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Fantasy Sex Story: Preface - Snake brings Joe and company into the bitter cold wilds of pre-Russian Northern Asia. Eventually. Meanwhile, everyone moves to Massachusetts to a defunct college campus Nick redevelops into his corporate home and a resident theater for Lindy and the diverse performance company she leads. As usual, lots of hot sex, including the most beautiful women in existence. Please read the Tales from the beginning. Even with the synopsis I provided.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Orgy   Interracial   First   Double Penetration  

A Synopsis of Past Tales

I always recommend starting the Tales from the beginning. However, I will make concessions for memory, since this book took some time to complete after I uploaded the last one.

In general, the Tales are two stories in one. The first occurs in the present, so to speak, and is written in the first person past tense. Joe Solomon's perspective. Perhaps ironically, the second occurs in the past, over a millennium ago in this instance, but is written third person in the present tense. The reason for this is that Joe, and the rest of the audience for Snake's Tale, receive Nick's (or an angel's) narrative as if actually experiencing it. They are there in the ancient world.

In the so called present day story, Joe meets Nick, a tall mysterious old man with snake like facial features, in San Francisco, where Joe attends a summer playwright workshop at ACT, his play, "The Perfect Drug," having been one among five to win the prestigious contest. Four others include Tash, a svelte, goth woman, and Lindy, an unusually thickly built, but not fat, modern dancer and choreographer and, of course, playwright. Joe finds himself attracted to Lindy, but too shy to do anything.

Meeting Nick changes that. More importantly, a luscious Greek woman apparently his same age, helps him get some nerve. The woman, Helena, an escort, with Nick seeming to be her pimp, becomes his companion for the night. In the morning, she trains him to date Lindy.

That same morning he meets her fellow escorts, like her astoundingly beautiful and sexy. A blonde bombshell with obvious brilliance, Betty, and a Jewish Princess, Naomi whose beauty and incredible body gets tainted by a whiny voice.

During this encounter, the idea of the Tales begin. Several graphic novels depicting the various skins of Nick. Joe's talent as a writer begins the idea, and Naomi's genius as a drawer of amazing if disturbingly visceral images completes it, with Betty's brilliant mind useful as editor.

Unbelievable at first, Nick proves his immortality to Joe. The skins constitute Nick's changes in appearance over his millennia of existence, like a snake shedding. The women Joe meets end up being immortal themselves, what Nick calls his angels. Though related to him, most are second generation, his granddaughters. Helena's his daughter, as is Alexandra, his Russian angel. Only one angel becomes conceived for each skin with two exceptions. Maddy and Maggie are identical twins, petite Irish redheads. But most unusually and perhaps significantly, Helena is the second conception in Nick's current skin, Naomi being the first.

Helen, actually the real (so to speak) Helen of Troy is his oldest living angel, looking very much like Botticelli's Venus, the actual model for it. And yes, they can be killed, usually by decapitation, which happened to his first angel, a Babylonian. Helen rebelled against her grandfather, choosing to be with another eternal man, or eternal wanderer, named Simon, Nick's nemesis. Although her rebelliousness weakened, and Helen ended up being, either purposefully or unknowingly, a spy in Simon's camp.

Simon has a diametrically opposed agenda from Nick. He has a god complex and an interest in world domination. And unlike Nick, whose skins have included a deep black and a Moorish mix and the dark color and Caucasian face of a man from India and the oriental look of a Southeast Asian and so forth, Simon always looks white, and he always gets more handsome with each new skin. His agenda parallels Hitler's, the dominant Aryan race, and he in fact helped Hitler. Eva Braun was one of his angels.

It turns out Joe is quite the stud, literally. Somehow he impregnates Helena, something only an eternal wanderer is supposedly capable of doing. In fact, Nick has impregnated one of his angels, his Indian one, and she ended up becoming mortal. This worries them, and the child being stillborn, though it gets proved that Helena seems to retain her immortality.

Simon, hearing of this, introduces Eva (Eva Braun's namesake) to Joe and Helena, who have fallen in love. Simon's youngest angel, an incredibly beautiful and sexy (of course) California blonde, and as brilliant as Betty, Nick's blonde angel, she gets pregnant as well, and amazing everyone, including her, falls in love with Joe and Helena.

With Helen comes an avant guard quartet, who become involved with music for Lindy's choreography. Especially Angelique, the French member of the group, and the genius, and the two fall in love, and include Joe in their bed as often as possible, especially for Angelique. The four ladies of the quartet look like Helen, and Joe refers to them as her clones, except only one has Helen's blonde hair, Elsa. Ellen, a redhead, and Consuela, a hot-blooded raven haired Spaniard, complete diversity of hair colors, with Angelique a dark brunette. At Helen's disturbing insistence, Joe impregnates her clones.

After successful performances of the workshop plays, Joe marries Helena and they head eventually to Paris, where the quartet has an important residency, including a weekend of performances at the Paris Opera. There Joe meets Xo, another eternal wanderer, the last of them (actually the oldest), who, like Simon, sticks to his Chinese origination, with some exceptions. For instance, he has an angel from his Japanese skin. He also, like Simon, improves his looks with each new skin, becoming the definition of Chinese male beauty. Even with those similarities, he becomes allied with Nick. And he brings his youngest angel, an adorable a young Chinese woman named Zhenzhen, for Joe to impregnate and to fall in love with.

In Paris, skirmishes between Nick and Simon include Simon's skillful use of chemistry combined with attempted brainwashing. His plan to capture Joe for such an attempt becomes thwarted, though he does succeed with the Helen clones and with his daughter, Seraphine, a Jewess from an old rich Parisian Jewish family, saved from the Nazis by Simon, whose seed produces every other generation of only daughters. Their questionable support of fellow Jews also protects them. Fortunately the brainwashing (and the villainous rape accompanying it) does not last. In fact, Angelique barely succumbs to it.

