Gabrielle Prevot: Profile

The tingle of a fingertip sliding along naked skin, the inviting shadow along the curve of a breast, warm breath along the skin just behind your ear, and the way words become images in our imagination...these are the things I love and love to write.

My latest project, the Blue Futanari series, takes erotica to a magical, mythical place where an archeologist tumbles into the tomb of an ancient goddess and, by rescuing her, is turned into a being who subsists on the worship and sexual energy of those around her.

For those who are unfamiliar with what I write - fair warning, my work is very explicit (naughty, dirty, wet, and filled with juicy scenes). The language, imagery, and stories that I write explore sexuality in graphic detail. They are a heady mix of character and erotic story line. I make no apologies for their subject matter, I find it quite...stimulating and genuinely hope you do to.

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