I Was a Confederacy Slave
Chapter 1: I Was A Confederacy Slave

Copyright© 2014 by John Lewiston

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: I Was A Confederacy Slave - A story that takes place in Thinking Horndog's "Swarm Cycle" Universe. A young boy who has grown up in a very strict household is selected to be extracted as a concubine. He has no idea what is in store for him. Less humor than the other stories in the "Stewart" Series.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Ma/mt   Consensual   Reluctant   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Rough   Humiliation   Harem   First   Anal Sex   Masturbation  

Maybe I should be ashamed to be a slave, or a drone, or a concubine, or whatever you want to call it. But I'm not. Looking back, I see that my journey to this point has been inevitable. It became inevitable when I first met Her, or rather, when I first came to Her attention.

Back then I was a teenaged geek. I was academically advanced and socially retarded. I had completed elementary school two grades ahead of my age cohort when the state school system de-funded any advanced placement classes in our district and I was placed into normal classes.

At that time in childhood development, six months makes a huge difference in growth and maturity and I was put back in classes with kids two and three years older than me. I was tall for my age, so the disparity wasn't immediately obvious, but I was a slow bloomer physically. Adding this slow physical maturing to the age difference and I was effectively three or four years behind my classmates in physical and emotional development. Add to that the fact that my very religious parents discouraged any of my friendships outside our small church group, and it was pretty much a grand slam of social dysfunction.

All this added up to middle school and high school experiences that were embarrassing in the locker room and almost physically painful in (non-existent) dating. I focused on doing well in math and science and music (band and orchestra) and reading golden age science fiction.

I longed to be one the three boys in 'Rocket Ship Galileo, ' or Kip Russell in 'Have Spacesuit, Will Travel.' I wanted to be anywhere but where I was. When rumors of the Confederacy started circulating in my senior year, I was excited. But my parents told me that it was most likely a scam of the government to keep people distracted from the sluggish economy. Life seemed to stretch out before me as an endless, joyless, gray plain.

Cindy Lou Hastings was the girl who finally figured me out. Cindy Lou wasn't 'book smart, ' but she had an animal cunning. She was a year older than all the other kids in her class from being held back a year as a sophomore. I found out later that she planned to do what her daddy did when he dropped out of school 20 years earlier, which was join the Army. But the Army quit taking people without high school diplomas years ago. So she came back the year I entered ninth grade, burning to get finished with high school and get on with her life.

Cindy was a fair-complexioned, dish-water blond. Her figure was what my mother called "big boned." She wasn't slim and waif-like as many other girls her age. She wasn't fat, but she was solidly built. Her hips and her breasts were those of a woman. She seemed much more grown-up than her extra year would account for, as if she had lived two or three years in the summer between sophomore and junior years. She seemed to look down on the high school social pecking order going on around her.

Since I had read months ahead in my course work, my Algebra teacher had me helping the five kids in the class that were failing, but the only one who seemed interested in my help was Cindy Lou. She let me sit with her during lunch, and I all but wrote the answers to her Algebra homework for her. She sat next to me in the Band section at the Friday night football game and I wrote her American History paper for her. She kissed me behind the bleachers after school until I creamed in my pants and I promised to write her English assignments for the rest of the school year.

In a way, I guess, I was already her slave.

Her friends teased her about her new boyfriend, but Cindy knew better. A year working for a living outside the hothouse of High School social conflicts had given her an accurate view of all those petty squabbles. With my help she had gotten off the principal's shit list and was headed for graduation. To me she was my sun and moon. I swear that when I looked at her, there was a glow or aura around her. I didn't realize then that that glow originated in my pants.

Of course, my parents hated her. "Why can't you find a nice girl in our church youth group?" my mom would ask. Of course, the girls in my church youth group were just as old as the girls in school (my mom insisted that I attend Sunday School classes at the same level as my public school classes), so while there was less overt meanness, they were all looking dreamy-eyed at the college-aged guys. I was functionally invisible to them.

