Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Teenagers, Fiction, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Cousins, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The family dynamic of a teen boy is drastically changed by a tragic accident that leaves his mother in an unusual mental state. Story codes to be updated as story progresses.

My family was always close. And the story I have for you is how we became even closer thanks to a disastrous event that shook our world to its foundation. I guess I should start by going back to a time before I was born to give a little background on why we were so close. You see my dad was the best friend of my mom's older brother. And my mom's older brother married the sister of another friend of theirs. And that friend married my mom's older sister. Confused yet?

Let me put it this way. My father is Henry Branch and he married my mom Adrienne Dupree. My uncle George Dupree married Dorothy Forester. My aunt Jeanette Dupree married Tom Forester. Make more sense now?

Anyway my parents got together at party being thrown by my uncle George while his parents were out of town. You see, my uncle was 21 at the time and home from college for the summer and was left to watch his younger sisters while their parents went on a weekend getaway. So being the responsible adult he was he decide to have a get-together of a few friends. Two of those friends were none other than my father and Tom Forester. The three of them had been best friends since grade school.

While the party was underway Jeanette and Dorothy (who were also good friends) decided to join in seeing as they were 19 at the time and wanted to flirt with all the boys. That left my mom on her own up in her room. Now, at the time my mom was only 15. She had no desire to join in on the drinking and fraternizing. She just sat in her room and listened to her Beatles records and looked through her girly magazines dreaming of growing up like her siblings.

As the night wore on people started coupling up with the opposite sex. It was ironic that Tom and George ended up hooking up with each other's 19 year old sister. This left poor Henry all alone as he was fairly shy and was striking out with the girls at the party. Being lonely he pounded back quite a few beers and a good bit of Southern Comfort. When he went to find a place to pass out he stumbled into Adrienne's room. She was still awake but barely. She had her reading lamp on and was under the covers in her pajamas when he fell through her door and landed with a thump on the floor.

She jumped out of bed quickly to help Henry up. She always liked him because, unlike George and Tom, he actually talked to her about how her day had been every time he saw her. Now here he was drunk and needing her assistance. What she didn't realize is that as he clung to her wobbling on his feet, he had pulled her nightgown open exposing her developing chest. He just stood there looking down at her breasts with unfocused eyes. Then he muttered four fateful words, "You are so beautiful."

Adrienne was stunned. Here was her brother's hunky 21 year old best friend, and he called her beautiful. She was so stunned she just looked in his eyes like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car as he leaned down and kissed her. Not having been allowed to date at the age of 15 she was overcome with both fear and elation at the change of events. She decided that the feelings she was starting to have were just too good and went with it, no matter where it may lead. She was in such a daze that she didn't remember him picking up her tiny 4'9", 80 pound frame and carrying her to her bed. And definitely didn't remember him stripping them both of their clothes. But one thing she definitely remembered was the site and painful feeling of him shoving his 7" cock into her virgin hole in one painful motion. She remembered him pumping his huge shaft into her repeatedly for three minutes and then his cock erupting in her freshly deflowered and very fertile womb. After the event was over, she just lay there beside him as he rolled over onto his side and passed out.

Adrienne never said anything to her parents or her siblings about what happened that night. Or at least not until she had to. Three weeks later she found that her period was late. Then once she was a month late she knew there was no getting around it. She confronted Henry about it and he absolutely freaked. He was about to leave for the fall semester of his senior year of college. Being the 60s and living in southern Louisiana there was no choice but to have the child. Both of their parents decided that they would marry and she would stay at home and have the baby while he finished school so he could better support them.

My parents welcomed my sister, Deanna into the world one week after he graduated from LSU in the spring/summer of 1966 with an engineering degree and a job working for the state designing the new Eisenhower Interstate System. The times being what they were, Mom dropped out of school to be a full-time mother before her sophomore year even started.

--George Dupree married Dorothy Forester and Tom Forester married Jeanette Dupree. And over the years they all had kids, each one a daughter and then there was me, Frank Branch, born in the summer of 1970. With the three men and two of the women having been best friends all their lives it was inevitable that as in-laws they would all be close even into adulthood.

