Brown Eyed Girl
Chapter 1

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Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wherever we went, my fat ass and belly went with me. One morning, at breakfast I left Lenny's after breakfast determined that it was to be the fist day of the rest of my new life. I knew I was not going to be able to do this miracle by myself. No one had said anything about my size. I was used to making jokes about it myself. When it dawned on me that I had been missing out on more than I could imagine I would try, if she would only help me.

Man, I knew this place was going to get busy today, but I never thought at 8:10 am on a Saturday it was going to be packed that there would be a line just to wait to get a table. While I gave my name at the register, I asked why there were so many people. Lenny's was more a family place; kids under a certain age ate free or at a reduced price on weekends. They served a decent breakfast and my favourite, the Super Duper Ranchero. Sausage (links or patty), grits or hash brown, 3 eggs, any style, toast, applesauce or fruit cup, OJ and that saving grace men through time cherished as much, a good woman hot coffee.

My luck recently with finding that had made the search for a hot cup of coffee, three or four creams and a clean spoon my priority. Let me tell you a few things about me, the important stuff and you will see why my luck with women made my choice easy. My name is Sam. Sam Malone. I am 21, 6' 3" tall, going to school here and a Freshman at San Diego State University and about 243 pounds, on a good day, 258 on a bad one. Why a Freshman you ask, well there was a reason, still is. Mom and Dad were in an accident, a bad one. He finally, mercifully died after over a year of sheer misery. Mom was so much better, right, she was at the point now that a wheelchair could see her outside and for 12.5 minutes each day we would exercise and I would tell her how good she was doing. Yep, it was such a wonderful time we had each day.

I think Grandpa dying just about took the wind out of her sails. He went fast (Cancer) and she never even could say goodbye. About a year ago, we moved into his old house. I say old because he built it 38 years ago. Frank Lloyd Wright was a friend and when he saw the one he had built for his brother up in Laurel Canyon, he had to have one, only his was on 5 Acres over looking the Ocean, and 2 more Acres which were beach. It was all glass, the bedrooms were small, but from just about every room the view was spectacular.

Before a lot of restrictions made building anything on the beach to be a thing of the past, a huge deck, patio and pool were added. His investments, love of the sea and a wild escalation of prices here in California meant he ended up a rich man. Looking at the house, I could see that he enjoyed his 'golden years' if the 27 'beach bunnies' that kept showing up at the house asking for him were any indication. One or two I recognized from school. I was half-tempted to let them continue their sun and fun, actually more than half, bur realization that I was still a Freshman and they were seniors stopped me; that and being 60 plus pounds overweight might have influenced that too. One particular Friday, after answering the door and being asked 'Was there a par-tiee tonight?' I was going to not answer the door. I swear two of them had to be 15 or 16 and the postage stamp on my mail was bigger than what they were wearing. Time for reflection I determined I wondered what granddad had that I didn't? Oh, right, I remembered.

Anyway, I did not spend all my time just munching on chips, candy, pretzels, peanut butter crackers and soft drinks, my powers of observation were as keen as many of the gulls pestering around the beach. I spotted a table, and, Ta-Da there was a goddess seated in it. An alone goddess.

Now if I could just bribe, even beg somebody to ask her if I might join her ... No one around. I guessed, by my superior powers of deduction that the Mom would not like my bribing her 10-year old daughter to go ask either. Fate works in mysterious ways as a young waitress, 16 17 maybe waltzed up to me and wondered if I would mind 'sharing' a table. The young lady was only drinking coffee and waiting for a ride home. When she pointed over to the seated goddess, my heart skipped a beat or two.

"Sure, but I'm buying, OK?" Her name was Jenny, the waitress was Sue and I was in love in 12.3 seconds. Sue brought two menus over. "I'm just waiting, thank you though."

"Man or woman does not live on coffee alone! Besides, it's on me and you saved me an hour's wait. I'm Sam. Do you live around here?" Sue came back and I was about to order my favourite meal when her worshipfulness said. "Cottage cheese, a hard boiled egg and dry wheat toast, if that's OK?"

I was trapped; I could almost taste the Ranchero with a side order of pancakes smothered with butter and syrup. I did the man thing when Sue came back. Jenny repeated her order, I had given her another chance to regain her senses and order something more than 23 calories. Nope. "I'll have the same and maybe we will both have a big glass of water." I figured I could have an early lunch.

The look I got from Sue was, well almost 'The Look' if you know what I mean. She 'knew' what was going on, what she didn't know was how badly I had wanted that Ranchero. I was sure they did takeout.

