Me. Mom and the Morrisons
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - sex, drugs and family

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother   Son   Daughter   MaleDom  

Let me give you the short version of who I am. Nobody buys magazines anymore so I'm working my way through school selling dope. My father took off a couple of years ago. I'd be the first one to admit my mother can be a handful, but apparently she ragged on him once too often and he went to work one day and never came home. Mom's got a job in real estate but sure doesn't seem to make any money at it. Right after my dad split I happened to help a guy at a small rock concert. I saw him drop a bag as some guys chased him and managed to pick it up without being seen. I assumed it was grass but it turned out to be coke. I didn't do coke then and I had recognized the guy, figured I could always use a friend who was a dealer so I went looking. My second day I found his corner and gave him back his stash. To shorten the story, after he was happy that I wasn't a narc, he asked if I wanted a job. I'm not so much a drug dealer as a delivery man. Every one else in the crew is black and I'm the only honky, I have a route that is basically highrises along the lake and a predominately white clientele. I smoke a little and once in a great while will snort a little but all in all I'm the square guy. I use the dope more to score with girls than to get high. I've got this feeling that the black dudes think I'm fun to watch. I really don't care, I make some very nice money and my mother really doesn't give a shit. Any real mom would be wondering what her son is doing at my age to bring in a couple hundred a week. I give mom her money for the house and save every dime I can, as soon as I'm old enough, I'm out of here. Let my mom get drunk on her own. Like the song says, 'don't know where I'm bound, but I'm doing the best I can.'

I grew up near the University of Chicago, we lived in the rich lake front section, yet I knew enough black kids from the poor west end of Hyde Park and Woodlawn. We may have lived over by the rich folks but money was tight. When I wanted to go to the U of C the tuition was a ball buster.

The delivery business was a life saver. As my boss said,"Look I got a delivery list over in your area, it would be a lot better for me to have a honky making my deliveries. All we deal is MJ and coke, a little meth, high dollar people don't like that meth head thing. You want to be my runner I'll give you a piece of the action. It's a commission thing, the more you move, the more you make. Now, before you decide; this is shit people go to jail for, this is shit people get fucking shot for. Do I have to tell you, don't cut the product, don't fuck with my money, and you sure as shit don't rat me out! You get new customers, be careful, I'll give you the name of a lawyer, but you fucking pay him and this is not a cheap ass jew! Now look, there is no fucking credit in this game, cash only! One of the reasons I need a guy is the last guy thought that he could give credit,"

I knew of the guy I was talking to by reputation and newspaper stories, he was a guy to be afraid of, but if there is one thing an 16 year old is sure of, its that it won't happen to him. So, of course I said yes.

After three weeks, I was learning the business, bought a second hand motor scooter, with a set of thermal side boxes and got a bunch of Chinese food cartons and brown paper bags. When I was making my route it was no biggie to microwave some frozen Chinese and but that on top of my merchandise.

The only thing scary was the twice a week meet to exchange money for new product. Some of the guys I met were definitely uncool. One of them tried to take the money without counting it. I told him give me back the money or count it in front of me. There followed a whole bunch of Fuck You's and Motherfuckers. But one thing I was sure of, I was more frightened of his boss than I was of him! I finally grabbed the money and was walking when all of a sudden we were friends. "Hey, just fucking with you, You OK, just had to know who you were, OK?"

It was after that, That I got an added job, "Here's a list, these three names that owe us. Just let them know that after you they get a taste of hell. I gave them to you because they's white cunt, They give you any shit, cut off a nipple, that don't work, theys at 64th and Cottage next week, we's take care of that!.'

When I go home and looked at the list, I almost shit, one of them was my girlfriend's mother, she "owed' $500. God knows what the original debt was but now she owed the number they said she owed. She was either going to pay or be a street corner whore.

I took Tammy out for coffee after class and tried to work a way towards her mom's finances. "Do you think we could go to Lauderdale for spring break?"

"I'd love to, but mom's having a hard time right now. I thought she got enough in the divorce but all she does is complain about no money"

"No promises, but maybe I can swing enough for the two of us for a long weekend, maybe, we'll see." I was nervous about approaching Tammy's mother; so far I had kept the drug business separate from my personal life. I had a high dollar clientele and it was deliver, money, and go. Both sides wanted no contact with each other. I thought I should practice on the other two on my list before I fuck up my personal life. A trip to the neighborhood hardware store and I was outfitted.

Short sleeved white shirt and tie, bicycle and helmet, I hope I looked like one of those evangelical kids. That way no one wanted to talk to me and I just sort of disappeared into the background. "Mrs Hanna?" looking at my clipboard, she said yes and I hit her with the edge of the clipboard. Didn't knock her out, a little stunned and a small cut, as she was stumbling back, I was on her and had her mouth duck taped and then her hands wrapped to her hips. Into a kitchen chair and taped to the chair. No more than two minutes, I was proud of myself. Quick run through of the apartment, we were alone. I started a pot of water to boil, and pulled some knives from a drawer.

Ms Hanna was going to have some sort of eye strain. Big, big eyes trying to watch my every move. Over to the stove, turn on another burner and balance a knife so it's blade would get hot. Back to the knife drawer and took a pair of scissors and cut her blouse and bra off one boob. According to my note Emily Hanna owed $1200 to my boss. I'd guess she was 35 to 40 years old, rent in this place had to be about a thousand, furniture looked expensive, her clothes looked good, which was a little more than I could say for her. Just sort of a mousey broad. A face and a body made for a small town library.

Emily was absolutely terrified. Rape would have been something she would have ... looked forward to, but this, knives, fire, boiling water, what was happening, worse even, what was going to happen? Her captor had been ignoring her. Her captor pulled out a garden clipper and a pair of vise grip pliers as he sat directly in front of her. "Listen, you owe $1200 to my boss. When I take this tape off, I do not want to hear anything except where is the money. I do not want to hear that you don't owe that much. I do not want to hear that you don't have the money. I do not want to hear that you don't know what to do. Now, before you answer me, let me give you a small sample of our collection process."

Emily started screaming into the tape as her assailant picked the red hot knife off the open flame. She came to with her face being slapped. "Relax cunt, nothing has happened ... yet." And with that, quicker than she could respond the tip of the hot knife blades just touched her skin below one eye, This time, she fainted and shit herself.

Terror shits apparently smell worse then regular ones, the room reeked! I went to the john in search of some sort of air freshener ... Emily came around while I was out of the room. When she came to, her first though was that she was sitting in a puddle of her own blood. Then as she calmed down a little she realized it was ... she had crapped her pants. Better? Worse? All terrible! As her tormentor entered the room, "Ready to talk, no screaming! My boss wants me to bring him one of your nipples or his money, what shall it be?" And the tape was half peeled off her chin.

"Money, I'll get the money!"


"Tomorrow, I can borrow it. Honest I can!"

"Shit, nobody lends junkie's shit, sorry!" And he started to put the tape back on

"Wait, wait, medicine cabinet, jar of cold cream there's a tube, money..." As far as she got before she and the chair were dragged down the hall. He opened the tube buried in the cold cream. In front of her she watched as he counted out 21 one hundred dollar bills, he took 12 of them, looked at her, and took 2 more, on top of the remaining bills he put an 8 ball. Then he wiped his hands on her exposed tit and cut the tape holding her.

"You want to buy with cash, call this number, you know you don't want to fuck with me right? Just so you understand, I'm the fucking nice guy in this operation. If you didn't smell so fucking bad I was going to fuck you, listen, you call you owe me, you call, clean ass hole ready to fuck, or don't call at all."

Riding away I was excited, I couldn't belive myself, I had a hard on from scaring the shit out of a middle aged broad. Damn, I almost turned back but the memory of the shit smell stopped me.

Second collection was tougher, a couple mid 30's owed almost $3000. He was some sort of junior grade instructor or something, his wife was teaching part time and they were living in a place way too expensive for their incomes.

Two people, one a guy, this was getting to be hard work! My Mormon missionary getup got Deborah to open the door, a quick slash with the clipboard and she was stunned long enough for me to get her taped in place. Ankles to the front chair legs, hands behind the chair back, taped both together and to the chair. Now with her mouth taped shut I started to set the scene, I had about thirty minutes before teach came home.

Her eyes only got bigger as she realized she was bound and gagged. A quick rip and her blouse was mostly on the floor although some was still on her shoulders. I tried to rip her bra off but it must have been some sort of industrial model. Pulled my knife and snip, snip and snip, Tits were free in the breeze, a little small for my taste but I wasn't buying, she was going to have to sell. Right after I hit her I had slipped on one of those ski mask things, hot but effective. Now I reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, I got those pulled half way past her knees. Little Debbie was in full panic mode, all of her big city fears were coming true, raped in her own apartment! Rape and what else ... And that gave me an idea. Alright, Deb/Debbie? Look you and your husband owe my boss 3K he wants his money, you got any insurance on hubby? I kill him, will we get our money?"

It's really true, people's eyes do get big when they're shocked! Debbie was100% confused, tits out, tied up and a guy was talking about killing her husband for the insurance money. I doubted any college couple carried life insurance, my object was to motivate, they had to find the money, not me,, sure as hell wasn't here, not in this shitty little apartment. As I watched, Debbie pissed herself, well good, first step on the road to recovery was admitting the seriousness of the problem. I let her sit there in a puddle of her own piss. Now the tears were just running down her cheeks, I doubt Debbie even knew she was crying. When I heard the key in the lock I was along side the door as it opened. Mark's first sight when walking in was his tied up wife, he got as far as "What the..." and I had him down and out. Working fast I had a chair on the floor next to him, and him duct taped to the chair. Got the chair upright and his pant's cut open. I had brought along a couple of fishing line leaders, nylon, pre-tied and forty pound test. One loop around his balls and that tied tight to the lower rung on the chair, the other a double wrap around his dick and across to Debbie s neck. It was about then that Debs baby shit herself. Five more minutes and Mark started to come around. Seeing his wife two feet from him, he jerked, his dick and balls convinced him to sit still. Even better, Debbie couldn't move without trying to rip off her husband's dick. I gave them five minutes to evaluate their position.

"Let me explain your situation, I work for a man that you owe $3000.00 to, he wants his money and sent me to collect. Everybody take a deep breath here and decide how you are going to pay. Debbie here, maybe 10 12 weeks hooking, Mark, don't think you're going to make much as a hooker or an escort. What kind of car you got, any jewelry, any thing you can sell?" After a couple of minutes of them looking at each other and both crying. Why would a guy cry, I mean to owe a dope dealer money, you know you got to pay? "OK Deb, we'll start with you, I'll take the tape off you'll tell me where money is going to come from, you don't have any good ideas I beat on Marky here to stimulate your thinking."

I peeled the duct tape off Deb's mouth and the dumb cunt thought this was some sort of game. "You let us go at onc..." That's as far as she got when I backhanded her, her head went back Mark's dick got pulled real hard by that nylon leader, he screamed into his taped mouth and I slapped the tape on Debbie again.

"You stupid little cunt, did you think I was joking?" I walked over to Mark and punched him as hard as I could in the kidneys, He tried to scream again only this time he also pissed himself. "Mark, remember how your balls are tied up, try not to rip them off!" I punch into the solar plexus and two hard heavy open handed slaps one was a backhand of course. I guess Mark forgot about his nuts as he passed out, only now he was bleeding from the mouth and nose. He started to throw up and I didn't want him to drown in his own vomit, I ripped the duct tape off and he puked not only on himself but all over the floor. "Well Debbie, any ideas yet?"

In under an hour, I left with the title to their car, all the jewelry including wedding and engagement rings and a couple of what looked like expensive cameras, but not before I took pictures of both Debs and Marky with my dick at their mouths. That's the trouble with the drug business, you deal with junky shits and you start acting like them. But there I was again, another hard on with ... what the violence ... the power, whatever it was it was hot, I had come real close to shoving my dick down Little Debbie's throat, by that time, I knew I could do anything to her and she'd be happy I was going to let her live. Heady stuff!!

Me and my motor scooter were getting known, those delivery bags of Chinese got me past the toughest doormen. Of my customers, I had ran into a couple who wanted to fuck me for the dope, I only made that mistake once, soon she thought it was all free including special late night deliveries. My boss couldn't care how often I got laid or sucked off, His math was real simple; X ounces equals Y dollars and his math was always right! As it was, I now only accepted sex from those who wanted expedited service, the dope always got paid for.! Guess I started fucking backwards, I had a couple of customers that enjoyed doing a teenager, I had several that would gladly fuck for dope. I had quickly found that it was OK to give them a discount for sex, but if I gave the dope away they thought I was in love or something and then they'd try scamming me.

