Mistress Monique
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Light Bond, Interracial, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An introverted wife who wants to make changes in her life and what happens when she makes the changes.

Bob checked carefully-Maddy was sound asleep. Silently he slid out of bed and crept out of the bedroom. Walking quietly to his home office, he carefully eased the door open and sat down behind his desk.

Bob booted up his PC. Opening his web browser and typing in his password brought him to a secret list of favourites. Quickly scrolling down, he clicked on "First Time Fuckbunnies". Every week, he checked on the latest in his favorite "pro-am" series. But he had to keep it secret, Maddy, his wife, didn't approve of porn.

So Bob contented himself with watching Dick Rayde, an assortment of other guys and, very occasionally, a porn actress or two, as he interviewed and then fucked five or six girls in every hole they had. Bob's fascination was watching Dick doing the things Bob would never dare to ask his shy, quiet wife to do.

Most of the girls were talented cocksuckers, they certainly had no problems swallowing Dick's thick ten-incher, and certainly had no objection to Dick working them over with a tongue that rivaled Gene Simmons'.

This week's episode showcased five newcomers, making their porn debut, and featured several of Dick's fellow professionals, as well. Bob dropped the boxers he'd gone to bed in down around his knees, queued up his virtual video player, maximized the window on his flatscreen monitor, turned the volume down low-no sense risking waking Maddy and focused on the onscreen action.

The first girl, Angel, was a blonde with huge tits. As usual, Dick asked her a few questions about herself- her name, her age, why she was doing this ("Money," she said, forthrightly), whether her boyfriend approved (or if he even knew) and soon. Then he asked her to take off her top, which she did, setting her boobs free; big as they were, they still stayed high and round and didn't sag.

"I thought so," Bob thought to himself, "they have got to be implants."

At Dick's urging, Angel got the ball rolling by pulling up her short skirt, revealing her clean shaven crotch and her obvious lack of panties. She began fingering herself. Her pussy was already excited-looking, soon she was dripping and Bob watched raptly as she buried first a finger, then another and lastly her whole hand into her pussy as she brought herself to an obviously real orgasm.

"Nice," thought Bob, "Most of them fake it..."

Dick stepped into the shot, his massive cock already standing high and hard, Angel propped herself up on her elbows, opened her mouth and sucked it in. It wasn't the best blowjob Bob had ever seen, "But even the worst is pretty damn good when you aren't getting any."

Dick grabbed her head and began pumping her mouth, fucking it like a pussy. She managed to take almost all of him in and didn't seem too stressed by the treatment. As Dick kept on fucking her throat, she began fingering her clit again, and had another orgasm.

Her skirt fell back over her upturned ass as Dick pulled out of her mouth, turned her around on the bed and positioned her on her elbows and knees with her butt in the air. Folding her skirt up on her ass, he knelt down and proceeded to give her cunt and her asshole a thorough licking, until her pussy was shiny with her own juices and his spit. Standing up, he placed the head of his cock at her opening, grabbed her hips, and with one thrust, filled her with the full ten inches, as she gasped in shock and probably some discomfort.

Dick began slowly pumping the girl's stretched pussy with short strokes, obviously working to stretch her and loosen her up somewhat, then gradually began thrusting harder and faster until he was slamming his full length in and out of her. Angel grunted with each stroke, shoving back to meet them, clutching the sheets to brace herself, as she began to moan in another orgasm.

Suddenly Dick pulled out, rolled her over, grabbed her legs behind the knees, and slammed back into her now-gaping cunt. Again he pistoned in and out, giving his hips a quick flick with each stroke so that his cock was twisting inside her like a power mixer. Angel was past moaning now, tossing her head from side to side, wide-eyed, sweat plastering her hair to her head she wailed her way to another orgasm.

Pulling out again, Dick stepped back as she sat up, and then moved in for her to begin sucking his glistening cock again, thrusting in and out of her mouth for a while, then, straddling her body, he squeezed her huge tits together around his cock and fucked them until he drew back and, as she held him with one hand and aimed him at her open mouth, he blasted out a huge gush of semen, which mostly went in her mouth but also splattered up her face from forehead to chin.

The camera slowly zoomed in as she reached up and scooped a fingerful of cum as it dripped from her chin, and sucked it off her finger and then grinned at the camera.

"Not bad," Bob thought. "Nothing special, but a pretty good fuck."

The second girl was a petite back girl named Shamira, and she couldn't manage to deep throat all of Dick's cock, but she climbed on in reverse cowgirl position and rode him like a rodeo champ. As a finale she actually managed to take the big thing up her ass in doggie position. This time Dick blasted his cum all over her back.

"Man," Bob said to himself, "How the hell did she take all that?"

By now Bob had taken manners in hand, and was slowly stroking his hard cock-all eight inches and pencil thin. He was hoping to pace himself and not cum until the very last girl's money shot.

The third girl, Heather, was another blonde-thin, with tattoos on her tits, which were nothing to brag about, even compared to Shamira's obviously unenhanced pair, and microscopic compared to Angel's plastic monsters. She had a deep tan, with incredibly white bikini lines, which made her trimmed but not shaven cunt hair stand out sharply, and was, Bob admitted to himself, pretty erotic.

