XenoLover: Profile

Hmm, where to start. It's a tricky thing, honestly. I guess we'll start with what I write and why I write.

So, what do I write you ask? Erotica. Mainly short stories. But, it's a little bit more than that. Let me see if I can explain it. I'm weird. I have a fair bit of kinks. The easiest way to say it is that I'm a big time xenophile and robophile. I love interspecies interactions, xeno based, sentient lifeforms.

So I'm a bit of sci-fi writer, mixed up with alien/creature/magical based erotica. But to me, it's not so much about the sex. It's about the relationship. Staring into the eyes of another life form, alien in mind and body, and knowing that you share something with them.

It's the exotic nature of it all, an allure to the strange and inhuman. But it's not just sex. I spin up characters, and worlds, and over time, I do my best to give each story a life of it's own. It's characters act for their own reasons, as any person would.

So, now we come to the why? Why did I start all this? I started a couple years ago, with one clear goal in mind. I looked around, and said to myself, well, look at all these pieces of fiction featuring Human women x male other. Where was the other side of the coin?

I wanted to fill that void, for people out there like me who shared in the same rare tastes I did. But, overtime, things evolved and changed, and I found that I can't write just smut. There needs to be a world, a rhyme and a reason.

And now I'm here. Lately, I've been stepping onto the fanfiction side of things as well, to challenge myself to a world and universe that is bound by strict laws and has confines and limits. Limits that I like to see if I can bend, and make believable.

So, this is me. The not quite smut writer. A blurred line that's damn hard for me to walk on, and most of all, find people like myself.

My stories range from softer approaches to sometimes a little more kinky and descriptive. But overall, I like to keep things simple, not overly descriptive. Like moods really. Moods come and go, and sometimes, some things take more priority over others.