While She Slept
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I guy comes across an opportunity he can not pass up

My best friend and I went out drinking until we got shit face. Neither one of us could drive, so, he called his sister. A woman I have wanted to fuck for years.

This woman was all that and then some. She stood about five

feet nine, auburn shoulder length hair, thirty six d cup breast, a twenty four inch waist and thirty six inch hips. Legs that would not stop and the sexiest lips I have ever seen. This girl was sexy hot, but, because her brother and I were friends she considered me off limits.

She just shook her head when she stepped in the club and seen us. My dick became hard as soon as I could focus on her. Being fine as she was she had no trouble getting a few guys to dump us into her car.

The ride to Don's place was pretty quiet, Don had passed out. He lived the furthest, so I guess his sister wouldn't to get him home first. It was only ten pm, Don and I started early.

During the ride I lusted over his sister, telling her how sweet her tits were. Telling her I would love to rub my cock over her sexy lips. My cock is big I kept telling her, every once in awhile I would grope her breast. She would playfully slap my hand away and tell me I was drunk.

This went on all the way to Don's house. A few times I could of sworn her nipples were erect. That's when I pulled my dick out and I saw her gasp just as we pulled up to my friends place.

Wait here and put that thing away, she commanded. You know you want it, I yelled as she got out to unlock the door and turn on the lights. We wrestled to get Don into the house, he was out cold and by the time we got him into bed. Neither one of us wanted to drive or go home.

Shelia suggests we spend the night and get up in the morning to go home. I agreed and fell out onto the couch, my head was spinning and I couldn't focus any longer. I must have had to take a piss after a few hours.

I got to my feet and went to the bathroom. Don had a nice house, three bed rooms, one of them he made into an office. Two bed rooms connected by a huge bathroom.

Not really paying attention I walked into the spare bed room. Forgetting all about Shelia I just walked through, I didn't shut the door. I whipped my cock out and pissed like there was no tomorrow. On my way out I noticed Shelia laid out on the bed.

Only part of the blanket cover her sexy body. No bra, just panties. My cock sprung up and my eyes ravaged her. My head began to clear and my vision locked in. Dayummmm ... she's hot, I thought to my self.

I just wanted a closer look, but, as soon as I moved she shifted in her sleep. Revealing more skin and opening her legs. I could see the form of her plump mound. Her panties clung to her sexy ass and the material flowed between her thighs to wrap over her pussy. The sight was soooooo inviting.

I crept even closer and my eyes grew even wider as I felt the edge of the bed against my knees. I froze hoping the slight bump wouldn't wake her. She didn't move and I began to breathe again.

I was inches from her firm ass, all I had to do was move my hand and I could touch her. My mind was reeling, part of me wanted to rip those panties off. Burry my face in between her soft ass and lick her pussy.

The other part of me was telling me this is your best friend's sister. Get out of here before some one catches me lusting after this sexy woman.

One touch, just one touch was what I told myself, trying to work up the courage to feel an ass that I have wanted to feel for years. I took a deep breathe and moved my hand forward.

What was only inches, seem like yards as I came closer. I could feel the heat, knowing I was close I took a breathe. I also checked to make sure she was still sleeping.

The first touch was exhilarating, like I got away with a million

Dollars. She was soooooo soft and firm. One of the best touches I ever felt. Warm, firm, soft ... oooooh I typed that already. The fear of being caught totally faded as my hand glided over her ass. The curve of her hip, the nap of her butt cheek and the heat of her pussy sent sensation through my entire body.

The material gave just enough so I could part her pussy lips. The plush pussy lips gave way and let the tip of my finger graze her dormant clit, but, my constant movement and steady probing. Awoke her swelling love button as she slept, stirring up her warm nectar.

The material was soft, but, I wanted to feel her flesh. I contemplated how to get her panties off with out waking her. The temptation was over riding my good senses. I got a good feel, way wasn't that enough??

I had to have more, I wanted to make her wet. I had to roll her budding clit between my forefinger and thumb. These urges pushed me to hook her panty waist band and gently pulled. The panty's slipped over her hips.

