Edward EC: Profile

EC's fiction concentrates on erotic discipline, public nudity (both voluntary and involuntary) judicial corporal punishment, and sex between consenting adults.

My approach to writing fiction is my belief that erotic content is much more effective if it is part of a much larger setting that revolves around complex and interesting characters. The focus of my literary efforts is six inter-connected novels in which I try to create complicated characters and follow their lives. My fiction explores not only the erotic, but also tries to address emotional conflict and human nature. In each of my novels my characters change and evolve, leaving the story somewhat changed than they were when first introduced to the reader.

I have traveled widely throughout Latin America and Europe, as well as the US, but currently reside in Portland, Oregon. I have enjoyed my current home, which is much more open to self expression than most places in the United States. I did not start writing until I moved to Portland, and I think the city's open society helped inspire me to begin my literary efforts.