Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Work, after college, was not at all what Jason expected. Then again what he went into after was much different than what one would expect. His search for Treasures brought him some rewards he never expected either. One has to wonder if trying to do the right thing could have its own rewards.

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It began OK. 8-5 with time for lunch. Within six months things had changed and not for the better. I would have complained about having to work past 8 or 9pm just to stay even. With the economy in the tank I had to consider myself lucky just to have this job. Three more months of 8am-9pm, six and seven days a week got old real quick. When word got out that the executives had done such a wonderful job that bonus pools would put $50-$90,000 extra in each of their pockets. I had one comment before I resigned. Duh, how stupid was I? Don't answer that.

This was about the time someone would go to the Piggly-Wiggly, buy a lotto ticket and win $350 gazillion dollars. Wouldn't that be nice? I tried, my 5 chances got me just that, 5 chances and $5 poorer. I wasn't exactly destitute, I had money invested from inheritances and about $1,342 coming in each month from my parents trust and from Uncle Andy's will. My Mom had to be laughing in her grave, or jar as she was cremated. At 28 if I had not married, the trust changed. I would get, you guessed it, Nada from the trust. The $342 from Uncle Andy would continue though. That 'Evil' woman was not happy with that though, if I married the monthly stipend would go from $1,000 to $3,000 a month. Should I not stay married or separate from my wife, another kicker, monthly money would cease. If we had a child, $12,000 bonus for five years. That went on for each kid along with $500 a month additional for each of us. On our 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th anniversary same thing, this time we each get $12,000 cash each year for five years. I got the message Mom. I guess it could have been worse, her dad was named Clarence and there was no way my kid would be named Clarence Cleary. My name is Jason Cleary and all through school the assholes would ask me if we would be having Cleary skies. Neat joke huh?

Yep! It was a kind of bribery, but only if I did what she wanted. Wish now that I had just up and done what she tried to make me do, even after her death, but nope. I did very quickly decide that I needed a job, but did not want a 9 to 5 type of work again. I decided to be a finder, of sorts. There was not any clear-cut path, qualifications or direction for doing this type of work, it was more luck and perseverance, a lot of luck. Sometimes luck is all it takes.

My very first contract was something that got me into the game. The old man had an ancient artifact he wanted to sell. Unlike the norm, I was asked to find and select a buyer. I always thought that the way I added-value was getting the best deal. Most finders, for that is what I now was, would seek the highest amount of cash in the least amount of time. My approach was to better understand why the item or collection was being sold and who, what and where the funds would be going.

In some cases the item was not clearly owned by the seller; in others, 'providence'(Appraisal, chain of custody, expert opinion, etc) was not in order. The best case and easiest to sell were items that were in the $10 to $100 million range. The rare and priceless items were most often fakes or stolen loot with a lot of people after it.

As I also said, it was unusual to be asked to find a buyer, 99 of 100 times we would be asked to find the item. The old man was dying, in his case there were no family members he needed to consider, he just did not want to have the scroll lost or stolen when he died. The London Museum not only would pay off all his expenses before he died, they would pay my a huge fee and exhibit the treasure bearing his name as the donor. That fee set me up for life, I never had anything like that again. Like I said, this was very unusual.

In general, the normal fee for this kind of work was equal to 10% of the purchase price plus expenses, the total not to exceed 15% for items up to $150 Million. In other words, anything higher, a special, rare or priceless item was on a negotiated schedule, usually requiring a very large upfront deposit by the client's who wanted the item found.

Sounds like an easy line of work, Ehh. Well, it's not. The kind of people you meet in this line of work are either screwy, insane or probably are wanted by somebody someplace. If you ignore that and just keep your eyes on the money things can work out. The world out there is so big, varied and infested with fraud that you need to focus on either a repeat customer like an insurance company or a museum and stay centered on a period of history or a type of recovery, that or get enough up-front to have a small army with you. Everything considered, that was not a bad idea in any case.

Trust becomes a huge thing in this business. Searching for any definite thing(Usually others are trying to find it also) takes you to places and meeting people one would not want to call a friend. Greed, jealousy and mistrust are the common traits in this business. The guy or gal who promises some percentage of fabulous wealth or a huge payday when a treasure is found is the same one to make certain you have an accident along the way or become missing when it looks like something is found. Am I being cynical?