Now I'm not sure how familiar you are with Lenny's. Imagine Jenny sitting on a padded booth seat 6 foot wide, all 98 pounds of her wet; and me, hanging my overstuffed ass over both sides of a chair that was from a K or G1 school classroom. It was starting to get painful at bite number 3. There were not many more bites left in this feast we had ordered. Did I call her a goddess? If so the vision that tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was going to eat the other slice of toast or could she please have it; was a 30 on a 1:10 scale. If she asked me to cut my throat with a butter knife I would do it then ask for further instructions.

Sue came up and smiled at her. "Hey Bran, your not going to eat all that are you? Better watch your figure; you don't want to get like your sister, now do you?"

"Maybe in a couple of place, what do you think?" As she stuck her chest out as if to get my opinion. "Hey, I'm a guy, little bigger than most, but, anymore than a mouthful is wasted." Giggles and blushes.

"Sis, you ready? You have soooo much food maybe Sue can fetch you a bow-wow bag. If your 'boyfriend does not want his toast, maybe I can take that two, Lunch and dinner."

I took it to mean she was Brandy, the younger sister, but I did not want to get up right now.

Jenny started to rise. She stood up, got her crutches and two casts on her legs cane into view. Sue came back, put the balance of Jenny's feast in the bad and my piece of toast. I was thanked, she asked again about the bill. My answer sounded Ok, "I'll just work this off. Maybe Sue will let me wash dishes for the next few weeks to pay for it all. It would be worth it to have so many beautiful women with me." In this, I was not joking. All three were typical California girls.

When Jenny and Brandy left, my mouth was still open. Sue came back over. "Don't think about it too much stud. Jenny was all set to go the Olympics until she got hurt. Miss Brandy, if rumors are worth much, is the next Miss California, then who know. Now what do you really want to order?"

"What about you?" She brushed her hand up and down her front. "Me well lets see, if I turn down that TV show or the Movie role I have, when I graduate, if I do as the manager here wants, I'll have a nice cushy job here as long as my back hold out or a younger, 'trainee' arrives. If I didn't need the money so badly I'd be gone now. Now, what do you really want?"

"Do you have a drink that will take 50 or 60 pounds of ugly fat off?"

"Sure, no problem. Diet and exercise will do that, I helped Blimpo Brandy shape up, how do you think that 75 pound girl stays so sleek, not eating French fries!"

"Hey, we could audition for 'Beauty and the Beast", your not so bad yourself, little nip there, another tuck hers and Voila, Hollywood here we come."

"Ha, Ha, Ha."

"Seriously Sue. You have something both of them will never have."

"What, did I grow a third eye or a mustache?"

"Let me see. Mmmm. No. But you are not only cute, funny and real, you are a nice person."

That gave her pause.

"One thing that I leaned today was that maybe, just maybe, if I would look more like a human being and not the 'Beast' that I might have a chance for a girlfriend as nice as you? Maybe?"

"What's that saying, the longest journey begins but with a single step. In my case, a single plate or three, pushed away too won't hurt either. So what do you think, 60 pounds, 60 days?"

"No way in Hell, Opps, excuse me. Diet, exercise, physical fitness and determination to keep it off will take some time. Did you add that weight in 60 days?"

"Well, I think a bit longer."

"Join a gym, get a fitness trainer, a good diet and work out, even swimming and running in the sand around the beach is great."

"So tell me, oh great seer. Where do you go to school and when can I hire you to start our training. If it's more than $50 an hour, 40 hours a month it's no deal."

"Get serious; you'd pay me $2,000 a month for what?"

"That and all the dry toast you can eat. Yes! You said you needed the money. You're not the kind of girl to get a job here in exchange for lying on your back and I'm a lazy, fat ass who needs help. So I assume you're in High School now. I go to San Diego State, you can ride there with me too next year. I, in no way think it is easy Sue, and I know I will not be able to do it myself. I think I have everything we will need at home, I just need to know what to eat and do and if I can lose 60-70 pounds and keep it off, I'll pay for your school classes. In addition to your monthly fees. It would be the start of a completely new life for me as well as one for you. There are some things my Mom needs to learn too so I'll pay extra for her. Here is my number, you can stay here and work and still try to help me in your spare time. We just will need to work around my classes and yours. Call me, meet mom, look the place over, what she needs, see if it makes sense for you to try. And what you already brought me I hate but will be my start at a diet. Bill, please young Mistress."

$9.54 from a twenty left her a tip that could not be construed as a bribe.

The drive home was sobering, the more I thought of what was said and what had happened the more upset at myself I became. They say every successful person has a mentor or a role model. I only had to remember those girls chasing after granddad to imagine what I could look like instead of the blob who ate Texas with ketchup.

Would I ever have a girlfriend like Jenny, Brandy or Sue, probably not, but I would continue to have none at the rate I was going if I did not try to get fit.

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