The New Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sue learns a lot from her older sister. Now she has to put it into practice.

Sue was almost twenty years old and had not yet managed to go into the horizontal with a man with lusting intentions. Her mama told her as long as she kept one foot on the floor she would probably still be pure but her common sense dictated that once something like that started there would be only one conclusion. She was really a klutz when it came to putting on make-up but hated to admit her shortcomings so she just told everyone she was against such foolishness and liked the "fresh" look.

She was lucky because her figure had sprouted boobs recently and backside looked pretty good from swimming every morning in her family's backyard pool. Sue kept it all kind of hidden under plain wrapping with her granny panties and her long skirt that came down to the knees. The new style was like halfway between the knee and the panty line but she felt safer by not advertising her shapely legs in too ostentatious a manner with absolute strangers.

Things had not worked out at the community college so she was getting ready to start her first job at the department store in the mall that catered to the upscale young housewives with expensive tastes. The interviewer was an elderly woman who liked Sue's manner of dress and the fact she was not all painted up like some Eighth Avenue whore looking for customers. Her older sister Louise worked in the store but she had a plush job in the administration department making up the timesheets and turning in inventory reports to the central headquarters up in Albany. Louise had been promised a position in Albany as soon as one of the head bookkeepers retired right after Easter.

Their parents were none too happy to have their eldest daughter move quite that far away and they did their best to discourage her from the thought. In all honesty, Louise was not all that certain she really wanted to go out on her own like that but her disastrous affair with a married insurance salesman from The Metropolitan had made her desirous of finding some place new where people didn't look at her and whisper behind her back that she was a nasty little "home breaker".

Sure, Ronald had four kids and his terrible wife with the potty mouth had chased her with a broom when she came by his house to drop off his paycheck when he was out with the flu. It was her own fault for falling in love with the old fart. Apparently, the ugly woman was fully informed about how "sweet" her ass was when she bent over for old ass-fucker Ronald who tended to babble in his sleep. She was absolutely mortified because rumors of her run-in with the old biddy had made the rounds and she could hear the snide remarks that followed her everywhere she went.

Sue loved to listen to her sister's stories about Ronald's cock and how he like to put it places no decent girl should even consider as a residence for cock activities. She would turn over right afterwards and hide her excitement from her sister as she rode her teddy bear like a lover pressed up against the wallpaper with scenes of Winnie the Pooh in his magical garden. She imagined some middle-aged married boss with a huge cock making her take it in her back door like she was a filthy tramp looking to get laid no matter how degrading or humiliating the circumstance. It never failed to make her pulse race and she invariably received a satisfactory orgasm that made her shudder like she had the palsy.

As it turned out, her sister Louise took up with a labor organizer on the docks and her tales of how he shamefully used her lips and backside made Sue weak with passion to have a boyfriend of her own. One thing led to another and before Louise had a chance to accept the position in Albany, she wound up pregnant with the union guy's baby. Actually, the guy turned out to be a pretty good catch because he was well-connected down in Little Italy with some guys you don't want to know their names. Louise became Mrs. Tony Sorrentino just before a three day holiday that they spent in Atlantic City for their honeymoon. Their parents were not at all pleased but brightened up considerably when they got the added news that the newlyweds were also expecting their first child in about six months.

They both continued to work at the upscale department store and Sue was promoted from her stockroom job to assistant in the fitting room section. Now she was in full view of the customers, Sue allowed Louise to apply her make-up so she fit into the scheme of things a lot better than her usual plain Jane exterior. The application of lipstick and eye shadow did wonders for her appearance and Louise even lent her some of her French undies that were gifts from the generous Ronald. She hemmed her skirt and now when she bent over to pick up something from the floor, a glimpse of her undies as sure to come into view. Ronald happened to see her do just that one afternoon and he angrily told her she was wearing "his" panties that he had given to her sister Louise. Sue was embarrassed but she could understand Ronald's point of view considering he had not gotten any pussy from her sister ever since the broom incident.

"Mr. Johnson, you are right, I borrowed these from my sister but I didn't mean any disrespect to your gift. If you want, you can touch them back here in the fitting room and I wouldn't mind at all since you were the one that bought them."

Sue closed her eyes as Ronald ran his greedy fingers all over her undies even sliding down inside like a boy with candy wanting to eat it all at one time. In fact, he was so ardent that she considered allowing him to take her cherry right there in the fitting room but it seemed a little too risky because the floorwalker was known to check the rooms periodically.

"Be a good girl, Sue and get down on your knees."