One day, midway through our senior year, Cindy Lou brought me home with her. I was scared and eager at the same time. What did she want? She told her momma that we were going back into her bedroom to do "homework." Her mom just shrugged and went back to lighting her Virginia Slim and watching her "Finding Bigfoot" shows.

In the bedroom, Cindy Lou sat me on her bed. I was vibrating with excitement. I glanced around. There, hanging off a bedpost was a brassiere, just out in the open for anyone to see! I thought about those cups holding Cindy Lou's breasts. I was getting an erection, so I held my schoolbooks in my lap to cover it.

Cindy turned to me. I looked into her eyes and fell in. "Jimmy," she asked me, "do you ever watch Average Joe?"

"Aw, Cindy Lou, you know that my parents don't let me watch that, especially not with all the warnings and parental advisories that they're running." I tried to smile suavely. "I could have watched it with you if you'd invited me over."

"You can see the whole thing on YouTube," she pointed out. "You could Google "Getting it Right."

"My parents have our only computer in the family room, where there isn't any privacy. They check the browser history. Last winter I accidentally clicked on a link to a porn site and they freaked out. They told the school that I not allowed to use the computers in the library."

She seemed surprised, though she had seen evidence of how strict my parents were many times before. "Have you taken that CAP test?" she asked.

"No, why?" Her change of subject confused me.

"Never mind." She thought for a moment. "Tell your parents at breakfast tomorrow morning that we're going to the library to study after school. We'll take the bus to the testing center."

"Oh, Cindy Lou, I don't know." I was torn between fourteen years of obedience and nearness of Cindy Lou's breasts. Ordinarily, I would have said no, but sitting here in Cindy Lou's bedroom, where she got undressed every night; sitting on the bed where she fell asleep, made everything lots more complicated. "I feel funny about lying to my parents."

Cindy Lou leaned forward until her face filled my vision. I sensed the heat of her body, the warmth of her breath, smelled the strawberry aroma of her lip gloss, and then felt the soft contact of her lips on mine. I was lost in that kiss, dizzy, unable to tell up from down. I felt her take my right hand in both of her hands and place it on her left breast. Time stopped. I could feel the soft jersey material of her blouse, and under that, the seams and underwire of her bra, and under that, the warm, soft fullness or her breast. I just knew that I was going to burn in Hell for that touch. If we kept this up, I was going to ejaculate in my pants, just as I had done behind the school's grandstands. I'd have to walk all the way home with my schoolbooks covering my damp crotch.

She pulled back from the kiss just slightly, so that when she spoke, her lips brushed mine. "Oh, Jimmy, won't you do this for me?"

My head spun. My heart was beating wildly. "Of course I will Cindy Lou, you just had to ask."

She removed my hand from her breast and patted it, affectionately. I knew that I wouldn't wash that hand for a week.

The next day, after school, we skipped the school bus ride home and caught the city transit bus for downtown. I felt like a secret agent. Any one of these people could report back to my parents that I wasn't on the bus to the civic center, where the library was, but to an outlying shopping center. There was a whiff of danger in the air that added spice to the experience of sitting next to Cindy Lou on the bus seat, my hand casually resting on the seat next to me, brushing her thigh. When the bus bounced the back of my small finger would get a brief sensation of touching. I hoped that she didn't notice that I was copping a feel. I hoped that none of the other passengers (who were possible agents of my parents, ready to radio in as they stepped off the bus) noticed my covert feeling of Cindy's leg, or the erection that was starting to tent my pants.

Then the driver made a sharp left-hand turn and Cindy Lou slid across the seat a bit, stopping with her thigh resting on, almost covering, my hand. Surely she was aware of this! But she gave it no notice, turning to me with a bright smile. "Almost there," she said.

"Almost." I agreed numbly. She knew that I was feeling her leg and she wasn't mad! I thought that this must be the woman I was destined to marry. I would take her to church with me and she would get saved and then we could get married and would spend our lives gazing into each other's eyes ... and feeling her breasts.