Now we skip ahead to the summer of 1985, two weeks after my 15th birthday. All three sets of our parents decided that they needed a Saturday night on the town. So they left their four children (my sister Deanna, my cousins Bridgette Forester and Marsha Dupree, and myself) at home and headed to the next town for a night of dinner and dancing.

My sister was always lording over the rest of us when we were all together since she was the oldest at the age of 19. Bridgette was 17 at the time and looked up to her older cousin and was like her bitchy lieutenant. Marsha and I being only a few months apart were usually the whipping dogs for them. On this particular night I was the target of their cruel intentions.

It started by my sister getting us all together in the living room and declaring that we were going to have a male anatomy lesson. I immediately cringed seeing as how I was the only male that I was going to be like the poor embalmed frog in my science classes getting dissected. When I protested the three of them ganged up on me and forced me to submit. Although it's hard not to when your well-stacked sister is sitting on your midsection with her t-shirt covered tits almost in your face.

I suppose I should take a moment to describe my female relations. My sister was 5'6" with a nice 34-24-30 figure and B-cup tits. She had long blond hair and green eyes. My cousin Bridgette was a short 5' even, auburn haired beauty with a petite 28-20-24 body and wore maybe a B-cup bra. Marsha was tall and thin for a 15 year old with short dark blond hair. She was 5'6" tall with a 28-18-22 frame and I would guess a nice b-cup as well. I myself took after my father and was already 6' tall with a muscular build from playing football in junior high and now high school.

So here I was, flat on my back with my domineering older sister practically shoving her tits in my face and declaring that my cousins needed a lesson in male physiology. So with Bridgette and Marsha holding my legs and arms, my sister shift to my side and started undoing my pants. She got my jeans unbuttoned but was having trouble pulling them down. She decided to enlist Bridgette's help and each grabbed a pant leg and pulled. The sudden motion pulled my underwear along with them and the girls were quickly shown the object of their desire. I just don't think that they were expecting what they saw. All the attention had gotten me quite excited and my 7 — inches of man meat sprung up and pointed at the ceiling.

Deanna whisper a "Holy Shit!" and Bridgette gasped quite loudly. Marsha was just stunned. Without even thinking about it, I grabbed Bridgette's hand and moved it to my cock where she took it and stroked it slowly while mesmerized by what she was seeing. I then pulled my sister to me by her shirt, which stretched allowing me to see the swells of her breasts as she breathed heavily.

"Happy now, Sis?" I hissed at her. "Enjoying seeing your brother's cock? Thought you would pants him and embarrass him? Who's embarrassed now?"

Deanna just sat there speechless watching while Bridgette was stroking my cock, copious amounts of pre-cum leaking from the tip. I then pulled Bridgette's hand from my crotch and grabbing my sister by the back of her head, started pushing her face down to replace Bridgette's hand with her mouth. My sister then showed me that she was more than a little experience with fellatio as she started giving me a superb blowjob. After a couple of minutes I couldn't hold back and without warning I blew my load in my sister's mouth. She was so startled that she pulled back off my cock and I ended up spraying her and Bridgette with enough man goo to coat their faces and even got some on their shirts and in their hair.

--The three of us were so absorbed in our playing that we never heard the doorbell ring or saw Marsha go to answer the door. So I was shocked to see her standing at the doorway to the living room crying uncontrollably with a pair of police officers standing behind her. The three of us scrambled to cover up as quickly as possible and then the police men gave us the news that was written all over their faces.

Apparently the story goes that after leaving the restaurant in my uncle's station wagon, their car was struck head on by an 18-wheeler whose driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. The only one to survive out of the six parents was my mom and she was unconscious and being medevac'd to Baton Rouge. At this time I was happy to have a sister who liked to be in control. She told the officers that she would have all of us in the car with an overnight bag and headed to Baton Rouge as soon as possible. They told her what hospital that mom was being taken to and took their leave.

