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Bindare Dundat: Profile

I am an e-Gypsy. I travel the world looking for new experiences and friends.

My work as a practical Physicist allows me to live and work wherever I like, although it is simplified if there is access to the Internet and UPS.

I was born long, long ago in a world very different from this one and don't much give a shit whether you agree with my views, which are often expressed quite forcefully. What's the point of having ideals and principles if you don't defend them?

However, other views and opinions are always welcome, provided that you share your reasoning with me. You might cause me to change my position on something if you present a valid argument. For this, I would be grateful.

Criticism of my writing is always welcome, provided that it is not based solely on my choice of subject. If you don't like the subject, then close the book. Duh!

My apologies for the silly pen name.