Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction, Incest,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young tender love should he or shouldn't he??

What was I thinking? How could I let this happen? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, every bit of it! I mean what middle age man wouldn't, Rafel thought to him self. I mean, I just lost my wife of nine years, I'm not sure if I know how to date any longer and I'm horny as I was when I was in my twenties. There she was consoling me, telling me all these wonderful things and then she caressed my thigh.

At first I didn't even notice her touch, her words dripped like honey onto my ears. Telling me how strong I looked and the touch of grey made me look regal. She told me men half my age didn't look in the shape I was sporting. She told me something I had no idea she know.

She told me she would watch when my wife and I would whisper and caress one another. At first she thought it was cute as we whispered and giggle as happily married people would do. She envied my wife, not for the longing looks or the gentleness of my touch. What she envied was the large bulge in my pants when my wife aroused me.

She watched from a tender age until the age she is now and she figured I was nine inches long and thick. She told me she dreamed about and masturbate for years about my long thick cock. How she wanted to ride and suck it, she yearned for years to have me fuck her mercilessly to climax after climax.

By this time my cock was standing at attention, rock hard and not listening to reason. She told me for a long while she wouldn't let any boys touch her and when she did. She imagined it was me that was doing her, only to be let down when she came and opened her eyes. I was throbbing when I herd that.

Her hand grasped my cock and she squealed as the thick dick throbbed in her hands. Although she wasn't a virgin she still wasn't very experienced as I looked into her wide eyes as she held my large throbbing penis. "After nine, nearly ten years I get to see and hold this monster," she bellowed.

The room fell silent as she held and drank my cock in with her touch and eyes. She didn't move just panting as her shapely large breast rose and fell. With unstudied hand she slowly began to stroke my jumping long hard cock. It was a sight of a life time, as she stood there, barely twenty one, young, pretty and my widow's youngest daughter, Shelia. Big lovely dark eyes, nice full breast, small waist, slender hips, sexy thighs and a tight little ass.

She was a cheerleader all of her youth. My wife use to say," it was the only thing that she would sit still for". Of course she excelled at it and had the body to prove it. Shelia was a fit young woman with lust in her eyes and naughty thoughts on her mind. She finally had the object of her desire in her hands and she didn't know where she wanted to start first.

To help her along I put my hand behind her head and guided it to my aching prick, she resisted at first. Saying she never sucked dick before. I was surprised, the way my wife and her older sister talked about her. I figured there wasn't much she had not done sexually. She is consider the wild and openly told everyone how much she loves sex.

I eased her mind, telling her I would guide her in the art of fellatio. Her young soft lips parted as the tip of my cock was kissed and sucked lightly. There was a pause of hesitation as she savored the taste. She must of liked what she tasted as the head of my penis was engulfed. My eyes rolled back in delight, as the pleasure went from my dick head to my brain. Wow ... her mouth was amazing or so it seemed.

I've experienced better blow jobs, but, virgin mouth, a young woman and a hot mouth. Made this blow job the best I ever had. With out me telling her, she would look up at me every so often with my cock in her mouth. Those lovly dark eyes speaking unspoken lust as my dick appeared and disappeared between her soft lips.

My penis throbbed as the suction increased, man, was her skills improving by the second. I instructed her to massage my nut sack as she sucked. Her touch was just right while she looked up at me. If I was a weaker man I would of shot my load all down her throat, but, I wanted my first load to go in her tender young pussy.

Shelia became flush and her breathing labored. She began to bob her head up and down at a quick rate. She shoved her free hand into her pants. I couldn't see, but, it looked like she was feverishly finger fucking her pussy. In fact from the sound I knew two things, She defiantly knew how to finger her self and two she was very, very wet.

She then grasped the base of my long hard cock, causing it to stand and throb even harder. Shelia shifted her weight to position her self directly over my cock. Where she began to piston my long shaft as far as she could. Which was better than half, further than anyone else that had tried.

Shelia began to face fuck my cocck like no other woman ever had. The more she finger her pussy the deeper she pumped me into her hot throat. From the sound of it Shelia must of been soaking wet, as she finger fucked her pussy. I could see the eruption building in her soul. I don't know where I got the urge, but, I reached down and tweaked her erected nipple.

That set off a series of orgasm's that I have never seen in my life. Shelia blew up like a geyser, she tried to scream, but, her mouth was full of cock. Her attempt made her throat open and my prick slid deeper into her sweet mouth. I believe if she wasn't cumming so hard she would of gagged. But, she was in ecstasy as I watched her body tremble and shake.

