Priapus: Profile

I've found my audience. Now I want to connect with my audience. I'm writing to you, for you. I'd love it if you wrote back.

I'm trying to work on the unfinished stories as much as I can. With a new job it's taking more time than it used to, but I'll keep working at it as the muse takes me. The best way to get me to finish the unfinished stories and write new ones is to fire up my muse. Write me naughty notes about your ideas, your fantasies. I promise I'll respond. (Not always right away, but as soon as I can...see the note below.)

If you want to share ideas for new stories, ideas for some of my unfinished stories, or your personal (even explicit, especially explicit) enjoyment of my stories, let me know.

Remember, these are (mostly) fantasies.

Because of real life issues, I'm taking a break from writing for a while. Not sure how long, but for the time being I'll be inactive. When I get active again I'll read and respond to all your comments.