We got off the bus about half a block from the testing station. I was trying to carry my schoolbooks plus hers, covering the embarrassing lump in my pants. Cindy Lou didn't notice; she grabbed my free hand and pulled me down the street.

Holding hands, we stepped into the testing center and found ourselves in a large, empty lobby. I was relieved that no one who might talk to my parents was here.

We crossed the room. There was a large receptionist's desk with a gorgeous blonde sitting behind it. "How can I help you today?" said the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. My jaw dropped. I could not believe that the Confederacy had supermodels answering phones. She filled out a green uniform top like it was tailored for her. Cindy Lou saw my stare and jerked my hand. I dropped our schoolbooks and bent down to pick them up.

While I was bent over, Cindy Lou firmly said, "We're both here to take the CAP test."

"Very good," replied the receptionist, "I assume that you are both over fourteen years old and have ID?"

"Yes. I'm eighteen and my friend is fourteen. I have a state driver's license, and my friend has a school I.D.," said Cindy Lou.

"Very good. May I see your I.D.s?"

I had just stood back up and Cindy Lou had me set the books down on the desk and fish my school I.D. out of my wallet. I was kind of ashamed of the picture; 'cause it was taken last fall during a time when my mom was trying to save money and gave me a home haircut. It only took four weeks for my hair to grow back enough to go to a regular barber, but in the meantime the school I.D. photos had been taken. I tried to seem cool and unconcerned as I laid the card down in front of the beautiful woman.

She looked quickly, but closely, at both cards and said, "Good. You're in luck. Things are slow today and so there are several testing rooms open right now." As she was speaking, two equally beautiful women stepped through a door in the rear of the lobby. "If you'll go with Bridget and Susanne, we'll have you testing right away.

I was totally at sea. I had no idea of what CAP testing was, or what it involved, but if it involved my spending even a few minutes with one of these goddesses, I was all for it.

I don't know if it was Bridget or Susanne who took my hand, and really, it didn't matter. Her touch was electric. She led me down a short hall to a small room with a reclining chair. She directed me to sit, then took the stack of schoolbooks away from me and set them beside the recliner. I sat and asked her what was next. She directed my attention to a video screen in front of me. She stepped the door and touched a panel that dimmed the lights. She said, "Just watch the screen and listen closely to the questions. You'll want to do as best you can on the test."

She was right. I wanted to do the best I could. I settled into the chair as the video screen lit up.

I don't remember much of the test. I do remember a section that asked me to classify rotating polyhedrons, which stumped me for a second, then I realized that the shapes were rotating on a vertical axis if the number of sides of the constituent polygons were odd numbered, and on a skewed axis if the polygons sides were even numbered. The portion about a burning building scared the crap out of me, as though I wasn't just watching a movie but really had become part of it. I was able to rescue the child and the pregnant woman, but I was too scared to go into the building a third time.

I woke up with a start in the recliner. I guess I dozed off during the test. Well, that would louse up my score. I hoped that the receptionist and Bridget and Susanne wouldn't laugh at me. I'd have to face Cindy Lou, though. She seemed to be so anxious to take the test, I'm sure that she would be mad about my falling asleep and getting a low score.

I gathered up the books just as Bridget (or was it Susanne?) opened the door. "Good, you're ready to go. We've had some more people show up, so we'll get you finished and out of here."

"Uh, ma'am, do you know if I passed the test?"

She laughed like silver bells chiming, "Oh, it's not that kind of test. It's more a 'placement' test to see where in the Confederacy you fit in."

"Well, uh, where would I fit in?"

"Oh, lots of places." She said vaguely. She looked at me as though I were a pound of beef in the supermarket. "Let's leave the analysis to Joan, out front. That's her specialty."