About three months ago my mom came home drunk from some office party and tried to hit on me. I was really shocked, she's attractive, but like I said, bitchy enough that who cares? By sophomore year it was as if we were room mates rather than family. We shared a house and meals but not our lives. A year ago I threw out two drunken guys and we had a big fight. At the time I told her that I didn't care who she fucked but don't bring them home. Well it went round and round, I had no right to talk to her that way ... After all she did for me, ... How she sacrificed ... and on and on, Ending with the final bit of feminine logic, don't forget I am your mother! That week I didn't give her any money. By Wednesday of the next week she had searched my room and she finally broke down and asked for the money.

"But mom,. I thought you were sacrificing so much for me?"

"Don't be smart, you know we need that money!"

"If we need the money I bring in then you have to admit that I have rights here, and one of those is no drunks overnight, no, no guys overnight!"

"Don't you tell me what to do!"

And on and on, finally I made her say it. "OK then, no drunks here, yes I need your income, you have rights here, I am sorry I yelled at you. Please can I have some money?"

That felt pretty good, I slowly started having her bring me the bills and I would dole out the money. I will admit I was getting off on playing master of the house. About the only meal we consistently had together was Sunday breakfast, one Sunday she started talking about buying a new car. I told her, you better sell some houses because you're not getting a car from me. That resulted in a bitchy mom for a couple of days until I blew up and told her to shape up or there would be no money for the rest of the month. I needed a vacation. It really pissed me off that mom never asked what I did or where the money came from. All she wanted from me was the bucks.

It was after that she tried to fuck me, believe me, it wasn't a seduction. "Honey, look now, you told me no guys at home, I've been good, but you know I get lonely." The next thing I know I'm in a bear hug. As I'm trying to push out, mom grabbed my hand and put it on her tit. Tits are sort of the holy grail of teen age boys. I really didn't think of it being my mother's tit I thought about it as TIT! Next thing I knew is mom was groping my dick. My dick has always been the key to my heart. Instant hard on! My mom kissed me! Her breath was so bad, I'm sure that she had just thrown up and hadn't brushed her teeth. It was so bad that it wilted a teen hard-on. I pushed her away.

"Wha, what, why..."

"you smell bad, that's it, no more from you! You want money from me, fucking shape up! Take a shower, brush your teeth."

She tried to grab me again, I was trying to push her away and she keep grabbing. I slapped her, my own mother, it wasn't planned, it was something automatic, triggered by her drunken pig act. It might have been some sort of reflexive action but, my response was shocking to me. Slapping my mother's face almost had me coming in my pants! "Listen you fucking slag, the next time you try that sex shit with me, make sure you're all cleaned up! Because next time you're going to be my cunt! From now on, you want more money you're going to work for it. Don't fucking come near me without a shower, and make sure your ass is clean because you come on to me again, I will fuck your ass!" As angry as I was, there still was a part of me that was witnessing what I was saying. I was angry, I was horny. I wanted to not so much fuck my mom as fucking ravage her. I scared myself and slammed the door as I hit my bedroom. Believe me, I came with barely six stroke of beating off! The next day I had a delivery to one of my fucktoid druggies.

"Wow baby, if you could fuck like that every day, I'd have a 200 pound monkey on my back. You know you could come by without the dope once in a while."

Even while doing her a second time, my mind was filled with thoughts of fucking my mother. The next two days I could still feel the heft of my mom's tit and the surge of lust I got when I slapped my mother. I tried to look at this from all sides, all the books say incest fucks up your head bigtime. I wanted to fuck my mom so bad, that was fucking up my head! No matter how I looked at it, I couldn't see a negative. I mean, I didn't want to marry her, I didn't want to knock her up. It wasn't like I was in love, I was hot to fuck my mother as a piece of ass, not as a mother! I'd want to fuck her if I just passed her on the street. The fact that she was my mom, who had spanked me, who had changed my diapers, the big thing was she was no longer in charge, that's what made it hot!

My mom had been taking my money and never asked were it came from, as far as I was concerned, that showed me where I stood in her love. Why shouldn't I fuck her? A bunch of other assholes were, why not me? She probably wants to fuck me to get more money, It'd be fun to fuck her and then fuck her around about the money! I made up my mind, she comes on again, not only will I fuck her, I will fuck with her! By the time I got home, I had another hardon, and I'd just got laid!

I guess it took a week or so for my mother to build up her courage. Ever since I had made up my mind to fuck her if she came on to me again, she had been soberer, not dry but not as drunk as before and was sort of on tiptoes around me. Maybe the slap had scared her as much as it turned me on. I was having almost daily beat off sessions featuring my mom getting her ass whipped and then fucked. One of the side effects of this was my girlfriend, who seemed at times to be a professional dedicated virgin, finally allowed me free access to her boobs.

Not for the last time was I shocked at how practical woman can be once they've made up their mind! It took me a moment to realize what she was talking about. "Come on, my mom's at some party, she won't be home till well past midnight. Three blocks later I was unlocking the door to our apartment. On the walk, I had caught Tammy checking my pants front, she'd look, stop a grin from getting any bigger, and tug me along.

Now here I was alone with my teenage sweetheart and I wasn't sure how to start. Tammy knew better, two kisses on One day as I was trying to cop a feel from the outside of her sweater she started that, "I'm not that kind of girl..." story and I blew up.

"Tammy, if you're not that kind of girl, I'm not your kind of guy." Soon we were in full yelling mode. I ended up saying that if I couldn't see and touch her tits I was done! And I was out the door. That was at 4 PM after school, by 8PM I got a phone call.

"I thought about what you said, you're right."

"I'm right about what?

"You know, about our necking."

"Are you saying I can see your breasts?"

Giggling, "Yes and you can touch them too!" We made a date for Saturday night. Tell me how fucked up teen lust is; I was fucking a couple of grown women who were dope customers, I was thinking about fucking my mother, and I was turned on by the concept of seeing my teenybopper girlfriends tits.

I knew that my mother had searched the house several times looking for money and I had gotten pretty good at hiding it. The best place was the Outsider Higher Education Fund. I had a CPA set up the fund so I could put money in it. As soon as there was enough I was away to college somewhere far from here. I would have to hide money in the house or at school until I could make a deposit. I once lost $500 when my mom changed the bag on the vacuum cleaner, she never cleaned, well his one time she did! So far the best place in my house was under her mattress! It was good for at least a couple of days after the sheets were changed.

It was of of those rare days when I didn't have any deliveries, I was walking Tammy home from school. There I was, occasionally fucking two grown up dopers and now I'm carrying my sweetie's books home from school! Boy, our dicks put us in weird positions. Suddenly she broke into tears. "What, what is it? What's going on?" My first thought was that I was about to be dumped! It was worse than that, Tammy's mother had been mugged and they were broke for two weeks until the next alimony check came. No, her mother hadn't called the police, no she wouldn't call her ex for an advance. I asked how I could help and I was in the local grocery store; milk, some frozen dinners, bread, salad makings, some lunch meat and $40.00 later Tammy was carrying her books while I carried the groceries. When we got to her house, one look told me Mrs Morrison hadn't been mugged, she had been beat up, I had to wonder, was Joey D sending me a message?

She started crying, "You wouldn't understand, I owe somebody money and they want it ... or else!"

Ahhhh I would understand, protection and collection went hand in hand with my distribution program. Before I could get anymore information, Tammy came back and rushed to comfort mommy's tears. I was thanked again and again for the groceries and I noticed no time was set for repayment.

The next time I was picking up my supplies I asked Joey D. if he knew anything about Mrs Morrison owing. He laughed, "She trying to buy dope from you? She owes Frankie a couple of k and says she can't pay. He had a couple of guys tune her up. He warned her, money or she'll be hooking."

I went home and mulled this over, a couple of grand, last I had heard was five hundred! Mrs Morrison had no idea what she was up against, the next time the collectors came she'd have the money or be working out of a crib out near the mills. I decided to buy her debt, if I could. Of course Frankie was a prick about the whole thing, wanted all his vig. I got him to cut the vig in half when I explained that Mrs M was the mother of my girlfriend and I wanted to fuck mommy. That he understood. So $2500 hundred and several high fives later I now owned Mrs M's debt, but Frankie absolutely refused to not sell to Mrs. M. "Fuck, she's a junkie, she gonna buy from somebody, I'll take her fucking money. For you though, no credit or pussy sales, cash only for that Irish junkie cunt." In our business that's a big favor!

I picked a day when I knew Tammy would be staying late at school for cheerleading. "Hi Mrs Morrison, can I come in?"

"Well, Tammy isn't home yet, I guess you can wait."

"Actually Mrs Morrison, I wanted to talk to you...

"I'll get the money for the groceries as soon..."

"No, it's not about that, I wanted to tell you that I bought your debt from Frankie and his boys." Well first there was complete denial, she had no idea of what I was talking about, and them she retreated to she might have bought a little taste or two, just to try, and then to I don't know what they told you but I never used..."

"Mrs Morrison, stop the bullshit, I know Joey D and I know Frankie his boss, Joey D might lie to me, but he sure wouldn't lie to his boss. You want me to tell you when you bought, how much you bought each time and what you're taking? I can do that. You've got a pretty serious coke habit. Let me make this very clear to you, the next time you buy any coke and it gets back to me, I will whip your ass right in front of your daughter, and I will whip it to it bleeds"

"How dare you talk to me like..." I slapped her, oh medium hard, not enough to bruise but a real attention getter, she turned and raised a hand to come at me. I kicked her in the shin. As she started to fall I grabbed her by the hair, and slapped her again. This time she sort of hung there afraid to move.

"Now listen, Maureen isn't it, listen Maur, you're a doper junkie and I don't give a fuck about you but I really like your daughter. Because I like your daughter I'm giving you a chance. Right now today, you're off the hook with your dealer. Understand this you were one fucking week away from being sent out to the streets to hook for your debts. These are not jokers I know they've got a house they stick people like you in, within two weeks you're a full time whore and junkie, then it's out on a street corner. Nobody beats these guys, nobody!

So you're cold turkey, no more nothing! I'm coming over Saturday for a date with Tammy, I'll try to find some pills to help you with the drying out. Remember, you owe me a lot of money, I like your daughter, don't think I won't rat you out to your ex husband, you'll lose custody and the alimony. I'd rather lose the money than see you fuck up your daughter's life. I left with a crying Mrs Morrison sitting at the table.

As I was riding the elevator down from their apartment I couldn't believe how hot I was. I loved telling an adult woman what to do, and as I thought about it, I was a little ashamed about how turned on I got from slapping her. Well if she fucks up with the dope she knows I'm going to whip her, fuck, she'd be asking for it. With the thought of my girlfriend's mother over my lap I went home and beat off. Wouldn't you know, the rest of the week, not a customer wanted to trade sex for dope!

When I went to pick up Tammy Saturday, one look told me that her mother was pretty sick. For all I know she hadn't changed clothes since I had warned her earlier. While waiting for whatever it is that woman do to make guys wait. I handed her mother 8 pills, "Take one a day of these, they should help with the cramps and the withdrawal." Maureen was swallowing one dry before I finished speaking "Don't forget what I told you, I will whip your ass, you touch any dope."

"Oh, I'll be goo..." she stopped as Tammy came into the room.

"What'll you be good at mom? Maybe you could take a shower and clean up, that'd be good." That got her a dirty look. I hustled Tammy out the door before the fight could escalate.

We were half way to the movies when Tammy asked, "You got someplace we could go?"


"You don't think you're getting to look at these in a movie, do you?" Now here I was alone with my teenage sweetheart and I wasn't sure how to start. Tammy knew better, two kisses on the couch and she pulled her sweater over her head, I wanted to rip her bra off! This was real beauty, as I was kissing her and fumbling with her bra hooks, she stopped me, "Whoa, we'll be all night at this rate", and elbows seemingly akimbo her bra was falling down her arms.

With her teen age muscle tone the bra was just a social convention ... PERKY ... popped into my mind. "Tammy you are beautiful!" And I kissed her again and reached for one of those gorgeous mounds. Firm, soft, hot, ohh so warm, hot, a little button of a nipple so firm, so soft. I was used to grown up tits, and not a lot of those, but these, Tammy's boobs were the stuff of great art. I had seen boobs like this in museums. In no time I had Tammy on her back on the couch and I was licking and sucking on those perfect tits. She seemed impressed with the impression her boobs had made on me.

Does anyone know of a teen age boy who knew the definition of enough? In no time my hand was down rubbing her ass above her skirt, when I tried to get to the front of that skirt the iron curtain of clenched thighs froze me out. In comparison to grown up fucking, necking is a slow exhausting slog, girls seem to have a clearly defined path of hurdles and hoops boys must go through to reach the holy grail. After an hour of yes, yes, yes, no not there, I want to, I'm scared I can't what would you think of me yatta, yatta, yatta, I gave up in disgust.

