Unexpected Bonuses
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A junior high school student's life takes a dramatic change when he starts dating a girl that has invaded his masturbation fantasy's for years, he will be introduced to all sorts of kinky and erotic things as his develops new relationships during his school year.

Today Alex sat in his bed bubbling with excitement, it was different from any other boring old day, you see things were different, tonight he had a date with an absolutely gorgeous women. Until just recently he had been terribly shy but now he wanted to change, it was his junior year in high school and he wanted his life to be different, no longer was the the meek boy who deferred to others and avoided social situations. The first thing he started doing was spending time talking to random people in school to build new friendships, at first it was terrifying, constantly wondering whether he was saying the right things or if he was making a fool of himself but as the weeks passed by he steadily cultivated a group of good friends, gone was his shy exterior replaced with an entertaining and sociable person who would gladly strike up a conversation just for the fun of it. People started to take notice of his changes, his siblings especially, they stopped teasing him mercilessly and toned it down to the occasional light hearted ribbing but the one who took close noticed of the difference in the previously shy Alex was a girl who was about to change his life.

Jasmine Winter awoke in her bed at 7:00 in the morning when her alarm blasted it's annoying siren to wake her from her slumber, taking a few seconds to collect her thoughts her eyes shot open, realising today was the day she was going out on a date with a boy she had harbored a crush on for years. Tonight Jasmine or Jazzy to her friends was going to the movies with Alex, her best friend Lisa's younger brother, now usually girl code prevented the dating of younger brothers but Lisa had never seen Jazzy take any interest in guys besides her younger brother Alex, she was starting to get worried but with the changes in Alex recently she decided that this was the perfect opportunity for them, who was she to get into the way of two people who clearly had the hots for each other.

Jazzy was excited and horny, the anticipation of her date tonight was getting to her, she needed to take the edge off, reaching over and pulling away the covers she eyed her genitals, they pulsed with excitement as images of all the dirty things she wanted to do with Alex flashed through her mind. Sadly it wouldn't be so, she was different form other girls, she could entertain the though of colliding with Alex in a pile of flailing and sweaty limbs but it would never turn out like that, he would never be hers. Little did she know events tonight would change her life forever, the love and acceptance she craved for years just may be hers.

School was dragging on today, what was little more than a few hours felt like days, Alex couldn't even concentrate on what Mr Moore was saying, who listens to someone drone on about boring old physics when they have a date tonight with a 6 foot, blue eyed, black haired and completely stacked goddess. What Jazzy didn't know was she wasn't the only one with a serious crush, Alex has been watching her for years, every time she came over and teased him with her delectable body his hard on would strain his shorts the entire time, when she left he would go to his room and jerk off for hours, spraying load after load in tissues he kept hidden in his desk drawer.

"Now, can someone give me the answer to question 5 (a), ah Alex Davies, what did you get?" Mr Moore had seen Alex barely paying attention to his class, he had allowed him a few minutes in hopes that he would fix his behaviour but he didn't so now he must take appropriate measures, he preferred not to single out a student but making sure his students got the most out of every class was a rule he stood by and one that no one was allowed to break.

Jolted out of his reverie Alex was stunned, he stammered out "uh ... um, I'm sorry sir I was distracted."

"I can see that now pay attention and dream in your own time son" admonished Mr Moore.

Alex hadn't seen his date all day, was she avoiding him, did she have second thoughts? Freaking out he hurried down the hall to his final class, as he turned left he stumbled into just the person that had been invading his thoughts all day. His eyes roamed her body making a slow path down her body, a trim, tight stomach and curved hips leading to a pair of bronzed well toned legs, legs that had often been center to Alex's masturbation fantasy's. Continuing with his swift ogling of Jazzy his eyes headed back up swiftly but were waylay'd as they paused on her firm and round D cup breasts, they looked like they were just waiting for a pair of wondering hands to gently play with the bountiful mounds. His eyes bugged out looking at the center of her breasts two small half inch nubs pushed through her light blue top, she was clearly without a bra, any passer by could see the evidence pointing that out.

He quickly started stammering out a greeting to this beautiful creature in front of him"he ... hey Jazzy, how are you, how you doing, hows it going?"

Jazzy looked at Alex with mirth and a small smirk on her face, she knew all to well the affect she had on people. Both boys and girls ogled her constantly, their eyes following her as she went about her day, many of them in envy, some undressing her with their eyes and others imagining her in various sexual positions. She could see it in her mind, the things they were thinking of doing to her. Her on her knees with their cocks pumping into her mouth as her throat constricted on their throbbing shaft, fucking her mouth vigorously until they exploded in orgasm dousing her tonsils in thick milky cum. Or she was lying down as they rode her face, grinding their hot drenched pussies as she put her tongue to work, occasionally nibbling on their clits to control the raging fire that was their arousal. Jazzy absolutely loved the attention she received from others, practically bathing in it, she enjoyed wearing provocative clothing to entice people just so she could spend time imagining the kinky things that others were thinking of doing to her.

"I'm doing great Alex I cannot wait for tonight, this date has been all I think about" She was being truthful her excitement was showing in everything she did, even her parents noticed her change in mood over the past few days.

"Me too, I uh ... need to get to class sorry I'm late" Alex wasn't happy about abandoning her so quickly after seeing her but the reassurance that she still wanted to go on the date had removed any negative thoughts about her not wanting to see him and he needed to get to his final class.

"That's fine honey I plan to pick you up at 7 pm so be ready by then, look forward to it" Jazzy left for her final class putting an extra wiggle in her hips as a little tease for poor Alex.

Alex's cock was extremely erect, it wanted to bust through his jeans and spray his load everywhere, he had to steady himself against the wall as the wave of arousal pumped through his system. Little did Alex know his wasn't the only large piece of meat throbbing between someones legs, or that he would soon become well acquainted with a couple of those meat sticks in the future.

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