We made the two hour drive in near silence. The only sound was the sound of crying from my cousins as they tried to cope with the news of losing both of their parents. And Deanna and I dealt with the loss of our father. We arrived at the hospital at just after 11 pm. Mom was still in surgery and we were shown to a waiting room. While there a doctor came in to give Deanna status updates. Finally around 1 am we were told that mom was out of surgery and in ICU. Unfortunately all we could do is look at her through a window in the door to the ICU ward. Minors weren't allowed in there and mom was in a coma. Deanna would go in to check on her every 30 minutes and stay with her for at least 10 minutes each time. After five or so hours of this the doctors told her that we would need to find a hotel as we couldn't sleep there at the hospital.

Deanna found a Howard Johnson's for us to stay in nearby and called the hospital to give them our room number in case anything changed. We holed up in that hotel room comforting each other. During that time Deanna made some phone calls regarding Bridgette and Marsha's parents and what we needed to do with claiming their bodies and who they would live with. Luckily Grandma and Grandpa Dupree still lived in our town and they would take in the girls. They said that they were taking care of the funeral arrangement and that we were to stay close to mom. It was two days before we got a call that mom was awake.

When we got to the hospital the doctor took Deanna to a consultation room and gave her a more detailed update. Mom had suffered some swelling around her brain due to being bounced around in the backseat of the car. This required surgery to drain the fluid and for them to induce a coma till the swelling went down. She also had a sprained wrist and ankle but nothing major. She would be in the hospital for a few days for observation and released if all went well. Deanna took us to our grandparents' house and then returned to the hospital to be with mom.

--I spent the next five days comforting the girls, telling them that I would take care of them. Grandpa sat nearby the whole time and told me how proud he was of me for taking good care of my cousins. He and Grandma let us have our space for the most part. They went to each of the girls' houses and got their clothes and personal items and brought them to the house where they would live at least until they each finished high school.

Mom was finally released from the hospital on Saturday, a week after the accident. It was almost heartbreaking when Deanna brought her to our grandparents' house. Deanna looked like she aged another five years at least and looked dead on her feet. Mom just sat there looking around like she was trying to remember where she was and how she got there. After Grandma got Mom settled into her old room, Deanna took my grandparents and us kids into the kitchen and explained Mom's condition. Apparently Mom had suffered some brain damage and had reverted mentally to the age of 15. She didn't remember having any kids or of getting married. The doctors felt it best that she return to the home of her parents where she would feel safe in familiar surroundings. They had not told her that her brother and sister were dead and said that telling her may be traumatic at this time.

Grandma set the sleeping arrangements. Bridgette was moved to her mom's old room. Marsha was moved to her dad's old room. And Mom was put in her old room. Deanna and I would return home each night to sleep in our own beds.

The following few weeks were weird to say the least. Talking to Mom was like talking to one of my classmates. She wanted to talk about the latest pop bands and all the celebrity gossip. It was strange in a way. She knew what year it was, it's not like she was stuck back in 1965. She knew current events like who the President was and such. She just had the mentality of a 15 year old girl and couldn't remember her past. Deanna doted on her like an older sister would and asked me to just treat her like a friend and to make sure I didn't call her "Mom". I had a hard time remembering to call her Adrienne whenever I called out her name. She thought that Deanna was just a good friend of Bridgette and that I was a good friend of Marsha. She had no idea that we were all related.

Being around Bridgette and Marsha was awkward as well. Between grieving for their parents and the events that we ourselves were involved in the night of the accident we couldn't find the right words to say to each other. Marsha and I settled on pretending that my being exposed and the naughty events that followed never happened and tried to go on like we always had. Bridgette just avoided me and spent a lot of time with Deanna and her school friends. Deanne was an interesting case. She just pretended like it never happened but every once in a while I would catch her looking at my crotch and lick her lips thinking I didn't see her.

Thinks got even weirder for me one afternoon towards the end of summer. I had just come over to my grandparents' house to hang out with Adrienne and Marsha and overheard them talking in Marsha's room. The door was open and they hadn't seen me yet so I backed out and eavesdropped on them.

"Your friend Frank is kind of cute," I heard Adrienne say. "Is he going steady with anyone?"