I followed Bridget out front and saw that Cindy Lou was talking to the receptionist, Joan. They were looking at a computer display built into the reception desktop. I walked up just as Joan was saying, " ... so you see his cognition sub-scores top out, but his aggression scores are so low that it brings his total to a 6.3. He's somebody that we'd like to have, but unless he has a sponsor, he stays here."

Cindy Lou nodded. "I see. But it's just that he's so passive, I don't think that he can keep me happy."

Joan chuckled, "Girl, there are so many alpha males out there, especially in the Marines, that you won't lack for aggressive attention. And looking at these scores, he'd make a nice, comforting person to come home to. Very family oriented."

Cindy Lou looked up and saw me standing and waiting for her to finish her conversation before I announced my presence. She smiled possessively. "Jimmy, hasn't it been a lifelong dream of yours to go to space?"

"You bet! But I don't see that happening with the cutbacks in the space program."

"Would you go if I could sponsor you?"

"Oh, Cindy Lou, that would be a dream come true!" I gushed; but I was puzzled, "How does this 'sponsor' thing work, though?"

Joan said, "Just say that you accept Cindy here as your sponsor, and that is that."

"And that would get me into space?"

Joan smiled and nodded.

"I accept Cindy Lou as my sponsor!" I almost shouted in my joy.

Cindy said, "I accept Jimmy as my concubine."

'Hey, ' I wondered, 'what was this 'concubine' business?'

A voice from out of nowhere said, "The agreement is recorded."

Joan looked at Cindy silently for a moment, as though judging her, then leaned across the desk and said, in a low voice, "I shouldn't say this, and I'll probably get in trouble, but you should know that some of the best pick-ups occur at small diners." Joan covered Cindy Lou's hand with her own and a look passed between them that I couldn't figure out. "Lunch rushes are peak times, because lots of blue-collar working types are there." She broke off her eye-to-eye stare and sat back up. "You know that you'll need to select one more concubine?"

Cindy Lou nodded, "I've got another picked out. She's the one that alerted me to the testing. She is another 6.3. She's like Jimmy here, smart but as passive as a lamb."

A chime sounded and Joan removed two somethings from a slot on the desk, placing them on the desk surface. They were two cards. One had Cindy Lou's picture and '6.8' in large numbers beneath it. Another badge, right next to hers, had my photo and the numbers '6.3' beneath it. I felt crushed. I had taken a test and scored lower that Cindy Lou? I asked if I could re-take the test. Joan said I could re-take the test at a future date.

I turned to Cindy Lou. My sponsor? Cindy Lou scooped both cards off of Joan's table and dropped them into her purse. "I'll carry these. You wouldn't want your mom to find it in your pocket as she went through the laundry tonight." She grabbed my hand again and led me out the door and down the block toward the bus stop.

Cindy Lou was right. I had almost no privacy at home. My parents were determined that their child would never do drugs, or read pornography, or grow up and have a private thought. I resented it, but I had four more years before I could leave home. If only I was eighteen like Cindy Lou.

"So tomorrow, Jimmy, we're skipping out of school after second period."

"Cindy Lou! My parents will have a fit! I'll get grounded for a year!"

"No you won't, Jimmy, tomorrow, you'll go into space. Hey, do you know Tina Padds?"

I was confused at her change of subject. "Sure, she in my church's youth group and in the Chess Club with me. She's real quiet. Kind of cute, though. Her parents are even tougher than mine."

"That's her. She's coming with us. So you think she's pretty?"

"Well, yeah," I blushed, "But she's not a patch on you."

Cindy Lou smirked, "That's what I think, too. Kind of mousey, but I bet she's cute with her clothes off."

I was scandalized. I would have told Cindy Lou how she shouldn't talk like that, especially about another girl, but my cock had started to spring another boner and the bus had pulled up to the bus stop.

That night, during the daily cross-examination my parents gave me every dinnertime, they zoomed in on my library trip. I knew that they wouldn't accept that I was completely without flaw, so I gave them something to chew on, like giving a dog a bone. "I was helping Cindy Lou Jenkins do library research for a history paper."

