Club Venus Paradisio
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Cuckold Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cuckold, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: BDSM Cuckold Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Madeline's freedom leads to her befriending Barbarba through a kinky dating site while casually looking for submissive males. She is encouraged to join her and meet her dominant friends at an incognito and hedonistic holiday destination, where males are no more than playthings to appease the lusts and desires of women of authority. Madeline embarks on what certainly turns out to be the 'Holiday of a lifetime.'

Madeline Dixon tucked her favourite vibrator into the suitcase, her heart still fluttering over her decision to take a holiday at a darkly hedonistic resort recommended by a very liberated friend. At 48, the already shapely blonde had been watching her calories and smiled into the mirror as she observed her pleasing curves. Though still nervous about her choice, her sex tingled with anticipation at the prospect of the adventure. Now single, she had delved into dating agencies and a hidden urge for promiscuity, fuelled by her release from a dour marriage, had emerged when accidentally locating some of the kinkier sites. Though no desirable males had materialised, she had befriended several females through them and they had directed her to more covert sites where women of a stronger nature revelled in their natural superiority.

It was here that the wholly female oriented and hedonistic resort was pointed out to her by Barbara Dean, a woman whose lifestyle Madeline was most envious of; she had since met her on a couple of occasions and had been exhilarated by her forthright independence and confident manner where all males were concerned, they existed purely for her pleasure and amusement. Her superiority over them was all so natural, as though this was just the way of things in her life, and should be the way for all women. Far from being exclusive to women, that would be no fun at all, males of a certain disposition were more than welcome; encouraged to attend with the proviso that they should expect to be shown the upper hand by the fairer sex without question. Club Venus Paradisio was a large exclusive resort hidden away from the usual humdrum holiday trade, a world where every woman could simply remain totally unmolested or be queen, goddess, or dominatrix.

Madeline had agreed to meet her friend there; Barbara spent several months a year at the resort, often at the expense of one of her many conquests, she had been there a couple of weeks already and was delighted to hear that she had at last persuaded her friend to take the step; she promised her it would change her life forever, and she would never look back. She had many friends who awaited her arrival, eager to meet a fresh recruit.

The nine hour flight was a little gruelling and Madeline was glad to see the lush green mountainous island as the plane finally descended. She picked her case from the conveyer and having cleared customs strutted eagerly toward the bustle of the arrivals lounge, where the usual tour companies were herding their customers toward awaiting transport to destinations. She stood for a moment, looking at the various reps with placards, then noticed an elegant woman striding confidently in tall stilettos toward a corner of the building, a male following a yard or so behind her and struggling with both sets of luggage. A stern and very smart looking woman smiled a greeting at her but did not even glance at the male. In her hand was a placard: 'Club V P' Though the rep stood proudly and confidently, she was almost hidden by an advertising column, emphasising the discrete and covert nature of the resort.

Madeline approached the rep. She gave her a knowing smile and before Madeline could open her mouth she addressed her.

'Miss Dixon? ... Happy to welcome you to Club Venus Paradisio. Just two more to come now; please go to coach 33, just outside to the left.' Madeline stepped out from the air-conditioned building into the humid tropical atmosphere, passing several logo covered transports proclaiming their allegiance to travel companies, before finding 33. A plain black, but luxurious coach with tinted windows continued the discretion of the situation; from it descended a male accompanied by a very authoritative women who supervised his every move as he bowed his head to Madeline and placed her case carefully into the luggage bay. The woman smiled at her.

'Please take a seat Madam, we hope to be leaving very shortly.' Madeline stepped up into the cool flowing air of the coach, upholstered with black leather seating. She grinned to herself as she passed groups of very elegant and impeccably attired women who chatted freely amongst themselves while the males present all sat tight lipped as though under some unseen caution having been placed on them. She nestled into the soft leather and half closed her eyes; just the atmosphere on the bus had her cunt tingling as she viewed the confident women and the males who seemed uniformly obedient. The chatter was broken for a moment as the last passenger boarded; a lone male stepped aboard the bus, and soft giggles accompanied by wicked stares followed his nervous progress to a seat. The rep from outside the coach followed him through and made sure he was as comfortable as possible, given the situation.

