OneIdleHand: Profile

Stories: All my stories feature Hayley and Steven. Hayley is a fantasized version of my wife. It's basically her, plus some. Steven is basically a guy, sometimes like me. The stories are not meant to be a sequential development of their characters. Basically, I like Hayley, and it's easy to write about her. And there is the benefit of not having to create new character names for each new story...

Some people have asked why the characters don't get kinkier - anal sex, bisexuality, strap-ons. I'm not passing moral judgments, but they just don't turn us on. My stories generally fantasize what married life could be like, given a little more adventurous nature on the part of either my wife or myself. Some stories include things that we could, in inspired moments, actually do. Others pose a complete abandonment of morals, and include things that we will never actually do, although it's great fun to think about.

Some stories involve just the two of us; some bring in other partners. The partners were included because my wife was wondering what I might write about that could, possibly, at the edge of the imagination, bring these events to occur in a reasonable sense. Whether I succeeded or not is left for you to judge.

Why I write: The first "story" I wrote was a fantasized weekend, thinking it was something we could actually do. It didn't sell well to my wife. Still, the written version turned her on, and that was enough of a tangible reward for my efforts. I travel a lot, so there often is time in the evenings to write, so... I extended an idea into a short story, and an adult fiction writer was born. The first five or six stories were written for my wife, and it was later upon discovering the web possibilities, such as this site, that I decided that it might be fun to share them.

These stories are shared for three purposes, I suppose.

1. To excite the reader - there's a strange satisfaction that comes from that.
2. To add a measure of passion to the reader and his or her spouse, if the story is shared.
3. To elicit feedback. That way more than one part of me gets stroked... ; )

I DO NOT write to encourage extramarital sex. I have received notes from people who have explained horrific consequences to acting out certain fantasies. We have never and will never go that route. But I believe in the shared "fantasy," and that should be enough to keep two lovers satisfied.

Like all the other authors, I would very much appreciate your comments. I store e-mail addresses to announce new stories. They do not show on a "distribution list." If you don't want me to respond (if your e-mail account is not private, for example), that's fine, just let me know.