The Way of the World
Chapter 1

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a grim tale of a barbaric future with slaves, sex, evil gods, more sex, and cruelty. There is a hero and beautiful women. There is some swash and some buckle. Enjoy! Watch the codes!!

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Slavery   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Incest   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Bestiality   Water Sports   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Size   Public Sex   Caution   Violent  

I watched my parents die from my hiding place. The soldiers took my older sister away. I never saw her again. My parents had objected.

My father's hands were tied behind his back. He was lifted into the air to strangle with a rope around his neck and his feet dangling. My mother was forced to suck his cock as he died. She was told that if she could swallow everything, she would be spared. If she couldn't, she would be raped and killed. My father dangled trying to hold still to keep her alive. He orgasmed in death and she swallowed his semen. Then, his bladder released and she couldn't hold it.

She was on her hands and knees spluttering when her shift was ripped off her body. The officer had pulled his tunic to one side and slammed his prick into her ass making her scream loudly. One of his men knelt in front of her and forced her mouth onto his cock and then down her throat. He held her tightly to his groin. She wiggled helplessly between them strangling on the cock in her throat with the pain of the leader's cock thrusting in and out of her ass. The leader came filling her ass with his semen. Then he held himself in place and pissed into her ass. She was weakening by then because she couldn't breathe with the cock in her throat. Finally, she shuddered and was still. Her bladder released. Her face was blue-black.

The house was burned next. There was nothing for me left on our small farm. After the soldiers left, I cut my father down and buried my parents in a shallow, common grave. I left to take my chances at life on my own. I was twelve years old. It was just the way of the world.

For the next few years, I made my way alone. The world is harsh. There is lots of fighting. You learned to fight or run. If you weren't a good enough fighter or a fast enough runner, you died. I saw many die. Within a year, I had killed my first man. He was drunk but I was in a place where I couldn't run. He was just slow enough that my knife opened his belly wide. He dropped his knife and I used his and mine to finish him and remove his purse. I escaped to find his site and his mate. That site was well known. With no husband to protect her, the mate was raped repeatedly. I watched as about twenty different men took her and caused her pain. As the last one was leaving, he cut her across the pelvis. He left laughing as she looked at her intestines which were now spilt on the ground. It was just the way of the world.

Women have almost no rights in this world. At fifteen, they are opened by the father or a brother. From that day forward, poor girls were used by everyone. Many don't survive the first year from the constant sex and mistreatment. I was at a town for an opening. The girl was pretty enough though not spectacular. Her father was going to open her and pushed in her cunt to find no hymen. She had already been opened! For some reason, she hadn't told her father who could have performed her opening privately to avoid the shame of an early opened daughter. Her mother saw her mate's cock easily enter her daughter and gasped.

The father was furious. The daughter was crying. He ripped the thin shift off her body and threw her on the ground in front of the platform. The man grabbed her mother and stripped her, too. She was pushed off the platform and landed on her knees. Before she could rise, a man had driven his cock into her pussy or ass. Her daughter was being slammed hard by a big, heavy set guy who was pumping her hard. When he finished, others were there to take her. Hours later, she was looking mostly dead and leaking cum and blood from her cunt and ass. Her mother crawled to her. She was unable to stand either, having been taken by many men herself. Most had used her back hole. I had had a go at the daughter though she was pretty much used up by the time I got my chance.

The daughter looked on in horror when she saw her father walk up behind her mother and slam a spear into her mother's pussy or ass very deeply. The mother's head went up and a keening wail came from her mouth. Blood poured from between her legs. The father went to his daughter and took a long hunting knife from its scabbard. He plunged it into her cunt and pulled upward like he was trying to cut his way out of her. When the knife slipped out of her body, she was bleeding profusely. They died looking at each other as their lives faded from their eyes. He left them to the cleaning crews who collected trash and dead bodies. They would take their bodies by cart and toss them on the garbage pile. It was just the way of the world.

My travels continued and I became good with various weapons. I am now two or three years over twenty. I have killed many men and a number of women. Men have women killed for various reasons but sometimes don't want their names attached to the killings. I had decided that I didn't care who I killed as long as I was paid. Some of the women were attractive. Those I would usually rape before ending their lives.

