I thought desperately. I had to get them out of my office before someone popped in. Three teens, two of them part undressed...

"The Performance Hall," I decided, "under the seating. I'll unlock the door from the corridor." It was about the only place that would be safe from the cleaners.

All too few minutes later I was in there, opening the door to let the gang in. It's a storage space under the seating gallery, a bit dusty and full of beams and old seats and tables, but secret. I was using my phone for light, so that light wouldn't show round the door, and the shadows made it all seem more illegitimate than ever.

We moved in a crouch among the pillars, the girls adding their phones to the eerie illumination. At the back it was high enough for even me to stand up.

"What have we got to lie on?" Sandra marshalled her troops. They crept excitedly round the storage area, until Melanie found some torn vinyl gym mats. They dragged them over.

"Okay lets see your hunky body Justin," Sandra giggled. She was high on her power trip.

The only option was for me to get it over and done with. "I hope you're safe," was the best I could do as I undressed.

"Of course we're safe," she shot my feeble attempt at authority down in flames, "what else would we be?"

The girls took their clothes off, happy to reveal their gorgeous young bodies to me in their dominant situation, seeing me reacting to them, a big older male completely under their control.

It was curiously matter-of-fact how Sandra was standing there, showing off her stunning young form - on the tall side as I said, with broad, strong shoulders, not heavily muscled but athletic; pert B-cups well spread at the base, quite high; a smallish waist and a fairly broad pelvis that matches her shoulders and her fabulous, beautifully muscled thighs. Good big calves, narrow ankles...

Quite a sparse bush not obviously trimmed, in the lighter skin where she'd been in the sun in a small bikini. Her tits had triangular tan lines on them too, but not as pronounced - she'd done some topless sunbathing. Skin that tans easily. Pale brown hair, straight, just onto those shoulders. Glittering grey eyes. Sixteen, and a virgin.

"So, you have to get me wet first..." she lay down on the mats, legs apart, and imperiously indicated her pussy.

I supposed that meant eating her. I got down and shuffled in between her thighs on my elbows, relieved to feel my cock getting hard as the sights and aromas overcame the humiliation. I was actually between these thighs! Though not in a situation I'd ever imagined, of course.

I kissed the inside of her left thigh and she flinched, but didn't move. I kissed again, a bit higher up, and this time she didn't flinch. Her skin is fine, and super-soft in that area naturally. I soaked up the feel of it, and the fragrance.

I shifted onto my right shoulder and eased her knee up, so I could wrap my hands round her thigh. I sniffed and kissed it some more, stroked her quad and hefted her gorgeous, heavy hamstring. The muscle was lean, warm, with that unique texture.

"Keep going Justin," she commanded with a giggle. Showing off to Jill and Melanie.

I kissed my way slowly up to her labia. I'm probably not the most sensual guy in the world but I know the theory, even if my girlfriends have always been wet and ready by the time we're naked and haven't needed all this buildup.

She was dry when I finally arrived at her pussy, so I pushed her gorgeous thighs further apart and got into some serious eating. After a couple of minutes she started to shift around and I squirmed sideways to make room to get a finger in, whereupon her pussy took off.

I felt her strength as her pelvis started to buck around. I added another finger. No sign of a hymen, thank goodness. It didn't take her long to be fully ready, her labia really swollen and soaking wet.

I raised myself and shuffled forwards on my knees, looming over the stunning girl as I lined up my bulging, thrumming cockhead. I knew I mustn't get too close to her face or try to kiss her.

I could see she was nervous, but determined not to show it of course.

"Just say if you want to call it off," I patronised her. Just because I was going to fuck her didn't mean I wasn't pissed off with her.

"Get on with it Justin," she smirked, "let's hope you can last long enough."

I sighed and began to ease into her, very slowly because I'm quite big in girth as well as length. I heard Jill and Melanie gasping as they watched, pointing their phones' screen-lights at the spectacle, and quite likely thinking about their own pelvises being smaller than the one that was currently being impaled.

Sandra's pussy felt incredible as it wrapped grasping round my cock. She's so strong, and I was learning that included her pussy too. I did about twenty small thrusts, until she closed her thighs enough to stop me going any deeper. I started to fuck her.

