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Hecate: Profile

So, who am I? I live in England, with my partner. I prefer to dress in, well, dresses, skirt and tops, or suits. I hate tights (that's pantyhose to you from the US of A). So it's either bare legs, stockings and suspenders (US translation - stockings and garter belt), or stay-ups. I'm sure I can leave the rest to your imagination. My favourite colours are black and red.

I enjoy my writing, used to do a lot of it a number of years ago. I found the ASS* newsgroups when I finally got a computer at home, lurked for a while, and then started writing. Then I found nice places like this one on the Net. I hope to go on writing for a long time. Why? Who knows? I enjoy creating, I enjoy feedback (nudge, nudge) but really, like a lot of authors, I feel I've got to write.