'You're a brave boy; I hope you've bought a return ticket, though you may not get the chance to use it.' Her curt smile and the sight of her tightly uniformed arse flexing in the material as she returned to the front of the coach had his cock swelling immediately; Madeline caught his eye for a moment and smiled with all the confidence she could muster, increasing his blood pressure. Madeline's cunt began to moisten with anticipation as she relaxed, she now knew she was not the most nervous person aboard.

The coach followed a highway down through groves of waving palms as they left the airport, following the multitude of brightly coloured coaches on their way to various destinations, many departing at junctions down well used concrete byways. Their coach travelled on down to a curve, then slowed and took a dusty track away from the main highway, its suspension absorbing the rougher surface and winding several miles through densely forested land, glimpses of blue sea and secluded coves visible as Madeline half dozed in the comfort of the seat. Carl Adams watched her breasts rise and fall from his lone position across the aisle, his eyes wandering down her attractive legs and his mind's eye imagining himself at her feet, she with whip in hand. The coach bumped he and all on board out of their daydreams on hitting a ramp where the tarmac approach to their destination began. With the sun beginning to go down, the coach emerged from the palms into flowery gardens with verdant green lawns, whitewashed buildings of various sizes dotted far back into the trees and a huge sandy beach backing onto beach side bars and several inviting blue pools.

Barbara was there to meet her as she stepped down from the coach, her lightly tanned flesh showing through a thin white toga which hid nothing. Her full breasts jutted excited nipples through it, the curve of her hips and long legs of the confident 50 year old redhead proudly displayed on tall cork sandals for all to see. Madeline's own excitement grew as she hugged her friend and looked at the many women over her shoulder; what her friend wore seemed to be the order of things, women of all shapes and sizes wore similar attire, near nakedness even when 'dressed' expressed their liberty. She felt somewhat over-dressed. As the rep handed keys to arrivals and a flurry of male lackeys in uniform white scurried with the new arrival's bags, Barbara put her foot on Madeline's case when the rep gave her the key. She smiled wickedly at Madeline and gestured with a single finger to a male who stood under the shade of a nearby palm.

The hairy male was naked but for a white thong which barely hid his bulging interest in the stern redhead, walking slowly and meekly over with hands clasped behind his back. Barbara lifted her head and sneered as he approached.

'This is a male I'm having some fun using at the moment, I don't even know his name; that's of no importance.' He came over and waited expectantly for a command. Barbara grinned and offered the key to his mouth; he took it between his teeth without question. She pointed to the case.

'Bag! Lodge 15; close to mine.' Madeline's cunt was now nicely aroused as the male responded to her friend's authority without hesitation, the two following his progress about ten yards behind. The redhead smiled at Madeline.

'I know you'll be anxious to freshen up, but I'd like to give you a taste of what I intend you to enjoy from a male or two while you're here, right from the word go. While he's giving your room a sweep and sorting out your air-conditioning, you can come to my lodge and slip into something more comfortable and watch how a woman must be pleased.' As the male opened the door to the spotless accommodation, he was given his orders and passed a broom, much to his bemusement.

'I'll take my friend to reception regarding some business, and will come back and inspect your work. Then you'll be shown how you may please me this evening.' The male's cock stiffened to a full erection as he set about his tasks. Barbara took Madeline straight to her lodge, just a few yards from hers, not to reception. Her lodge was stiflingly warm as she had purposely turned off the air-con in preparation, and grinned at Madeline as she handed her a thin toga similar to hers.

'There's method in my madness; it might be warm in here at the moment, but it's going to get a lot hotter in here soon. You slip this on and I promise you I'll get you in the mood for your stay here; you'll be even keener to freshen up, ready to meet my friends at dinner too.' As she stripped, Madeline's eyes wandered round the colonial style decor, with large bed adorned by mosquito nets and oaken furniture. Barbara hid her clothes in a draw and giggled ad she opened a tall oak wardrobe which reached the ceiling; Madeline was surprised to see it was empty, and within it was a padded leather bar which could be half sat on. Its doors had panels which were filled with a fine screen-door like mesh, she could see out but no-one could see in. There were also leather cuffs for wrists and ankles where many a dominated husband will have been restrained while watching his wife entertained by the stud or submissive of her choice. Barbara giggled.