Stick to the age old adage about he who has the gold, makes the rules. If you agree to do the work for say, $5 Mil then get it up front, walk away at the end and never look back. I know one guy, Mel, who spent 35 years and millions of his and other peoples money looking for sunken treasure. He found one or two, $350-550 Million in gold, jewels and artifacts. Unfortunately both the government and him having taken in and promising more to some partners meant more than 100% had already been pledged. Those partners were not the understanding type. If you check out Vegas and Monte Carlo you can see what I mean. Payback can be a bitch.

I found out also that finders that had morals and exhibited ethics were few and far between. I prided myself as being one of the good guys in a normally seedy business. I guess I got tested a few times too. One guy wanted a rare coin. Price was no object he had said. By some stroke of luck I found one. I expected the seller would want $1 to $1.5 Million. He wanted $150,000 cash. I paid the man from my advanced funds and contacted the buyer. I told him today was his lucky day. That I had found the coin and after a verification that it was authentic and carried at least a dozen attestation to that I had acquired it for him. His enthusiasm was a lot less than I expected. When he asked me how much it would be for the coin, I hesitated a bit. He took this as a stall and re-affirmed he still wanted the coin. I told him there was some good new and some bad news. The minimum fee for any find I did was $100,000, expenses were another $17,500. He would have to pay this fee. The good news was the coin itself was only $150,000, far less than the expected cost. Total cost would be $267,500.

This honesty would later pay many dividends to me.

A new Direction.

It had been such a beautiful day. When her parents had told her about the trip her first reaction had been to refuse to go. Her responses then began to grow in intensity the more they tried to convince her then insist that she was going whether she liked it or not. Her birth mother had divorced her father. They both had remarried and she spent the school year, September until May with her Mother and the remainder with her Father. Both, she thought had changed, changes that were not for the better.

She was 12 when they had divorced. That first year had gone only so, so. Actually it was the worst time she had ever had. What she did not know at the time was that this arrangement would get worse. Her step father had been trying to seduce her, now those attempts were growing more frequent. That had been almost three years ago.

By the time that 'vacation' idea came up the next year, she was not a 'happy camper' with the whole thing. That demand ended rather painfully with her not only refusing to go but having to ask the 'family' lawyer what she might do to prevent such a trip. She called her Grandmamma who arranged for her lawyer to see Vicky. Grandma told a friend who had someone contact me.

Remember when I mentioned that trust was an important element in the finder business, well I found out that so is a reputation. Somebody, knew somebody who I had done some work for and the idea that a deal was a deal made a lot of points. Grandma was my kind of woman. She was Amanda Leigh DuPont and one of the richest ladies around. We made a deal, at least she told me what it was and I was more than satisfied. The ability to staff my own team made this contract a no-brainer. She would pay everyone double their usual charge. Our focus was to be her Granddaughter, Vicky.

Victoria Leigh Mellon was named for her Grandmamma, Leigh being a middle name in her Mothers family for generations, well before even America had come into existence in 1776. The lawyer had been briefed, no that was not correct, he had been 'told' by Amanda Leigh DuPont what the course of action would be.

James had been the 'family' counsel for many years, his father before him and his grandfather before that. He felt that he had a bit more right to express his opinion to Vicky than to just be a puppet for Amanda, and just spouting off some pre-determined course of action she would dictate. Not that there was much chance of winning an argument, rather, a discussion of views with Mrs. DuPont, but he had to at least try to protect 'his' minor client's rights, even if it cost him his job. He knew Mrs. DuPont owned the firm, via her late husband's estate, but, she was not the lawyer, he was and had to live with himself.

The 'vacation' was created as a suggestion of a so-called 'third party' ostensibly to try to let her step-Father and Mother identify and resolve their own 'personal' issues prior to another divorce. Vicky had her doubts about that. It was the second marriage for each and both were currently having extra-marital affairs.

