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Angel Delight: Profile

I have a degree in Media Writing and my goal is publish my poetry and erotic and porn flash fiction. I am a very sexual person which enables me to fall into my writing.

I submitted my work on this site so that I could get constructive feedback in bettering my writing. I want another person's view on how to make my writing more enticing. I try my best to make my writing believable by reading out loud to people and falling into the writing myself.

Big No Nos!!!! (incest - rape- torture -pedophilia - drugged - slavery - Cannibalism - Necrophilia - Lolita - Zoophilia - snuff - sadistic - Bestiality - Scatology)

My head is a bit in the clouds right as I am trying to find a way I can live and study in London asap!

I enjoy music, writing, hiking and going out with my friends. I'm quite a cheeky girl, naughty but nice and quite broad minded.