'You'll have one in your room too; a voyeur cabinet, ideal for judging the quality of a performance ... incognito!' Adeline stepped in and the doors were closed. Barbara went to fetch the male. He had been one of three who had been particularly cocky; some of the males who attended gave off an air of bravado when encountering women, it was a masochistic tendency, knowing they would be made to pay for their impudence. They could then enjoy their humiliation to the full as they were shown their place by the dommes, Barbara had a nice vindictive streak for this one. He was brought back to what he thought was her empty lodge for the beginning of his domination in earnest.

Madeline was completely spellbound as she watched the full breasted Barbara strut about the room in high dudgeon, totally dominating the male, who could not hide his admission of inferiority to her which was displayed so clearly by his fully erect cock. As the ornate circular fans in the ceiling swirled in a vain attempt to cool the humid room, perspiration glowed from both dominant and submissive. The mature and shapely Barbara demonstrated that her command was final and unquestionable, as the large hairy male cowered at her feet, licking the beads of sweat from her ankles as she poured scorn on him. She positioned herself at an angle before a full length mirror, pointing the male she owned so freely to the floor behind her.

'You will come between my legs then I shall have my arsehole licked in thanks. You will tell everyone at dinner this evening how you enjoyed being dominated and just what you did to appease my authority over you. I shall thoroughly enjoy your humiliation, and if you do not give your account clearly and concisely, all will be given an invitation to watch me cane you. You will then help me choose a younger male to bring back and fuck me while you watch. I shall then enjoy the services of your tongue in cleaning up.' From her hiding place behind the mesh screen panel, Madeline rubbed her cunt hard as she watched the male kneel behind the haughty woman and spread his legs to straddle the glorious legs of her new and severely dominant friend, squatting as low as he could and offering up his erect cock to her calves which were wet with perspiration. He eagerly slid his cock between the flexing muscles which were then clamped about his probing member.

'Spread my cheeks and sniff my arse! I want you to savour what you'll worship and think about your after-dinner speech as you shoot your load.' The male did just what he was told, gently easing the fleshy globes apart and sniffing furiously as he struggled to work his cock between the dominant woman's sturdy calves. Madeline needed all her composure in order not to moan aloud as she rubbed at her nicely lubricated clitoris, she so wanted a male to dominate now. Barbara stood dominantly with her hands on her ample hips, and sneered at the male through the reflection in the mirror as his erect cock thrust frantically back and forth between her tight calves, pre-cum mixing with the sweat and his bell-end slipping through the flesh to appear and disappear with each urgent poke.

'Look at yourself surrendering to the power of a woman! You are pathetic. I think you'll fluff your lines purposely and beg for the cane. Hurry up and shoot your mess, I want my arsehole licked!' The male looked at himself across the top of her firm arse while sniffing the crack to see himself being humiliated in the mirror, kneeling and thrusting in homage to the powerful woman's dominance. He looked up the reflection of her magnificent body and met her eyes; the sincere and confident look she gave him told him he was totally owned by her and that his humiliation was required to fulfill her desire. The thought of confessing his utter submission to others at dinner now made him capitulate to her dominance completely; he had been brash in his approach and she had taken him in and controlled him so easily. He now yearned to lick her arsehole and suffer the sweet humiliation of telling the others that she now owned him. Watching her fucked by younger man later, then licking her messy cunt clean, gave him a thrill he never could have imagined he would relish before now; as the pleasure of his stimulated cock surged through him, he lapsed into a deeply submissive fervour under her confident and utterly controlling manner, he was willing to do anything to please her.

His cock thrust with frantic urgency and he began to convulse in ecstasy as Barbara laughed triumphantly, his half-closed eyes now feasting on his own humiliation in the mirror as his balls surrendered to her absolute dominance. He watched, snorting at her delicious womanly cleft with the beads of sweat now running down her back, and witnessed a torrent of hot semen spurt from his bell-end as it jutted from between her calves in honour of her sublime ownership of him. He moaned hard as he jetted stream after stream of hot seed in total submission, his anus tingling as he was enveloped by the thought of the humiliation to come. Madeline took full advantage of his vocal carnal lust, her whole body tensing as she witnessed his domination, moaning softly as she rubbed her wet cunt to a deeply gratifying orgasm; she would now take up Barbara's offer to find her a male to dominate, she was more than ready to express her superiority over any man now.