"Oh, not that Jenkins girl again!" my mother fussed, "She's much too old for you to hang around with. Her people are trashy, if you ask me. Her father has been gone for years, and her mother doesn't do a lick of work. John, you need to tell your son to stop seeing that trashy girl. He needs to start seeing girls in the church youth group, like that Padds girl."

"Tina Padds?" I asked, though I knew who she meant.

"Yes, Tina Padds. Her parents are the right kind of people, Jimmy. She is going to make someone a wonderful wife and mother, and it might as well be you."

"Jimmy," my dad paused with his forkful of meatloaf halfway to his mouth and delivered his judgment, "I want you to start seeing Tina Padds."

I nearly choked on my peas. "Yes, sir. I'll see her tomorrow for lunch."

My parents were shocked at my compliance, but so pleased that they let me have a second piece of pie and stay up watching TV for an extra half-hour.

The next day, the first two periods of school crawled by. Walking from first period to second, I passed Tina Padds in the hallway. She smiled shyly at me, and I really looked at her for the first time. She was kind of cute. At sixteen years old, she was just a half-inch shorter than me, with brown hair and mild brown eyes. Her tiny breasts and slim hips barely disturbed the silhouette of the knit dress she wore.

As second period was coming to an end, I realized that I had no Idea how to cut class. Should I go to the front office and claim that my parents had called me? No, they would check. Should I go to the nurse and pretend to be sick? No, she would call my parents. I guess I was stuck. Cindy Lou was going to be so mad at me.

The bell for the end of second period startled me from my worry. I had picked up my books and was walking miserably to my locker to get lab supplies for third period, when a hand grabbed my elbow, making me drop my books.

"Leave them." It was Cindy Lou with Tina Padds, standing by her side, casting anxious glances up and down the hall. "Come with me now," she said quietly, but firmly. She drew us out one of the doors that led to the athletic field, then turned sharply and walked alongside of a windowless wall, through a gate onto a side street. Parked there at the curb was Cindy's mom's car, a ramshackle old sedan. "Get in."

Tina and I looked at each other, shrugged, and got into the car, me in the back and Tina in the front passenger's seat. Cindy pulled away from the curb and started driving east. There was silence in the car. We had done it. I couldn't stop thinking how much trouble I was in. I knew kids cut classes all the time, heck, Cindy Lou was the school champ at cutting classes, but those kids weren't me. My parents were very active in parent-teacher relationships and when I wasn't present for roll call in third period, they were certain to get a call from the school office by 1:00 p.m., at the latest. I was so dead.

Cindy Lou referred to a scrap of paper several times as we drove to the south side of town, and then pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant. I could see from the cocktail glass on the restaurant's sign that they had a bar, so that it wasn't the kind of place that my parents would ever go. Cindy Lou pulled into an open parking spot, shut off the engine, and turned to look at us both. "Tina, do you know why we are here?" she asked.

Tina blushed and looked down, "Yes, Cindy Lou, we're here for extraction."

"Correct, Tina, but that's 'Mistress, ' from now on."

"Yes, Mistress." Tina murmured.

Cindy Lou looked at me. "Jimmy, do you have the faintest idea of why we are at this restaurant?"

"Uh, lunch? Though I thought we were going back to the testing center and go to space somehow."

Cindy sighed. "It's hard to believe that you can be as smart as you are, but so clueless." Tina giggled. "Stop it, Tina, or you will learn how I deal with bad behavior."

Tine went pale. "Yes, Mistress."

Cindy Lou checked her watch, and then said, "Let's go in for an early lunch."

We went into the restaurant and sat in a booth in the back. Cindy Lou sat on one side and placed me and Tina across from her. It was only approaching 11:00 am, so there wasn't much of a lunch crowd yet. "You two order anything you want," Cindy Lou said with a smile, "My treat."

