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Inosolan: Profile

Well, i exist.

I don't talk about myself much, preferring to let the readers draw their own conclusions as to who and what i am and here i come from, metaphorically speaking.

Real criticism is highly appreciated -- that is, "This was good, but you could do *that* better, maybe *this* way..."; such may be replied to and discussed.

I welcome reviews in the storiesonline "review" section; please feel free to write whatever seems appropriate and post it.

Plain praise -- i.e., "I really liked this." is merely highly appreciated.

Vituperation -- "Hey, this sucks,bitch. Who toled you you could rite?" will be ignored.

I *think* my English, grammar, spelling and diction are good. My tpynig, OTOH, sometimes leaves much to be desired, so please pardon any ty*os you find...