Bushhairs: Profile

I am happily married to a "physical" woman.

That being said, I also recognize all transgendered people as actually being the sex with which they identify. I consider myself "Straight" because I am only sexually attracted to the female personality, "male" bodies to the contrary, notwithstanding.

I had a very loving relationship with a transgendered girl for several years, as a child. It never seemed 'wrong', but afterward I did have some guilt pangs, as if I had been "Queer", but eventually rationalized that she WAS a girl inside, and that was all that mattered. I know that some, maybe most, people don't understand that concept, but it is the only truly honest way of consideration, IMHO.

The Pen Name that I use refers to a personal preference, which should be self explanatory! Don't ask why, I just DO!