Her specialty appeared to be acrobatic sex, and the final position had her on the floor on her back, with her knees beside her ears, as Dick pounded her wide-open pussy from above and behind. She unfolded quite quickly, and sucked Dick till he came to finish off her segment.

"That acrobatic stuff doesn't look as if it would be all that much fun." muttered Bob.

Girl number four, Tamara, was a Goth chick with soot-back hair, dead white skin, overly done black eye-shadow, mascara, and lipstick. She had way too many piercings and tatoos for Bob's taste. On the other hand, she wore a wraparound mid calf length black skirt with an artfully ripped hemline and a tight fishnet top that covered her good-sized tits without actually concealing them.

She also wore black fishnet hose and lace up half boots with four-inch heels. When she lifted up her skirt to masturbate as Dick instructed, she revealed a black, lace garter belt holding the fishnets up and crotchless black panties. Bob had always liked girls in garter belts, hose and high heels but, the erotic effect was somewhat spoiled for him by her numerous tattoos and in addition her lower lip, left nostril, both nipples, her navel and her clit were pierced.

Bob watched in amazement as she frenziedly plunged four fingers in and out of her cunt and brought herself to a loud and very wet orgasm. Then it was time for her to suck Dick's cock. She did ok and, from all appearances, Dick approved of the stud through her tongue.

The actual fucking was fairly routine, very quickly she was screaming like a cat in heat with obvious pleasure as Dick plowed first her pussy and then her ass from behind.

Bob realized that there was only one girl to go, and none of the other porn professionals had yet made an appearance.

"Jeeze," he thought, "this last girl must be something special."

The title card said "Mistress Monique".

The scene faded in, revealing a tall redhead, wearing a skin-tight black leather cat suit; it covered her whole body, ending high on her neck. She carried a whip in one hand and a set of handcuffs in the other, and wore large dark glasses that hid half her face and gave her a sexy but sinister look.

Erotic as all hell but, the very essence of a sinister domme. "Jeeze!" Bob muttered, "I'd like a piece of that!""

The camera panned slowly down along her long, slender legs, finally reaching her feet. She wore red, form-fitting leather boots that reached almost to her knees, they had 5 inch heels that ended in a stiletto spike. The heels on her boots made her at least six feet tall, downright menacing and erotically sexy.

Bob hardly took in the specific details, because he immediately focused on where her left boot rested. The boot was casually pinning the head of one of Dick's frequent female co-stars to the floor. The blonde actress laid helpless at her feet, nude, blindfolded and gagged.

Lifting her foot and leaning forward, Monique snapped the cuff on the left wrist of the prostrate woman, cruelly twisted both her hands behind her back, snapped the other cuff around her right wrist and pulled her to her feet by her bound wrists. Shoving her onto the bed, she reached down to her crotch and opened a zipper that ran from the bottom of her belly all the way under her mound and up to the top of her perfectly-shaped ass. The crotch of the suit gaped open, revealing a completely shaven cunt that already glistened.

Bob began stroking himself more quickly. He couldn't help himself.

He watched spellbound as she reached up and pulled open two concealed plackets, exposing her hard, erect nipples and areolae.

Stepping toward the bed, she wordlessly stripped the ball gag from the handcuffed blonde's mouth, grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her face into her own crotch.

Finally, she spoke, in a near-whisper full of command and passion. "Lick me, bitch," she hissed, pressing the woman's face even more tightly to her crotch and leaning backward to thrust her cunt directly into her slave's face.

The blindfolded porn star began lapping at the wide-open cunt her face was pressed against, but apparently not quickly or deeply enough to please Mistress Monique. "You can do better." she hissed, raised the whip she still held and brought it down on her back and shoulders. Bob winced when he realized that the whip was actually leaving red marks-not deep ones, nothing that would leave a permanent mark. The sound of the whip meeting the woman's flesh was chilling and gave him goosebumps. Eventually it appeared that Monique had had enough of this, she shoved the bound woman onto her back on the bed, swung a leg to straddle her face and again thrust her cunt into the woman's face as she hissed "More, you useless slut. Make your Mistress cum."

As the blonde began licking and sucking her cunt and her clit, she leaned back for a moment, then leaned forward, and shoved the butt end of her whip roughly into the other girl's snatch, pumping it in and out as if it were a dildo. Bob could see that the whip's butt shone with moisture from the wide-open cunt it was violating. "Could she be turned on?" he wondered.

Then the camera zoomed to a closer shot of Monique's cunt and the helpless blindfolded woman's face, smeared with Monique's wetness, her tongue and lips working to please her mistress ... and he realised that her nipples were fully erect and obviously hard as pebbles in masochistic pleasure.

Suddenly, Monique gave several piercing moans and more wetness smeared her slave's face, and the girl actually screamed in ecstacy into Monique's cunt as her mistress ground it harder yet against her face in orgasm.

The picture faded out.

It faded back in, revealing Monique, still wearing the leather cat suit, the crotch still unzipped, and the black shades, standing surrounded by three nude, male porn stars. All three already had erections that obviously owed nothing to viagra, as Monique's leather gloved fingers stroked their cocks two at a time.