I was getting about five inches in, then landing with my pelvis on her gorgeous inner thighs. It was fabulous, frustrating and demeaning all at once. I fucked slowly and gently, waiting for her to relax. She was nice and wet, at least. Gradually her thighs opened wider and my stroke could become longer, until after about five minutes she was welcoming my entire length. Some girls can take it all, some can't.

Sandra could, so I decided to fuck the young miss into submission.

I started off very slowly, pistoning in and out at about a couple of seconds per stroke, and pressing in deeply with a little grind on her swollen vulva. She groaned and writhed.

"Shh!" I went. The building was so quiet, someone in the corridor or the Performance Hall could easily hear us if she got noisy.

"Don't shush me," she gasped, "get on with it."

I fucked on, keeping her on the boil, speeding up for a while then slowing down whenever she seemed to be getting close. I stopped the deep strokes and messed about near her entrance for a time, went deep again, began doing a couple of quick strokes followed by a slow one, did some random speeds and depths, and generally gave her no rhythm. She wouldn't know what to expect of course.

At one point I had to stop and let a tiny little cum ease my aching cock, but I stayed big in her and I didn't think she noticed. I was a bit softer for a few minutes but I gradually hardened up again. Sandra was writhing and groaning as I held her just below her much-needed release.

"I don't think he's doing it properly," Jill said, after what felt like half an hour.

"Yeah," Melanie agreed, "he's all over the place."

Smack!! Sandra's big, strong hand was surprisingly painful on my ass. "Fuck properly or you're toast," she seethed.

"You are fucking a pupil, on school premises," said Melanie threateningly, and I realised she was videoing it with her phone at the same time as illuminating the scene.


I started a full-on fuck. If that's what Sandra wanted...

I grabbed her shoulders and went to maximum speed. Not slamming but fucking as fast as I could with a full stroke. I reckoned it would scare the crap out of the two watching fifteen-year-olds and show Little Miss Leader-of-the-Pack who was boss.

"UUUUuuurrrggghhh" Sandra started straight away. I kept going and she kept cumming. My cock felt something vague but powerful gripping it, an irresistible pulsating, and then I was cumming too, the sex haze swamping me and helping me to forget I was being used.

I was spurting deep into the stunning teen and pressing in, slowing to time the spurts with the deep insertions.

I came and came, and so did Sandra. She was loving it, to my annoyance. I felt her hands on the sides of my ribcage, and her strong young body flexing her pelvis up to meet my dying thrusts while her strong young pussy squeezed the last of the sperm out of me.

Finally I was spent. I couldn't lie on her, of course, so I clambered off before sagging down next to her, as far away as the mat would allow.

"Not bad, Justin," Sandra panted, a mocking grin on her face.

I didn't reply. I was afraid if I said anything it might convey how great she'd been. 'Conflicted' didn't even start to describe my state. I lay and gazed at her thighs, and the naked, lovely Melanie Brown and Jill Ashton.

"Who's next?" Sandra asked after half a minute.

Jill and Melanie both hesitated, and I realised I'd succeeded in scaring them with the full-on fuck show.

"Nobody's next, I'm not a machine," I said. Why I was getting them off the hook I didn't even know.

"Oh, you mean you can't get it up again?" Sandra taunted.

"It's normal for men," I explained.

"Okay well there's always tomorrow, if that's all you've got," Sandra smirked, to my surprise. Well it had been her first time. Under the bravado and domme act she'd probably had enough herself. Perhaps she was also sensing her friends' reluctance.

So we all got dressed and my ordeal-cum-amazing-sex was over for the day.

"Let's have your number and your private email," Jill demanded casually, and later that evening some photos and video arrived on my phone. A big man had evidently had a young girl lift her skirt, made her and her young friends masturbate him to orgasm (I hadn't even noticed them taking those photos), then forced one of them to submit to a ferocious assault in some kind of basement.

I spent the next day, a Wednesday, in tingling trepidation and anticipation of course. There was hardly anything they couldn't force me to do.

At least the gang had stayed in their jeans and trousers, being smart enough not to flaunt their conquest. I had to count on them letting Deirdre know they'd lost their cherries without saying with whom.

I say 'cherries' plural because I was pretty sure Melanie and Jill would have got over their fear and would be determined to follow their leader's bossy example.

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