All this with my rock hard cock in her sweet mouth, her esophagus muscle massage the heck out of my penis. My intense moans set Shelia off again, she later told me it turned her on- knowing she could bring me that kind of pleasure. Instead of trying to stream this time, Shelia sucked my cock so deeply. I had to fight with all I was worth not to cumm in her very tight sweet mouth.

She also wrenched down on her own other nipple, twisted and pulled it. I couldn't believe all the intense pain she was applying. Yet the pain pleasure mix sent her into another voilent orgasm, all the while sucking on my cock. I couldn't believe I wasn't cumming deep in her throat. But, I guess the thought of fucking my widows young daughter's tender pussy, was keeping me strong.

Shelia wasn't done cumming yet! Giving her nipple some relief and allowing my cock to slip out, she looked up at me and said, "I feel like such a slut for you." That comment made my dick throb as it slid back down her hungry throat. In no time the suction and pleasure returned. She then sank two fingers into her young tight pussy, as she fingered her pussy the suction on my penis became ardent along with the zealous fingering of her kitty.

I grabbed the back of her head so I could have some thing else to focus on instead of the sweet bliss. I again latched on her nipple, but, this time I wasn't going to be so gentle. I clamped down with such force that Shelia let out a muffled scream. Which made her pump her pussy even faster, when I seen that, I twisted her erect nipple. Another yell and deeper pumping, but, when I dug my nail in her nipple. My cock flew from her mouth, she screamed and creamed all over her probing fingers.

Shelia's was panting as she drove her fingers deep into her drenched pussy to maximize her orgasm. Stroking my cock I sat back and watch this young sex goddess enjoy the bliss. Her young firm breast raised and lowered with each pant. Her legs and sexy thighs spread wide to allow her fingers deep. Her nipples and clit throbbed with each pleasure surge. All this was set off by the puddle of of cumm that settled between her ass cheeks.

Her eyes slowly opened as the intensity subsided. Her fingers slipped from her wet pussy, she sat still as she caught her breathe. Her breathing slowed, her nipples rosé and erect. Shelia had this lustful look about her and she looked hungrier at my cock. She kept her thighs spread wide as her pussy glistened at me.

Shelia finished stripping of the rest of her clothes, standing before me and my long hard cock. The only thing she had on were her low cut socks and sneakers. She began to do erotic cheer, pausing to give me nice looks at her wet kat, bouncing breast and tight ass. Chanting, "give me that big D", clap, clap, "oh, yeah, give me that big D". The finally was her doing the splits, all to the ground. Rocking back and fourth, grinding her clit on the floor until the wet sound returned.

She was getting off on me watching and the pleasure the floor was providing her clit. Her eyes closed and her movement became shrill as Shelia was nearing another climax. It really got good to her as she began to moan out in delight. My cock throbbed at the sight, but, I dare not stroke it any faster. I had to hold on, the desire was great to pump my man juice deep in her young sugar walls.

Still in the splits she reached up and caressed her nipple. I knew it wouldn't be long now, not long before pleasure would erupt deep in her young body. She is so erotic to watch, firm and tight in all the right places. I could see my wife at her age, rest her soul. But, I believe my wife didn't have this kind of freaky streak in her. Well, she never let me see it.

Now her youngest daughter on the other hand, is a freak and she doesn't care who knows. Always wearing the shortest shorts, the most reveling short skirts and she even let men see her panties from time to time. She always told her mother how much she loved sex. Like I mentioned, she's a freak. I loved her mother, but, I'm hot for her young hot daughter. Whom was about to explode again right before my eyes. Her clit widened as if to get more pleasure while she mashed it into the floor. Her breathe caught as the orgasm hit her, her hands hit the floor to keep her self from falling. This one wasn't as powerful as the others, but, she enjoyed it just the same.

Shelia got up from the strenuous position shaken the blood back into her lims, she walked arround until her back was to me. My cock twitched when she placed her feet together, bent at the waist and touched her head to her knee's. "Wow" ... was all I could say.

She held this position for a moment as I examined her long, shapely legs. Her kitty purred as it peaked at me from between her sexy thighs and right below her round buttocks. She was ready as her pink clit peak out from her chocolate pussy lips.