I also wandered through the ruins of the old cities looking for anything useful. The ruins were considered fearsome because people like me haunted them along with the ghosts of the long ago dead. I found them challenging for the same reason though no ghost ever hurt me. I enjoyed fighting and was always ready to fight for any reason or for no reason. I frequently used belly cuts to kill when I had the opportunity. I would watch the victim's painful death and wonder how it felt to die. I always thought I would not live long and was surprised when I was successful in a fight that had been close.

I was wandering through the ruins of an old city when I found the sword. I hadn't used a sword much because they were expensive. This sword was very old but very well made. It even had a scabbard that was hard but of a strange material I had never felt before as a finished, usable product. I had heard this material was called, "Plast." It was said to have been used heavily in the ancient days.

I heard tales when traveling of the "Before Times." No one knew how long ago it was when they ended but the universal opinion was many, many years ago. No one knew anyone from that time or even anyone who knew anyone from that time. It was my opinion that the Before Times were when these ruins were in use and that time had to be many hundreds of years ago.

I had learned that there were many ways to die and that avoiding those was important if you wanted to stay alive. Being always watchful was vital or becoming the dead victim of someone was likely. It wasn't much but I preferred life to death. Realistically, I hoped my death would be quick when it did come.

I practiced with my sword trying to become proficient with it. I had learned the bow and arrow and the long knife before. I could use other weapons well but had always preferred those two. The sword would represent a departure from my past habits. I just liked the look and feel of it too much to dispose of it though I knew it was valuable. I could eat well for a month or more from its sale. Instead, I carried it on my hip or over my shoulder.

My full growth had been reached. I was just over average height and well muscled. I could run for hours and fight when I finished running. I had developed as a man with a larger than average prick that was also thicker than most. I enjoyed sex in any form. Sometimes, it would be rough and sometimes, though more rarely, it would be gentle. My hair was a very light brown and I had light blue eyes that one woman said could bore holes in a person's mind.

I was running low on provisions and was horny. I headed into a town with some trade materials in my pack. I made a good trade picking up plenty of provisions and a young female slave. I went to sleep that night in the inn very drunk. I was too drunk to use her body that night. I let her sleep at the foot of the bed. I woke the next morning and, after thinking about it for a minute, I decided to head out without delay. I woke the girl and told her to get ready to leave. She was a slave though tall. She had to do what I said or I could and would kill her. It was just the way of the world.

I picked up boots for her. I had also picked up some other clothes for her to wear once we were well out of town. We loaded our things and left. She and I were each carrying a pack.

Once out of town, I said, "Okay, we are out of town and off the main trail. I want you dressed differently." I pulled some clothes out of her pack. "Put these on."

She looked at the clothes with wonder. I said, "Girl, do what I said now." She began to move. She peeled her shift off and put on the top. She had nice tits and the top fit her and would keep them in place as she walked. The bottom seemed to confuse her and I helped her put it on. I said, "Girl, you can put the shift back on if you want or just put it in your pack.

"What is your name?"

"It is whatever you want it to be, master."

"I know that. What name do you like and answer to the easiest?"

"Before I was sold into slavery, I was called, 'Ula.' I would like to be called by that name, master, if you give me a choice."

"Very well, Ula. I am called Alaric. Call me that."

"Yes, mas-Alaric."

We loaded up and started walking again. She said, "Alaric, where are we going?"

"We go to my cabin. It is hidden and safe."

"How long to get there?"

"It will be late this evening. We will stop to eat soon and then finish the trip."

"Yes, Alaric."

She kept up with me though the pace was tiring her. When I stopped for a late lunch, she was almost too tired to eat. She bestirred her body to eat the food I gave her. It was probably better than she had been fed before I bought her. I repacked her pack and we continued on our way. I was watchful during the trip. She was noisy and had no idea of the possibility of someone watching us. It was about an hour after sundown when we reached my camp. It was a warm night without rain. We would sleep outside. "Ula, we are here. Take off the pack. We will sleep outside tonight. First, we will store our provisions in the cabin." I stored everything quickly.

