Susan Understands Her Son
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mother/Son Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Nudism, Mother watches her son masturbate sex story, son watches his mother masturbate, son exposes himself to mother, mother exposes herself to her son

Desc: Mother/Son Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Susan sees her son naked and tells him it is ok to be naked in his room or in the house.

Sixteen-year-old Robert enjoyed being naked. He liked it when he was home alone, he could go to his bedroom strip naked and remain naked without fear of being bothered. He could get on his computer while naked and not have to worry about his mom catching him having fun. Sometimes he would wander around the house nude just for the thrill. If his parents were home he would announce that he was going to shower. This gave him an excuse to strip naked in his room. He would stay in his room naked until he showered and then after his shower go back to his room and stay naked as long as possible.

He pushed the limits sometimes when it was just him and his mother at home. He would make his shower announcement and strip naked in his room, he would read or mess around in his room naked then walk to the bathroom naked. He would shower and then walk back to his bedroom naked to finish drying off. A couple of times he knew his mother saw him but only from behind or just as he walked into his bedroom. This made Robert excited knowing that someone, even if it was his mother, saw him naked, a new element in his excitement.

Now, when he was home alone and naked he would search out stories about nudist and exhibitionism. This gave him hours of new fantasies and masturbation time. Robert started to push the limits being naked in the house, staying naked until his mom came home then running back to his room to dress. His new at home outfit was a loose pair of running shorts and old tee shirt. He grew less concerned that he would be 'caught' going to and from the bathroom by his mother.

Robert's activities did not go unnoticed by his mother Susan. At first she chalked it up to normal experimentation of a growing boy. At first she did not pay much attention to his antics. One day she was able to catch Robert as he walked from his bedroom to the bathroom. He was naked and unconcerned if he was seen naked. Susan was sure Robert did not see her watching him walk down the hall into the bathroom, if gave her a little thrill to be a voyeur. Then she realized she was perving on her own son, but then wasn't that part of the thrill?

One evening while Robert's dad was out of the house, he announced to his mother he was going to shower. Robert walked out of the room pulling his shirt off and as he turned the corner in the hall he pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them. He went to his room and hung out for a bit. Susan found some reason to be in the master bedroom after his announcement. She could see down the hall through a mirror and not be seen. She waited only a few minutes and saw her son come out of his bedroom, naked dragging his towel behind him. She got to see him, full frontal nudity; he strolled slowly down the hall. Susan admired his body, so straight, so firm, so flat, and so lean but what caught her eye was how his cock flopped back and forth on his thigh as he walked. She could not take her eyes off her son's cock. She felt herself get wet, as much as she knew it was wrong it was exciting. She could not remember the last time her pussy flooded with wetness.

Lately if her and husband were going to have fun she would have to make sure the KY was close by. She knew she would not need it now. Robert turned into the bathroom giving his mother a chance to admire his firm ass before he closed the door. Susan closed the door to the master bedroom and ripped off her clothes, she laid on the bed naked, spread eagle. Moving her legs as far apart as she could she lifted her hips and put a pillow under ass. She laid naked her pussy dripping with her juices. She wanted to cum so badly but wanted it to last. She felt her breasts, feeling her hard nipples, playing with her tits. She ran her hands down her stomach feeling her pubic hair and then her wet pussy. She could not control herself; her fingers plunged into her hot wet pussy, with the first touch she climaxed. She shuttered and moaned and fucked her pussy with her fingers bringing herself to one hard climax after another. She collapsed onto the bed pulling on her nipples and petting her pussy. She wished she could cum again but knew she need to rest a bit before she could cum again.

She pulled herself off the bed and staggered to the shower to refresh herself. Susan stood under the shower warm in the afterglow of her hard climax. She washed herself paying more attention to her pussy feeling her pubic hair she thought she should shave herself bare like she did in college. She reached for her razor and slowly shaved her pussy bare. Shaving her pussy turned her on once more. She wanted to cum but knew that it was too soon. Besides she wanted to tease herself into a great climax and not just a garden variety climax.