"Um, no not that I know of," replied Marsha hesitantly. "Why do you ask?"

"I was kind of hoping he would ask me out. He's always coming over to visit you and he's always so nice to me when he comes over. We like all the same kinds of music and of course he looks hunky in his tight jeans and t-shirts."

"Well, I'll ask him for you. I'll get him alone and ask him for you so it doesn't make the two of you awkward. Just don't say anything to him until I talk to him," Marsha said. She was apparently trying to dodge the issue and would come back and tell her I wasn't interested or something. It made sense. I mean, how weird would it be to date your own mother. The thought sent chills down my spine. So I backed down the hallway a little and coughed strategically so that they would know that I was coming into the room.

I waved to the girls and then asked what they had planned for the day. Marsha told me that they planned to ride their bikes to the park and hang out. I said that that sounded like fun and asked if they mind if I joined them. They said that they welcomed my company and we headed out. Marsha led the way to the park with Adrienne following. I took up the rear and ogled the girls' tight asses as they rode. I never really looked at my mom as a girl, only ever as "Mom." Now with the subconscious thought of her finding me attractive I looked her over a little more closely. She was very short and very overly developed. She was only 4'11" tall and had long strawberry blond hair that she wore in a ponytail that hung down to the middle of her back. Her face still looked the part of a teenage girl. She didn't have the tell-tale smile lines around her mouth or even crow's feet at the corners of her eyes. What truly amazed me about her body was how massive her breasts were. I approximated her measurements to be 32-20-28. But the mass of her breasts were put in at least a D-cup bra. She was truly beautiful. By the time we got to the park I was sporting a major hard-on and stayed sitting on my bike while the girls parked theirs and headed for the swings.

After a few minutes I finally started to soften and decided it was safe to join the girls. They then wanted me to push them on the swings. This put my hands first on their hips to get them going and then pushing on their firm asses as I kept pushing them. I pushed them on the swings for about fifteen minutes and then they decided to take a break. We each got a Coke from a vending machine and sat at a picnic table. Before too long Adrienne said she needed to pee so she headed to the restroom. As soon as she was out of hearing range Marsha turned to me and addressed what I had heard earlier.

"We've got a problem, Frankie," she stated. "It looks like the approach of treating your mom as a friend and not your mother may have backfired."

"Yeah, I actually overheard you guys at Grandma's," I told her. "Just tell her that there is someone else I'm interested in at school."

"Yeah, that may work. But who do we say you're interested in?"

"I don't know, maybe Allison Gonzales?"

"That should work. Wait. Are your really interested in Allison? I could actually talk to her and see if she's interested too if you'd like."

"Sure, that would be great! You'd really do that for me? She's really cute."

"Yeah, I'd do that for you. But there's no way you'll get very far with her. She's Catholic so she's not going to do more than hold hands. She's definitely not going to let you get that monster you have in your pants anywhere near her." Marsha then blushed and looked down studying her Coke can.

"I thought we weren't going to discuss that," I said. "Just so you know, that night was the first time that a girl had touched, let alone seen, my dick."

"So what do you call what you made your sister do? You sure looked like you knew what you were doing."

"Actually I just did that out of instinct. I thought she would be grossed out and run away. I never expected her to actually go down on me. You've know me all my life. Do you really think I'm that crude?"

"No, I know you're not. It just shocked me."

"Well, enough about that night. Let's get back to Allison," I said trying to get away from the subject of that horrible night before Adrienne got back.

"Yeah, I guess I can talk to her for you. And that will give us something to tell Adrienne."

It was about that time that Adrienne rejoined us and we just hung out and talked about music and TV shows that we like. A little later we headed back to their house for dinner. After dinner I stayed at their house and we played some board games. Then around 8 pm I decided I should head home.

Adrienne said she would walk me to the door. Just before we got there though she pulled back toward the hallway leading to the bedrooms. She then pushed me into her room and closed the door.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" she asked.