"Come on Tammy. Put your clothes on, I'll take you home."


"I can't take it, I'm too horny, let's get out of here while we still like each other."

"What, whatta you mean?"

"Fuck! I mean if I don't get you out of here, I'm taking off that skirt and trying to make love to you, That's what I mean. We leave now, we're still friends, we stay one of us is going to be pissed! Sorry!"

Years later I found that I had just learned one of the basic rules of sales, always ask for the order! "No, wait, can't we..."

"Not with your clothes on!" And to my amazement Tammy's hands went to the side and her skirt was unzipped. She just let the skirt fall to her feet and I stood there as still as Lot's wife; but only for a moment. As I stepped in and hugged Tammy my hand automatically went to that teen aged ass. Not so much firm as taut, taut with anticipation, Even though Tammy was wearing those cheap utilitarian panties that every Wal-Mart sells by the carload they were the best looking panties I'd ever seen. We were kissing as I stroked her ass and I pulled us backward onto the couch. For the next fifteen minutes Tammy kept up a steady string of cliches, "I've never ... my first ... please, have you got some ... promise you won't tell..." Everything but will you respect me in the morning. My dialogue was equally inspired, Yes... , sure... , no problem ... don't worry ... Soon Tammy's panties were on the floor with her skirt and I had my first finger inside of that teen pussy. This may sound strange but my other sex partners were older more experienced women. Seducing, no trying to fuck, a teenager who claimed it was her first time was much harder, it took a great deal of patience. It seemed as if every 30 seconds Tammy would reset her virginity clock. I finally grabbed her hand and pulled her into my bedroom. Just holding her hand I felt her whole body tense at the sight of my bed. Quickly I had the covers back, and Tammy in the bed. My shoes got kicked off and pants and underpants off in one pull down.

Once in the bed, with the two of us under the blanket, somehow Tammy made up her mind that bullshit time was over. As I leaned over to kiss her she grabbed me and I was shocked when one hand went right to my dick. Not so shocked that I didn't return the compliment and slip two fingers into her, I suddenly realized that my little Tammy was slick as sin in her little pussy. I immediately transferred some of that slickness up to her clit and was greeted with a pleased "ohhh". For a girl who a half an hour ago was pleading terminal virginity, Tammy was giving me an experienced hand job. "Honey go slower, I want us to do this together." And I slipped deeper into her cunt. As I explored I realized, no hymen. No hymen plus an experienced hand job, well, my little bullshit artist, we must talk, but not now! I rolled and got on my knees as my teen aged flower opened beneath me. Virgin or not, it was a new cunt to my dick and to my mind. Both instruments wallowed in the sensation. I was going slow, savoring each millimeter of new cunt when Tammy pulled me into her. As I started my first stroke her legs came up and around my ass, what Tammy lacked in skill her muscle tone made up for, What can I say, all new cunts are wonderful the first time, I mean that shit is imprinted in us from way back in the cave man time. She may not have been a virgin but she sure wasn't well worn. Nice and tight, wet and warm, my kind of lover. I knew I wasn't going to last very long, there had been too much foreplay, I pulled out and quickly reversed myself, I was licking that cunt before that cunt knew what was happening. As Tammy went "ohhh' I slid my dick into her mouth. Lots of muffled sputtering, I think I recognized some no's and I don'ts but she didn't spit my dick out. She also didn't take very much more of my dick than the head but my tongue was making the right impression on her clit ... As soon as I felt her about to cum. I shoved hard and got a lot of prick into her mouth, she was still making gagging sound when I re-reversed myself and dive bombed her cunt. Now my little Tammykins started to cum.

As she was making those weird sex sounds I started talking, "That's the way, cum for me, remember tonight, this is just the first time you cum for me, cum cunt! Cum hard!" And I tried to get my hips inside her poor little pussy. I always had to remember to not collapse on a girl when in the missionary position. My orgasms just sapped me. I would feel boneless for a couple of minutes. As Tammy was petting my back, I rolled to the side and we exchanged kisses that were more like vows. At that moment I wanted all of her, everything, the dandruff, the snot, the jam between her toes. Ain't teen age love wonderful? In a few minutes I was back to earth. I got up on an elbow as I slowly ran my hand from the swamp of her cunt up to the sweat of her boobs. "You know this isn't the last time right? I may not be your first, but maybe I'll be your last new guy."

Interestingly, no denial about her lack of virginity, well that we'll explore later, I always like a good story, but more important, "You're going to have to learn to be a better cocksucker if we're going to go steady."

Not even a hint of a blush as she nods yes. I hadn't been running dope that long but I fully understood that all my users were always lying, everything from, I'm not hooked, it's just for sex, all the way to I'll pay you next week, It was all bullshit. Here was a girl who less than an hour ago was doing a hell of an imitation of a virgin to lying naked next to me agreeing that she had to improve her cocksucking ability. Her quick agreement meant that I was not the only one who had complained. What the fuck was this story? I decided that as long as I was getting mine, not to ask. After a while we had to get dressed but before we left for her house I decided to find out just how far Tammy had gone. "Come here honey, my dick's soft put it all in your mouth, we got to get you better at this cocksucking thing." Just the slightest hesitation, and my sweet little Tams was down there with all my dick in her mouth, All too soon my erection, she sure wasn't doing much to help, slowly pushed my dick out of her mouth. This time when I felt she had a fair sized mouthful I grabbed her ears, "Now just get used to that, suck for a while." Guess what, my sweet teenybopper was soon going down on me, she sure as shit didn't just learn to like prick that fast! "Get ready, I'm going ... suck you sweet cunt ... there. There!" I came. She swallowed, another spurt, some gagging but no nonsense, my little Tammy was on her way to being a full fledged cocksucker! A good enough cocksucker to suction my dick almost dry before taking her mouth away. Without a word, off to the bathroom and I could hear her rinsing her mouth. Back she came and I got a Listerine fresh kiss. For me, I would have preferred something tinged with a little cum.

Walking my ex girlfriend; newest cocksucker, home I started questioning her. "Tammy, you got to tell me about this, where did you learn all this?" Well then I had to reassure her that oh no I still respected her, hell I love you more and so on. As we walked hand in hand, Tammy proceeded to tell me about her "Uncle Mike" Mike was close to her mother, and helped her out with stuff. When I interrupted..."Well stuff and money I guess. About a year ago Unc and mom came back from a date acting all weird, not drunk just goofy and mom said it was time I got to know Mike better."

"Mom had me kiss Mike, then she kissed him, then mom was saying, who's the better kisser? Well he said that mom was because she used tongue, Then I had to kiss him using my tongue." By the end of the month she was giving Unc hand jobs, and not long after that mommy showed her daughter what a blow job was all about. "But mom doesn't know I fuck Mike when she's not around, I mean he gives me money like five or ten dollars!

As I'm walking and listening I was trying to figure out who was stupidest. Me for not seeing this about Tammy; Tammy, I thought she was smart enough to not give it away for $10.00! But my biggest question was unasked, 'why are you telling me all this shit?' Her mother was a fucking junkie, that explained her stupids, but wow, Tammy just walking along telling a potential boyfriend that she's a tramp at best, a whore somewhat down the scale or just one of the all time stupid cunts, she sure didn't act like what she was telling me would ever be anything to be embarrassed or ashamed of. "Tammy, you two got Uncle Mike, why did you ask me for grocery money?"

"Unc got real mad at mom last month and we haven't heard from him since. We ran out of milk yesterday, could we stop and get some?

I had to ask, "Sure, any thing else you need?" Thirty five dollars later we left the Jewel. I was walking along trying to figure how this happened to me. I was the smart white dope dealer and I never saw a bit of this, I guess I got a cheap lesson. When we got to Tammy's I brought the groceries into the kitchen and there was Mrs Morrison spiked out!

"Mom, wake up, we've got company." Maureen just mumbled, she was stoned, all the way.

"Tammy, your mom is doing dope, I warned her if I caught her doing that shit I would whip her right in front of you. You decide, should it be in here or in the bedroom?"

"You're going to spank my mother?"

"No, Tammy, I'm going to beat her, she owes me a lot of money. Money I put out to stop some really bad guys from beating her, our deal was she would get off the dope or I'd beat her. The way she is today she ain't never going to pay me back. I'm going to convince her that sober beats a beating! I want you to help me, we get your mom straight, you might have some money." One more proof that women are all cunts; Tammy who casually tells me she fucks and sucks for peanuts, got all interested at the word money!

"Well, if it's for her own good, I guess I could help, the bedroom is probably quieter."

As Tammy and I were muscling her mother down the hall to the master bedroom, Maureen started to come around, "Huh ... what ... where we going?" When we hit the bedroom, Maureen had an idea, "Oh we going to have a party?"

"Yeah, we're having a party, and your ass is going to be the guest of honor!" Much to my enjoyment, my little friend Tammy was an active partner in pulling her mother's skirt up and her pants down! There was a certain amount of struggle but I don't think Maureen had comprehended what was coming. She was fucked up enough to not be sure if she was going to bed, gong to get laid, going to take a shower; guess what sweetie, you're going to get a lesson! I was surprised at how slender the senior Mrs. Morison's ass was. Nothing like her daughter's but not that big middle age spread we all dislike. I got my belt off and doubled over and started in. I had been having a bad day; first my little sweetie turned out to be an every day little cunt, two, even though I knew better I had trusted a fucking junkie! I put my back in to it with the very first blow. Tammy had been holding on to her mother's legs and I was pleased to see her looking over her mother's crotch with more than passing interest. Soon though, the pain had everybody in the room's interested, Tammy was looking on with just a trace of a smile, I was getting a raging hardon with every blow and Maureen was thrashing all over the place.

"Tammy, get up there and hold your mother's arms before I have to punch her out!" Quickly Tammy moved into place and was sitting by her mother's head hanging onto those flailing arms. Mommy started screaming, apparently it had been a while since somebody beat her, well those days were over! Without me saying a word, mommie's little girl scrambled around and got mom's hands under her knees while she took a pillow and covered up mom's head to muffle the yells. Then my little Tammy made my day as she looked towards me to see if I approved. When I smiled she simpered in little girl happiness as if I had just given her the award for best girl in all the third grade! I was turned on, but had no idea of how far the three of us were going to go!

As my arm got tired mommie's pain was sobering her up a little. As I paused, Maureen stopped her screams and started a typical junkies lament, "Sorry. I'll never, I'm sorry, I promise..." the usual shit. I was getting my breath back and suddenly noticed that Mrs, Morrison had a very damp pussy! "Tammy get over here, look at this!" Tammy crawled down and got along side of me. "Look at your momma, look how wet she is! She gets off on a beating!" And before she could react I had Tammy's hand on and then into her mother's pussy. Both mother and daughter jerked, but I think Tammy a little more than her mother. "No babe, don't take your hand away, we tanned her ass pretty well, make her feel better." As I said it, I was moving Tammy's wrist so her hand was stroking her own mother's pussy. I didn't give a shit if those two liked it, I was so hot, my dick was in a vibrating mode like a sexual tuning fork!

I looked at Tammy's face she was hypnotized by her fingers inside her mother. At that very moment I wouldn't have been surprised if Tammy didn't even know I was there! I stopped urging her hand but let my finger on her hand. Tammy continued stroking her mother off! It didn't take much to get Maureen going, soon her ass was humping back at her daughter's fingers. On her own, Tammy picked up the pace, I had to join in, I grabbed Tammy's hand and rearranged her fingers; now her thumb was pressing against mommy's asshole, one finger was clit stroking and the rest were buried in her mother's twat.

By now, mommy's ass was living a life of it's own slowly undulating against her daughter's fingers. I tore my eyes away from the sight of a daughter frigging her own mother to look at Tammy's face. She was in a different place, plane? Her face was almost frozen, mouth slightly open, her eyes were alive, it was as if her entire eyeball had been dilated, she was hypnotized by her own fingers going in and out of her mother. As I watched, Tammy started to drool a little from her open mouth. Saliva just flowed down her chin unnoticed as she wallowed in this incestuous sex charade. Just a couple of minutes ago I thought I was turned on from beating a grown woman; this act between mother and daughter was so much more than I had ever imagined, I had to join in. Maureen was laying face down with her head turned, I put a hand next to her mouth and unbidden she reached out with her tongue to lick the hand that had just beat her! In a heartbeat I had moved several fingers into her mouth. Maureen responded by nursing on my fingers. All I could think of was, oh are you going to suck my cock! Needing more, I moved my hand out of her mouth and pushing Tammy's thumb aside, I slid two fingers into her asshole! Maureen came, came on our fingers, her daughter's in her cunt, a teenage boy's in her ass! Her whole body spasmed, I thought my fingernails might pop off the way her ass clenched on my fingers. I damn near came with her! I pulled Tammy into a kiss, as hot as I was I still noticed that if took a moment or two for Tammy to respond to me. She was still lost in her mother's cunt! When she did she was over the top, this was a kiss both demanding and acknowledging that something new was happening in her young life.