As she was toweling herself she enjoyed the feeling of the rough towel on her nipples and over her freshly shaved pussy, cunt, snatch, twat, my how the naughty words flowed out of her mind. It kept her pussy moist and excited for the build up to her next masturbation session. She knew she was going to have a nice long masturbation session but how to prolong it, how to make her excited, how to make it erotic and naughty. All these were going through her head as she reached for her robe. She slipped the robe over bare naked body and went to find her son.

As she walked down the hall she tapped on his bedroom door and told him to come in the living room she had something to tell him. Before she could sit down Robert came in the room, he was wearing his shorts but not shirt. His shorts were pushed down to hips; they seem to just hang on his body. He stopped short and admired his mother, it was the first time he ever thought of her as woman, and she looked radiant and sexy, sexy for the first time ever.

"Wow mom you look great, sexy even, what did you want to talk about?" Robert asked.

"Thank you for the compliment" She turned and got a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she fluffed up her wet hair, this caused her robe to lift showing off her legs and just a hint of ass cheeks. As she fluffed her hair the motion of her arms made the robe come loose a little so a little of her tits were exposed. She did not reach to close her robe or drop her arms, it was thrilling for her to be somewhat exposed.

She caught Roberts's reflection in the mirror he was checking her out, legs, ass and tits. This only added fuel to her next masturbation session. She dropped her arms and told Robert to sit on the couch. She moved and sat on the couch slightly turned so their knees were almost touching. Her legs were totally exposed up and to ass only the softness of the cushion covered her ass. Her breast not exposed but on display. She leaned forward and put a hand on Roberts knee, "Honey I know about your being nude in your room."

Robert was taken back and stammered, "Well, well..."

"It is ok, really it is ok, I don't mind" Susan stated.

"Mom why didn't you say something before", Robert asked.

"Well honey, you were not hurting anyone and you have tried to keep it to your room most of the time" Susan replied.

"What do you mean Mom" Robert questioned.

"Well I have seen you a few times as you walked down the hall and when your door is not closed all the way."

"I am sorry I will try to be more careful."

"Don't worry about Robert, when it's just you and me at home, you don't have to be too careful just be cautious and mindful of what you are doing when your father is at home. I have to tell you when I was a little girl I liked to be naked too and did just about what you are doing now." Susan explained.

"What's that?"

"Finding an excuse to be naked, like announcing you are taking a shower so you can go to your room and get naked, then finding things to do before you go to the bathroom, so you can stay naked longer. Or even coming out of the bathroom naked and walking down the hall so if you get caught you can explain why you're naked." Susan told him.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," Susan replied. "What?"

"When was the last time you were naked for no reason, not just shower or ... or..." Robert asked.

"None of your business about or, or ... but the last time I was naked for no reason was in college, my roommate and I would be naked in our dorm room all the time. We told each other it was because the air conditioning did not work but it was really because we both liked to be naked." Susan told him.

"Why are you being so cool about this?"

"Well when I was younger and liked to be naked my mother was not very understanding and I was told I was being bad by being naked. I remember how upset my mother was I did not understand why it was bad. So I wanted to tell you that I understand and you are not doing anything wrong or bad by being naked in your own room or home for that matter."

Robert leaned forward and kissed his mother on the forehead and asked if he could go to his room now.

"Sure honey you can."

Robert stood up and walked out of the living room as he walked he pushed his shorts down and kicked them off giving his mother a view of his naked body from the back side.

"Just remember honey it is ok if I am home, but be careful if your father is home." Susan hollered at him.

Susan stood and walked to her room to get dressed before her husband came home. She saw her reflection in the mirror and stopped. She looked down the hall and the door to Robert's room was closed. She dropped her robe. She gave a little shiver to be naked in the living room with Robert in his room. She checked herself out in the mirror. Not bad for a 42 year old. She had a nice body, and that is what was causing her concern, just a nice body. Nice legs, ok ass, sorta flat stomach, just a little swelling at the tummy. Small breasts, no sag but they were not big enough to sag, she did have a good posture and she thought a nice back. Her face was plain and her hair mousey. No style, no sexiness, nothing really stood out but her hairless smooth pussy, the one thing that gave her hope and to make her stand out from other women.

She picked up her robe; she did not put it on as Robert's door was still closed. It gave her a little thrill to be naked in the house other than her bedroom and bathroom. She could understand why Robert likes to be naked and it gave her a warm feeling in her pussy.