James won his point with Mrs. DuPont, and in another way he lost too, lost more than he could have realized. James would present both his views as to what she could and should do as well as the direction Mrs. DuPont had advised, Vicky should decide. Amanda also Lost and Won. Yes she saw James's point and had relented to allow him to voice it. She also decided to accept one of the offers to buy her late husband's law firm. She then made arrangements with Peabody, Ogilvie and Caruthers to assign Franklin Caruthers as her new 'family' counsel, replacing James. Prior to that meeting she had been considering making James the executive head of the firm and not selling. She respected how he felt but she needed a counsel to do as she instructed not tell her how they felt about things.

The appointment with Vicky lasted almost 3 hours. He did present several of his personal views, views that he thought a 'child' should consider, then saying that, he presented the course of action Mrs. DuPont had given him. Much to his consternation and surprise Vicky immediately said Yes to that course of action, that was to be her route and to begin ASAP. About that same time a call was put through to James by Franklin S. Caruthers informing him that he would be handling the 'family' activities from now on, including the upcoming things for Ms. Mellon. He also was instructed to inform James that Mrs. DuPont had sold the law firm of her late husband. That James could remain there or could join Peabody, Ogilvie and Caruthers, just not concerning any DuPont activity. There, the Won and Lost scores were still tied. None would know what might have been. What James never realized was that Vicky was not a 'child'. She was more like Amanda than any might suspect. One of those similarities was the determination and single-mindedness to follow through once a course of action had been identified. That was one thing that Franklin S. Caruthers had been told about both, and he had only spoken to Mrs. DuPont on the conference call with Mr. Peabody when she hired the firm.

The course of action was not that unusual, what was strange though was that Vicky was not rich or famous, yet. The first face to face meeting he had was with Vicky and Amanda. The 'Emancipation' of Ms. Victoria L. Mellon would be filed that same day. Mr. Ogilvie entered the meeting, handed a folded paper to Mr. Caruthers, nodded to Amanda and left. As he was reaching for the note, Mrs. DuPont asked him a simple and direct question, "How much?"

On the paper was $5 Million and/or $10 million future worth. He was startled a bit, but calmly read the amounts out.

"No problem!" She handed him a notarized copy of a signature card bearing her name and Vicky's as owners of a joint account and another sheet, a bank statement showing the dollar amount of the account as $50 Million. In writing was her further instruction to have a new will drawn up. At her death, besides the staff, some named charities and foundations; Gloria Mellon, Ne: DuPont, her daughter, would receive $2 Million and $10,000 a month, for life, with some restriction, Vicky would inherit the remainder of that trust at her daughters death, in addition Amanda's entire Estate, hers and the DuPont Trust would go to Vicky too and she would be the executor to receive whatever amounts would be indicated from those trusts. The estate value, cash on hand, house, its contents, 4 cars, and all art or valuables was estimated at $372 Million which was to be Vicky's immediately upon Amanda's death, the value of the trusts was much, much more.

"Have this ready in 2 hours, we have a few more things to do then we will return and I will sign. Have several witness it then Judge Greene will expect all these documents before 5:00 pm in his chambers. The hearing is at 10:00 am tomorrow. Vicky's address will be the same as mine. Her Mother has custody now and has agreed to be there for the hearing. That husband has no claim, he never adopted Vicky and a Pre-nuptial has excluded any inheritance to him. Whatever a Mr. Jason Cleary request just do it, he is working for me."

I went along, our trip was first to a nearby bank where several signature cards and 3 extra keys were handed over. Several guards took keys from Amanda, transferred the contents from the old boxes to the new ones. Returned all the keys then left the us alone. Before closing the one box, Amanda removed some papers from her purse and placed them in the box. She closed it then handed Vicky three sets of keys, telling her the one had information and account numbers, codes and passwords for some accounts in other countries.

Our next stop was a glass tower building, a sign, 'DuPont Plaza' was prominently visible. We walked in and several people greeted us. Vicky was never aware of the 6 men and 6 women that had followed them since leaving the lawyer. She never, not in the 5 years, even suspected her Grandmother had been already been providing other around the clock security for her before I came into the picture. Serge', Phillip and Marc were my lead male watchers, Yasmine, Mei and Katya were my female leads. Each had one or two specialties of their own. For what they were being paid there was little if any reason Vicky would not be safe.