She slid her mouth along my face and whispered, "Thank you, thank you, so hot, please?"

With the two of us on our knees and a hand around a slutty teenager I told her mother. "Listen up cunt, no more fucking drugs without permission! Ever, you ever fuck up again, I'll stick a baseball bat up your ass and burn off your clit!" I got a weak nod of agreement. "Maureen, I'm not just talking here, you got a new life here, now get up and go sleep in Tammy's room, your daughter and I are sleeping in your bed tonight, Get!" Between the dope, the beating and apparently one of the biggest orgasms of her life, a dazed and docile mother, walked out of her own bedroom leaving her teenaged daughter to fuck in her room while she was relegated down the hall.

Mommie didn't close the door behind her and I didn't care. I was so hot that I knew I had to give Tammy some foreplay because I would pop any second. The girl who just this morning I had thought was the virgin of my dreams, was as hot as I was! I hadn't had a finger in her for more than a minute when she started cumming. That was hot, but also a downer as it reminded me of how stupid I had been. "Get down there and suck my dick!" She scrambled! Scrambled to obey the guy who had just forced her fingers into her mother's cunt! All of a sudden there was a huge increase in her cocksucking skills. I don't think my little Tammy had been faking her poor cocksucking, something in the beating of her mother released something in Tammy; whether it was fear of getting beaten herself or the turn on of watching, or the turn on of fingering her own mom, Tammy had done a lot of growing in the last couple of hours. What ever it was, I was a lot happier about her performance! But I had to fuck her and fuck her now! Out of her mouth and into her puss in almost one movement, it wasn't neat and smooth but it sure was fast! In to her and in to it! God damn I was wired!

"You liked it, you liked watching me whip your mom, you liked fingering her! Be fucking good and I''ll make your mom do tricks for both of us!" Tammy's cum, this time was on the words and the idea, I only had to add a few strokes and her next couple were on my dick! It had been a whirlwind day, we both fell asleep almost immediately after the first post sex kiss. It was one of those, fuck the wet spot moments.

I guess I woke first because I was sleeping in a strange bed. Maureen was standing by the side of the bed, naked, "Please?" Only barely awake, I understood. I lifted the covers and shoved against Tammy to make room. Her mother slid in and snuggled up to me, I got a whispered, "Thank you"

Tammy woke enough to go, "what"

"Just your mom, relax"

Tammy made sure to get even closer to me. Well I was going to press this opportunity! I took both mommy's and Tammy's hands and brought them together over my stomach. Now with mommy and daughter holding hands, I put an arm around each of them and said, "How nice, the three of us together,"

Mom was the first to crack, I felt her fingers unwrap from her daughter's and slid down my stomach to grab a still slightly sticky dick, When I thought about that that stickiness was from me fucking her daughter's cunt I felt my dick start to rise, ready for more duty. Tammy may have been asleep but mommy was not getting away with grabbing her boyfriend's dick with out some competition. Now I had two hands down there each trying to get, pardon the pun, the upper hand. As my dick hardened up I had to moderate, "OK girls, no fighting, there's enough for the two of you, play nice or I'll spank the two of you.!" That calmed them down, soon I had two hands slowly jacking my dick. I turned my head and softly told Tammy, I guess it's your mom's turn this time, don't worry I'll take good care of you." I rolled towards mommy, "You know who's in charge here, right?'

So softly, I'm not sure Tammy could hear, "Yes, you are."

As I grabbed a surprisingly firm tit I went on, "Remember that, you got to keep your daughter happy too." And I kissed her before she could digest the meaning of happy. That kiss went directly to the hand holding my dick. "Whoa, whoa, not so hard! Before the main event I want my prick in your mouth" I made sure that was loud enough for her daughter to hear. Well Maureen was not afraid of sucking cock, she fluidly slid down to anoint my cock. Her only hesitation was when she got a taste of her daughter, she looked up and even in the darkened room I could see the quizzical look on her face. "That's right, that's Tammy, glory in it, it's not the last time for that taste." Mommy barely thought about it and she was down on my dick. This was one hell of a house, I could get used to two cocksuckers in one bed! Tammy watched her mother's head bobbing over my dick and suddenly my mouth was filled with tongue. Somebody wanted to be sure I didn't forget her! When Tammy let up, I put my order in, "OK mommy, on your back, knees up cunt!" I was overjoyed when she actually scrambled to obey. As I moved to get in between those knees I almost had to pull Tammy off; I was barely between her legs when Maureen was pulling my dick into her. Before I even entered her I could smell she was still wet from her earlier cum on her daughter's fingers. Wet didn't even come close, drenched, drowned, awash, soaked, whatever, I was balls deep on the first stroke.

In a loud voice, Maureen announced my arrival, "There, that's where it goes, fuck me, right there, more, deeper, you're on me, in me, oh my you got me now!" I was beginning to think the whole family was crazy but I was still going to plow this broad. But first I moved one arm outside of Tammy to draw her into our sex.

Now I could look down and even in the shadows see that both Maureen and her daughter had slight grins on their faces. As I stroked into Maureen, her boobs started bouncing, "Tammy, hold mommy's tits, push them up to me!" Faithful daughter was milking a tit towards me and then she reached out and kissed the nearest one! King Kong couldn't have been happier than I was at that second. The entire scene was so erotic that I didn't even think about mommie having a tight or loose cunt. A threesome! A mother daughter threesome!! A mother daughter threesome and I think we've just started!!! It was a good thing I had recently fucked the daughter because I was ready to have an orgasm just thinking about a future with these two cunts. Just before I came I yelled out for the two of them to kiss as I came. No hesitation; I got to find out more about this uncle, I was getting a strong feeling I was not a trailblazer here. As they kissed, I came, I was tired but it was a biggie even for me. I was living my own personal porn movie. Now I noticed, it was a nice every day tight pussy I had been fucking. Certainly a pussy you wouldn't be afraid to tell anyone about! As I lay there trying to get my breathing somewhat back to normal I felt three hands patting and rubbing my back. Damn! Mom and daughter were telling me I did good! I had entered a seriously fucked up world. I fell off mommy and Tammy had to scramble to not get pinned under me. As I laid there an arm around each one we exchanged a few kisses but it was nap time for me, I was officially fucked out. As I was falling asleep I heard something like, "don't worry, we'll share" I was too sleepy to figure who had said it.

In the morning I woke to Tammy shaking my toe, "Wake up, mom says it's time for breakfast." I reached out for her and she backed away. "Oh no, mom says breakfast first!" So there I was a pair of pants on no shirt, barefoot at the breakfast table. My head wasn't really awake yet, I was trying to correlate last night with this morning. Last night was mom and baby fucking the boy; this morning was mom in a bathrobe and an apron, daughter in the baggiest pajamas I'd ever seen. No lust at this table, not sure there was even any love at the table. Corn flakes and frozen OJ, no Continental Breakfast at this table either. I got up.

"And just where do you think you're going? Well, mommie was in a bitchy mood.

"I was going to get a glass of water, but since you asked so nice, yes you can get me one." And I sat back down, Tammy started to get up. "No honey, I'm sure your mom wants to take care of me, look at how nice she was last night."

Who do you think you are, just because you took advantage of me last night when I was sick, don't think..."

That was as far as I let her go. "Whoa! Shut the fuck up. Let me tell you exactly who I am. I'm the guy that owns your debt from Frankie! You remember Frankie, he's the one that's got a job for you on the south side! I'm the kid that's buying your fucking groceries! That's who the fuck I am"

"I'm the guy that warned you, no more dope or I'd whip your ass, and that's what I fucking did last night! The next time you get stoned, I'm the guy that will whip your tits right into the fucking cancer ward! That's who the fuck I am! Now that you know who the fuck I am, stand up. Take off that robe, and get me my water!" By now I was waving my cereal spoon, "Or so help me I'll come over there and use this to dig shit out of your ass and feed it to you!" Maureen had turned a couple of shades whiter but got up and slowly dropped the robe on her chair. Without a word she went and brought me a glass of water. As she went to put it down, I grabbed her ass and pulled her into my lap, before she could react I had two fingers buried in her cunt! I used them to punctuate each sentence, like a drunk poking somebody's chest with a finger. "OK cunt, how about telling me how you're going to pay me back my money!" Maureen just sat there and started to cry, no defensive moves, just tears rolling down hr cheeks, I looked over and saw Tammy crying at the same time. "Tammy!' she jerked, "Don't embarrass your mother, get your clothes off too." As Tammy stood up and started to unbutton, I turned back to mommie, "Well bitch, where's my money?"

Tammy had her PJ's in her hand and turned. "Sit down Tammy, I want you to hear what your mother has to say!" I was really enjoying this, I had my hand in a middle aged woman and she was too frightened to complain, her naked daughter didn't know what to do, and both were crying. I could learn to live like this! From where Tammy was she could not see me jabbing her mother's cunt. All she could see was her mom jumping as I yelled at her. "Well!" Jab. Jump!

"Please, I'm sorry, I don't know how..."

Jab. "What?" Jump

"I mean it's a lot of money and now that Mike doesn't come..."

Jab. "Bullshit" Jump, "No excuses, you want to work it off for Frankie?" Jab and Jump.

"No, no, I'll pay you back, honest, I just don't..."

Jab, "Fuck that shit, you're going to work for me." Jump,"I'll pay off your debt at $100.00 a week" Jump. "Tammy, you listen close, you're going to be in on this too. I'm going to fuck your mom for my money, I'm going to fuck the two of you for my money. With the juice I'll be your momma's main jocker for the next 8 months. Either one of you got a problem with that?" Lots of Jabs and Jumps. "Tammy?" She nodded yes. "No fucking nods, say it, say Yes you can fuck me and mom for the next eight months." By the way, now Maureen was suffering from a wet pussy

Maur opened her mouth, I put a finger over her lips, she was at least smart enough to shut up.

Tammy swallowed a couple of times, "Yes you can fuck my mother and me for the next eight months to pay off her fucking debt!" Even better! Tammy was pissed at mommie, that should make for some extra fun!

Now my thumb, wet with her juices, was on Maur's clit, "Well momma, do you agree with your loving daughter? Let me hear it."

Maureen's cunt was starting to give orders but her heart was still breaking, tears silently rolled down her face as she turned and looked me in the eye. "Yes sir I promise to fuck you for the next eight months" That was followed with a sob and she buried her face in my neck as she softly sobbed. What Tammy couldn't see was her mother's lips kissing my neck in between sobs.

"OK Maur, you know you're not going to just lay there right?"

A hiccuped yes came out of her.

"And you're not going to just make me happy, I want to see your daughter smiling!"

One more sob, more in control this time, "Yes. Yes sir."

"OK ladies, back to bed to seal our bargain. Tammy bring a warm washcloth for mommy's face." I had never expected to be in this situation but I was going to milk it for all it was worth. I had originally bought Maureen's debt to keep Frank and his boys from turning her into a hooker and here I was fucking her and her daughter! Not only fucking them but sort of with their permission! Both claimed they didn't like it but last night both had cum big time and nobody had run away during the night. Walking down the hall I marveled at their asses, Tammy's was tight and high, perfect for the smallest of bikinis her mother's was older and wider of course but still nice to look at it.

After Tammy wiped her mother's tears, Maureen had calmed herself a little, I felt it was time to prove my ownership. "Tammy, take that chair and bring it to the side of the bed. Now sit and learn!" I sat on the edge of the bed. "Maur, get over here and show us what a great cocksucker you can be. Get on your knees, get where you fucking belong!" More tears from both of them but even as the tears were forming, Maureen was sinking to her knees in front of me. "No tears, none from either of you, no tears, no bullshit, this ain't the first time, for either of you! Both of you be happy you only have one cock to suck! Now Tammy you watch and learn. Maureen, do a mother's job, teach your daughter her womanly duties, now look up here." Maureen had been slumped between my knees, a great look because it made her look as if she had given up. She slowly looked up at me, and I reached out and with my thumb pushed a tear away from each eye. Softly I said, "Come on baby, look at your future, learn to love my cock and you and your daughter are going to be happy campers. I leaned over and kissed her on her forehead, that got me a weak smile. "Now suck my dick!" I yelled the last and Maureen dove on my dick, how nice, she was scared of me!