"I think you are beautiful, Adrienne," I said a little too quickly, forgetting who I was talking to. She got a huge smile on her face and suddenly pull me in and planted a kiss right on my lips. Again who I was with didn't seem to register as I began kissing her back. She then took my hands and pulled them around her and placed them on her ass. My teenage, hormone riddled mind took over and I grabbed hold of her butt and pulled her closer. I then opened my mouth a little and used my tongue to gently caress her lips. She responded in kind and the next thing I know we are falling onto her bed kissing like passionate teens discovering the opposite sex for the first time. In all it only took thirty seconds and then my mind caught up to my body. Pulling quickly away from Adrienne I hurried out of her room and then straight out the front door. My thoughts were in such a tizzy I don't even remember the bike ride home.

When I got home Deanna was waiting for me in the living room. She was holding the cordless phone in her hand and had a look of anger on her face. She told me to sit down and then started laying into me.

"What the hell did you do to Mom?" She yelled. "I just got a call from Grandma saying that you just ran out of the house and that Mom is locked in her room crying!"

"Calm down, Sis, and I'll explain," I said trying to calm her down. I then told her how Adrienne had pulled me into her bedroom and started kissing me. I told her I freaked and ran.

"Wow, this is a mess," she said when I finished my tale. "So she came onto you, kissed you, you kissed back, then you ran. Now I understand why she is so upset. You just rejected a young girl and broke her heart."


"You're dense, little brother. You have to remember that Mom thinks that she's 15 years old again, not 35. She doesn't remember having any kind of relationships with boys. You, my idiot brother, are her first crush as far as her mind goes. The first boy to ever kiss her. And now you've rejected her. She probably thinks you hate her or at least find her unattractive."

"So what do we do? It's not like I can kiss her again or lead her on. She's my mom. How do I face her again? How do we fix her?" I was at a loss and would do anything to fix this situation.

"Well, that may not be as easy as we would hope. In my Psych 202 class last year we did research on amnesia cases. Unfortunately unless her mind suddenly rights itself you are going to have to just pretend she's not our mom. And that may mean actually kissing her again. As long as you don't let it go too far it may not be so bad."

"Seriously? You think I should kiss her again? Are you nuts?"

"Not at all. Remember, in her mind she's just a 15 year old girl. She has newly awakening feelings. And she just happens to see a hunk hanging around her every day."

"Huh?" I was seriously confused, but then again I was just a 15 year old kid myself.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Frank, you are pretty good looking for your age. I can see her attraction for you. Just go with it for now. Maybe something will spark in that brain of hers and everything will come rushing back. Just take things slow with her and don't let things go too far. Definitely don't let that python out of your pants anywhere near her." Then she gave me a smirk and glanced down at my crotch.

Her gaze held for a couple of seconds and I started getting aroused. Damn hormones again. Subconsciously I adjusted myself so that my dick was going down the right leg of my jeans. This caused Deanna's eyes to widen and she licked her lips. Then without warning she was upon me. Her hands were quickly undoing my pants and pulling them down while she mashed her lips to mine.

"Whoa, hold on, Sis," I said trying to push her back. "What are you doing?"

"What's it look like I'm doing? I'm sorry, Frank. But after the way you treated me that night, I've thought about nothing but your beautiful cock and how you forced me to suck it," she said dropping to her knees. Then she proceed to finish pulling down my jeans and underwear and started sucking my cock like a madwoman. Hormones overrode reason once again as I just leaned my head back and enjoyed the exquisite blowjob. As she continued to bob up and down on my prick, Deanna started moaning on my shaft. Looking down I noticed that she had one hand on the base of my cock and the other had opened her shorts and she was frigging herself. The site of her rubbing her clit furiously brought my impending orgasm to the fore and with minimal warning I grunted and started spewing my seed in my sister's mouth for the second time in my life. My orgasm appeared to trigger hers as she stiffened and moaned while she gulped down my load.

Slowly she stood up on shaking knees and then kissed me on the lips. I could faintly taste myself on her lips. Surprisingly I wasn't as grossed out as I thought I would be. After the kiss she got a weird expression on her face and went to her room without another word. To say I was confused is an understatement. What the hell had just happened? Were all the women in my family crazy? First, I've got a mother that thinks she's a teenager and wants to be my girlfriend. And then my sister turns into a cum slut and sucks me off in the middle of the living room. "What's next?" I think to myself.

