The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A long time into the future when survivors live far underground waiting for the time when they can return to the surface.

The human dwellers of worker pod 74 stirred with a mixture of resentment and hope. The passer of the word was unequivocal about the order. It was time for them to surface. The bots were noncommittal since they were not programmed to have an opinion. They looked in disbelief at the old white man with the small piece of paper in his hand. None of them had ever received such an order in their lifetime. Most of them had been born "under" and they had no idea what awaited them on the surface.

Jessica 19274 was the human on line 192 of pod 74 and she was eighteen years old after her birth on level 27. Her pod mother was still in production on level 27 but Jessica didn't visit her anymore because she was tired of the one way conversation. Her father came from the carefully screened shipment of vials rescued from the CDC up in Atlanta. Those sperm banks accounted for roughly 75% of their current population underground but they still had plenty left to expand the demographic if necessary. Their main constriction was the food supply which was difficult to expand without sunlight to assist. There was plenty of water with the underground streams of pure uncontaminated water that made their existence possible.

Now that she was eighteen she had pod control permission to mate with any male of the section not just within her own pod. She was happy about that because most of the boys in pod 74 were jerks and she thought they were over-sexed and lazy workers.

On a recent visit to level nine, she had seen how dedicated the workers of pod 22 were in their daily duties. They seldom asked for unnecessary breaks and stove to increase production in every chore assigned. She liked to view that as being her philosophy on being part of a pod and she often worked harder than others just so the pod averages would be above the quota level.

Last month she had attended the mandatory sex education seminar on the entertainment deck and was shown the proper ways to engage her baby-making slit with male sperm donors in the old messy way of producing babies. It had all seemed a bit bizarre to her since the sperm banks were much more efficient and there was no need to suffer a sweating hulk of a male pressing her down with his weight like some torture machine with bad breath.

For some reason, the elders wanted all of the young pod children to know how to reproduce the old-fashioned manual way because the pod system might malfunction at some point in the future and they would need the knowledge of re-creating to survive.

While she was in the entertainment section during indoctrination, she viewed the videos of young females taking male shafts into their eating holes and even up into their waste tunnel with its tight little sphincter muscle to regulate release of waste matter. It certainly didn't seem like a nice thing to have to do just to make males enjoy their sperm release tingles. Besides, it didn't seen effective to be wasting valuable seeds in places where it just made a sticky mess. She wondered why the females seemed to be the ones who had to make all the concessions in the baby-making business and the males just shot their seeds and forgot about it. It did not seem very fair to her. At least the sperm banks were free of unnecessary physical requirements and only needed the female to spread her legs and relax for a few seconds of insertion and quick release of seeds to continue the human chain. In fact, she was beginning to wonder if males were necessary at all in a smoothly running system.

Two of the workers in the upper level worked so hard digging out the ore that they needed to keep the engines running smoothly that their skin was slick with sweat and she saw the little rivers running down their hairy chests and unshaven legs. None of the hard labor workers used the hair removal systems because the hair kept them cool in the enclosed environment. Since Jessica was classified as a mother/entertainment unit, she was allowed to remove all hair from her exterior. Her gleaming white head and hairless pussy looked exceptionally seductive in the low light of the tunnel illumination. They didn't bother with clothing any more underground because of the difficulty in keeping clothes clean and the very nature of replenishing things in proper sizes and textures. Sometimes she would wear the cords of nubile femininity to protect sensitive nipples or functioning vagina but it was strictly out of necessity and not out of choice. It was really strange to see how the males pawed and scrabbled to remove the silly things just to see more of her body.

The two young men down in the full squat position had impressive coupling equipment and they obviously genetically safe from any radiation contamination. She knew their names were Todd and Tim and that they were the best of friends. Luckily for her most of the females on their level were rather plain creatures from peasant stock and they resembled cows more than the slinky cat-like form of Jessica when she moved sensuously down one of the darkened tunnels. She could tell they were both interested in her from the way they peeked under her thin protective cords. Her baby-making slit was slick with some sort of slimy liquid that was clear and sticky.

She had read in the indoctrination manual that it was a form of lubrication like the oil they used on the ventilation turbines. Jessica tried to visualize the friction of either Todd's or Tim's shaft as it navigating the passage up her vaginal channel for the depositing of seeds close to her womb in the hope that they would be strong swimmers and traverse the remaining distance and successfully penetrate the semi-hard shell of one of her female eggs. It all sounded so complicated but had to start with them sticking their things into her slit and pumping like pistons on an engine until their juice spurted out the tiny slit in the end of their throbbing rods.