I came out with a ground cloth and blankets. I spread the ground cloth and lay two heavy blankets over it. The other lighter blanket would go on top of us. "Remove your boots and as much more or little of your other clothing as suits you." I pulled off my boots, pants and outer shirt. I slid under the blanket.

She removed her boots and then slid her body under the blanket with me. She was shivering. "Ula, why are you shivering?"

"I am scared, mas-Alaric. I've never been with a man before. I don't know what to do."

"Tonight, you will do nothing. We will sleep close for warmth. Be at ease."

She came into my arms and we slept through the night quietly.

In the morning, I made a small fire in my fire pit to one side of the cabin. I cooked breakfast for us before she woke and stretched. She groaned with muscles that hurt from all of the walking yesterday. She pulled on her boots and walked to the fire standing close for its warmth. I divided the food and gave her a plate with a fork. We ate in silence but her eyes never left my body. Mostly, she looked at my prick and balls. When we finished, I scrapped the leavings from the plates into the fire.

"Ula, first, you must always remember to shake out your boots before you put them on in the morning. Small animals and insects will crawl into them during the night. They will not like the surprise any more than you." She flinched.

"Second, the last one to rise must fold the blankets if in the cabin. If we sleep outside, you must hang them to air from the morning damp. I pointed at the blankets and at the line running between two trees." She started to head to the bed.

"Not yet. Third, we will bathe this morning. It will be very cold and you must become accustomed to cold water baths. I don't waste the energy to heat water for that purpose. You will learn to wash me." She put her hand to her mouth to gasp.

"Finally, I will know your experience with a man." I would have thought her experienced being in her late teens and a slave. Her statements last night surprised me.

I said, "Now and first, hang the blankets. Then, fold and bring the ground sheet to me. I will show you where to place it. Bring my clothes with the ground sheet." I had only put on my boots this morning. She moved quickly to do my bidding. She folded the ground sheet adequately and brought it to me with my pants and outer shirt. I lay them over a chair to air out after shaking them.

Her shift was in her way but I didn't require that she remove it. When she came over to me, I stood and walked into the cabin. I opened the two window holes for air and light. I had made wooded mesh screens that fit over the window openings to keep animals out. I had another that could cover the door. Inside, I said, "The ground sheet goes here as long as it isn't wet." She put in place. We left the cabin and I closed the mesh door. I walked over and sat in one of the two chairs that I had made. There was another but she made no move toward it.

"Ula, tell me of your experience with men. Do not leave out any detail."

"Alaric, I had seen my father and my brother naked a little. My father died just before it was time for him to open me. My brother sold my mother and me for enough money to buy a weapon and join the ducal army. I haven't seen him since. My mother was sold off almost as soon as there was bidding. A priest bought her to send a message to Gand so her spirit has gone to be with the Gand and she no longer walks the earth.

"I was bought by a priestess and served for two years in the temple of Jana. No one wanted me." She almost sobbed as she thought of the rejection. Her face wasn't one of beauty, but wasn't a bad looking. She seemed to have a very good, tight body. Obviously, no one knew that she was intact. "Everneen, the priestess of Jana, sold me last morning as unsuitable. You bought me an hour later. Now, I am here."

"Yes, you are. Remove your clothes, Ula. I'm going to have a good look at what I bought." She looked scared again. "Slave, I can string you up and whip them off you. In any event, you will be naked before me. I ask you politely but it is nonetheless an order and you will obey or be punished." She was definitely scared but pulled her shift over her head. I had seen her before but now she could see my prick as it reacted to her exposure. She lay the shift on the chair next to me. She untied the strands of leather holding her top and wiggled out of it. My prick began to harden. She looked at my erection like it was a snake. She had nice tits. They were not overly large but would feel good in my hands later. My prick got harder still. Her green eyes couldn't move away from my erection but her hands went to the pants and loosened them sufficiently to ease them over her hips and to the ground. She stepped out of them and set them on top of the rest on the other chair.

She had a wonderfully well shaped body. Her tits were firm and high on her chest. Her hair was dark red, almost black. It was a little lighter at her cunt. I made her turn around and saw that her ass was tight and high. Her mouth was perhaps too big which kept her from looking really good. With her slender shape, I wasn't too surprised that no one had chosen her at Jana's temple. Most of the ones there were more lushly built.

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