Utterly confounded I headed to my bedroom and was asleep shortly. The last thought on my mind as I drifted off was of my mom and my sister actually encouraging me to let her explore her sexuality with me.

I spent the next day alone at home. I tried to keep myself busy working on a model car I was working on and watching a little TV. Deanna came home from her summer job at the local radio station around 6 pm and told me that we were having dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house. I tried to get out of it by making excuses about how awkward it would be. She told me I needed to man up and face up to the situation.

When we got to our grandparents' house Deanna was taken into the living room with Grandma and Grandpa. I went to follow but was waylaid by Marsha. She dragged me to her room and closed the door behind her. I started to panic. This was exactly how things started the evening before. But things went a little differently this time.

"What did you do to Adrienne last night?" she began.

"Nothing, I swear!" I responded defensively.

"Well, she's been in her room listening to sappy love songs all day. And I've heard her crying a couple of times. She wouldn't even come out for breakfast or lunch. Grandma had to bring her food in to her. When I asked Grandma about it all she would say is that Adrienne was having a tough time adjusting." When I didn't say anymore and just looked at the floor, she continued. "Did she say something to you before you left last night? Did you mention what you overheard yesterday?"

"No, I know better than that. But she did kinda pull me to the side and kissed me," I said with my eyes still downcast. "But I left before it went any further, I swear."

"Oh, crap! Well that explains things. It also explains why the adults are having their big pow-wow right now."

"What are they talking about? Are they all pissed at me?"

"No, nothing like that. They wouldn't say much about it to me, just that they needed to discuss how to handle Adrienne once summer was over and we started school again." We both silent for a couple of minutes and then she open the door and led me back out and into the kitchen.

Deanna and our grandparents were in the kitchen by this time but Adrienne was nowhere to be seen. When I asked about her, Grandma said she was still in her room. Then she started to explain to Marsha and me what they had been discussing. Unbeknownst to me, Adrienne had been going to see a few specialists over the last few weeks. One of them was concerned with her fitting in considering she thought she was 15 years old again. I didn't really understand what she meant until she mentioned school. They had been in touch with the local school board and made arrangements for Mom to go back to school and, if her mind stayed in its current state, finish high school. They explained to me that she had dropped out when Mom got pregnant with Deanna and had never even gotten her GED. She could take night classes but those were for adults. With Mom's current mental state she could not be classified as an adult and wouldn't fit in. So it was decided to take the current course of action. She would be attending Whitman High School as a sophomore along with Marsha and me.

"So, let me get this straight," I began after their explanation. "Mom is going to be allowed to go back to high school? And be in the same grade as her son and niece? What about what happened last night? What happens if she does the same thing with another high school boy? This is just wrong!"

"That's where you come in, Frank," Grandpa said. "You will just have to keep her distracted and make sure she focuses on school."

"Distracted?" I asked confused.

"Well, dearie," Grandma said, "I think your mother has you confused for your father. When she was your age she didn't have an interest for boys other than your father, Henry. Every time he came to visit your uncle George she would hang around him the whole time and talk his ear off. He was such a sweet boy and humored her. The doctors that she has been seeing think that she has substituted you for him in her mind. You look so much like him that I can see how she could make that next logical step."

"So you're saying I should continue to go along with it?"

"For now. Just be a gentleman and know where to draw the line. She needs this. It is helping her center herself. And hopefully after some time she will realize you aren't her husband and she will regain her memories. Now don't over think things. Just let her lead the way. You just pull her back before she goes too far."

Grandma then said that there was nothing more to discuss and that dinner would be ready in thirty minutes. She then told me to go get Adrienne for dinner. She assured me that everything would be alright and that Adrienne would be happy to see me.

I made my way to Adrienne's room and lightly knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" came her voice from inside the room as she turned down her music.

"It's Frank. Grandma told me to come get you for dinner," I answered.