She got to her room and noticed it would be a while before her husband got home. She closed the door to her bedroom. She went in the bathroom and got her battery tooth brush and laid now naked on her bed. She lay there thinking of her ward robe and how plain it was, the best that Sears and J.C. Penny sold. She had blue jean shorts but they were high wasted and went down to her knees. Her tops like shirts rather than anything sexy. Her jeans were mom jeans; they fit well but nothing sexy about them. Even her dresses were plain, more for church than an evening out. Her hair plain, plain just plain.

She was in the mom rut and she had to break out. All these thing ran through her mind as she ran her hands up and down her body, she wanted to cum before her husband came home, she knew she could not wait for him to leave in the morning but her mind was racing.

Robert's question running through her head, "when where you last naked?" she thought about her college roommate. They liked being naked together, she knew now that she wished they had gone further when she was naked with her but neither took the first step. She wasn't bi but college was for experimenting and that would have been a great experiment.

She felt her shaved pussy and ran a finger up and down her slit, it was warm and moist.

She thought of her neighbors, which one could or would help her out of her rut. Maybe none. Tracy her next door neighbor was most like her, a mom, but occasionally could be naughty.

Sandy and her husband traveled a lot and had dropped the hint that there was more sex than just between the two of them. Sandy had told her of trips that included visits to nude resorts. Sandy was a close talker and toucher. Whenever Tracy went over they sat close and Sandy was always touching her, straitening her collar or top.

Hmm nude resorts, that made Susan spread her legs and turn on the tooth brush. She ran the buzzing tooth brush around her pussy teasing herself. She would be a candidate for even a brazilian wax.

Linda was an older lady down the street, friendly and talkative; there was hint of sexuality to her. Always nicely dressed and made up. It seemed she always had a button undone and a lot of cleavage showing. Too old to be surprised by shaved pussies.

Nancy, Nancy the gym rat. Her husband was never home. Nancy hung out at the gym. She was rock hard, short spiky hair, hard body. Dressed sexy. Every guy followed her with their eyes when she was around. Early 40's, dressed like she was 20. Yoga pants and sport bra's. Hip hugger shorts, hip hugger short shorts, bikini tops. Nice tits, not big not small, hard abs, long legs, nice ass. She had made little hints of fun at the gym and liking to be naked in the shower room with other women.

Thinking about Nancy, Susan put the buzzing tooth brush, bristles down directly on her clit with the other hand she pushed two fingers into her pussy and climaxed. It felt good. It was a good release but it was not quite what she was looking for. It was late she had to get dressed before her husband came home.

The next morning when Susan woke up her husband was gone. It was Saturday and he was out on the golf course. That was her life, her husband at work during the week and most nights at meetings or some lodge function. Saturday night was usually their time together. Getting out of bed, Susan realized she was naked. She slipped on her short robe and went to the kitchen for morning coffee. She sat in the living room drinking her coffee when Robert walked in the room. He had at least put on his shorts, barely. They were hanging on his hips. His upper body naked.

Susan sat drinking her coffee and looking her son's body. She wanted to see his cock again she wanted to see it flopping again. She couldn't get the thought out of her head, she tried to think of Nancy and how she could help her get out of the mom rut. But her mind came back to Robert's cock.

Her pussy slowly got wet thinking about her son's cock. She tucked her robe between her legs hoping that it would soak up her pussy juices and not stain the couch. Robert came in the room drinking a cup of coffee; he sat across from his mother. His shorts dangerously low on his hips.

Susan looked at him and said, "Those shorts are so low you might as well be naked."

Robert looked at his mom and said "would that bother you?"

"No not at all. Your father won't be home for hours."

With that Robert lifted his hips and kicked off his shorts. His cock came into view. He stared at his mother and took a sip of his coffee never taking his eyes off his mother.

Susan sat and just stared at her naked son, she looked directly at her son's cock. She could swear it moved on its own. It went from soft and limp to just full. Her pussy started to flow. She was glad she tucked her robe between her legs.

Robert leaned back and said "This is so cool, you have no idea how long I wanted to be naked in the house, naked and being comfortable being naked. You're the coolest Mom."

