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Tina Girly Q: Profile

I am 20 yrs old, a junior in college (i live on campus but my college is less than an hour from home so I'm there a lot too), I play volleyball, I'm going to teach High School English, and I'm a very serious Daddy's girl.

This is what being Daddy's girl means to me: I'm in love with my dad and I have been since I was 12 or 13. I've had full-blown sexual fantasies about him since I was 15. We're very close, but he doesn't know how I want him. I've tried flirting and teasing but he doesn't take me seriously. My dad is way too good a guy to ever become romantically involved with his daughter, no matter how sexually frustrated he seems to be with my mom (whom I also love, and he loves her too).

My fantasies are so real and so intense that I can't just think about them and masturbate constantly anymore. I need to write them down. So here I go. Please fuck me Daddy. (Never gonna happen, but a girl can dream ;-).