"Just a second," she responded. Then there was the sound of her scurrying about the room. Then she opened the door and flung herself into my arms. Thankfully she didn't try to kiss me again, just hugged me tight. After a few moments she pulled herself back and I finally got to take a good look at her. She looked very pretty. She was dressed like the typical teenager, tight jean shorts and a pink halter top. Her strawberry blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail. I couldn't help but get distracted by her huge knockers pushing out the top. Then her face lit up in a huge smile.

"Do I look okay?" she asked timidly.

"Beautiful," I answered with a now limited vocabulary.

"I was afraid you thought I was hideous the way you ran off last night. Grandma explained everything to me though. She said you were just shy and I surprised you. Do you really think I'm pretty?"

"Yes, I think you are very pretty."

"Good, and I think you're pretty good looking too." She was smiling brilliantly now and she took my hand and led me to the dining room to eat.

Dinner was nothing out of the ordinary. Grandma had made a nice pot roast with potatoes and carrots served over rice. We all talked about our plans for school since it was starting in the next couple of weeks. Deanna said that she was taking a year off so that she could take care of the house and me. My grandparents tried to talk her out of that course of action but were unsuccessful. Marsha said that she wanted to try out to be a cheerleader along with her friends Allison and Tabitha. This got Adrienne interested in joining as well. Bridgette talked about how she was looking to improve her grades and go to nursing school. I mentioned playing football again this year.

After dinner I sat on the front porch swing with Adrienne. We just sat there not saying anything, both of us lost in thought. Then she took my hand in hers and just held it. This got my pulse up to say the least. I was torn inside. I didn't want to hurt her feelings again but I wasn't really sure I could go along with this. This was my Mom we're talking about here. Deanna and our grandparents felt it was the right course of action but could I really go through with it?

The silence was broken when Marsha came out to join us a few minutes later.

"So what are you two talking about out here?" she asked with a knowing smile.

"Actually, we haven't said anything," I replied. "We're just sorta sitting here enjoying the quiet."

"Well scooch over, I wanna sit too." So I scooted to the middle of the bench swing to make room for her. Silence pervaded for a few more minutes before she spoke again. "So, are you two dating now?"

Adrienne didn't say anything, just looked into my eyes smiling.

"I don't know," I answered. "We're really good friends and we're taking this one step at a time."

--"That sounds like a good plan," Marsha said." Then she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "What about Allison?" I just shrugged and left it at that. We sat and talked about different things for about a half hour until Deanna came out and said it was time to go home.

When we got home, Deanna and I headed to our rooms to get ready for bed. Just as I was crawling under my covers my sister came in and said we needed to talk. She sat at the foot of my bed and kept looking at her hands for a minute.

"What did we need to talk about, Sis?"

"I wanted to talk about Mom. About how to handle things with the two of you. You know she'll really vulnerable right now. I want to make sure your teenage hormones don't get you two into trouble."

"Like what?"

"Like anything more than kissing and holding hands. I know that Mom has a killer body and how that affects a teenage boy. Just promise me you won't let it get out of hand. She may have the mentality of a teenager but she has the hormones of an adult. She may push you for more, quicker than you are both ready for. Her mind may think she's innocent but her body knows what it's made for."

"So how am I supposed to deal with it when the subject comes up? How do I stop things from progressing and not hurt her feelings again?"

"Just tell her that you respect her too much to do more. Women like that. And if you start feeling on edge and need to take that edge off, I guess you can come to me," Deanna said again looking down at her hands. Then she slid up higher on the bed and placed her hand right on top of my crotch that lay under the covers. "I know it may be wrong, but maybe I can keep you from getting too worked up with Mom."

I was starting to get uncomfortable with where this was going. In my mind I was screaming that this was so wrong, but my dick had other thoughts as it started to stiffen. My sister detected my change in physical state and drew back the covers. She then reached into my boxers and started slowly, gently stroking me.

