Unexpected Consequences
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mike blackmails his younger sister, Julie, and her friend, Lisa, in retribution for years of trouble making. None of them could have anticipated all the consequences.

After 6 years of torment, I finally got the goods on my 14-year old sister, Julie. In my parents' eyes, Julie could do no wrong. She had taken advantage of that attitude since she was 8 and I was 11. I had paid for every mistake I made that Julie was aware of and for many more that she made or made up. But now I had evidence that even my sainted parents could not ignore.

First let me tell you a little bit about me and about Julie, my only sibling. I was 17 with average height and average looks. At the risk of sounding conceited, I am above average in intelligence but not a genius. And I probably could have done better in school with more effort but I did better than average taking several honors and AP classes, particularly math and science. I was not into sports, but I am good with tools and technology. Because of my skill with computers, I started my own business supporting web sites for some local businesses. I am able to do most of the work on weekends while still keeping up with my schoolwork during the week.

Julie on the other hand is very pretty and outgoing but more than a little prudish. She is the teachers' favorite because she always does her homework and behaves in school. Although she is not exceptionally bright, she keeps her grades up by studying, doing all the homework and completing all class projects. She goes to church every Sunday and really buys in to the religious prohibitions on everything that's fun. She is the kind of kid who winds up on the student honor council just so she can make sure that everyone else follows the rules too. She definitely has a dominant streak and likes to be in control.

But that was about to change. Timing is, as they say, everything. The tables turned on a Saturday morning when my parents had to leave early for an out-of-town social event connected with my father's job. Our parents had felt for some time that we were old enough to stay home alone and we had never abused the privilege. So it was not a concern for them to leave us at home even though they would not be back until late.

Our bedrooms were set up with a bathroom between them and doors from the bathroom into each bedroom. The action started when Julie was in the shower unaware that I had rigged the doorknob from my room to the bathroom so that it could not lock. I waited until I heard the water stop running and opened the door. There Julie stood completely naked and dripping wet. She squealed and grabbed a towel to cover herself. Then she screamed at me, "Get out of here, you pervert. Boy are you going to be in trouble when I tell Mom and Dad that you were spying on me in the bath."

I said, "OK Jules (a name she really hates). I'll just go to my room. I have a video of some really hot lezzie action with you and Lisa that I have to post to the internet. I wonder what Mom and Dad will think when they see their precious angel in her underwear making out with another girl." I turned and walked back toward my bedroom.

I had just gotten to my computer desk when Julie stormed in wearing a towel that barely covered her tits at the top and her crotch at the bottom. I said, "Jules, check out the video before I post it to a porn site on the net and email a link to everyone we know."

She stood in stunned silence as the grainy video showed her and her friend, Lisa Daniels, in her bedroom kissing and embracing each other wearing only bras and panties. I said, "I guess you didn't notice the spy cam in your room the last time Lisa slept over." I then moved up behind her and dropped my shorts leaving me completely nude. I reached around her to undo her towel.

She grabbed my hands and said, "you can't touch me; you're my brother." I replied in a strong voice, "Fine, then get the hell out of my room. I have some posting and email to take care of." Then Julie said in a small voice, "Mike, please, don't do this; it's a sin."

I responded, "Jules, it's time for you to pay for making my life miserable for the last 6 years. So, either you do what I want, or I'll ruin your life by posting that video. What will your friends at school think when they find out that little miss perfect is a lezzie? What will Father Al think? How are you going to explain this in confession?" As I said that, I pulled her hands to her sides, undid the towel and dropped it to the floor.

With tears in her eyes, Julie sobbed, "We were just practicing kissing; we didn't want to kiss any boys we know because they all kiss and tell."

I said, "Yeah, I suspected that you cowed submissive little Lisa into letting you explore your fantasies with someone safe. But this time you got caught."

As I said that, I began fondling her breasts. Julie has a perfect figure with tits about 32B and hips that flare out in harmony with the rest of her slender body. I was also pressing my rock hard cock into the small of her back. I put my left hand on her shoulder and pushed her a little to the right forcing her to spread her legs to keep from falling. Then I quickly moved my right hand down to her crotch. As I rubbed her slit and clit, her breathing quickened and she began to get wet.

With a slightly quavering voice, she asked, "Are, [sob] ... are you going to rape me?"

I sneered, "As much as I would like to throw you face down on that bed and stick it to you like a dog, I'm not going to do anything to get me in trouble. And I'm sure as hell not going to take a chance of knocking you up. But there is something you can do for me." Bringing my right hand up to her shoulder, I turned her around and forced her to her knees. There she knelt with my hard cock bobbing right in front of her face.

I grabbed my cock, held it toward her lips and said, "Go ahead, suck it."

Her eyes widened as she leaned back and said, "No, no, I can't do that."

"Fine," I said, "then get out." and I turned toward the computer.

Openly weeping, Julie said, "Please, isn't there something else I can do to make it up to you? I'll be nice to you from now on. I'll do your chores. Anything, please," she begged.

Unrelenting, I replied, "You have just two seconds to get your lips around my cock or get the hell out of here."

After a moment, she just seemed to give up all hope. Very tentatively she reached, took my rod in her hand and kissed the tip. I said, "Go ahead, put it in, lick the underside and suck."

