In the Hands of the Enemy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Interracial Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, Orgy, Interracial, White Female, Oriental Male, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Water Sports, Enema, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Doctor/Nurse, Clergy, Public Sex, Violent, Military,

Desc: Interracial Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sister Teresa has been drafted by the War Department and is now known as Nurse Heidi. She was certain she was destined for Europe but finds herself heading to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Sister Teresa's family line was a bit unusual for a Catholic nun in the 1940s. She was of Dutch stock with perhaps a German or two hidden in the woodshed. Her family was centered in Pennsylvania Dutch territory and she entered the Carmelite order in the archdiocese of New York. Strangely, a number of the nuns associated with the order which normally tended the needs of the poor community were recruited into the Army nurse corps because of the dearth of properly trained nurses in the military services suddenly thrust into battlegrounds of Europe and the Far East.

She was only 22 at the time of Pearl Harbor and the news burst into the forefront just after she had taken her final vows. The small contingent of Army recruiters who visited the convent were surprised that almost a dozen of the recently graduated nurses volunteered to be sent to combat zones in support of the fighting forces. It seemed a contradiction considering the fact that the church's position was to "turn the other cheek".

Teresa was not her real name.

That was an assumed name recommended by her mentor, Mother Superior Immaculata. Her real name was Heidi-Marie Redeneke and she liked to be called simply Heidi. Well, now she was Sister Teresa and she was headed to a war zone in support of freedom and liberty for mankind. She felt almost like she was departing on a religious Crusade in service of the Lord Almighty.

Heidi or more accurately, Teresa was tall for a female. In fact, she was taller than her father and both of her brothers. She possessed the supplest of figures due to years of competitive swimming and she had long shimmering natural blond hair from her Dutch and German forebears. She hardly ever used any cosmetics and in all honesty had no need for them. The head of the contingent of soldiers, Major Reed caught a glimpse of her beauty under the cover of her cowl and robes and wondered why in the world such a pretty girl had ever entered a convent.

All of the nurse recruits were sent to a special building located on the grounds of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the rumor was that they would all be soon going over to Britain to prepare for the eventual land invasion of Europe. At the time the gathering forces were jousting in the open spaces of North Africa and it was hoped that the Italian forces would be defeated in running battles from Greece to Gibraltar. In fact, there was a constant influx of Italian POWs being stockpiled in the Navy Yard for relocation to other detention centers in the mid-west.

Sister Teresa was assigned to a section that was comprised mostly of young female graduates of the Army nursing school and the only thing she wore inside her uniform that distinguished her as clergy was the plain black rosary underneath her blouse. The head of the order in the Vatican had hoped the drafted sisters would be able to wear their own habits but the War Department decided that was too confusing for good order and discipline and insisted they look just like all the other nurses. It seemed strange to Sister Teresa that all of the British nurses were called "Sister" but she had to be addressed as "Nurse" or "Ma'am" and make no mention of her affiliation to the church.

Her section did not depart on the transport ship that sailed from the Port of New York but all of the other drafted sisters boarded the vessels with her prayers for their safety on the combat zone. It was some months later that the contingent of almost one hundred nurses and technicians took buses to Pennsylvania Station to take the cross-country sleepers headed for San Francisco and the waiting transport ship that would take them to Australia and the Island-hopping campaign of General Douglas Mac Arthur seeking to wrest back control of the Pacific territories from the Land of the Rising Sun.

She didn't pack any of the cold weather clothing that was intended for the European Theater of Operations because they would most likely be unneeded.

Teresa choose to be known as Nurse Heidi to her fellow co-workers on the medical staff and that is how she was known to any patients assigned to her care. The presence of a contingent of a hundred nubile females in the midst of uncounted hordes of sex-deprived military men was like a magnet that attracted smooth operators with varying degrees of charm.

Nurse Heidi was a bit different from the other nurses. She wore the same uniform but didn't use the perfume or lotions they used to attract male attention. She didn't trade her plain military issue undies for something fancier and softer on delicate skin. Her skirt was regulation length and she didn't have it taken in to accentuate her womanly curves when she bent over to tie her shoe or straighten her stocking seam.

When the other nurses were quick to keep condoms handy in case they attracted a hunky officer, she looked in her missal for guiding words when her urges overwhelmed her feminine needs. Even on the sleeper train, Heidi was able to satisfy her itch with simple and soundless gyrations on the top bunk unaware that her compartment partner a tough broad from Saint Louis called Doris recognized the familiar rhythm and covered her mouth to hide her amusement. It seemed funny to her that with all the available men running around the place, this attractive young nurse preferred to take care of her own needs like some ugly shy librarian in a town with no men. She considered helping her out because she was inclined to value a pretty female's company more often than male companionship when she had a few drinks. The only thing that stopped her from offering was the fact Nurse Heidi spent an awful lot of time reading from the small prayer book and had that look about her that radiated "no nonsense".

