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I am an Australian living in Oklahoma. I have always been an avid reader and used to write fan stories in my teens back in the 70s, long before the internet came into being. Embarrassing stories about Starsky and Hutch, Man from Atlantis, and even the Bay City Rollers! (Aging myself here!)

When I find a show or movie I love, I go all out on it. The Blacklist has become "one of those shows" to me. And Ressler became the focus. During the pilot episode I thought "oooh, he's kinda cute!". By episode 4 I really sat up and noticed Ressler - he was so gentle when Liz was found, and let's not forget THAT hug! By General Ludd, I knew he felt something for Liz when she got the call about her fathers death. (If you watch when he's arresting Wolfe right before she gets the call about her father dying, he NEVER takes his eyes off Keen.) By Anslo Garrick - well, there was no going back for me. All that pain, his tears at Red's monologue, and Red saving his life! I was hooked! I love that his character is on a journey, from squeaky clean Agent Ressler to where he's at now.

And I know this profile is supposed to be about me, but hey, Ress is who I have chosen to write about and he's FAR more interesting than me :-)