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Open Minds – Open Hearts
All my stories are about consensual, sensual love and romance (only those aspects of emotional and physical intimacy that are promoted by our society), though the pairings don’t necessarily conform to the norm of our society. By writing these stories, I am not condoning or promoting any particular behavior or type of relationship; what I am promoting is an open mind. As Lord Thomas Robert Dewar (1864 - 1930) stated, “Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open.” Open your mind to see romance, love and beauty where you previously hadn’t looked. These stories aren’t about pushing limits, but about broadening our perspectives; for the more open our minds, the more opportunities we’ll have to live fuller and happier lives.
Love well and belong


Let me state something here. I don’t like tags, and I don’t write for people who choose what to read or avoid by those tags. I see them as story spoilers. Would you want to read a mystery novel that plasters on the cover how the story will end in betrayal? It isn’t uncommon to find twists in my stories. Knowing what to expect doesn’t add to the story. I would recommend just reading my stories and not looking at the tags. There is an underlying thread running through all my stories. No one is ever harmed; everything is strictly consensual, desired, loving and respectful. The purpose of the twists is to open your mind, not to shock you or cause you any discomfort. Please read my stories from that perspective. I’ll make a slight adjustment to the first episode of “LT’s Life Cycle”, so it can be acceptable by this site’s standards, but the last episode will have to be directly requested from me, as I won’t make the adjustments on that one. I have one other stand-alone story I won’t adjust, also. Kids don’t wait till they are 14 to become curious, yet I limit that curiosity to what is age-appropriate.