"Look Tammy, all the way on the first swallow! Maureen, you gonna show Tammy how to do that?" Maur tried to raise her head to answer, I pushed her head back down. "Just nod when you're on my dick" And she did, vigorously! "See Tammy, I don't have to pull mommy's ears or anything, your mom is a natural born cocksucker! Give me your hand" And I put Tammy's hand on momma's throat so she could feel her mother swallowing as she sucked. "See, feel that, that feels so good on my prick. Can you see, see how deep she goes on me?" I didn't care but my talking or the fact she was sucking in front of her daughter was really motivating Maureen, my cock was bouncing off the back of her throat and she wasn't gagging, just constant swallowing. I grabbed her hair and lifted Maureen off my dick, as hot as I was I still noticed that Maureen made a point of keeping a tight suction all the way until I pulled her lips off my cock. "Tell me you like my prick, tell me you like sucking my prick!" The tears were gone off Maur's face but her chin and nose were soaked with our fluids.

"I do. I do like your prick, I love sucking your cock!" She actually pulled her hair out of my hand as she dove back down on my dick. I pulled Tammy off her chair and sat her next to me. I put one arm around her to pull her closer as I put one of her hands on mommies head.

Tammy, see what a good cocksucker your mother is, I don't think you can push her any deeper on my dick, try it!' I felt Maureen sink maybe another half inch as her daughter shoved on the back of her head. Then I noticed the tears on Tammy's face. I had to wonder, what was she crying about? What, no dick for her, what, her mom as head cocksucker, what, seeing her future? I was finding out a lot about myself today, I loved fucking with broads, Tammy's tears were a real turn on for me! Fucked up? Probably, but I loved the power!

"What a pair you gals are! What a cocksucker mommie is! What a helper you are! My girls! My cunts!" I turned Tammy's head and licked the tears off her cheeks. "Oh fuck, get down there next to mom, Maureen give our girl a taste!" Unbidden, Maureen raised an arm and put it over her daughter's shoulder as she pulled her closer. As I watched the mother slowly came off my prick and using her free hand gently pushed my dick towards her daughter's face. As I watched, Tammy licked her lips before my dick arrived, she just bent her head and slowly went down as far as could, she was not her mother's daughter, not yet, as she was having a problem gagging, she pulled off and covered her mouth as she almost threw up, But she kept both her cookies and her cool and swallowed several times before she looked at me. "Sorry, it's bigger, bigger than I thought it was."

Now with a mother and daughter on their knees in front of me, I went to full monster mode on the Johnie Wadd, prick scale. "Good girl, good little cunt, you know, you throw up sucking on me, I'll make you lick up every drop."

Tammy's shoulders were bouncing as she tried to control her breathing. "I'll be good, I'm trying, honest, I'll do better!" And trooper that she was she went back to my dick!

I heard Maureen whisper, "Slowly honey, you can do it, get used to it, it's just a prick, feel it's softness, feel that texture, make Paul happy, for me, horny for me." And Maureen kissed her daughter on the ear as she gave her fifteen year old instructions on sucking cock! It was too much for me, I started to cum. I guess there was still some nice guy left in me, I resisted the temptation to shove my prick down Tammy's throat.

Share, share you cunts!", After the first squirt Tammy was happy to get my dick out of her mouth, the second blast ended up on Maureen's forehead as Tammy tried to pass her my cock, but Maureen made sure no more was wasted. Oh boy, one cum two mouths! WOW! Watching Maureen scramble to get my dick in her mouth before I came some more was a powerful aphrodisiac, she loved my dick! Well, she might have just liked cum, but I prefer to think she liked my cum and my dick! I was in heaven, "Good girls, sweet cunts, my little cocksuckers, I'm going to love you two, sweet things." As I was talking, they were spontaneously kissing, I had thought I would have to force them but as I watched they were kissing and holding each other; maybe they had realized that the only love they were going to get would come from each other.

The rest of the day was a revelation, I thought I was going to be giving all the instructions but it was as if I/we had awakened something in Maureen. She would be going no. no not that and suddenly switch into active teaching mode.

"Put it there, right there! See, feel that Tammy, see how that works? This way it goes in deeper. Try pushing then you can pull." It was a long day, my head was constantly abuzz with the thought of mother daughter, to look down the bed and see the curves of two backs, one young, one older, bent, glistening with a sheen of sweat as they bend over your dick, couple that with four tits; two young and pointy, the other two soft and round, hanging down and waving as they rotated off and on my prick. I had each of them do me cowgirl, with the other behind holding the fuckers tits out. As the day progressed and I kept trying stuff it was obvious that Tammy was into her mom, a lot more than her mom was in to her. When her mother was kneeling over me fucking away, Tammy's face peering over her mother's shoulder as she held her tits was one big grin; when the positions were reversed, her mother was just sort of resting a chin on her daughter's shoulder. Well you can't have everything from a junkie. I figured mommie would be a better fuck once we got her off the dope. One thing that motivated Maureen was an ass fuck.

It was late afternoon and I guess we were all a little fucked out but Maur really pissed me off she was just laying there as is waiting for me to be done, no response to my dick and I got pissed. "OK cunt, my dick bores you, let's see if this wakes you!" I had her turned over and pulling back got her ass in the air. "Tammy, grab my dick, put it in your mother's ass!" The darling daughter leaped at the chance to help butt fuck her mother.

What a family, some day have to find out what this shit is all about, right now, a daughter holding my dick up to her mother's ass hole was almost too much. If it hadn't been for mama saying no, no, I might have cum right there. But after leaning into momma's ass, my dick slick from her cunt, her sphincter gave up and I slid in for at least an inch below the head of my dick. My first ass fuck! I staggered under the load of emotions, wonderful tightness, completely different texture than a pussy, but most of all, the sense of power. My dick in her ass was a sign of ownership as far as I was concerned. Strange, my dick in her ass made her my cunt. It was only later that I understood that for a woman, anal was the total separation of sex and procreation. In the midst of a gang bang a woman could calm herself believing it was some sort of love. Ass fucks told them that they were a piece of meat, and they had better grab their pleasure wherever they could. With my hands in that crease between thighs and belly, I could get a good grip, and pulled back for all I was worth. Her ass slapped up against my belly.

"Ohh, Jesus, help me, you're tearing me apart!" She screamed and with that scream, a smiling daughter leaned in and kissed me!

"Shut up Maureen, you're my cunt now, glory in your cuntness! Be a cunt for me, be a cunt for your daughter. This ain't going to be your last ass fuck, learn, love it bitch!"

I was in a true frenzy, power mad, I really was power mad. My dick buried in the ass of an old broad, that's fucking power! I looked over at Tammy, she was scared, two minutes ago it was some extra fun sex. Now, she didn't know what was next! I grabbed her and pulled her close to me. "Look down, see my dick, in and out of mommie. She's going to learn to love it! Maur, stop your whining, "I held my dick still barely in her,"You want Tammy to help you, more lube?"

"Oh God please honey, wet him up. I'm too dry, please?"

"You heard mommie. Lick it!" This was getting complex; my cock head just in Maureen's ass, one hand holding her ass, a hand around her daughter's neck forcing her downwards to my cock. Well, I guess that's why I never went out for sports, no coordination, Tammy was fighting me, I was pushing harder and my dick popped out of Maur's ass and as it turned out, right into her daughters mouth! It's times like that, that you know Jesus loves you, I couldn't have wished for more, a moment ago I was bound and determined to get Tammy just to lick my dick and now it was in her mouth. I took my other hand off of Maur's ass and held Tammy's head against my belly as she tried to spit out my dick.

"Oh, you two are the best cunts, so good, what a great set of girls, good girl, sweet cunt, get it good and wet and we'll get back to your momma!" Tammy realized I wasn't going to let go of her head, her mouth was flooded with saliva. That warm wet mouth was good, but there was an ass attached to a woman who was softly crying, but most important, not trying to get away; that ass was calling to me! I let go of Tammy's head and was reaching for her mother's ass when Tams, my little innocent girl of just yesterday, kneeled up and grabbed my dick to position it for her mom's asshole. again! Poor Tammy, she had so much spit in her mouth from trying to coat my dick that as she kneeled upright she was actually drooling. I could feel the warm spit on my thigh, and then I was against momma's asshole. Maureen, feeling my prick pushing against her let out a little cry, of despair, I guess, and her sphincter relaxed and almost welcomed the invader this time. Not five minutes had gone by and Maureen had changed. She might not like a dick in her ass, but this time, she accepted this as part of her life. I was three quarters of the way into her when I felt her tentatively start to push back to try and help her own penetration. I stopped moving and very gently Maureen pushed back till her ass cheeks were against me.

Putting an arm around Tammy I leaned into her ear, "Watch this." then "OK Maureen, all the way now, you can do it." And as her daughter and I watched, Maureen's ass cheeks flattened out as she shoved back to get all the prick she could, into her ass!

There I was, cock deep in a woman, one hand on her ass and the other around her daughter as we knelt up together, it was almost as if the two of us were fucking her mom. Then Tammy made my day, very tentatively she brought her nearest hand forward and softly laid it on her mother's other cheek. Then she leaned in and kissed me, kissed as if her life depended on it! Her tongue slowly searched my mouth, gums, teeth, cheeks, all done with a softness that implied submission. My prick in her mother's ass, I was being kissed by a daughter who was promising me ... something, ... everything! All I knew was I was going to find out and take everything these two had to offer! These two were my cunts! I fucking owned them! While Tammy and I were swapping tongues momma tried a slow outstroke. It was as if she was going to move until the pain started. She stopped when she felt the head of my dick nearing her entrance. When, after a moment, Maur started pushing back to get more dick Tammy looked down in surprise.

"She likes it,, ass fucking, she fucking likes it! " Tammy was whispering into my ear. Even in a whisper, you could hear the awe in Tammy's voice.

I just smiled. It's not fair to let the woman do all the work, soon, Maur and I had a soft gentle rhythm going, I had leaked enough pre lube that it sure was nice for me, and there were no tears from mommy.

"Tams, help mom out, stroke her puss, come on, the two of us, let's make her happy." As I was talking I was pushing Tammy's hand down around that hip towards that warm pussy. Once again Tammy surprised me, she slid down to the mattress and lying on her side, got her hand all the way under her mother.

What ever she was doing sure got some appreciative grunts out of mom. My thought was, well fuck if she's enjoying it, time to pick up the pace. I started really moving into Maureen, now I had a hand on each hip as I started driving for home. Oh fuck, I felt Tammy's fingers in her mother's cunt! I was starting to get into precum warp speed as I pounded into those ass cheeks in front of me. As I would bottom out, her ass would jiggle almost six inches up onto her back. What a cum! Her ass spasmed around my dick, actually blocked the flow of cum for a second and then it was spurt, spurt spurt so good, almost painful. I was lying on Maur's back kissing it when I felt my dick being licked! Sometime during my inaugural ass fuck, Tammy had got under us and I guess been licking momma, I didn't notice because I was in my own private orgasmo world. With the third slow lazy lick I slid my dick out of Maureen, Tammy didn't suck me clean, but she did give my prick several kisses.

I fell off of Maureen and laid on my back absolutely wallowing in what had just happened. I had started to ass fuck Maureen as a punishment and it ended as a boy's own dream of a threeway! Maureen pulled herself off her daughter so that she was lying on her side facing me. She reached out to kiss me. Very softly at first, as if asking permission. When I put an arm around her she took that as permission, now there was tongue in that kiss, tongue and promise of more.

After her in-depth exploration of my mouth she pulled back, gave me a soft peck on the lips and whispered "I know, it's changed now, you, you're the one, that was an earthshaker. Whatever you want, whenever you want it, I guess I'm your cunt now! My ass screams that you own me, please don't hurt me. I'm giving it all up for you. That really hurt, but I promise, I'll learn to like it for you. If she gives you any shit, you tell me, I'll straighten her out." Then I got a soft kiss on the ear as she rolled to her back and pulled Tammy close to her. I was still on my side when Maureen told her daughter. "You know Paul's the boss now, don't you? You do what he tells you or its spank time!" And then she kissed her daughter in a most unmotherly way! "Now go get us some warm water and a washcloth so we can clean up!"

When Tammy returned there were complete instructions about being the towel girl, "Daddy's first. You are our daddy right Paul? Clean daddy's dick. Then my pussy and last clean up around my butt. Honey, remember you can always go pussy to ass but never ass to pussy, too much chance of infection!'

Daddy! Now that's a turn on, be the daddy to the mother of my girlfriend! I had to try that on for size. "Well, if I'm the daddy, daddy would like to see his two girls kiss!" Soon they were meeting across my chest kissing away in a very unfamily way. I pulled them a little closer and we were having a threeway kiss. Between cheeks and noses, a three way kiss isn't very good. At best I could get the tip of each one's tongue in my mouth. Now a three way tonguing works pretty well, not as exciting as a kiss, but hell it's the concept not the activity, As our tongues were swirling together, the sex center of my brain was on full condition red. Bells whistles, sirens, all going off while screaming ; threeway, threeway!