The chateau which these generations of Jewesses own becomes a place for rehearsal for Lindy's choreographic collaborations with Angelique and the quartet. As demonstrated by the attempted abduction of Joe, being in the enemy camp has its problems. But it also provides Joe with yet another lover and receiver of his potent sperm, Seraphine, the youngest generation of the Jewesses and Simon's daughter. The voluptuous beauty becomes infatuated with him, no less because he discovers her need to be dominated, for him to be her master.

Via Simon's devious and mysterious plan, Seraphine meets Bob, Joe's high school best friend (Bob, accompanied by JB, another but not quite as significant a friend, who finds a mate like Bob does, in a Scottish Amazon exotic dancer, and she ends up part of Lindy's dancers, are touring Europe throughout the summer) and Bob's new lover Michiko, a bisexual woman leaning towards the lesbian side. A threesome forms, and Seraphine buys a house for them in Minneapolis, Bob's and Joe's home town. Bob, though unknown to him consciously, is a minion of Simon.

Minionship is significant in the Tales. All the eternal wanderers, and especially Nick, attempt to impregnate as many women as possible to create these minions, people able to be influenced by them. Ironically, of the three, Nick is the most reluctant to make use of his influence.

Michiko isn't unknown to Simon. He had tried to rape her, but hadn't succeeded. The attempted rape had been set up by what Michiko had thought was her lover, a pilot for the airline Michiko works for as a stewardess. A much older stewardess, Christa, also with bisexual tendency, but leaning much more towards the lesbian, comforts her. It turns out the asshole pilot had been husband to her best friend, a lover of hers, whom she considers her soulmate, who lives, with the soulmate's and the pilot's children, in Madison, Wisconsin. The two stewardesses become lovers and then just friends. In fact Christa, after a tryst in Amsterdam, her hometown, with Joe, but mostly Helena, to whom she becomes infatuated, introduces Michiko, her roommate, to Joe, and through Joe, to Bob.

Helena decides to deal with Christa's infatuation with her (and her lack of interest in Joe, which is the problem) by finding a couple looking to become a threesome. They find them, and also find a new lover of Joe, Maria, whom he once again impregnates. Though strongly connected, it's a short term or long distance relationship in the end.

Returning to the states, Nick's entourage takes residence at a defunct dinner theater/camp ground on Cass Lake in the middle of Minnesota where they rehearse theater and dance. There Joe meets his fourth wife, and first mortal one, Shira, a dancer recruited to expand Lindy's company. Black and voluptuous and sexy, they find each other irresistible even if she again tends towards lesbianism. Another impregnation results along with her being welcomed by her sister/wives.

Simon attempts a full-fledged attack on the camp, sending minions and losing all of them and causing no casualties to Nick's group, which also includes Xo's angels. Simulataneously, he also tries infiltrating the highest offices politically and commercially, which some might say are the same thing, using supposed corruption, drug abuse and statutory rape. The plot gets discovered, in no small ways by Christa's soulmate's children being two of the indoctrinated youngster attempting to be seen with powerful people doing illegal and immoral things. It backfires, and Simon needs scapegoats to escape his involvement in the plot, including the pilot and a pedophile congressman. He tries to include Seraphine, but she escapes his grasp, with Rosa, Nick's indigenous American angel, killing the thugs who attempt her capture.

At the rustic theater, Naomi relives her first love affair with a Lakota shaman, happening in the late 1800s. A young Lakota with the same spiritual character and similar looks becomes her lover and helps her to resolve some very old issues.

As far as Nick's angels, Salomé may be the most remarkable. Stunning and regal, of Ethiopian heritage, she resembles statues of Nefertiti. She's his third, after Helen, and the first to remain by his side when not adventuring on her own. Adventures include encounters with great religious figures, including Christ and Mohammed and Buddha. Her fascination for presumed messengers of god, or profound holy men, impelled these meetings.

Chanda is the last of Nick's angel to describe. She's Thai, and a brilliant film director. She's gorgeous of course, with a nice round face, breasts and butt.

Other angels include Gia, once Simon's chief assassin, and surprisingly Chinese considering his pension for whites. Because of Xo's presence in her blood, much like Simon's in Helen's, and Simon's profound betrayal of her, attempting her to be used as sacrifice, she switches sides. She's sleekly built and stunningly beautiful. And cold.

Another assassin, Xo's, becomes Nick's first sexual encounter with an angel other than his. Chen, absolutely gorgeous, shares some of the best sex of either of their incredibly long lives. She also gives him the most information about her master, who, until the contemporary tales, frustratingly keeps his distance.

Other important characters involve Joe's family. While his mother is one of Nick's strongest minions, his father has a similar importance with Simon. The father ends up being a stud equaling Joe. The mother actually has affairs with Nick, much to Joe's discomfort. In fact one such meeting produces Joe's youngest sister.

That sister, his favorite, and he's hers, ends up having an incestuous liaison. The possibilities for future ones remain. It amuses him that she chooses a lover who seems like an extended version of him, taller (which means over six feet six), thinner, though the nose doesn't have quite the mass of Joe's rather large and bulbous one.

As far as synopsizing the historical tales, I don't wish to add too much more information. Suffice it to say, Nick has seeded minions in a vast area of the planet, including Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, the Americas and Europe. The two angels mentioned who have not survived include the Indian woman he impregnated and Cleopatra, whose fate is well known, if not that it included beheading.

I try, when characters emerge who refer back to earlier books, like with the mother/daughter secretaries in Nick's corporation, to synopsize the reference briefly in the narrative for the context to be understood.

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