Sounds like overkill doesn't it. Well, about 12 minutes after everything was signed, sealed and delivered and Vicky became an adult, we boarded a helicopter, took a private jet and met my assembled small army. I figured if Paraguay was a good enough place for the Nazis to use, it was a good place for our vacation. A few well placed donations and kind words from former clients provided a safe haven for a while. The 73 armed guards and 27 attack and guard dogs might have helped too. El Presidente' was also making sure we would have no surprise visitors. Our home away from home was at an airbase near Conception. It was amazing what one can do in a South American Country.

We did not plan to be there long. Several associates would try to make things clear(pun intended) that Mr. Stepdad was to remain out of the picture. He had other plans so our vacation got extended. It must have taken everything the man had to pay for the half-dozen mercs that came to get Vicky. We later learned from an effective form of questioning that the man had planned on having Vicky kidnapped, demand a huge ransom then sail off with the girl and the money. The six flunkies could just about fight there way out of a paper bag, just barely. I don't know if they even considered that armed men trying to kidnap anybody in Paraguay would not be well received, let alone at a military base. Long story short, they never made it more than a few kms from Aeropueto Dr.Luis Maria Argana (the regular airport).

There was never anything mentioned but when we got back, Mr. Stepdad seemed to have taken a permanent vacation himself, one part by land, another by sea.(Gave a whole new meaning to the phase 'sleeps with the fishes') Both Vicky and Amanda were assured they would not be bothered again by him. They were both advised though that the people who Bozo had contracted help from would possibly try the same stunt when we got back. I did not know for certain but advised a minimum level of security for Vicky. I told Amanda that Yasmine, Mei and Katya, could escort Vicky around for a bit and Serge', Phillip and Marc would act as driver and supplement her permanent security. I told her she did not need me anymore and to start to enjoy being with her granddaughter now.

Did I say that Amanda was my kind of Lady? I hoped that someday I would find someone as level headed as her. She saw a problem then moved heaven and earth to see it resolved. Man, if she was 50 years younger, what a team we would make! I was glad in a way that she did nothing to induce me to change my mind and stay. Looking back, I don't think saying no to anything she wanted would be an option. She just smiled and gave me a kiss goodbye. I should have known, stupid, stupid, stupid, what ever gave me the idea Amanda would not get her way, eventually.

I got reports weekly from my team that nothing had happened. After 3 months I told Amanda that she probably no longer even needed my team around, it was costing her a lot of extra money and did not seem necessary any longer. She asked me a question. 'What was the value of peace of mind and a person's life worth?' My team stayed. Her attitude gave me a whole new perspective. I had pretty much enough money invested that with a simple lifestyle I could retire. I was 23 and in 2 years made enough money that I could finally be free of my Mothers desires. At $65-70,000 a year interest after taxes and the house paid for I decided to take a R & R. I had seen too often what greed could do and wanted to avoid that monkey on my back.

Katya and Serge' would take over the business and if I ever got anything from it or not that was fine with me.

I flew down to New Orleans and rented a nice I/O deep water fishing boat and headed east to an area offshore of Jackson County, near Gulfport and Mobile. I was finally at a point in my life that for the first time I had nothing to do. It was terrible, I did not know what to do with myself, I hated fishing I found out, had no hobbies and was bored out of my ever loving mind.

I found a marina and a place to stay in Gulfport right next to a casino. That did me a lot of good since I felt about gambling about the same as finding a wife, there was no way to win with either. Things started getting pretty bad for me about then. Armpit USA did not have much to offer me. I thought of heading back to New Orleans or going on to Houston or Miami. All that seemed important now was the rumble in my stomach, I needed food. The best place I could think of was the Hotel or the Casino. The Casino won out when a walking Ad girl handed me a flyer and a $10 discount coupon. She was also pretty damn cute.