They fell back onto my chest and I asked, "Maureen, how did you like Tams licking your pussy?" They both blushed! "Hey come on now, we're going to be together for quite a while, we are going to talk about this stuff! I'll tell you Maur, your ass is red hot! I could live on a diet of that full time! In fact, so hot, I didn't know our little girl was licking you until after I came. I can remember feeling her fingers inside you and then I was just too wrapped up in that glorious ass!"

I gave Maur a shoulder squeeze and she smiled, "OK, I was surprised, I was already sort of getting off, you know that's a big dick you got there and I like to think I've got a small asshole, so there was some pain, but it was a good sort of pain; but then my little girl came to my rescue." She reached across my chest and kissed her daughter's cheek. "First those fingers, that was enough to get me off the pain kick, but then; that tongue, I was gone! But daddy, (there it was again!) your dick is big, it hurts! But I promise, you give me time to get used to it and you can have my ass whenever and wherever you want. Now this time I came but Tammy helped me to my first one, but I swear, the next two were all you and yours. We got to try it again with out any outside help." She looked over at her daughter, "Don't worry honey, I want you with us all the time, when we do it on our own, it'll be an experiment, just one time."

I figured, mom pledging her obedience, I should press my luck. "Tammy, you OK with this. I'm not going to stop having sex with your mom. I want you to join in willingly. It sure seemed like you were enjoying the whole thing. As I got a slow tentative nod from Tammy I turned. "Maur, I'd like to see my two gals do each other, I mean Tams did you, you should do her and it would be fun for daddy to watch his girls."

"Welllll, if we have too!" said in mock poutyness, move over." Tammy was sort of sputtering something and then her mom shut her up with a kiss. "Come on hon, let's show daddy how much fun we can be!"

The next hour was amazing to me, Maureen showed so much restraint as she slowly seduced her daughter. Yes, Tammy had licked her mom, but that was hornyness, this was choices being made. First Tammy was lying on her back as is afraid to move, then mommie leaned over and that first kiss was as delicate as watching a flower open. Softly and so gentle, just 4 lips touching, no more. Then Maur moved her head back and with just her tongue outlined her daughter's lips. The next kiss was almost as soft but now I could see that both mouths were open and they were tongue touching. It was Tammy who made the first move, The youngest reached up and pulled her mother down on to her. Watching, I got to see breasts compressing against each other. Tammy's boobs were almost completely covered by her mother's more mature versions. Mom's hand went slowly down her daughter's side to stroke and caress. All the way down to Tammy's thigh and back up to almost her armpit. Not once touching pussy or tit. I marveled at mom's restraint, no way could I be that romantic, not with a naked girl. It was getting to Tammy too, one hand came away from mommie's neck and put her hand on one of Tammy's tender buds. Tammy held her mom's hand to her tit and pushed, "Squeeze me, mom!" Maureen knew that she was the winner, That hand, slid off a little tit and with all due speed slid across her daughters belly to that golden grotto below that teen age fuzz. I laid there watching the hottest show on earth, one hand on my dick. You could not watch this without playing with yourself. What was wonderful was that I was sure Maureen was slowly moving towards her daughter's cunt with a deliberate speed that left no doubt where she was going but also gave her daughter time to reach out and stop her. As Tammy lay under her mother, by not stopping that hand, she was joining in, she was not only saying yes to her mother fingering her pussy she was saying I want this!

I had to move to get a better view, and in moving realized how hard I had been pulling my dick! Oh no, no way was I going to jack off while in bed with two women!

I watched as Maur's hand slid down her daughter and her middle finger disappear into her little girl. There was no hesitation it was as if teen puss and mature hand were coordinated. For an incestuous act between mother and daughter it was the most natural thing you could imagine. It took an act of will to keep my hands off my dick and or the girls. Tammy must have been holding her breath, there was a big sigh and a panting sound. Now mommy the huntress was on the move, she knew her daughter had surrendered and she was bound to explore her new conquest. Mom was sucking on those sweet young peaches her daughter called tits, as I watched, I could see that Maur had coordinated her sucking with her finger thrusts into her daughter. I pulled my eyes away from the main action to look at Tammy's face. Tammy had left earth, she was somewhere else. Somehow you could see that she had turned entirely inward and was concentrating on incoming sensations. I really doubt if she even knew I was in the same bed with her!

As mom lifted her head off the nearest tit, she looked at me and winked! The cunt! She was in this to get me off as well as her daughter! She was showing off! I had thought I was looking at true love and it was really just showtime! At first I was pissed and then I realized, shit, that's what I really wanted, not love, lust; not girlfriends, cunts! Can you fall in love with a woman's whorishness? I think so. Maur was being a cunt for me, I had news for her, I could show her shit she had never dreamt of! In fact that wink made me start to rethink my idea of getting Maur off drugs, she might be more fun on them!

Mommie Maur didn't kiss her way down her daughter's belly, she just slid on down dragging her tongue, I watched Tammy give an involuntary shiver as that wet tongue hit her navel. Then it hit gold. Apparently all of Tammy's nerve ends screamed Eureka as mommies tongue burrowed into her. It was like watching a movie of someone getting electroshock treatments. Tammy was spasming, it had to have been from anticipation because mommies tongue was barely there and off she went. Within two minutes Tammy was pulling at her mother's body to get the mommie cunt over her mouth. These two started eating each other as if it was the everyday luncheon special. I would not have believed they were first timers except for their frenzied need to get deeper and get more. First love is 90% lust and these two were devouring each other. I just was able to keep my hands off my dick as the room filled with their scent. We were waist deep in pheromones! I watched them both cum at least twice before I had to join in.

Putting a hand on Maur's ass I started rubbing away while dragging a finger near her recently reamed hole, "Come on my two sweet cunts, roll over let me pet the little girl." Maur had had enough ass play for the day, without releasing her mouth from her daughter's cunt she had rolled the two of them over so I was now looking at teenaged ass. I reached under Tam's legs and twisted her mother's head to the side. I kissed a very wet mouth as I tasted her daughter's cunt off her lips. A quick lick with my tongue and as I let her daughter's legs fall back to cover her face I whispered. "Be my boss cunt, help me fuck your daughter!' And then I swung up to where dutiful daughter's ass was covering the bottom half of mom's face.

"You gals are too hot, I got to have some. Tammy lift your butt a little so I can do you." No hesitation, I thought sure she would be too far gone to notice me at first, but on command her ass raised and she got her knees further under her. As her child's ass raised up I could see a pair of lust filled eyes looking upside down at me and even as that ass moved to give me access mom's tongue reached out to maintain contact with her daughters cunt. Now I had my knees on each side of Maureen's head and as I started to center my dick I felt her tongue trying to push my prick into her daughter's puss. At that second I would have sold my soul. Could you get any more obscene than this? I was to find out, you sure could

Needless to say, Tammy's cunt was soaking, once I was even close, my dick slid all the way to my bottom. With hands on Tammy's hips I took a moment to evaluate my position. Balls on mommies forehead, mommies tongue touching my dick as it slid into her daughter. I grabbed Tammy's hair and turned her head, "Honey, make your mom cum for us. I want to feel her mouth trying to devour your cunt." Tammy bent to her labors, I was stroking away in the hottest cunt I have every felt. When mom came she extended her lips and tried to pull her daughters clit into her mouth. I couldn't stop myself, I was cumming and made a point to pull far enough out that I coated mom's face. I collapsed over Tammy's back and we all just froze there for a couple of minutes. I was the first to move and fell off to one side, Tammy slid over next to me and finally mom got enough energy to pull herself up even with us. We were all knocked out from the ultra sex but as I looked at my two cunts I had to smile. What a pair of faces. Tammy soaked from the bridge of her nose to her chin with 'Jus de Maman' and her mother, the same base coat but with a top coat of my cum. I didn't want them to ever wash, damn that was hot! There was a hand mirror on the near dresser, I got what energy I had left and brought it back to bed. "You two look so great, I want to take you out and show off our cums, mom with my cum, you're the prettiest, but Tams you are a real close second!" It wasn't hard to see that they didn't think having a cum covered face was a beauty aid, for me, as I looked at the first two cunts that I had ever had control of all I could think of was 'marking my territory'. They looked great to me, I first kissed little Tammy who I think was still trying to figure out if me or her mother had just fucked her, one way or the other. When I switched faces and leaned into momma, I got a full taste of my own cum, I'm not a big fan, but right there, then, me, Maur, our juices, fucking nectar. What a cocktail!

Tammy picked up the mirror and held it for me, "Look, three cunt faces!" I sure couldn't argue. Strangely, the only awkward time was saying goodby after cleanup. I wanted to hug and kiss both of them, but I knew I had to keep some control or my two cunts would try to turn me into their cunt.

A group hug, holding two asses at once and a bad imitation, "I'll be back" and, "Remember, no dope, daddy will spank!" and out the door.

I had just played King Kong with two women, and I walked home in a daze. Wow, I keep thinking about the idea of threesomes as a full time life style. Sure the mom's a junkie, but she could change, right. yeah, that's how young I was! The minute I hit the door my mother was all over me, where had I been, why didn't I call, she was worried and on and on. I was just starting to think that she was right and I should have called when, without a change from her bitching tone she told me she needed $200,00 to fix the brakes!

I was fresh from my own sexual mountaintop and my own mother was ragging on me! "Mom, Fuck off! From the minute I came in the door you been bitching, now you want money and you don't even know how to say please, Hell! You don't even know how to say hello! Get your own money, or learn how to be nice." It wasn't her bitching as much as the fact that I had walked home with a vision of a joy filled future and five minutes at home and it was the same old bullshit! Damn! I just stormed into my bedroom and looked at a schoolbook. I wasn't trying to study, the book was a prop, I was thinking about going back to Tammy and Maureen for another night, or just getting my own place, If I could get away with living on my own, it would delay my moving out but this shit? What if I moved in with those two, might be cheaper than renting, might be a real fucking horror story too. I didn't want to do more dope dealing than I was handling right now. I felt I was pretty safe in that I didn't have any low lifes as customers, well with the exception of Maureen, so my chances of getting busted were slimmer than most. In my business volume meant more people knowing you, The better known you got the shorter your freedom became!

I got up to get a can of pop and there was mom, at the kitchen table with her favorite bottle of scotch. I tried to ignore her but she stopped me. "Please honey, you were right, I should be nicer to you. I'm sorry I didn't say hello. Paul, honest, I'm out there busting my butt and I can't seem to sell anybody anything!. I'm really trying, I just can't seem to make that breakthrough. Honey, I know you're working hard, and it's not right that your mother should be asking you for money, I don't want to but I don't know where to turn. I'm afraid to ask for an advance at work. I think they'd fire me, if I asked for anything!" And she started crying.

Mary kept going back to the meeting this morning, it was the weekly sales meeting, a review of new listings, who sold what and properties that needed to be moved. Since business had turned so sour, Mary hated even being in the office, she just felt everybody was looking at her and laughing over her lack of sales. As the meeting broke up, she heard her name, "Mary, stay a minute, I need to talk to you."

As everyone else filed out she braced herself. "Mary you know what we're gong to talk about, you have to start making some sales or I'm going to have to let you go."

She interrupted, "Come on, I've hit a dry spell, you know how down the market is, everybody is slow."

"Yeah, and that's why I need production, your desk has to provide some business, make a sale, get us some new listings or I'm just going to have to let you go."

Hating herself for her own desperation, "Well, maybe we could stay late some night, and you could give me some one on one, I mean I'm willing to do what ever it takes to keep this job."

"Oh Mary, I don't know if that would help. If you were showing some production then we could talk about promoting your listings or something. Right now, I don't want to waste my time unless you show some improvement.

As she felt her son put an arm around her, she still couldn't believe a man had flat turned her down when she offered some sex.{ ... waste my time... }Just remembering was like a kick in the stomach. Paul, standing next to her chair tried to offer something ... comfort? ... love? It seemed the right thing to do. Mom turned and buried her face in his stomach and started weeping. Now he didn't know what to do. She had an arm around him and was hanging on as she cried. "Oh Paul, I've got nobody to talk to! I'm scared all the time, they're going to fire me, I don't know about the rent. I don't know what you're doing to get the money, but we need it. Ohh please, whatever, don't leave me, I think I'd die!" And she kissed his stomach through a tear soaked shirt, not once but again and again!