She got the head in and started sucking. It was far from an expert blowjob, but it still felt really good. While she was giving my rod a tongue bath, I reached over to the desk, picked up my digital camera and began snapping some shots of her face with my dick in her mouth. She was going a little slow for me so I grabbed her hair and began fucking her face. I was so keyed up, I knew I wouldn't last long. I could feel my nuts start to tighten. Just before I had to let loose, I pulled my dick out of her mouth and sprayed jizz all over her face. Then I took a couple more snapshots of her kneeling there with cum dripping from her face to her tits.

I said, "Those are for me to remember this day. Just keep in mind, if you tell anyone at all about this, I will post that video and these pictures. And in case you are thinking about fucking with my computer, you should know that a copy of the video is already stored on a server. There is a program that will automatically post the video to porn sites and email the links to everyone we know unless I reset the timer every day. So if I can't log on to that server, you're screwed. Now get the hell out! It looks like you need another shower."

Julie hung her head and left for the bathroom while I reveled in the success of my plan for revenge. While Julie took her second shower, I saved the shots from the camera and cleared the memory card. It wouldn't do for someone like my father or mother to accidentally find those pictures. I had the video and pictures stored in a hidden, encrypted directory. Only an expert would be able to find that the directory existed, much less look at the contents.

Later that day, I found Julie in the kitchen making a sandwich for lunch and looking more subdued than I had ever seen her. I reminded her that the following weekend was the big annual party at the country club. Mom and Dad would be going to the Friday night reception, the golf and tennis tournament on Saturday and the formal dinner/dance Saturday night. I told her to get permission to invite Lisa over Friday for a weekend sleepover and to make sure she accepted or else. I wasn't worried about our parents agreeing; Julie always gets whatever she wants from them, especially from our mother.

For dinner, I cooked burgers on the grill for us. After we ate and put the dishes in the dishwasher, Julie headed downstairs for the rec room to watch TV. I went to my room, grabbed my digital camcorder and headed downstairs after Julie. I found her sprawled on the couch in front of the TV.

"Jules," I said, "I really enjoyed getting to know you better this morning, ... in the biblical sense. How about a repeat before the 'rents get home."

"Mike, please don't make me do that again," she begged.

I turned off the TV and went over to the stereo to put on a tune with a throbbing beat but not too fast. "Actually, Jules, I want you to do a sexy strip-tease while I record it for posterity. And you'd better make it really nasty or suffer the consequences. Between the video of you and Lisa and the shots of you sucking my cock, there is plenty of evidence that you are a bisexual slut anyway."

She started to argue and then after a few moments, just folded. She got up, kicked off her flip-flops and started to sway to the beat. Then she started slowly pulling her t-shirt up while doing a slow twist. She tossed it to the side and unbuttoned her shorts. She slowly began to pull the zipper down. Then she turned around and slid her shorts down her legs while shaking her ass at me. That ass looked mighty fine in her tight panties highlighting a beautiful camel toe. After she kicked off her shorts, she reached up her back and unsnapped the bra clasp. She shook the straps off her shoulders and turned slowly around holding the bra cups over her perfect tits. She glared at me as she dropped her hands letting the bra fall down her arms to the floor. Then she slid her hands up her thighs and over her belly to cup her boobs. She shook her torso a few seconds bouncing her tits nicely before she slid her hands back down her belly to the waistband of her panties. She slowly shook her hips side to side as she inched the panties down. Just as the tops of her pubes started to show, she turned around again, spread her legs slightly, bent over at the waist and slid the panties down her legs. By the time she reached her ankles, I had a great shot of her ass and her pussy that was starting to glisten with moisture. She shook her ass at me a couple more times, stood up and turned back to face me.

I turned off the camcorder and put it on the coffee table. I said, "OK, Jules. Now that you have me all worked up, you need to finish what you started." I pointed to the tent in my shorts and said, "Get started."

She hesitated for a minute or two and then reached down, unzipped my shorts and pulled them and my boxers to my ankles. By this time my cock was hard as stone. She took it in her mouth and seemed intent on getting it over with as quickly as possible. I wasn't complaining, as it still felt really good. However, when she sensed that I was about to cum and tried to pull off, I grabbed the back of her head and held on while I filled her mouth with semen. This time I made her swallow. I really enjoyed watching her gag as she choked down my load. When she finally got over coughing and sputtering, she looked up with tears in her eyes and said, "Are you satisfied now, you pervert?"

"Yeah Jules, that was great. Your oral skills are improving." I picked up the camcorder and said, "But I'm being inconsiderate. You haven't had a chance to get off and I am having all the fun. Why don't you lie back on the couch and get yourself off with your fingers. Unless of course you want me to do it."

"Please, Mike," she cried. "I can't do that in front of you."

"No, Jules," I said with an unrelenting expression, "I'll never forgive myself for selfishness if you don't get off too."

Resignedly, she lay on the couch, spread her legs and began rubbing her crotch while I turned the camcorder back on. It took a while, but Julie finally got a small cum. As she gasped for breath, I told her we were done for the night. She grabbed her clothes and ran to her bedroom. Later, just before I went to bed, I heard her crying in her room. But whenever I started to feel a little sympathy for her, I had only to remind myself of all the trouble and humiliation she had inflicted on me for the past several years.

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