I had to let my throbbing rock hard dick free. I had not been this hard in a long, long while and when she looked up back between her legs. I heard a soft moan of desire escape her lips. She returned to a normal position all wide eye, she even licked her lips.

My cock jumped as I saw the look of hungrier and hot desire in her eyes. Her hand went to her nipple to pinch and tease it while she looked at my cock and balls. Her other hand went between her legs and I heard the wet sound as she began to play in it. From the sounds I heard she was soak and wet.

Ready for my long throbbing cock to sink in her tight, wet pussy. My cock was jumping and pre-cumm was seeping from my one eye. Her eyes were fixed on my cock as she slowly approached me while she fingered her wet kitty. I could tell she was not going to make it to me with out creaming all over her stroking fingers.

I was right, inches from me. Her body quivered, shook and cream flowed from her pussy. She squeezed her thighs together to help her ride out the orgasm. As she shoved her fingers further into her creamy pussy.

It was one of the most erotic things I have ever witnessed. Her eyes closed with pleasure, her nipples erect, her breast smashed one on the other, her thighs clenched together and her fingers shoved deep in her kitty.

Slowly, she began to relax. Like a flower feeling the first rays of the sun. Shelia began to open up and regain her composure. As soon as she could focus, her gaze returned to my pulsating cock.

My first touch of her chocolate skin was sensational as I reached for her. I couldn't help, but, touch her wet, soft pussy. She quivered once again as I explored her very soft pussy lips. Shelia was very, very wet, indeed. She began to moan as I caressed her wet, pussy. She moaned, how good my touch felt and her pussy locked down on my fingers as I pushed them in her.

Just as I thought, Shelia has a very tight pussy; I contemplated as I slid my two fingers in and out, in and out. My fingers quickly wet from dry to being soaked in her warm juices. Her clit became inflamed right before my eye's, her nipples returned to being erect, looking for attention. Shelia was ready to fuck, and so was I!

She gasped when I pulled my two fingers from her tight, wet twat. She waited for me to take her, use her any way I pleased. I motioned her to turn around and I pulled her down on my cock by her well shaped hips. We took it slow as my dick head wet it self in her warm cream. The sensation was more than pleasure as my dick slipped past her soft pussy lips. My cock throbbed and her pussy quivered as I sank into her tunnel of love.

We both gasped out in ecstasy as she slid down my long cock, I couldn't believe how tight and wet she is. I shouldn't be surprised, her mother, God rests her soul. Had the sweetest pussy I ever had, but, Shelia is a lot tighter. Her tight pussy gripped my hard cock all the way up and all the way down.

"This is some good pussy," I heard my self say. "You like this good tight pussy, don't you," Shelia asked? All I could do was nod my head yes as she grinded her soft tender ass in my lap. I was in sexual heaven as she swung her hips slowly left then right. My hands went up to take hold of her firm young breast, her nipples erect almost like little cocks as I stroked them.

Her pussy quivered as I tweaked her nipples and ran my finger tips over them. Her kitty began to snap and clamp down on my long dick. "Ahhhh, ride my throbbing penis," I hissed. "Yes, command me," she told me. "Make me your young sex slave," she instructed. As she slid up my penis only leaving my throbbing cock head in her tight, wet pussy.

My mind began to plunder the orders I wanted to have her do. Slide down my cock, I ordered. Yes, just like that, nice and slow. Now squeeze my cock with your pussy muscles, harder, harder, I barked. "Yes, yes, yes," she moaned as I gave her orders. Now bounce that firm as in my lap, bounce it your little vixen. Dam, that pussy feels good on my dick, I proclaimed.

"Awwww, this dick is real good, I see why my mother loved it so much" Shelia spoke out. At that moment she put her hands on my knee's for support and she went wild on my dick.

Bouncing her sweet ass in my lap, swinging her hips left than right. Then she went into have mercy circles, I never had a pussy do that on my long, hard cock like that. I knew she was nearing climax, so, I thrust my dick up like I was trying to touch the stars. My cock sank even deeper into her young, tight pussy.

"Freeze," I ordered!! Not wanting to shoot my man juice in her sweet pussy. She tried to object, saying, "Your dick is to good to stop riding". Again, I barked," Freeze." Shelia paused with a confused look on her face. All the while her pussy was twitching up a storm and her juices ran.