Being the apparent prick that I am, I found this a turn on, my dick was responding to my mother's desperation! I put my other hand on mom's head, hell she had to feel that hardon. I wanted to pull away. I wanted to fuck her, I was scared, I was excited, why not, she had tried drunk, why not? She had to feel my cock, it was pressing into her shoulder, she wasn't pulling away! Was she drunk, what was I thinking? I had just been at a mini orgy starring a mom and daughter, I had two other adult bimbo's I was fucking, and my mother was clinging to me asking for help! All I could think of was fucking her, did that make me a bad guy, or her a bad mother? Maybe two months ago, I wouldn't have thought this way, but now, I had two grown ups that more or less fucked me to keep their dope coming on schedule. I had a mother and daughter that appeared willing to do anything! I doubt that there were any limits as far as Maureen was concerned and her daughter seemed to be headed down the same path! Now my own mother was working me over for money. She had to feel that dick poking her shoulder! She felt it, felt her own son's erection and didn't back away! I didn't even think she was horny, for her my hard on was one of those things you had to put up with to get the money! The more I thought about it, the more angry I became. My dick was still punching her shoulder and she wasn't pulling away!

I made up my mind, fuck this shit, my money, my house! "Mom, I'm paying most of the bills right now, Now you want me to pay for your car! If I'm paying the bills I want to be in charge. Before you do or say one more thing you better think about if you want me running your life! Because I'll tell you right now; more money from me, you'll answer to me! I'm going to my room, you decide if you want a new man in charge of your life. I'll tell you, I won't be easy on you! Let me know in the morning!" With that me and my hard on left the room.

In my bedroom my dick was crying out for attention, I was sitting on my bed, thinking, she had to know what I was talking about! Well if she didn't get it, she's going to be the best fucking cleaning lady in the world if she wants any money!

Mary sat there after her son left, { ... I felt it ... that was an erection ... my own... 'waste my time ... new man ... I WON'T BE EASY ON YOU! ... I'm still pretty ... my son knows I'm pretty... }She got up, ran some cold water and dried her tears, after she had redone her eye makeup and as she was putting on fresh lipstick she realized, she had made a decision!

Not fifteen minutes later mom walked in on me without knocking, I'm sure she didn't knock in hopes of catching me beating off. Well she was half right, I had my pants unzipped and was rubbing my dick but it was still in my underpants. "Paul, you're right, you are such a help, you should have some say in our lives, how would you like to help?"

"Mom, now I'm pissed, you didn't even listen to me. I never said I wanted to help, I said if you want more money from me, I'll be in charge! And in case you forgot that, I said I wouldn't be easy either! You want my money, I'm going to be the man of the house and I'm going to be your man in this house. You will ask and answer to me! Right now, I've got two people want me to move in with them!" Bullshit, but she didn't need to know that!

"Honey, if it's your money, you should have a right to see how we spend it, but I'm your mother, I don't answer to you, you're my child..."

"Fuck that shit, you're the mom when you pay the bills, you're sure as shit not the mom when you come home with two drunken guys."

"You're right, I was wrong when I did that, but it's just not easy being alone, I can't seem to give a house away, Sometimes I need a break, just have some fun. I mean, look at you, I felt that earlier, you need some fun too. We could help each other, we're home, nobody knows our business. I remember how mean some of those young girls could be to a boy, let me help you."

With my fly open, I sure couldn't take any moral high ground. "Mom, you're not listening, you wouldn't be helping, you're be doing what you're told. I mean it, I've got two women who want me to move in with them and they don't want my money!" Technically true, they loved me for my dope, not my money. "So now, make a decision, my money and me, or no money and I move! You want my money you want me in your bed. Ask me to come to bed with you or get the fuck out!"

Make my day! As I watched, tears started to form as mom made up her mind, Her hand slowly reached out to me, as her mouth opened and closed a couple of times before she could form the words. "Paul, would you please come to my bed with me?"

{ ... There, said it, ... in the open,,, total whore ... fuck son for money ... what am I ... help me ... please... }

Her voice broke on the last two words. I pushed my hand out to meet hers, she grasped and pulled on me. As I stood up she tilted her head looking for a kiss, but I was learning quickly. Ignoring her upturned face, I stepped close and slid a hand down her back to grab a cheek! More tears, life just gets better and better! It was an act of supreme will on my part to walk slowly down the hallway to mom's bedroom. I wanted to drag her and throw her and fuck her at once, my over-nigher with Maur had shown me some of the things that happen when you attack from a position of power. It was only 20 feet or so to mom's bedroom but I imagine it was as far as the walk to the electric chair for my mother. I had a hand on her ass and she was walking as if she had a ram rod up her ass.

I took a solid grab of her ass and pulled her into me. "Mom. Relax, we're going to help each other here. You know if I don't enjoy this, I will be moving anyway." Oh still no noise, but a lot more tears, for me those tears were like a porno flick, the more I saw, the more I pre lubed! Once, next to mom's bed, unmade since the night before, I turned and kissed her; as I thought, slow and easy. I just held her lip to lip for a good two minutes until I felt her slightly relax. Then, gently, gently my tongue started rubbing her lips. This only took ten or fifteen seconds till her lips parted. Finally, some response! Mom's tongue stroked back at me. We were, at last, having a real kiss. I pulled back, "See, was that so bad?"

"Paul, I'm scared, I want ... I want us to be together,,, but, it's wrong..." I kissed her again, not for love, just to shut her up. This was almost a normal kiss, I could feel mom slowly getting into the romance aspect of her new relationship. Well part of my romantic outlook involves touching tits! I had a hand under mom's shirt and was cupping a bra covered boob. As a teenaged boy, tits were the holy grail. I always felt tits were at least 15 degrees warmer than the rest of a girls body; crotches, shit they were on a different measurement scale altogether. Mom tensed up when she felt me cup her boob, like she didn't know where that hand was going as it went under her shirt!

I pulled back enough to look at her but not loose my grip on her boob. "Mom, it's time, let's take off our clothes and get in bed, if not I'm moving in the morning. Tell me now, no more shit the rest of the night!"

Mom's hands came up to the top button on her blouse as she turned, "Would you unzip me, please?" There was a zipper running down her butt on her skirt. I had to get fingers inside that skirt to loosen the zip, once I popped the button her skirt just sort of popped open. Hi cut undies, but white, not my favorite, those white and pink panties are not very attractive but the ass they covered! No Lorelei sang a sweeter song than the ass I was gazing at. No nylons, just flesh and white panties. "Please" I looked up from mom's ass to see a bare back with a bra strap facing me. I unhooked the bra, and it sort of popped too. Mom gave that universal hunch forward that women do and the bra was sliding down her arms. I was reaching forward to grab her hips when she bent and slid her panties off, right before my eyes. The curves that women's bodies make when they dress or undress are fascinating to me. Watching a woman peel off a nylon is highly erotic to me. Now I had a freshly exposed ass bent right before me, I was reaching when mom was in bed and under the covers before I could react. She's naked, in bed, and I'm standing there with my clothes on! It wasn't beautiful but I was stripped in record time, then under the covers and it was just the two of us to face the brave new world!

We laid there face to face, not touching, really looking into each others eyes, maybe for the very first time.

As Mary looked at her son, she had never been more aware of her body. On her side one tit was resting on top of the other { ... do they sag to much ... I've got nice boobs for my age... }on the walk to the bedroom she could feel her pussy lubing up { ... I'm hot, hot for my own son ... can he smell... }She reached out to change her life.

Paul looked at his mother ... she has to stop crying or stop wearing eye makeup ... got to get these covers off her ... her ... my mother ... NAKED ... And he reached to pull her closer.

Their hands actually bumped as they reached for each other, it was an ice breaker, they both smiled and his mother slid her body next to his and leaned in for her first incestuous kiss. The one by the side of the bed had been exploratory, this was for all the marbles. Paul was happily surprised at her open lips, his hand slid down her back to caress an ass cheek, as he pulled her closer there they were, those tits, { ... his mother's ... no his tits... , from now on HIS!... }pushing against him. He was going to push a knee between her legs, but Mary misunderstood, she rolled on to her back and submissively spread her legs. Paul kicked the covers off them and stared down at his mother's nudity. As his hand slid down her belly, Mary had to fight an urge to close her legs. Her guts were doing flip flops. { ... Jesus ... where am I going ... like high school ... fuck I ... him ... once ... I'll own him ... my pussy has power... }

Barely loud enough to hear, she whispered, "I'm scared honey, you have to show me ... tell me what to do, you're in charge." Her voice went up a couple of notes on the last words as her son's fingers slid into her.

He smiled down at her, "Scared but nice and wet. You stay that way and I'll be happy."

{ ... Shit, what else does he know about us,... }when in doubt. Kiss, and that's what she did. As she kissed her son he took her head in hand and controlled their kiss as his hand and fingers sunk into the steaming swamp between her legs. Both mother and son were surprised. Mary had thought she would be the teacher, but the firmness with which he grabbed her head and was directing their kiss was only second to the possessive way he had taken control of her vulva. Her head was awash with sensation, there was no escaping the forceful control her son had taken of their kiss. She felt herself being overpowered by a superior person, almost as if she was the eighth grader being kissed by the senior from high school. But those feelings were pushed to the rear by the fingers inventorying her pussy. All she could think of was that she was not her son's first. He wasn't kidding, he must have other women. "Ohh!" Her son had just started stroking her G spot and touching her clit at the same time, and the kiss hadn't stopped! {,,, I'm lost, he has me,,,. Yes!,,, }She would have killed for a couple of drinks! If she had to admit to being turned on by illicit sex with her own son, it would be nice to blame it on drinking too much

Between he son's fingers and tongue, Mary realized she was losing any power she though she had. It was as if her son was strumming her, she was starting to almost vibrate with anticipation. Now with a wet thump on her clit and fingers massaging her G she gave up all pretensions,

For Paul, it was hard to judge which was wetter, his mother's mouth or her pussy, they were both warm, clinging and at the same time demanding. It was as if his mother's mouth had lost it's shape, it just clung to his tongue, no mater where he put it in her mouth, she followed with her tongue, not trying to deny but as if pushing him onward to more, more of whatever he wanted. His fingers were as wet as his tongue, Paul hadn't been with that many women, but he knew his mother's gushing was, no had to be, unusual, He pulled out of her, and brought his fingers up to her face, at first he was just going to rub her lips with her own juice, but his mother was ahead of him, she sucked his puss flavored fingers into her mouth and feasted on them.

{ ... Oh god, ... again ... I'm doing it again... }outside of tasting herself while masturbating, it had been years since she had done this with a man. Paul pulled his fingers out of her mouth and on the way back to her crotch stopped to squeeze a nipple and then the invaders, the all conquering invaders were back inside her. { ... Where they belong!... }She couldn't believe she was thinking that way again.

Paul had seen the way his mother had leaped at the opportunity to suck her own juices. He recognized his mother for what she was and what he planned to make her into. Still holding her jaw and less than 2 inches from her face he whispered, "let's see what kind of a good cunt my baby can be, grab my dick."

Mary remembered how big his cock had felt bumping her, but when she put her hand out and felt it; { ... Oh no, that's big, ... real big, hard, ... hot, hand filling... }Her head was a whirl, { ... my son... , my dick... , oh my can I take it?... }Automatically she started a soft milking motion. It felt so good to have a hand on a prick again, a real one, not the plastic she'd been using. "Oh honey, that's so big, go slow, don't hurt me, let me love my big dicked lover. Please, be gentle."

While still fingering her Paul slid along her face so he could whisper in her ear.

"Now you're felt it, think you're wet enough to take it or do you want to get it wetter?" Said so softly, a private communication, private between lovers, somehow she felt the whispered question was done to save her some unknown embarrassment, In answer she slid down so she was eyeball to pisshole with his dick.

Down deep a part of her knew she had lost it the moment she put a hand on 'that cock' she still couldn't quite get to saying 'her son's cock', but there still was a part of her thinking like the Old Mary, the hustling Mary { ... maybe ... blowjob ... get away ... not sex ... ohh big ... nice ... but I don't like,,, yes ... Yes ... I do! ... I DO!... }

As she was sliding down, Paul rolled onto his back and taking his hand from her pussy slathered the top of his cock with her juices. Putting a hand at the base, she took a first exploratory lick. It was her, it was him, she tasted both of them, a flood of memories came back to her! Unforced she slid her mouth over the top of her son's prick. At that moment, there was no thought of money, or rent or job, there was a woman's need to please her man, to please the dick in her mouth. Mary may not have fallen in love with her son, but she had fallen in lust with the beautiful prick in her hand and mouth. Her tongue slowly circling his prick she tried to go down, down on his, half way and she was gagging, this was the biggest prick that she had ever had in her mouth! { ... mine ... my son ... mine! Big ... my ... prick ... love... }She tried again and coughing had to ease up.

Her own flesh and blood lifted her off by her ears, Paul, pulling on her ears reminded her that she was, was a real cocksucker, and part of her was proud. "Don't worry, time enough to learn that, now it's time to exercise my rights as man of the house, help put it in." He was centered over her in a flash and she was willingly holding his cock, not just holding but wiping up and down her slit before placing it directly on target.