I didn't know what to say. I know that Cindy didn't have much cash; she was always short. I knew that I didn't have any money. I usually ate leftovers in a brown-bag lunch. Today's lunch was still sitting in my locker back at school, with a sandwich of last night's meatloaf. My parents didn't believe in their children having enough cash to buy anything that they hadn't approved of, and as my embarrassing haircut had shown, they were pretty cheap.

But if I wind up going to reform school, or juvenile detention, or whatever they did with kids who cut school in the middle of the day to eat lunch they couldn't pay for in a restaurant that had a bar, at least I wouldn't be at home listening to a three-hour lecture about how I had disappointed my parents and now was on the Road to Destruction.

The waitress came to our table.

"I'll have the steak sandwich, please," I said as boldly as you please, "With a chocolate shake and a side of cherry pie." Cindy Lou watched me ordering and smiled. Tina ordered the soup and salad. Cindy ordered a hot fudge sundae with everything. The waitress took down our order just as if we weren't delinquents on the run.

Cindy looked at her watch again, then, after we were served, started to talk. "Okay, kids, it's time to talk about what comes next. Tina, you know that we're here for pick-up," I craned my head to look out the window. It seemed odd that the Confederacy would send a bus to pick us up at the diner, but however they wanted to do it, I was ready to go to space. The diner was filling up with the lunch crowd, though, so it seemed inconvenient. Cindy Lou continued, "What do you know about pick-ups, Tina?"

"I know that they pick up sponsors, and that sponsors can take the number of concubines that their CAP score allows."

I kind of tuned out of the girl talk. There was that word again, "concubines." That was such an old-fashioned word. Was Cindy Lou going to pick a string of girls as concubines? The idea was crazy, but it made my cock swell pleasantly, so I dwelt on the thought as I chewed my sandwich and drank my shake. Cindy Lou surrounded by a troupe of dancing girls waving veils through the air as they spun and bent for her pleasure. Cindy Lou smiling at one slim, brown-haired dancing girl who dropped the veil that had concealed her face, revealing Tina!

I took another forkful of pie, smiling at the thought of Cindy Lou, commanding Tina to kneel before her. It made sense, you know, her choosing Tina. I frowned. The only thing I couldn't figure out was where I fit in all this. I wasn't a dancing girl.

Suddenly my blood ran cold as I remembered Cindy Lou's words yesterday, "I accept Jimmy as my concubine."

I was a concubine? The words didn't make sense. What did that mean? Was I like a girl? I had a very bad feeling.

The cold feeling made the food in my stomach sit like a stone lump. I needed to get out of here. I needed to get back to school. I needed to get back home and beg my parent's forgiveness. "Uh, I think I need to use the men's room," I lied, as I slipped out of the booth.

Tina grabbed my arm, "Oh, sit back down Jimmy. Listen to what Cindy Lou is telling us. It's important!"

I looked around. From the signs I had seen that the same small hall that led to the men's room led to a fire exit. "Okay, sure, just as soon as I, uh ... you know, use the men's room."

Tina let me go with a snort of exasperation, and I walked to the rear of the dining room. Just as I was passing the men's room door, it pushed open and four huge guys in Confederacy Marine uniforms walked out. I slipped past them and was almost at the fire exit when a loud voice in the restaurant called out, "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have you attention." I froze, listening. "I am a Confederacy Marine, and this is a pick-up."

I tried to push through the fire door, but after opening about two inches, it hit something. I leaned forward and peeked out the two-inch crack and saw a grey nothing on the other side. I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped. It was Cindy Lou. She was holding my CAP card in her hand.

"You need to come back in here, Jimmy," she said, "The pick-up is proceeding and one of my pre-pack concubines is missing."

I felt dizzy, disconnected from my feet and arms. Cindy Lou's face seemed to swoop in close and then recede away. "You mean me?" I squeaked.

Cindy Lou nodded. "You need to come back into the dining area and get with the program, Jimmy." She caressed my cheek. "Don't worry; I won't let anything happen to you." She held out her hand.

