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Just a simple guy trying to put down some events that he experienced in his lifetime. Although most of the stories,characters and situations are based on fiction,some of the events are true. The purpose of my stories was not only meant for your reading pleasure,but for also me regaining my piece of mind,what easier way is there for someone to confess to another anonymously. So I plead of you the reader,although it may be difficult for some who are profound with concern to the english language to overlook the grammatical errors and bad punctuation along with misspelled words and try to comprehend my stories,seeing that trusting a "proofreader" would only defy my non-trusting nature which was etched in me from my past experiences as you will notice from my upcoming stories. After all,I'm still wondering why the plural of "Man" is "Men"..why didn't the plural of "Pan" be made "Pen"...So with this being said,you all know what to expect of me.