Wolf: Profile

Wolf lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida with his young wife and two dogs. A widely traveled renaissance man, he has a special fondness for things and circumstances that change or upset people’s beliefs and how we live. Wolf is his totem. Parts of Road Trip and Crystal Clear are autobiographical. Wolf has written under the names Romantic1, TLCgiver, and Steve Wallace as well. During his careers he has been an author, electrical/computer engineer, international management consultant, executive, ordained minister, commercial pilot, college professor, motivational speaker, artist, photographer, intelligence analyst, radio talk show host, entrepreneur, and husband, father, and grandfather. His travels have taken him to most states and many countries, sometimes for extended stays. He has had the fun of working with a half-dozen billionaires, several dozen hard-core prisoners, helping numerous people turn their lives and careers around, and dealing with projects that fundamentally changed how people work and play today.