"There honey, right there, take it, take me!" She gave a little bump upward just as her son pushed downward and suddenly Mary was filled, a big prick was bottomed in her! She was stretched, not in pain as much as sort of discomforted. The size of the prick in her centered all of her thoughts on her pussy. {Big ... Big, ... not going to tear me, ... but big... }"Please, don't move, let me get used to it. You're so big honey Please wait."

What man doesn't like to hear that? As it was Paul was wrapped in wonder at the idea that his cock was in his mother! And it wasn't rape, she wanted his prick, she had put it in her mouth! Soon, he thought, { ... my cunt, ... I'll have this prick down your throat ... up your ass ... everywhere... }but for now, "Sure mom, or should I call you Mary, Mary on my prick, Mary, my cunt Mary, Mary cock queen, mommy cunt? For now, just open your eyes mom, I want to see your eyes!"

Each phrase was like a judo chop to her. Instant pain, instant shame, but as he started the first of a million out-strokes. All shame disappeared, replaced by a need to not so much to have sex, but a need to be fucked, to belong to her son! As Paul looked down he watched his mother's eyes as they looked directly at him. There was a little questioning as he slowly pulled back and then her eyes widened as he slowly pushed all the way back in. After less than 10 strokes, Mary had lubed herself so there was no need to go slow. "Oh what a good girl, what a sweet cunt, to get so nice and wet for her boy. I'm going to be your full time jocker, you going to be my private cunt!" That last punctuated by an extra deep down-stroke. That downstroke awoke something in her, suddenly her eyes were locked on his she was watching and waiting, if there were any instructions or commands she was ready to obey. That cock inside of her had taken control. [ ... stop talking ... not a cunt ... loving mother ... not a cunt ... oh shit ... skewer me, skewer on a rotisserie ... she was a cunt his cunt ... his slut ... she loved her son! She loved getting fucked by her son! Best fuck ... EVER ... AND AGAIN ... AND AGAIN ... THERE RIGHT THERE ... OHHH CUMMING, CUMMING FOREVER!... ]

For the last couple of years her orgasms were usually when she was drunk or battery accompanied. This was almost a brand new thing. A dick, a big dick, was hitting all her spots, she was loosing control and the thought that it was her son's cock that was doing it to her was only adding to the erotic thoughts racing through her mind, knees spread she felt that she was cradling her son with her pussy { ... home, home to mommy... }her legs extended so she could wrap them around her child. { ... mommy will take care ... mommy will do... }And another orgasm raced through her.

Feeling her twitching around his dick, Paul knew he had won this round, he was his mother's boss jocker. Looking up Mary saw that cruel grin of triumph spread across his face. { ... He knows, knows I'm his, ... putty ... yes ... his cunt ... his whatever... }"Love you, love you Paul, love your cock, let me be your cunt ohhh". { ... I was the parent, now he's the leader, ... ohhh,... }and as she recognized what she had become she came again. As her orgasm racked her, her hands were pulling at her son's back trying to pull him further into her.

A twitching cunt continued to tell Paul he had rung his mother's bell, "Open wide mother" She looked up as he pursed his lips and let a stream of saliva flow into her mouth. It was wonderful, her lover, her new man was sharing with her. She had heard of this spit deposit, it had sounded disgusting, but now she felt honored as he lowered his lips to her and invaded her mouth again to swirl the spit he had just deposited in her mouth. For Mary, it was as if he was some how consecrating her mouth, their love, their first fuck { ... what ever he gives me ... take it ... all!... }and all the while he keep pounding her puss. For the first time in her life, Mary was experiencing rapid multiple orgasms. She was in a frenzy, head tossing from side to side, covered in sweat, her poor pussy felt as if it was alive. { ... Oh so young... , his balls are tight, ... don't hang down... , so taut, ... so hot... }Then he stopped! She froze, what was wrong? Scared to move as she felt just the head of his cock in her. Her eyes focused on her son's face in a silent question.

"Right now, are you my cunt? Are you my mother? Are you my mommy cunt? You've had a taste, you want more, tell me, tell me what kind of cunt you are?"

{ ... Oh, mean, ... not now, don't stop... }But she saw it in his eyes, this wasn't sex play, this was important. Instantaneously she thought about his dick, her puss, her cums, her love, yes can't cum like this without love. it, I love him. It.

"OHH Paul, I'm your mommy cunt, I'm going to be the best cunt you ever had! You tell me, I'll do it! Your private pussy is lying open under you. Look, everything you see is yours, your mother belongs to you! Please, some more, please!" He continued to look at her, she was afraid to look away, she was also afraid of his gaze. As she stared up at her new; { ... no, not owner ... lover ... shit; owner... }she didn't realize she had been holding her breath until he started fucking her again.{ ... Oh thank god, what to say?... }"Thank you, thank you for your love, for your prick, your cunt loves her daddy's prick!" { ... that's it, tell him how good he is ... true... }

Then her son grabbed her shoulders and squeezed, "Cum with me mom, be one with your son." And the hardest deepest thrust of the night almost made her pass out.

It is rare for someone to be able to say when there was a change in their life. For Mary it was that instant, years later she still remembered the power of that first fuck by her son. She was so overwhelmed by the emotion that there was no hesitancy on her part as he rolled to the side, grabbed her hair and pushed her down to his dick. She got a fleeting look at an angry red, shiny cock before she dived on it.{ ... Ohh this is where she belonged ... what had happened ... I never came ... so good ... I like our taste... }And with the side of her face lying on a sweaty crotch she nursed on her son's dick and was happy.

During that very first fuck by her son Mary changed forever...

First time in years, happy, no worries about future, she wondered at herself, happy? With a dick in her mouth? YES this dick makes me happy. Oh God, happy from sucking, from fucking my son

"Not too much, Mary, it's pretty sensitive, just keep it warm and wet, that's it, hold my balls, what a good cunt!" As she felt her son's hand on her head she was relaxed and happy for the first time in months. Mary was amazed to wake, maybe 20 minutes later and realize she had fallen asleep with her son's prick in her mouth. { ... pacifier... }she thought. And looked at a now smaller softer dick in front of her eyes and smiled, { ... mine, ... I made that ... mine ... so pretty... }and she was proud and yet ashamed, she was off her orgasmic high and realizing she had had sex with her own son! The biggest taboo, but it felt so good. But it was so wrong, But she had never, not like that. And as she held his soft cock in her mouth, her shame just sort of disappeared, Mary knew she should be disgusted with herself, she knew she should have been ashamed, but she was happy, sh was contented for the first time in months she wasn't scared: this had to be good!

"OK Mary, up here, I want to toy with your tits awhile. As much as she learned to love her son, she could never get used to him calling her cunt or talking about her pussy or tits, but she would never say a word. He was her man and she was hooked. Now she lay, naked as her son played with her tits. She had to tell him the size bra she wore, how she liked her bre ... boobs played with ... just a little pinch on the nipples, of course she would give him a tit fuck if that's what he wanted ... As he explored her boobs and her belly button then rolled her over to rub and look at her ass, he told her about her future. He didn't stop, even when he found a blackhead just below where her bra hooked and squeezed it. He told her she would have to get better at cocksucking (Why couldn't he say giving head?) "Had she ever been ass fucked," (yes but she didn't like it)..."don't worry we'll start slow, with me you'll learn to love it." { ... so cocky ... young ... I'll chang... }And as he talked, a finger went from her sopping pussy and right up her ass.

Poor Mary tried hard to lay still as that finger worked her ass, she never knew one finger could feel so big, and so nosy, it was everywhere in her ass! As he was fingering her ass he asked if she had ever made it with another girl (NO!) With that his other hand was back in her pussy and then up to her lips. Although she had willingly accepted her own juices just a short while ago, her lips remained closed, she knew what she was committing to, but then she slowly opened her lips and there it was, that strangely addictive taste of the two of them. And there were those words again, "What a good girl, such a nice cunt, taste that pussy juice, soon you'll be on a pussy diet." She shocked herself as she caught herself nodding yes with his fingers in her mouth.

"That's a good little cunt, let's give the girl a little reward." Paul moved, two hands went under her and as her ass was lifted a tongue came out and started flicking her clit. Nothing else, a tongue tip flicking across the top of her clit. It was too much, she started crying just as she started cumming. "See, be proud of your cunt, cum for me my cunt. Be proud of your cunt, be a cunt for your son!" Mary felt her mouth flood with saliva as she came again and again.

"Stand up. Let's look at you." She was laying there, spooned with her son. Wondering at the enormity of what they had just done. She kept coming back to the idea of having sex with her son and no guilt? She had been sort of inventorying her emotions, she didn't feel like a bad person at all.


"Get up, I want to look at you, I've never had a good look at you naked." Now she was embarrassed, barefooted, her feet felt funny without shoes, she tried to stand as straight as possible. Paul saw how she was keeping her shoulders back, trying to present her tits and smiled. "Mom, you can breath, I want to look at my own private cunt, now turn, I want to gaze at your ass." Mary stood there, not blushing but confused, she was being examined { ... what next ... look at my teeth?... }Without a word first one hand then the other were stroking her ass. She bit her lip when she felt him try to pinch some of the cellulite on her hips, then there was a try at pinching her butt. Then his hands were down where her butt joined her legs, now she was pinched, didn't hurt just part of an exploration. Low on her ass cheeks she felt a sudden pain as he pulled several hairs! As she jumped, a set of fingers were into her ass cheeks up against her { ... not there ... please... }She was wiggling now afraid to jump away but unhappy with her asshole being touched. The other hand came out and clamped on her shoulder. "Stand still, get used to this, your ass is mine! I'm in charge, my cunt, my mouth, my asshole, don't forget it!"Some how Paul knew that he had to stay on the offensive to cement his ownership, without a psychology credit to his name he knew that he had to switch his mother from mother mode to kept woman mode. Once she understood that all power all money came from him, Then he would really own her

"Yes sir" { ... I called him sir, ... he's my own son, ... why why did I do that ... he doesn... }"OHHH"as a finger tried to shove inside her. And she thought, 'That's right, right to call him sir, never been ... YES Fucked Like that, NEVER!

On your way home tomorrow get us some lube, I'm doing your ass, I think you'll like it with lube. If you want it dry, that's OK with me."

Coming down off her toes where she had tried to escape that finger, "I've got some Vaseline in the bathroom."

"Maybe later, now turn, here, lick this finger clean, we don't want any infections."

As she turned, the finger in her ass had done it's job. Now the woman who stood in front of him was not trying to show off, she was submitting. Sure her tits hung down some and there was a small pot belly but Mary was not ashamed of what she looked like. { ... pretty hot ... middle aged broad... }She stood there hands at her sides, awaiting instructions. If she had thought about it the next several weeks, were filled with her shedding her old persona, Just like a snake shedding a skin, she was shedding her own history and morals. Every finger, very tongue, every prick, she was losing her old ideas of pride and self worth and building a whole new life based on service to her son. She took pride in being able to swallow his whole dick, in not gagging when he came in her mouth or throat. She would later will herself to learn to cum on the ache of an ass fuck. Within six months she actually though of herself as an "all around cunt". There was already a thought in her head about how proud her boy will be to see her eat pussy. { ... best mom ever ... best momcunt ... best ... my son ... trains ... I learn... }She never noticed that she loved to hold his dick after sex, the slick sticky juices and it's semi hardness were like worry beads to an Arab. She could lay there with his dick so close to her she was almost cross eyed as she fondled his prick, fingers squeezing in some tribal rhythm, up and down feeling the heat and the power of the prick in her hand. Her hand and his dick formed a powerful totem for her, she could have kept it up for hours except that either his hands would push or his voice demand, and she would be bathing his prick with her tongue, Paul thought he was forcing his mother to bow to him, she knew this was not only her duty but her privilege as a proud mother. Proud of the cock that she now served.

With a hand on each hip her son pulled her closer, he kissed and tongued her navel and then pushed her back enough so he could look in her face. "You know everything is changing today, right. You're the cunt, I'm the daddy." She nodded, still trying to absorb the sex, the orgasms. "Say it!"

"You're the daddy, I'm your cunt." She started to cry, no noise, just tears and almost pissed the floor, not shame just relief, not her worry no worries anymore, he was in charge, { ... my daddy will take care of me... }

"Thank you daddy, can your baby, er your cunt sit on your lap, please?" Mary sat on her son's lap, head buried in his neck, breathing in his smell, his smell and her future. With one hand rubbing her back and the other stroking her legs all he said was 'there, there' and Mary felt all her fears leave her as she accepted her new leader. Paul had to move her, his leg was going to sleep, when she finally got up, they laughed to discover they were stuck together with Mary's drippings. She went and got a warm washcloth to clean her boy up. When she returned she had the Vaseline jar in her other hand.

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