But, were trapped by her shapely thighs that pent her panties to the bed. Her round ass was so inviting and I could of stopped there, but, my lust wanted more. I wanted to turn loose of her panties. So, I could stroke her bare ass.

That thought was over ridden by the urge of wanting to finger her tight pussy. She moved as I stilled had hold of her panties. Causing them to slip past her thighs, I froze because of the movement. I waited to make sure she was still asleep.

After a moment or two in a still position I took a breathe and eased her panty's off. Her bare ass was even more gorgeous naked. For some reason I wanted to move my face over her bare ass. Cheek to cheek, as I ran my face along her firm soft ass, I began to smell her scent.

My head started spinning from the intoxicating aroma. Before I knew it my nose was up her tail. Sniffing all I could sniff, if she woke up now she would pinch my nose off.

Once I could pull my face away from her sweet aroma, I knew I had to taste her. But, her thighs were to close together to get a taste of her great smelling pussy.

Softly grasping her ankle I lifted it, spreading her thighs giving me access to her sweet treasure. I slowly and quietly moved into position to suck her unaware pussy.

I began to rub and stroke her soft pussy, plying sweet pressure to cause that flower to blossom. Her phat pussy lips parted allowing me to stroke her clit. Slowly, gently I caressed her pussy lips became moist and her love button began to swell.

I was so gentle and so tender as not to wake her. My fingers became wet and my nose inhaled the sweet aroma. The sensation was soooooo ... sweet I could of stayed like that for ever.

My mouth began to water as I knew any moment I would be tasting her sweet nectar. I with drew my wet fingers and placed

them in my mouth. I fought my self not to moan or grunt out in pleasure. The nectar took my mouth by storm, spreading it's delicious flavor all over my tongue. My mouth didn't let go of my fingers until my tongue gave it the all gone signal.

I was anxious at that point to suck her sweet pussy dry. I cupped her delicate ass cheeks and parted them with care. Her pussy was so pretty I couldn't wait to suck it.

Softly I p[laced my hot mouth on her treasure. I paused to make sure the sensation didn't wake her. I slowly began to part her pussy lips with my tongue. As soon as I moved it around my tongue was rewarded with sweet nectar.

The bliss shot straight to my loins and my cock became super stiff. Here I was sucking the sweet pussy of my best friend's sister. A pussy I've been wanting to lick and fuck for years.

My tongue went wild, darting around her wet hole and her erect clit. Her juices really began to flow and my tongue greedily collected every drop. The more I caressed her love button with my hot active tongue the wetter she got.

My lips, my tongue and even the tip of my nose had her sweet juice all over them. That's when I felt her body tense and my tongue splashed with cumm. I didn't even stop to see if she had awakened.

My tongue was hungry and went looking for more. Her pussy

began to gape and quiver as if it was begging for more. The touch and the massage of my tongue brought her pussy to life. Even thou she laid asleep, I sucked softly, slow at first. Dragging my tongue over her clit, along her pussy lips, but, I got the most quivers when I rolled my tongue making it a little wet dick. Darting it in and out ... in and out, I don't know how she stayed asleep.

Her pussy loved that, a few swirls of the tongue over her clit. Then up and down the length of her soft pussy lips. It seemed as if her pussy knew what was next as the tight hole opened. I darted the rolled tongue in and out ... in and out.

Her body jerked, her pussy hole clamped around my tongue and she splashed me for a third time. The sensation was one of the most erotic things I had ever done. I wanted to continue, but, my tongue and jaw muscles were sore and wore out.

I wanted to fuck her, but, felt I pushed my luck thus far. I massaged my jaw muscles and looked at her wet pussy, from time to time her body spasm, after pleasure from the orgasm's.

I stood there with a very hard cock, wanting to mount her and fuck the shit out of her. But, this time fear got me and my penis began to go limp. I just could not figure out how to put my nine inch cock in her with out waking her.

I was pretty stoked with making her cumm and tasting her sweet pussy. I turned to sneak back out when I was shocked with what I heard. After those three mind blowing orgasms, I know

your not going to leave. I understand your mouth might be sore, but, your cock is fine and ready. I turn back to see my best friends sister whom had been awoke all the time. She laid there and splashed my face and didn't move a muscle.

Now she wanted more, my cock sprang back up...

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