I nodded numbly and took her hand. She led me back in the dining area and back to our booth. Throughout the rest of the diner, people were taking off their clothes and starting to do things. Things that I had only thought about in the dark. Things that I was sure that I would go blind for seeing.

Cindy Lou grabbed my chin and turned me to look at her. That was better. I loved looking at Cindy Lou.

"Tina, Jimmy, it's time now for you two to take off your clothes."

In the corner of my vision I saw Tina reach behind her neck to unfasten her dress while I goggled at Cindy Lou, "In front of all these people?"

She smiled, "They are all getting undressed too. They're too busy to notice your little body." Her eyes grew hard. "Now do what I say immediately, or you will be very sorry that you didn't." She released my chin.

I kicked off my shoes, undressing as slowly as I could. I saw that Tina had her dress off. She wore no bra; with her small conical breasts, she didn't need one. As I pulled off my tee shirt, Tina skinned off her panties and I saw the hair between her legs. That made it hard for me to pull off my pants over my erection.

Finally we were both nude, standing outside the booth. I was trying to casually conceal a monster erection, while trying to see as much of Tina's nude body as possible while trying not to be seen staring.

Cindy Lou snapped, "Hands at your sides, now!" Tina's hands were at her sides, so I knew that Cindy Lou was talking to me. I forced my hands away from my crotch and to my sides. I expected to lose my erection to embarrassment, but perversely, it seemed that my cock liked being looked at. I grew more erect that I had ever been. It pointed towards the ceiling. I looked down in shame and saw that the head of my cock was purplish-red.

Cindy Lou said, "Look at that cock, Tina. You'd never know that such a quiet, shy boy would be carrying around such equipment." I felt my face flushing as red as my cock's head. "I didn't believe it myself, when I first felt it pressing against me when we kissed beneath the bleachers. I thought he was sweet, but too shy for me. Until you told me what you had learned about the Confederacy pick-ups."

Cindy looked past us to the sexual chaos that had descended on the diner. People were having sex on the tables, on the counters, on the floor. "Let's see how hair trigger that equipment is, Jimmy. Start stroking yourself."

Once again, her words didn't make sense. She didn't really want to see me do what I did at night under the blankets. So what could she mean?

"Jimmy, I said, stroke your penis until I say stop." I gulped and, blushing with shame, I started to stroke my cock.

Quite frankly, if it had been just Tina and I there, I would have climaxed within a few strokes. If it had been only Cindy Lou and I there, I would have climaxed on the first stroke. But, being naked in front of a room full of strangers made me really nervous. Though I was harder that I had ever been, I didn't even begin to feel that old tingle and draw. I stroked myself for a couple of minutes. Cindy Lou seemed satisfied.

"Now we know that he can last. Let's see how he can come. Jimmy, drop your hands. Tina, you stroke him."

Tina stepped closer and reached out with a small hand and took hold of my cock. I trembled as her small, delicate, warm hand touched my cock. "It feels like it's on fire, it's so hot!" she exclaimed. I saw her tiny breasts shift and sway as she started to pull at my cock's loose skin.

"Ughhhhmmmm." I moaned as, unwillingly, the first stroke of Tina's hand made me come like never before. My sperm blasted out of the tip to spray Tina from belly to head. Again and again I pumped, and large drops landed on Tina's eyebrows, nose, and lips. My legs felt weak.

Tina turned to face Cindy Lou, displaying my shameful ejaculation on her body. Cindy smiled. "It looks like love at first sight, Tina. You sit down. It's time for Jimmy to show me what he's got."

Cindy Lou rose from the booth and pulled her dress over her head. Her body was thick, but curvy. She reached behind her back with both hands and popped the closure of her bra. As she pulled the bra off, I saw the breasts that I had touched, clothed, just two days ago. They were full and ample, round and proud. Where Tina's were small cupcakes with a firm brown nipples, Cindy Lou's were honeydew melons, topped with nipples that were light pink confections. She slid down her panties and I saw her groin. She had a trim blonde bush, and it concealed what she had down there.

