Cyfer14: Profile

I do have a life. I work in a factory for a living. I have a 9 hour shift and a takes a 2 hour drive to and from work. I'm usually out 13 to 15 hours a day.

I write whenever a story concept hits me. I write only whenever I have a spare time. I try to ride that story as much as I can.

Sometimes the story in my head runs dry but most of the time I get fed up from comments from the readers. I'm not getting paid for this guys. I'm doing this to release some stress, relax and live some of the fantasies in my head.

I love to read but the stories I these days are just the same as other stories. Most of them are just a copy paste of other stories posted before. I wanna break that monotone.

I dont have any formal training in writing. English is not my first language. I simply write whats in my head.

I'm the first person to admit that my work is full of mistakes. I have the idea but I dont have the skills to properly pit them into writing. Instead of bashing my head. Just help me out, I dont really work with negative remarks. If I make mistakes point it out. Tell me what I did wrong and tell me whats the right way of doing it.

That way the story will shine properly.

Due to my limited time, I dont really the have time to work with editors.

For those guys who reads my stories despite its flaws. Thank you.