Sue did as he asked but she wondered why her sister's old boyfriend would want her on her knees like some suitor making a proposal. Her question was answered immediately when she saw him taking his business out to flop right on top of her nose. This was the "in the mouth" thing that he liked making Louise do when they didn't have enough time to get undressed and hump the old fashioned way.

She was a little shocked that the thing started to get hard right away and before she could object, he started leaking sticky stuff right inside her mouth. It didn't taste particularly good but he seemed to enjoy it so much that she just sucked with lots of suction like she had seen on the video her sister had gotten as a gift from her first boyfriend. Sue figured she was doing something right from the way that Mr. Johnson groaned and told her,

"That's a good girl, Sue. Just like your sister. You girls sure know how to make a fella feel real good."

At that point Sue just didn't see what her sister saw in Mr. Johnson because he shot his load rather prematurely and caused her to swallow it all down in complete surprise at his loss of control.

"I am sorry, honey, I usually don't have a hair trigger but I have to admit you have a fantastic technique with that lovely tongue of yours. Would you mind if I put one of my fingers in your bottom just to see if you are as tight back there as your sister. She had the most perfect little ass and really knew how to move it when the time was right."

Sue peeked out the fitting room curtain and didn't see the floorwalker, Mr. Anderson. She lifted her short skirt in the back and let the older man hook her panties down to her knees and rub his greedy fingers in her crack and right up in her leaking slit. It was a lot more exciting than the mouth thing and she wondered if it would feel even better with a real live cock. Unfortunately, they would not find out because the floorwalker was headed right in their direction and he looked like he expected some sort of hanky-panky in the fitting rooms.

Mr. Johnson made himself scarce and Sue looked over her shoulder with total innocence at Mr. Anderson like a prim and proper employee with the correct attitude to her superiors.

Her sister decided her new husband was more important than any job up in Albany and she told the department head that her sister Sue was better suited to the job than she because her younger sister had no family obligations to distract her from the responsible position. Mr. Johnson took it upon himself to take a strong support for Sue's promotion and she rewarded him with a courtesy special on her knees in the management rest room.

Somehow, the rumors in the headquarters in Albany were all about her sister Louise and she came in as the new girl with all of Louise's baggage for giving head and taking it up the ass with anyone in a position of authority. Sue tried at first to tell them that she was really not that type of girl but the assumption was too strong and she was put into embarrassing situations that required her services either on her knees or bent over a desk in the main office more than once. After a while, she got used to the case of mistaken identity and she was grateful to Mr. Johnson for giving her some experience in being bad before she had to do it on a daily basis often even before lunch.

She was known and referred to as "The New Girl from New York City" and soon a number of the male executives were asking for her services in that title rather than calling her by her real name of Sue.

The nasty need to bust her cherry was taken care of by the security department head, Captain Underwood who let her sit on his rock-hard prick while they watched one of the customers getting her upscale pussy licked in a locked fitting room with colonial furnishings. The hidden cameras in the fitting rooms were really sharp and Sue could see the salesgirl's tongue sliding up and down the older woman's pussy like a wine taster getting a sample of the body and flavor. She was so engrossed in the expressions on the attractive older woman's face that she barely noticed when Mr. Underwood moved further back in her crotch and pressed his bullet head cock on her brown eye fluttering in complete chaos between the spy cam and the loss of virginity only a short while prior. The first indication she had that she was also losing her anal cherry on Mr. Underwood's comfortable lap was the sudden popping noise her sphincter made when his cock opened her up like a can of peaches.

Sue immediately fell in love with the ugly face brute of a man who had complete control of her most secret place. She wanted him to stay inside her back there because of how he made her feel so filled and satisfied. When he started to hump her ass as they both watched the customer getting her pussy licked, she started to groan too loud for decorum causing him to clamp his palm over her mouth to muffle her sounds of sheer pleasure.

One of Mr. Underwood's assistants came into the office and sat silently watching Sue's face as she took him bravely all the way up. She could tell the young man wanted to do the exact same thing to her and for some reason him watching her humiliation made her rush into a fantastic orgasm that made her quiver and shake on the security chief's cock. When he was finished with her, she rose up and let his shrinking dick fall out like a sack of potatoes. Fortunately, the puddle of cream stayed inside and she covered her shame with her borrowed undies walking rather shakily back to her office at the back of the building.

Her willingness to keep the executive staff less tense at work made her an invaluable asset to the company and she soon was promoted to vice president in charge of staff morale and public relations spokesperson for visiting clients. Her efforts in making the clients feel welcome at the corporate headquarters resulted in increased sales and the entire staff received Christmas bonuses that were higher than the preceding year.

It looked like Sue was a rising star in the corporate world all because of her agreeable attitude and submissive nature.

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