She stepped forward and reached down to stoke my cock. Amazingly, it started to spring back erect. Cindy Lou leaned forward and breathed in my ear, "Oh, Jimmy, I want you," and within a few seconds my cock was as erect as it had been two minutes earlier. Cindy Lou looked smug. She looked around and grabbed a tablecloth from an empty table and spread it on the floor.

"Lie down on your back, Jimmy; I want to sample that thing."

I lay down as instructed, my cock bobbing above my stomach. Then Cindy Lou stepped astride me, allowing me to look up at her private lady parts and everything. Her sturdy legs, leading up to her trim blonde bush, through which I could now see what looked like lips, her pink-capped breasts swaying above as she positioned herself. And then she squatted down, making her fat lower lips part open and show her inner lips. I didn't know if I was going to climax untouched or go blind for my sin. But I wanted Cindy Lou more than anything now, more than my own life.

Cindy Lou took my cock in her hand (oh, delight!) and placed it at the entrance to her lady parts (oh, paradise!). She seemed wet to me, and my cock was still seeping sperm from my last climax, so she settled down and my cock started to slip inside her (oh heaven!). She paused when she had all but two inches or so of my cock in her. Then I felt her relax inside and I felt her weight as she slowly settled her hips on top of my hips with a sigh. It felt so right. I was where I was born to be.

She looked down on me fondly. "And you still have a few more years of growing up to do."

"Tina, come look at this." Cindy Lou said.

I had forgotten about Tina. I had forgotten about the diner and all the people in it. For the last couple of minutes my whole world had consisted of me and Cindy Lou. I saw a naked Tina come and kneel beside us on the tablecloth. Cindy reached out and caressed Tina's side, moving up to toy with her nipples. "Do you like this, Tina?"

"Yes, Mistress. I looked down and noticed Tina's pubic bush was damp. Cindy Lou's hand trailed down Tina's body and played in that bush. Tina moaned. Cindy paused for a moment.

"So you are a virgin, just like you told me."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Well, taking that cherry is not for a diner at pick-up. Come give me a kiss."

Tina leaned forward and brought her lips to Cindy Lou's. I felt Cindy Lou's insides kind of grab my cock and squeeze, repeatedly. I lost it and climaxed again, pumping and spraying into Cindy Lou's vagina. I was secretly delighted because now we had to get married. Cindy Lou sighed with pleasure. "Ahh. Not bad for a first time on a floor in front of a crowd."

She got off me and lay back on the tablecloth. "Now, Tina, it's time you earn your passage."

"Yes, Mistress." Tina trembled. But with fear or anticipation, I couldn't tell.

Cindy Lou spread her legs and exposed her woman's parts, her vaginal lips dripping with the sperm that I had just filled her with. When she spoke it was with a purr or growl in her voice.

"Tina, get down there and lick me to a climax, or stay and get eaten by the lizards."

"Yes, Mistress," said Tina, and leaned forward and started licking Cindy Lou's vagina. I was shocked. Did girls even do that stuff? I had overheard jokes in the locker room after PE, but I wasn't someone to whom people told those jokes. I really didn't get it.

Then I noticed that Tina was bent down facing away from me and I could see her lady parts close up. Her ass cheeks were skinny, but nice, and in between them were her vaginal lips. Without thinking I leaned forward and started stroking them. Tina startled, but kept at her assignment of licking Cindy Lou, so I leaned forward and licked. She tasted funny, but not bad. She tasted what the whole diner was starting to smell of – sex.

I heard Cindy Lou growl, and felt Tina shudder, then Tina got up and I sat there wondering what came next. I stood up and Tina grabbed my head and pulled me down into a ferocious kiss. I tasted Cindy Lou's lady parts on her lips and tongue, and I guessed she tasted her own parts on my mouth.

Cindy pulled her dress back on, not bothering with the bra and panties, but she made us stay naked as we stepped through the transport pad into space.

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