"No problem, it will be our secret."

Susan noticed the gap in her robe, and most of her boobs were exposed, everything but her nipples. Her legs were totally exposed as her robe was not only short but tucked between her legs. Her pussy would have been exposed if she had not arranged her robe earlier. Robert reached down and adjusted his cock. Susan took in a breath of air, a little too loud.

"Sorry but I had to adjust myself"

"No, no it was just unexpected, don't worry it. Did not bother me." Susan assured him.

"Mom you told me you used to get naked when you were young, and even got naked with your college roommate. Ever think of getting naked now? You are about naked now with that short robe. You should give it another try. Like you said Dad will not be home for hours." Robert stated.

"I don't know. It isn't something mothers and sons should do." replied Susan.

"I am naked and it seems like you like looking at me, I would like to look at you too." Robert told her. "Look most of your breasts are exposed and all of your legs, it wouldn't take much for you to slip off that robe."

Susan noticed his cock had gone from full to semi hard, it lifted off his body and grown inches, both in length and girth. Susan felt her shoulders move and her robe fall off her body exposing her tits to her son. It was his turn to take in a deep breath making a small noise.

"Does that bother you, see your mother's naked breasts?"

"It does not bother me, but it was unexpected, they are perfect for your frame. I have thought about seeing you naked for years."

In for a penny Susan thought and she pulled her robe off her body and moved her legs so Robert could see her naked. She was naked in front of her son. She had wanted it as much as her son wanted to be naked in front of her. She had only denied it to herself but she was so hot it was so erotic. She wanted her son to see her naked, see her tits and her shaved naked pussy.

When her pussy came into view Robert's cock grew to it full hardness and he took it in his hand. He slowly moved his hand up and down his cock while his mother watched. He did not seem to be in a hurry.

Susan sat and watched and without telling her son to stop. He took that as an ok to keep masturbating his cock.

Nothing had been this erotic to Robert as being naked in front of his mother. Now he was jacking off his cock while his naked mother watched.

"Mom your pussy is shaved bald, that is so hot, a naked shaved pussy and it belongs to my Mom."

Susan had no control of her hand as it dropped to her pussy. She slowly stroked her naked pussy, moving her fingers up and down her slit she spread her legs to give herself better access to her pussy.

This movement also exposed her pussy to her son's eyes. One hand on her pussy and the other playing with her tits, both eyes were on her son's cock.

Robert's eyes bounced from her pussy to her tits following her hands and fingers. He kept a slow movement to his hands not wanting to cum but wanting to cum.

Susan tried to move her fingers as slow as she could to keep from cumming. She had given up trying to think this was bad and her only thought was watching her son masturbate his cock and her building climax. Susan spread her legs as far apart as she could and arched her back raising her ass off the couch. Her pussy in full view of her son, her son was in full view of his mother. Eyes following each movement.

Susan could see precum building on the end of her son's cock. Robert could see the wetness of his mother cunt and the speed that her hand was working her pussy, in spite of herself Susan was close to cumming.

He could feel the cum erupting from his balls and traveling down his cock. It shot out with such force it hit is mother's leg.

The instant Robert's cum hit her leg Susan climaxed. She climaxed so hard she saw stars. She clamped her legs together and shoved her fingers deep into her pussy. She bounced on the edge of the couch arching her back and dropping back down. It was the cum that she had been looking for days. Slowly she dropped down to the couch and opened her eyes; the first thing she saw was a sweet smile on Robert's face; a smile of bliss.

Susan opened her legs and felt her hot wet shaved pussy. Robert slowly stroked his cock milking the last of his cum out of his balls. Susan stuck two fingers in her pussy then up to her clit giving herself a series of small climaxes.

Naked they each sat recovering from a hard climax, unable to move they sat looking and taking in each other's naked body. Susan could not believe that her son's cock never got soft. It was as hard as when they started. She could only think what that hard cock would feel in her pussy.

Robert couldn't believe that his mother had just masturbated in front of him and that he had masturbated in front of his mother. Robert was taking in his naked mother's body. Checking out her tits, her stomach and her shaved naked pussy, even her long legs. He was jacking his cock but just stroking it thinking of how he could fuck his mother.

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