After giving the matter some thought, Jessica decided that she could not make up her mind between Todd and Tim and resolved that she would propose to them that they might try a sharing merger where they took turns in filling her cavity with their seeds. It seemed an effective solution to her and she saw the chances of making a new member of the pod increase dramatically with the mixture of seed-laden sperm from two males instead of just one.

They laughed at the suggestion but since she had the advantage of a splendid body and a willing attitude, they both accepted and they followed her down a dark corridor to a secluded supply compartment with no audio or video recording devices. She didn't want to offend the sensitivities of the elders as multiple couplings were expressly forbidden under Rule 27 of the pod manual merging procedures. She knew it was put in just to keep the males from establishing "harems" of a sort to gain some variety in their manual coupling endeavors.

Todd was quite dominant and demanded that he push inside her pussy without delay. Tim didn't seem to mind and in all honesty, Jessica was not entirely opposed to the idea. In order to mollify Tim's feelings, she pulled his face up to hers and told him it would be all right to "lock tongues" during Todd's manual insertion exertions. The feathery touch of Tim's gentle tongue was an unexpected delight because she had only kissed females up to that point and she discovered that her feeling were quite different with Tim's thick cock pressing hard on her naked hip.

She was distracted from Tim's oral ministrations by the knocking on her pussy door by Todd's demanding cock. He was exceptionally hard given the display of her vaginal goodies and erect nipples as she was in great expectation of his coming insertion. When she looked down between her legs, she saw the huge thing hovering right outside her slit and she knew she was gushing with juice inside waiting for his touch. He pressed inside and slid up deep without any difficulty until he encountered her membrane blocking his path. His determination put an end to that and soon she felt the tip of his bullet head tickling her deep inside. The combination of Tim's busy tongue inside her lips and Todd's deep thrusts into her flowering womanhood made her cry out with pleasure and she sunk rapidly into a state of multiple shudders and convulsion that could only be the advertised "orgasm" that females strove for but seldom attained. She was a bit confused because this was her very first episode and she was already experiencing wave after wave of the desired tingles as if she was naturally suited to such responses.

They rested for a long time after Todd flooded her vagina with his boy-juices and she allowed them to switch places. Tim took up a comfortable "spooning " position that cradled her in a protective cocoon of insertion that left her impaled on his long shaft with his entire body slamming softly into her undefended buttocks like a cushion of muscular male flesh massaging her back and her legs.

Todd was not satisfied with just sticking his tongue into her eating hole and she opened her lips wide so he could first insert his exploring fingers and then without any warning at all he shoved his business with the taste of her own vagina still present right up into her mouth and almost down her throat. She had an urge to gag but fought it off not wanting to disturb Tim in his joyful pounding of her pussy. The juices of their saliva drooled out of her lips and down her chin like some slimy reminder of her uncommon depravity for a tunnel girl. She hoped he would not cream her mouth because she wanted his seeds in her pussy-maker and not down in her belly where it would be unnecessary protein in the wrong place.

Unfortunately, he did pass the point of no return and she had to swallow his spunk to keep from making a mess in the compartment that would leave evidence of their transgressions. Almost immediately afterward, Tim shot his load up deep into her vagina and she felt the liquids fill her cavity to overflowing in a comforting and peaceful blend of creamy mixture that gave her a sense of satisfaction and completeness she had never felt before. She could see where the manual method might have some merits that the pod procedure was unable to address.

Before the three of them quit the secluded place, Jessica followed Todd's instructions to lay face down on the pallet and allowed him to straddle her hips like she was some sort of animal being sacrificed on the altar of male dominance. The touch of his cock on her waste exit was disturbing but she was grateful for his performance and allowed him his deviant exercise with his unnatural entry into her secret opening.

Tim watched his friend take her backside in bewilderment because he was no so inclined and thought it was a bit harsh considering how cooperative Jessica had been in delivering her pussy and her mouth to their humping pleasure. He massaged her back and shoulders and patted the top of her hairless head to show her that his sympathies were entirely with her in this demeaning exercise hoping she did not have a bad opinion of him with her humiliating treatment.

Todd was single-minded in the taking of Jessica's ass because he had done it many times before with many other tunnel girls who usually came around and took it all the way up and groaned with pleasure long before he did the same.

Jessica was no exception and soon the compartment was filled with her grunts and groans of delight at her anal taking making Todd work that much harder in delivering the goods and making Tim rub his cock on her bald head until he tingled with release as well.

On the way back down the darkened tunnel, they discussed their future relations and they all agreed that they might be better suited to a troika style relationship rather than the traditional dual partnership adopted by most of the pod population. In that regard, the orders to move to the surface seemed to have come at an advantageous point in time because the pod rules were no longer necessary in a surface environment. Their unusual merger would not be subjected to ridicule in the wilds of the outland.

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