"I know it's wrong, but I can't help myself. I..." she trailed off. Then she leaned down and kissed me. It started soft and closed lipped but quickly progressed to a passionate lip-lock with her hand never leaving my crotch. Hormones took over and my hands moved up to her breasts incased in her loose fitting long t-shirt. They felt absolutely wonderful. I then moved them down and under her shirt where I could feel her bare tits with my hands, pinching her aroused nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. She moaned and tightened her grip on my firm rod and quickened her pace. The impending orgasm was quickly approaching I warned her. She quickly pulled my boxers down and dropped her head to my lap, sucking my cock into her mouth. She flicked her tongue around the head a couple of times and I lost it. I shot three or four heavy shots into her warm mouth. She kept sucking and licking until I started to soften. Then she finally pulled back.

"I will do that for you each time if things with Mom start to get to be too much for you," she said smiling. "This way you won't feel the pressure to go farther with her."

"But what about you? This is no better than doing something with Adrienne."

"Yes, but I am adult with all of her faculties. And this is a lot safer."

"I guess..."

"Don't look so glum. How many boys your age get to date a hot 35 year old woman and have their cock sucked by a 19 year old college student? Just make sure you don't tell anyone. This has to be our secret. If word of this got out to Grandma and Grandpa they would flip. And especially don't tell Marsha and Bridgette."

"Do you think I'm crazy? There's no way I could explain any of this to them. But I have been meaning to ask you, how are we going to explain Adrienne to our friends at school?"

"Grandma suggested that we continue how we've been doing these past couple of months. We tell everyone that she is Marsha's cousin. She will be enrolled with her maiden name so that should fit. Remember, she thinks that you are just really good friends with Marsha. She hasn't questioned anything so far as far as what everyone's relationship is. We just keep her thinking that she's living with her grandparents and two cousins. When she snaps out of her mental block we can address things then."

"But what happens if she never gets better. I love Mom with all my heart. I wish I could say that to her every time I see her. It hurts so much not to be able to tell her." Tears started to form in my eyes no matter how much I tried to hold them back. That got Deanna going too and we just hugged each other tightly.

"I know, Frankie, I know. I want to tell her the same things every time I see her too. I just have to remember that this is for her own good. I have faith that everything will get better and that we'll get our old mom back in time. Now you get some rest." She then got up from my bed and went to her own room.

I laid in bed for almost another hour thinking about Adrienne. I was still confused but decided that I would just go along with this crazy scheme for her sake. I really did love her and wanted her to get better. Sleep finally took over and I drifted off.

Then next couple of weeks seemed to fly by. Football practice started back up again and took up most of my time. I spent the evenings with Adrienne and Marsha and usually had dinner at their house. I slowly started thinking of Adrienne as a classmate and friend, and we still held hands when we sat talking with each other every evening after dinner. There were no more sexual encounters with Deanna. I was kind of thankful for that since they left me feeling a little weirded out.

After dinner on the night before school started I was thrown for another loop. Adrienne and I were sitting on the front porch swing once again holding hands when she hit me with it.

"Frank? Am I your girlfriend?" she asked. "We've been spending all our evenings together and holding hands. And I never see you with another girl other than Marsha. I just want to know before we start school tomorrow."

I took a few moments to gather my thoughts. I had spent every night in bed thinking about just this subject. Now was the moment of truth that I had been avoiding up until now.

"Yes, you are my girlfriend, Adrienne," I said looking straight into her eyes. "You are the most beautiful and smartest girl I know. Anyone would be a fool not to want you by their side."

Adrienne's eyes lit up and the biggest smile I had ever seen appeared on her face. Then she grabbed me by the back of my head and planted one of the most explosive kisses I had ever received on my lips. She kept her hand behind my head and wouldn't let me pull away as she shoved her tongue in my mouth. I thought about protesting for a brief moment and then reconsidered when I thought that I might break her heart again. Instead I put my arms around her and pulled her in tighter.

And that's how Grandpa found us thirty minutes later. He coughed to get our attention and then told us it was time for me to head home and Adrienne to get ready for bed. We had a big day ahead of us with school starting.

I was on cloud nine all the way home. I had buried the thoughts of Adrienne being my 35 year old mom in the back of my mind now. Now she was just the smoking hot 15 year old girl that was my girlfriend. And I loved her with all my heart.

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