Like many Casinos in the US, the area surrounding them was not prime real estate. Between the begging, prostitutes and some unsavory looking characters I was thinking that $10 coupon was better off in the trash. I turned back around to head for the hotel. Something was tugging on my sleeve. I stopped and looked around. Sure enough, again a tug. I looked down and saw her. Our eyes met and she said, "Mr. can you give me a dollar?" My god! She looked like she slept on the street and her dress had so many holes in it Swiss cheese was more solid.

She looked all of 8 or 9 and maybe 60 pounds wet. Her pale skin, ragged hair and dirt on her face made those pictures of a war orphan look healthy. In my travels through South America and Asia I had seem many kids living, or trying to live on the streets. Most never made it. They were herded up, killed by police or sold into the brothels. None had looked as bad as this kid did.

"Honey, I'm not going to hurt you or call anyone, but I would like to help you. Do you live around here or do you have parents nearby?" She shook her head no. I had seen her eyes. In them was a very bad sign. She was devoid of feeling or of hope. "When did you last eat any food?"

"I ate some bread yesterday we found out back of the kitchen here, you want to look for some too?"

"Maybe later dear. You said we, would you and your friend be willing to go with me and get some food to eat?" She shook her head no.

"Tell you what, can you either go with me across the way and we'll get some food and drinks and come bask here and maybe your friend will join us, OK?"

She smiled and place her hand in mine. My heart was breaking as tears blurred my vision. As we started walking away, hand in hand a voice rang out. "No, Mr. No! Please don't take her away or hurt her. I'll go with you and you can do anything to me but please let her go!"

A small girl, a makeshift sling on one arm, a small child holding the other appeared from around back of the Casino. This new girl was maybe 15 or 16, both eyes blackened, one swollen shut. Her face was bruised and battered and as she came forward her limp was pronounced. The smaller girl maybe 5 or 6.

"Ma'am, Miss, I'm not trying to take her away and certainly not going to harm her. We were headed across the way to get some food and bring it back. I would like to help her and both of you if you will let me. I will not call the police or try to hold any of you against your will, I am not that way. I just want to try and help."

Why women cry so much I will never understand. Maybe I do since I was tearing up too. "Now Missy, what are your names? I'm Jason and if you and your other sidekick join us we can go over and get some food and you can tell me some about how I can help you out."

I was still holding my little one's hand as the girl and child started walking towards us. I held out my other hand and asked the girl to steady herself by holding onto my arm.

"They won't let us in Sir. We're pretty much a nuisance they keep saying."

Before I could say anything what felt like a ball of fluff hit me in the chest. It was the coupon girl, you know, the cute one. "You leave them alone! You hear or I'll, I'll hit you again!"

"Oh no, don't hit me again, please, I'll give you back that coupon; and if you hit me again you might even break a nail. Beside, why don't you join us we are going to get some food and then I have a small job for you. Now since the young lady thinks that cafe might consider them a nuisance, why don't we go into my hotel, eat some, then you chaperone them in my room, let them take a bath and sleep while I make a few phone calls elsewhere. Leave the key card for them and let them sleep while you meet me back here for your next assignment. While they clean up, get or take their sizes and measurements and we will go shopping for new clothes for them, you too if you promise not to hit me anymore. Now here's my key card, it's suite 2235, just go right up and I'll see you say in 1 hour. Here give her this $500, tell her she can order anything from room service they want or run away if she thinks I would hurt her or them, but tell her we are going shopping for new clothes for them and will be back in 4 hours. If she trusts me, tell here she and the girls will have a place to stay and she will have a job. Give her my business card, and have her call the Atlanta number on it and ask for Mei or Yasmine and ask them any questions about me, even why I am doing this. You too, give me a few minutes to let them know it's okay to speak with you. Oh, your on the clock as of earlier. You'll be making $400 a day plus expenses for as long as it takes for you to get them settled in Atlanta then finish up. Here is $1,000 as a retainer. By the way get their names and tell me yours when you come back down. Now go, time is money and smile a lot, I think it makes you look cuter."

I sat down on a bench and took out my cell and started calling. Shaking her head, the four of them headed to the hotel. I had an answer on my first call. "Mei, It's me, I need some help. No. it's a girl type problem. I'm a guy so I'm not sure what to do. Here's my plan so far..."

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