The once cocksure male was made to drain his balls most expertly, Barbara chiding him to ensure the luxury of an extended orgasm sealed his submission.

'You are even more pathetic than I thought! What an abysmal offering. I think you have earned a caning anyhow.' Her words made him continue to spend as she flexed her calf muscles on his dribbling and spitting cock, the thought of being caned by her drawing every last drop of seed from his balls. She sneered down at him as he sagged into the cleft of her arse, panting for breath, his spent cock clasped tight with bell-end dribbling down her ankles. Her cunt tingled with pleasure, he was being dominated most satisfactorily and she knew her friend would be watching jealously, wanting to command and humiliate herself. The male would be taken down even further before he savoured her arsehole in worship.

'You'll clear up your mess before you are allowed to lick my arse in thanks; lick the spunk from my feet and every last drop from the floor. I'll have you accustomed to the taste of spent semen, and not just your own.' Madeline looked on with a growing contempt for all males as her breasts heaved on recovering from a heady orgasm; though he had spent his seed in so thorough a fashion,

his submission to her authority did not wane. Barbara stood proudly before the mirror and smiled in a curt and satisfied manner, while he lapped dutifully at the globules of spunk which confirmed his realisation of her power and control over him.

Barbara slipped a finger through the bulging lips of her mature cunt as she lay back on the bed, lifting her thighs and spreading them. The male remained obediently prostrate on the floor. She rubbed herself for a few moments, savouring her triumph over his weakness; she enjoyed her dominance over males to the full, and having an audience magnified her lust no end.

'Crawl over here and lick my arsehole immediately!' Her newly obedient pet did as he was commanded, Madeline marvelling at the fact that his so recently spent cock was erect and willing again already; he was hopelessly enslaved by her delicious authority. Barbara scowled at him as he naturally sniffed at her sticky and aromatic brown pucker in reverence to her crushing superiority before applying a willing and defeated tongue, her broad thighs stiffening with the pleasure of its contact.

'You make sure its nice and clean before dinner, you'll get to know it again after you've made your speech and seen me enjoy the boy you choose.' The male's balls tingled with reinvigorated submission as he thought on his delectable predicament, immersed in an enforced and extreme euphoria, his anus tingled with eyes fixed on the wonderfully shimmering cunt he would not be allowed to worship until used by a male of his choosing. The mixed acrid tastes and scents of her sweaty arsehole had him yearning to come again as he slid his tongue into the hot depths of her anus, his stern Mistress moaning ever louder as the glistening manicured finger slipped in and out of the fully aroused flaps of her cunt. His further humiliation could not come quick enough. Barbara lifted her legs high in dominant ecstasy, her toes pointing at the ceiling as she indulged her pleasure at having put another male firmly in his place, her orgasm enhanced by the obedient probing of his tongue deep into her arsehole in confirmation of his total submission.

Madeline wanted to emerge from her confinement and feel the homage of that tongue in her arsehole. She had viewed videos of the act which had excited her, but seeing it in the flesh had her ready to come again; she nursed her clitoris as she looked on jealously at her friend's ecstatic pleasure, she was now ready to accept any advice or guidance from Barbara which would lead to her to owning a pet to please her. Barbara lowered her legs and dismissed the male in curt fashion, pointing to his pile of clothes.

'Eight o'clock sharp; be ready to tell all present of your feeble attempts to please me.' The male said nothing and she sneered as he struggled to dress with his cock rudely erect.

'And no masturbating before dinner, I want you keen to serve me later. I'll know if you've wasted your seed without permission.' She let him hear her laugh contemptuously as he left, slipping on the toga once more before turning to where her friend was concealed. Madeline emerged, flushed and enthralled by what she had witnessed. Barbara walked her to her lodge.

'What you enjoy at dinner will be just the beginning, I know you like horse riding; there is a delicious event the day after tomorrow, by then you'll be a new woman.'

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