gentletouch1960: Profile

Following High School in 1978, I began working for a convenience store where I soon became a Store manager. After 12 years, I became a Drivers Ed instructor and school bus driver for the next 5 years. Then I was a 911 operator and volunteer EMT/FF for 8 years. After getting out of that, I stayed in the health care field as a Licensed Massage Therapist for 10 years.

Had to go on disability in 2011 due to complications from a heart attack and stroke in 2009, and brain surgery to remove a colloid cyst in 2010. I was also a private pilot with over 500 hrs logged. However, no longer flying due to medical conditions.

I decided to try writing erotica because I have always thought of myself as a sensual person. As a Massage Therapist I have listened to the thoughts of many men and women, and hopefully understands what people feel.