"Now, fuck my hard throbbing cock slow". Shelia obeyed as her pussy clamped down on my penis. She really enjoyed being my sex slave as I continued giving her hot nasty orders. I loved when I told her to take her young tight pussy off my jumping cock and suck it. She quickly obeyed as she sucked my cock clean she stroked her enflamed clit.

So, by the time I commanded her back on my dick, her juices were running down her inner thigh. I told her to take her fingers and give me a sample of her wetness as she slowly slid back down my hard pole. I watched and felt her fight back a sizeable orgasm, her face twisted and her whole body trembled as the pleasure tried to overwhelm her. From the look on her face maybe she should of let that one explode.

That's when her erect nipples and firm breast became my new focus. I commanded her to push her breast together and suck each nipple deeply. It was hard for her to suck her own nipples and not moan at the same time. Then I ordered her to put one nipple in my mouth and her to play with her swollen clit.

We slurped on her hard nipples as she fingered her clit to a sloppy, wet mess. The pleasure was intense and I could hardly believe how turned on I was and how erotic my stepdaughter could become. I could feel the zealous quivering of her sexy body as she fought off the climax, keeping the bliss very intense.

I moved her lips from her hard nipple and began to pinch the erect flesh. Shelia couldn't hold back any longer, her body jerked as the sweet pain engulfed her soul. Her pussy wrenched around my cock, at that moment I ordered her to fuck my dick. I don't know how she could respond in that height of pure bliss.

But, her young, taught, sexy body rose up off my nut sack, slid up my throbbing pole. Her body shook, her pussy lips clamored around my shaft. All I could think was what a tight tender pussy this young woman has; her mother had some good pussy, but, nothing like this as she reached the head of my jumping dick.

Shelia creamed the crown of my cock with her wet nectar, her pussy clamped around the head of my cock. It was a sensation I never felt before. I thought the head of my dick was going to explode from the sweet massaging of her soft tender pussy lips. I did all I could not to erupt my load into her young tight pussy.

I had to think fast and hard as her cat was trying to milk all my man juice from my very full balls. "Off my cock," I ordered her. She didn't move, just her sucking pussy quivering all over the head of my prick. I cupped her soft ass cheeks and pushed her forward. My cock popped free from her hungry pussy seconds before there was no return from a climax.

Before she could protest I grabbed her by the hair and forced her to lick all her wet cream from my cock. She resisted at first, but, I demanded she clean my cock. Which turned her on; the more I pushed her head on my cock and order her to suck my balls. The more aroused Shelia became, her suction was amazing and her tongue seemed to be in two places at once.

Once again Shelia had me on the edge of eruption and I order her to stop. But, she kept right on sucking my cock until I pulled my dick from her. It was shinny from her saliva and throbbed in the air from the bliss.

Good thing the cool air got to my prick, allowing me to regain composure. Shelia was pouting as she watched my cock call to her. It was so hard to believe this was the first cock she had ever sucked, what a natural.

I order her to lay back and open her thighs; I could see Shelia really loved to be submissive. While she laid back, I grabbed her by her hair and held her head about cock level.

With my hard throbbing dick I began to smack her in the face with it. I thought she might feel dejected by my action, but, she loved it. She even tried to catch my prick in her mouth as she tweaked her erect nipple.

I really became lascivious as we acted out this erotic exploit. Pre-cum oozed from the tip of my cock to smear her smooth chocolate skin, which she quickly lapped up.

I pushed her head back, ordering her to completely lie back as I positioned my self between her thighs. My two middle fingers invaded the folds of her soft, wet pussy. A gasped left both our lips, from the pleasure she felt and the sensation of the touch of her young tender pussy.

Both fingers slipped into her tight wetness, her hips immediately lifted up to meet my invading fingers. I thought I would finger fuck her, but, it was Shelia whom fucked my fingers with her sweet pussy.

She coated my fingers with her hot pussy juice. Her clit was inflamed and trembling as her pussy slid over my long fingers. It was the first time I ever seen a pussy suck fingers like that before. It was a velvet grip and release and I couldn't wait to have it on my long, thick, throbbing cock.

I pulled my fingers from Shelia's sucking pussy and placed them in my hungry mouth. The taste was sinfully sweet just as fucking my late wife's youngest daughter. Shelia let out a lustful moan as she watched me suck her cream off my fingers.

The taste ignited a furry of desire in me as I roughly pent her shoulders to the floor. Causing her legs to raise, her thighs to spread and fold back. This placed my cock right at the opening of her inviting, young, hot pussy.

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