A lot of the nurses were humping like rabbits on the train across country and the lucky males around them were scheming night and day trying to discover hidden corners to screw standing up and even resorted to burying the salami on the platforms outside the cars despite the fact that people driving on the parallel roads could see them getting it in broad daylight. Doris had bent over more than once for some desperate soldier on the trip but she couldn't picture the soft-eyed Nurse Heidi accepting an actual cock from behind. In some ways, she wished she was more like her but her passionate nature had insured she would be spreading her legs with the slightest provocation or pointed invitation.

San Francisco was truly a wild City in those days. The hordes of soldiers and Marines shipping out to the Far East to fight the attacking Japanese were "getting some" wherever and whenever they wanted. Some of the willing females did it for financial gain, but most just opened their knees because they wanted the same thing and the future looked so bleak and uncertain in 1942.

Nurse Heidi visited a run-down church in the Mission district finding that most of the congregation spoke little English and that the priest was so hard of hearing she might as well been speaking a foreign language. Still, she went to confession and related her indiscretions with the use of her fingers in her openings, both front and back, and how she had derived so much pleasure from her sinful acts. She heard the litany of assigned penances and was certain the old priest had probably not understood a word she said.

She had already left the church when she realized she was still in uniform and had completely forgotten tell the priest she was a member of the clergy the same as he. She had lit a special candle for the souls of the nurses sent across the Atlantic on the troop carriers risking life and limb exposed to the hidden submarines of the Third Reich. She wondered how long they would have to wait for the invasion of the Continent. In a way, she wished she were with them and not headed in the other direction to a place of strange customs and limited Christianity.

The skies opened and an instant downpour soaked her to the skin as she shivered in a dirty doorway that slanted up at a ridiculous angle because the street was on a steep hill. Another figure ran around the corner and scooted into the doorway because a fearsome bolt of lightning hit the lamppost just across the street. Her heart was beating fast because she had always been afraid of the randomness of lightning strikes and the fact she was totally drenched added to her sense of impending doom. The figure leaning against her was dressed in a Marine Corps uniform and it was obvious he was three sheets to the wind and out of breath.

"Sorry, Ma'am, any port in a storm or so they say."

His bulk actually protected her from the brunt of the storm and she found he was like a shield against the danger of the lightning.

Nurse Heidi's clothing was so wet that it stuck to her and revealed her luscious feminine curves in the light of the remaining streetlamps and the flashes of lightning. The Marine was an enlisted man with the rank of a Sergeant and he could probably see the single silver bar that identified her as an officer albeit a low-ranking one. The angle of the door forced her to lean heavily against the young man and she felt the hidden hardness of his manhood right in the center of her back.

"Excuse me, young man, with you downhill and me uphill, I am afraid I must rest back against you just to keep my balance. I apologize that I am already soaking wet so you will have a drowned rat in your lap. My name is Nurse Heidi and I am quartered down at the Presidio."

The tall, well-muscled youth laughed and steadied her with his hands on her hips holding her perched like a flounder on his prominent tool.

"Sergeant Hill here, Nurse, just lean back and I will keep you out of the worse of it."

In all honesty, Sergeant Hill's equipment was already seated deeper into Heidi's soaked slit than any man had ever gone before but she was reluctant to announce that fact to anyone in particular and certainly not to the uniformed man making a mockery of her useless wet fabrics. Her skirt was so wet that it was dragging her backside down on his pointed rod and she knew her best bet was to take it off and wring it out to help it dry faster. She was afraid of doing that because her regulation military undies were quite ugly and she could feel their wetness clinging to her buttocks.

Her only thought at that moment was that she had no condom and she chastised her lack of judgment in neglecting the one commodity all of the other nurses considered priority one. As if reading her thought, the Sergeant produced one from the inside of his tunic and showed it to her with an unspoken question in his deep blue eyes. Heidi hoped that her blush could not be seen in the bad light and merely nodded her head in accord with the program. She reached own and unbuttoned her skirt and did her best to squeeze it dry trying to ignore the fact that Sergeant Hill had already pulled down her undies and was beginning to make slow entry into the rear part of her untested slit.

She looked over her shoulder at the young warrior focused on "getting it right" with this virgin entry. Of course, he didn't know that but it was his first ride inside her female officer's channel and he wanted it to be memorable for her. Fortunately, he ran out of shaft just as he bottomed out inside her blossoming cunt. She hadn't felt any of the delicious tingles she usually managed with her own little toys but the resulting sensation of fullness more than compensated for familiar technique.

The rain slowed and then finally stopped but they were in an accelerating mode and from the way the young Sergeant had stopped his incessant chatter about all the dirty things he planned to do to her, she knew he was ready to flood her opening with his joy-juice which would hopefully wind up entirely inside the safety balloon encasing his thick meat. He pulled both her arms back and she hung there suspended waiting for it to hit her inside. He grunted with each succeeding spurt of cream and she knew it was something that she had probably needed for some time. She was glad she had not committed to the final vow of chastity just yet because of the assignment overseas.

It might just be something she would like to continue with complete discretion and make certain her actions did not filter back to the order and cause them to terminate her service. After all, it was wartime and anything can happen in the midst of chaos.

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