The Accidental Escort
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual,

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A successful middle aged married businessman suddenly finds himself a widower. The story line centers on how he goes about finding female companionship. While there is sex in the story it is slow to develop.

To say that the past four and a half months in Ron Zizzler's life had been a bummer would be a gross understatement. It was without a doubt the worst time period he had gone through in his fifty years of life.

It started when he was at work in his office which was located in the Willis Tower. He was waiting for a phone call from his wife of twenty five years Laura, telling him that she had finished her shopping on Michigan Avenue and was ready to meet Ron for a late lunch. The phone call he received however was from a police officer who told him that his wife had been involved in a motor vehicle accident and was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Ron rushed over to the hospital. When he told the emergency room staff at the hospital who he was and who he wanted to see, he was shown to an interview room. He was told he would be seen shortly. In a little while a doctor with some blood on the blue scrubs he was wearing came into the room and broke the news to Ron that Laura was dead. He said that she was brought into the hospital with serious multiple injuries and was non-responsive. They tried to do everything they could but they couldn't revive her. The doctor left Ron in the room alone to grieve.

After some thinking about what had just happened and what he had lost, Ron wiped away his tears and left the room. He was met by a police officer who expressed his condolences and told him what had happened. The officer said an older senior citizen who was driving his vehicle didn't see and ran a red light. That vehicle was struck by a vehicle which had the green light causing the senior citizen's vehicle to lose control and strike five pedestrians that were standing on the street corner waiting for the light to change to cross the street. Two of the pedestrians were killed with Laura being one of them while the other three being seriously injured.

Ron thanked the officer for the information and left the hospital. He phoned his secretary Gloria and quickly told her what had happened and said he wouldn't be back in the office for a few days.

The wake and the funeral were attended by a large group of mourners. Laura was a popular high school chemistry teacher which resulted in a large number of present and former students to attend as well as current and former teachers along with Ron's son Kyle, friends and relatives.

Ron was in a daze at the wake has he thanked those who attended and received their condolences. He didn't remember much of what they individually said. They as a group all said Laura's passing was a great loss. He did remember the large funeral procession to the cemetery. A number of Laura's former students had become police officers and they provided a police escort to the cemetery.

After Laura was laid to rest and Ron was back in their house, he had time to think about their life together. Ron had gone to Northwestern University on a football scholarship. While he had been a quarterback in high school, he was converted to a defensive back at the university. He did get into a few games and made two interceptions in his freshman year. At the end of the year he received a physical which disclosed that he was starting to lose his hearing. The diagnosis was that the physical contact he was receiving in playing football was causing the hearing loss.

The coach and the university were a class operation. Ron was told that because of his deteriorating hearing condition he didn't need to play football and he would retain his full four year scholarship. Ron was an excellent student and received his undergraduate degree in finance.

When Ron was a senior at the university Laura was a freshman. She was a sister of a good friend of his and was very good looking. Some would say that she was the epitome of what a good looking college co-ed should be. It wasn't till after both Ron and Laura had graduated that he started dating her and three months later he proposed to her. They were married shortly thereafter and were blessed with having a son they named Kyle.

After receiving his undergraduate degree, Ron went on to receive his MBA degree from the university. The university graduate school was ranked in the top five universities in the nation in awarding this degree.

Laura started teaching at a local high school and with taking some night and summer classes received a Master's degree.

Because of his MBA degree Ron was recruited heavily and was hired by a large investment bank that also marketed mutual funds as an investment analyst. He was performing well in doing this job and had made some very good stock recommendations.

Ron had been employed there for two years when he received his second performance evaluation which was excellent. For his response to the evaluation, he attached a six page single space previously written response which recommended that that the firm offer a new type of mutual fund which he termed a 'Transition Fund'.

He said there currently were two schools of thoughts on stock selection; the Efficient Market Hypothesis which said that all known information on a stock is immediately reflected in the price of the stock so an investor cannot beat the market and should invest in index funds. Somewhat opposing that was the theory that investor psychology plays a large part in stock selection and that affects the price of a stock.

Ron proposed a marriage of these two theories. He said they should start a fund that initially selects solid stocks that are temporarily out of favor with investors for various reasons. Options or 'Puts' are purchased on stocks that investors have bid up to where their price exceeds their true value. These stocks and puts are to be held only until the stocks are back at their perceived true value and then they are sold. As the asset value of the fund grows a portion of the investment funds would be invested in an index modelling the S and P 500. Since the accepted basis for rating a fund's performance is comparing it to the S and P 500 performance results, this fund's results would be close to that and should exceed the S and P's result because of the profit generated with the purchase of stocks and puts that have reverted back to their perceived true value. In time this fund would transition from an aggressive growth fund to a conservative fund since the index would become a larger and larger part of the fund.

Ron also went into detail as to expense ratios and the reduction they needed to make as the index portion of the fund became larger to remain competitive with other mutual funds. Ron suggested that another fund could be started along similar lines when the asset value of the first fund reached a certain level.

He recommended a name for this fund calling it "The Resurrection Fund."

His recommendation for this new mutual fund caused a stir but was well received. He faced some tough questions by the firm's board of directors but the Resurrection Fund was approved and he was made the fund's manager.

Ron was successful in managing the fund which resulted in the assets under management growing. The reported return the fund generated caused a bevy of new investors to invest into the fund. While not all of his out of favor stock selections or high flyers were financially rewarding, the majority of the stocks and puts selected were. Ron was one of the few mutual fund managers who could boast that in every year since its inception, the performance of the Resurrection Fund exceeded the S and P 500 performance. The current net asset value of the fund was close to three billion dollars and growing. With an expense ratio of one percent it generated a nice return to both the firm and to Ron.

Since Ron's yearly salary and bonus were fixed at twenty percent of the funds the firm received from the expense ratio of the Resurrection fund, Ron and Laura had no financial worries. With Laura off for the summer and Ron's job being rated on performance rather than attendance they did quite a bit of travelling. Trips to Europe, Asia, Australia as well as points in between were frequently done.

Besides being the portfolio manager of a mutual fund, Ron's love of football had him become a high school football official. After five years of officiating high school football he was asked to join a Big Ten collegiate football officiating crew. He joined this crew and continues to still do this officiating. His weekends starting in late August and running sometimes into early January are all taken up with his officiating duties. He has been fortunate to have been selected to officiate at nine football post-season bowl games.

Ron did not have a need for the money earned from doing this officiating starting from when he was doing high school football games. The salary he was earning from his primary job was more than sufficient for his and Laura's needs. All of the money Ron earned from officiating as well Laura's salary and his bonus money was used to purchase shares in the Resurrection Fund. Because all his investment money was in the fund he felt like he was only managing his investment money and all of the other investors were coming along for a free ride.

Laura and Ron talked about taking an early retirement which was five years away for Ron and seven years for Laura. After some discussion they decided the only benefit to retiring early was being able to spend the winters in warmer climates. Since they presently both enjoyed their jobs and did a large amount of travelling during the summer, they both felt they could put up with the cold winters. They weighed the possibility of downsizing from the large house they lived in but concluded they liked the large house and the money paid for utilities and various house services was not a financial concern. They decided not to downsize, at least not for now.

Their son Kyle after graduation from high school said college wasn't for him which was a disappointment. He joined the Marines saying he wanted to make that his career which made Ron and Laura proud empty nesters.

With Laura now gone and Kyle in the service, Ron could only wonder what was going to happen in his life.

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