Without a word, she knelt before one, still holding the other two guys' cocks, and slowly took the head of his big cock in her mouth. Still slowly, stroking the cocks she held in either hand, she leaned forward, and in one stroke, swallowed his ten inches all the way to the base. She began to move her head slowly back and forth, the hard rod slipping from between her lips until only the head was in her mouth, then again swallowing the whole thing.

After a while of that, she released the other guys, and, allowing the whole cock to slip from her mouth, began jacking him with one hand as she licked his balls and then carefully, one at a time, sucked them between her ruby red lips. Her other hand reached down and two fingers began to stroke in and out of her own dripping cunt.

Standing again, she stepped over to the bed, and one of the guys lay down on it, his hard cock pointing straight up in the air. Straddling him, she spread her pussy lips and guided the purple head inside, and then. in one smooth move. slipped all the way down until her mound flattened his pubic hair. The other two studs knelt next to her on either side of the bed, and she reached out and again began stroking their cocks, turning her head first one way and then the other, sucking each a few strokes in turn as she pumped her cunt up and down the big dick inside her.

And then Dick walked into view. Bob unconsciously began to increase the tempo of his strokes. It was time for the finale.

Dick knelt on the bed, between the legs of guy underneath Monique, he began to play with her ass with a fingertip. Carefully, he slipped the tip of one finger inside her rosebud, sliding it in and out, gradually deeper, until it was fully buried in her ass. Then he added a second finger, patiently working to loosen her tight passage more, until both digits were easily slipping in and out.

A third finger began violating her butt until she was wide open ... and then he pulled his fingers loose and placed the tip of his thick, long cock where they had been, pressing forward until the head popped through the tight little ring of muscle.

Dick paused for a moment, pressed slowly forward again, and inch after inch of the stiff monster disappeared up Monique's wide-stretched asshole.

Bob shifted forward in his chair in anticipation. "Fuuuk!"

The guy underneath had stopped moving as Dick began to fuck Monique's butt, now he began to thrust upward into her cunt again, and soon he and Dick had established a rhythm together, the two monster cocks sliding in and out alternately, as the stud on the bottom began sucking her erect nipples...

Meanwhile, Monique continued to suck the two cocks she held in her hands.

All four men began moving faster and faster, Dick and the other guy slamming harder and harder into her, the guys she was sucking pumping their cocks into her mouth as if it was a cunt.

Suddenly, with an orgasmic wail, she threw back her head, as the two cocks she held began to pump, spurting semen all over her face, splashing the dark glasses she still wore, and the rest of her face.

As they finished Bob shot his load into a wad of tissue.

Monique finished up by giving each spent cock a final lick and then began thrusting back against the two cocks still in her two holes even more strongly. Dick pulled out of her ass as she rolled off the other guy, then turned, and, clutching both their cocks, took two more blasts into her mouth and all over her face.

"She looks like one of those bukkake girls," Bob thought. "Jeeze - even her glasses are smeared almost completely over."

All four porn actors stepped back, and Monique sat for a moment, licking cum off her lips and her fingers with evident pleasure.

And then she looked straight into the camera, and reached up, pulling off the dark glasses and the red wig, revealing the honey-brown hair of...

"MADDY?!?" Bob shouted in shock as his wife's smiling face stared back at him and she sucked a little more cum off her fingertips.

"That's right, asshole," snapped a voice from behind him.

Turning, he faced Maddy, his demure wife, now wearing the red wig, black leggings and red half boots, with the addition of a red minidress that came - barely - past her crotch and a black jacket.

"What ... Why... ?" was all he could manage.

"Because you never figured out that all you had to do was ask. I was too shy to say anything to you-my mother taught me 'Nice girls don't talk about that stuff ' even if I wanted it. Instead you kept bringing home porn, watching it on the internet and beating off while you thought I was asleep."

"Well, I decided to get mine and send you a message. I kept an eye on the porn you watched, and decided that "First Time Fuckbunnies" was our favorite. And I e-mailed Dick Rayde at the address on the website, and while you thought I was visiting an old college friend in LA, I went in and we shot that video.

"And I knew it was due out this week, and I knew you'd watch it, and so I pretended to be asleep, and you did."

She stepped around the couch, and Bob realized that she was holding a suitcase.

"Now, I've got a ticket to LA and I'm on my way out the door. I've got a five-picture contract with one of the big porn companies. I'm going to do all five of them, and I'm going to do everything I did in that video, and more. And they say that after that, if the five do as well as they expect, and Mistress Monique is a name people recognize, I can be my own producer.

"After I finish those first pictures, I just may call you, and then you can come out to LA and visit me, and maybe-just maybe-you can persuade me to let you move in with me and work for me in the pictures I do after that."

And she stepped toward the out of his office. With a wink and a blown kiss, she walked out the door.

Bob wailed "Maddy, don't go!" He pulled up his boxers and rushed out the front door just in time to see her enter a stretch limo and watch it drive off. He stood there for and moment and then walked dejectedly back to his front door. He rattled the knob "Shit, it's locked. I am so screwed" he muttered.

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